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  1. FP 4K Raw looking clean is if course no slouch but I trust you on liking the 5D3 Raw better.:) How do you like handling the Sigma, battery life, screen etc compared to the 5D3? @mercer
  2. Oh maaaan, I thought my post would put an interested smile on your face. But no:(😪 The comments of Cion owners were very enthusiastic about about this new attempt by David Bross. Juan is well known of course. Juan himself has done a post about his p4k to log c lut on Eoshd.
  3. I just reread this thread. The Aja Cion has been mentioned before by @IronFilm 😊 The new approach regarding color treatment in post shows much better highlight rolloff. In his second video David Bross shows sample footage and the math behind his approach. The download link for the plugin is in the description of the third video.
  4. Haven't thought about that. @mercer 🙂 How do you like the output and experience compared to the 5DIII? Eos M50 would also be a fun little raw cam. Looking forward to that one. It has a Digic8 processor just like the Eos R. @Andrew Reid
  5. One of the people from magic lantern figured that the bandwidth on the 7D MKII might also allow for DCI 4K Raw 12bit. That would be pretty sweet. So far they tested it for 1984x1068, 14bits 24p. Looking forward to the upcoming news. One testclip of the og EOS R recording 1080p 30p raw is online. Just check the slashcam website yourself with autotranslate.:) The Digi 8 processor of the EOS R is also powering the EOS M50. https://www.slashcam.de/news/single/Erstmals-Magic-Lantern-RAW-auf-EOS-R-mit-Digic-8-a-18410.html
  6. @ghostwind page 60p then. Someone with an appetite for "better" entertainment will then demand 120p. So page 120.😊
  7. G9 has a super nice S16 mode like the GH5 and it's a classic I would love to try. Maybe sell all my stuff except my BMs and F3 and get a G9 for a good price. Though the EM1II is a pretty camera!
  8. Aja Cion, just sayin. Not many Aja Cion owners here I think.:) Protect your highlights is a rule. But the image can be very lovely. Global shutter btw!:) This DP is offering some very nice color science and rolloff, looking promising. What do you think @kye and all of you?:) The video consists of three parts with a plugin for download. So there are still super cool youtubers around.:) cheers
  9. It has a S16 size sensor, right? @fuzzynormal I think the telelens might work in mcpro24fps, at least it does on the M10/11Pro afaik. The 12 Ultra is still pretty expensive.
  10. You can head over to german cult testing site and check the news via some auto translate. Magic Lantern also got into the 7D MK2!
  11. Back then I used a Hlg to Vlog conversion lut from Sage who created the emotive luts for arri color and rolloff for Vlog and went on from there. I really liked how Hlg responded in Grading, both on the GH5 and the S1.
  12. I really enjoyed your material and quality you achieved as a dp. The editing imo does not show that to the fullest potential. Editing reels is a pretty thing and art by itself, of course. Your cinematography still shines through. @PPNS
  13. Anyone really loving the colour they are getting from their S line cameras? I liked the results filming in HLG better than in VLog, which I got after grading.
  14. Xiaomi Mi10, 11 and 12 support RAW video with the motioncam app afaik. @kye
  15. I assume they shot in 8bit with the internal video app, since the film was sponsored by xiaomi. It does 10bit Log / hlg in high bitrate, with the Mcpro24fps app afaik.
  16. Guess I'm bound to now:) What's that fugly confused emoji for under my beautiful post? You are in trouble now. 😊
  17. Short film directed and written by Jessica Yu-Li Henwick who has starred in various big budget productions for cinema and tv, such as "Game of Thrones" or "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery". She is also acting in the leading role. The film was shot pretty barebones on a Xiaomi 11 with a gimbal being put to use. Here is a very cool interview, talking about finding the right DP, why she shot on a phone and requirements to film without extra lenses or big accessories. Also about scheduling and preparing the shoot while being on set starring in "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" and where she drew inspiration from for her film. Great interview and insight about the filmmaker, her film and her process. I really enjoyed film, cinematography and image quality as well. The other film above my post looks equally appealing to me btw. So here are the article and interview with Jessica Yu-Li Henwick: https://directorsnotes.com/2023/02/11/jessica-yu-li-henwick-bus-girl/
  18. Just in terms of TC. About other differences I have been writing in this thread pretty extensively myself. 😂 F.i. did you know the S1H has a true S35 mode besides the Apsc one, whereas the S1 has only the latter? 🙂
  19. I meant regarding TC, if there was an advantage of the S1H over the S1. Are there any and which ones? I always thought it had to with giving or taking TC, being able to do both or not to. I know the other differences, I even (still) own both. 🙂 @IronFilm
  20. But the smallest braw or any kind of recorder-monitor is a 5inch biggie lumbing on that tiny cam. @kye With internal recording of braw and prores i would have been interested in it. With a top monteable 2.5 to 3 inch tilt screen designed for this camera, even moreso. Do that for a Bmmcc 4K and call it M4K, Blackmagic! Great naming btw. @mercer 🙂
  21. Isn't there any difference between the two? I thought there was an advantage of the S1H over the S1. On the one and only shoot with my S1 and TC in demand my S1 had a little tentacle box on top of it all the time, which the sound pro set up. I am so uneducated when it comes to TC. Sorry for my lack of insight but somehow I cannot push myself into learning about it so well. @IronFilm How about the GH5II?
  22. We've been pretty euphemistic in our reaction towards the quality of a lot of 60p posts. Some were insulting a master of cinematography or referring to people in underwear. This thread is a showcase of pampering gone wrong and learning and insights gone lost. @zlfan
  23. What's the difference between the S1 and S1H regarding timecode? @IronFilm Is the S1H more pro or truely pro in that regard? I seem to never really get my head around TC it seems.😊
  24. TC, full HDMI, internal NRaw and Prores, full sensor 4K60p, good battery life and no problems with overheating, with solid Ibis and AF, plus nice ergos and built, Z6/7/Z8 size, around 3000 Euro, that would make it a dream camera! Too good to be true or not? 🙂
  25. I really liked your other videos. In this one i enjoyed the backlight shots and the studio takes with the soft light. For the projector shots i would have lit foreground and background seperately for matters of control and effect. The outside shots would also benefit of from a more dedicated photographic approach. In the video they appear in a way a bit like ENG shots and would benefit from more in your face framing and composition, close, midshot, wides, front, profile, tracking, static, overhead, eye level, from down up, all more distinguishable, evoking strong visual interest, simple and to the point. Like in your other videos.😊 @Chrille
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