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  1. "Sometimes it seems that..." πŸ™‚ No one here assumed that raw video via motion app would be worse. Worse than what anyway? Take deezids comment onboard for sure. It is a great comment. All that content is hurting our planet big time, electric power, fuel, materials all wasted for more and more shitty content. 8k is power hungry, devices are energy hungry and greedy for natural resources. Production is greedy as fuck for energy and natural resoures. All that mass mobile 4K, 8k acquisition and distribution plus storage, devices for that, all that is leaving a foot stomp on our only planet. Mass production and consumption of garbage will ruin our planet, the capitalist attitude and consumer behaviour even moreso. Not against your search for image quality. But my two cents without judging you! 4K raw will look stellar on your 4k TV. 8K TVs are not even legally produced at the moment for the European market anymore.
  2. So are you still a fan of the image from the "old" S1 (without H:) then? @deezid Maybe I should keep mine. ItΒ΄s a great image taker after all. Just not loving the camera as an object, though very well made for rough action and work.
  3. 8k phone for an 8k tv, what a waste:) Lumix G7 will look better on a 4k tv than that:) what a waste of resources it is, all that madness of 8k from a phone on power hungry 8k tvs. whate a waste regarding energy for production, resources and power hunger when used. my two cents. but congrats on having owned the g7. a great but humble cam. love it. classic 😊 now best video quality from cheap phones is a hot topic imo.
  4. Get a cheap 4k cam instead, if funds are low. Much better than any phone and much cheaper than a XH2! πŸ˜‚ Used Lumix G9 does perfect 4K 10bit HLG for 500 USD, additional VLog profile per purchase possible. Awesome former flagship camera with all bells and whistles. G85 does nice 4K for 300 USD, GX85 for 200. Much cheaper than 8K XH2 and a 8K TV. πŸ˜‚ That saves you lotta funds. And saves the planet too a tiny bit:)
  5. Hi, didn't you state, that VLog for the S5 does not show this noise reduction and processing? @Beritar cheers
  6. What about Vlog for the S5 II and GH6? @deezid cheers
  7. I like how the C300II responds in grading. Just had problems with mush in low light, color grading some low budget stuff. Codec even making a head disappear in one frame with the 12bit 444 flavour in 2K. πŸ™‚ C500MKII is a beauty! On the CineDs tests the Canon hybrids and the C500II stand rather a bit apart regarding dynamic range and latitude. But on the other hand I have seen super beautiful stuff on the R6 mk1 in HD.
  8. Ok, I really love the image coming from the C500 MKII. Forum members stated that the Log profiles on the Canon Hybrids are not up to the quality of the C300 MK2. Regardless the sometimes mushy codec of the C300II in low light, i really love how the camera responds in grading. C500 MKII is a dream to work with in color grading. So how doe the R5,6,8 full frame cameras compare to that when it comes to the pracitcalities of color grading? @FHDcrew Highly deserved! πŸ™‚
  9. Well, gh4 started a wave, first affordable 4k cam with good and slim codecs plus pro features in a pro body. Feels more solid than a Gh5 in my hand. Pro feel like my S1. Anyway. Love Canon too and my Sony Fs700 and PMW F3. Got a 5d2 and eos m used for hard to beat prices. Would love sell my S1 and snap myself a S1H thanks to AND despite posts on this forum. πŸ™‚
  10. Pro job! Would love some z6 8bit stuff in the good old artsy fartsy gh2 style. It's always easier for me to ask than going out and film and edit some myself:) @FHDcrew
  11. Panny has been in the video, camera and broadcast market for very long. Canon had no broadcast cameras for decades. πŸ™‚ 2014, Panny started the 4K revolution. GH2 had lotta charisma, Lumix still has to me. Sometimes our assumptions and conclusions become a bit shaky after series of posts and replies. @FHDcrew posted a spiffy video shot with Nikon z6 to external prores. Looking better than 99% of youtube stuff. Some of the best looking stuff on this forum regarding colour and overall craft of the finished video. Solid!
  12. Where ze heck izz zat kamera???? πŸ˜‚ Octopus hiding in a heat pipe.πŸ˜‚
  13. Guess I would rather keep my S1 instead of selling it for a S5II. Looking forward to see more videos on that. Thanks for pointing out! @Beritar
  14. Great insights. Just like @MrSMW accounts showing the practical side of things in heavy use. I only used my S1 three times for tiny jobs and of course I wouldnt recognize potential lacks for professional work. But you do with your heavy load of work. So that means you always record with two cards, one as backup? @herein2020 S1 having two different card types for that manner btw. πŸ™‚
  15. Though I just hit the like Button for BTM Pix, I suggest GX85. No contest! πŸ™‚ @SRV1981 So whatΒ΄s your favorite so far?
  16. Oh no:( Would love to see some footage from the beautiful stills you posted. But we are already blessed with your awesome posts. So thank you very much for that. I hardly find time for many other or forum things. Still want to send some examples for blotches in Vlog on the Gh5 in 4k 10bit 150mbit myself.:) Are you getting a different camera instead?
  17. @And1 I consider it crazy to shoot a no budget feature! Congrats, go for it! πŸ™‚ Do you mean Zeiss Super Speeds? Bmmcc and these should give you some wowser results. From what I read you can shoot these beauties wide open iirc. Would highly recommend Rawlite IR cut and antialiasing filter. I love how it responds in grading. But i bet you already have some love for this cam, so you know about the colour. Keep us posted if you find time. cheers @kye Lovely video. I like the footage he was achieving with his camera. Looking magical.
  18. Mini Hdmi, no IBIS, great AF for video, FF 4K60, no RAW out, for 1799EUR vs Full HDMI, IBIS, great AF for video, S35 4K60, RAW out for 1999EUR I would take the second one for my needs. I never owned the 1DXIII:)
  19. Here is one of his last pieces with the F3 with Hollywoodstar Alicia Vikander. Not so many Hollywoodstars in front of that camera I think:) Love the colours and crispyness. Interview is a bit harsher in the highlights. If this camea would offer this great image all internal, it would be my dream. With my still broken mini SDI - SDI cable it is still unused and sitting in my living room. 😁
  20. 1799 in Europe. Rolling shutter 15ms in FF you say?:) Like the BMMCC I think, which I love for its motion cadence. If codec is fine, seems indeed interesting for people who donΒ΄t need HDMI full type or Ibis. No Raw out is fine, since Raw out and Micro Hdmi is not appealing. Still 1799, I would buy a used S5 instead, for half the price, which is crazy.
  21. N Never abandon cash for that reason. If they try to forbid cash money, we have to vote for a different goverment. Apple pay, yikes. Only if you give the all of us beautiful escape luxury island and later a starship to a better unpoluted planet. Not happening. Free speech becomes very dangerous, to be exposed to these data hungry AIs btw.
  22. Seconding especially your first sentence, second one too.:) @FHDcrew
  23. I love this point of yours, Andrew. AI killing the most enjoyable jobs now, making joyful acitivities to earn money impossible. To be able to proceed, means making the AI more and more powerful, self empowerment is empowering the AI even more that way, as AI will be fed with data from more and more human acitivity. Alternative is to forbid it in certain fields, like a ban on nuclear weapons.
  24. too lazy to create themselves.:)
  25. We will see, if CLog 3 on the R8 looks anything like Clog3 on the now old C300MKII, which in Cine 4K has an impressive image, UHD, 2K, HD not so much due to mushy codec in lowlight. Colours and gradeablility of the C300MKII still beats an S1H imho in natural light. Lit sets is something the lowlight monsters of the S series really shine though. They donΒ΄t need much of it, but without it the mostly look dull. Anyway, so far, Canon users on this forum have seemed not to be in love with the late 10bit Canon hybrids, except the R5 for its RAW image.
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