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  1. Those numbers are misleading. Mirrorless is definitely eating up the low-end, but the pro market (stills, wildlife, sports) is shooting DSLR and will continue until Canikon have pro-grade mirrorless bodies available. Canikon's current offerings lack so much that the pro-market require (and will continue to require). I don't see doom for the pro DSLR market quite yet. This will only happen when manufacturers produce an adapter that will correctly operate a DSLR lens and manufacturers have pro-level bodies... dual card slots, vertical grips, better AF. Why would a pro sell all their lenses and bodies for mirrorless when mirrorless really doesn't offer anything more than the lack of a mirror? Maybe, in the segment of of pro-DSLR, a hybrid system will spell the end of mirrorless at the high-end pro-grade cameras... it could happen. Personally, I really miss the ability to look through a viewfinder when the camera is turned off. I liked that... maybe I'm weird though.
  2. Canon and Nikon still have the foothold in DSLR, but I expect at least one of them (probably Nikon) to release a hybrid pro DSLR, with a EVF on the mirror and that can do proper video. Canikon are simply deer looking into the headlights of a very, very fast car. They need a hybrid pro DSLR now; they'll keep their bread and butter if they do. If not, Sony will eat their lunch and Nikon will be the first to go down (which would be very sad). I'm not getting that sense of urgency from them though. Sony's success demonstrates once again that specs, marketing tactics, and manufacturing control trump handling, color science, and quality. BTW, I have a Sony now because I wanted to use more vintage glass on the proper format because the newer lenses aren't making me happy. Anyway, those are my thoughts if anyone cares.
  3. Judging only by some reviews and sample shots of the S1, I suspect the way to go will be to use good vintage glass, not so much native glass for video work. It'll cut down on the size of the package and have the added benefits of nice glass with good manual focus and IBIS.
  4. Here's a 50mm f1.2 with 7 elements (385 grams) from Pentax made in 1975. Full-metal and glass design with an aperture ring, but manual focus. Almost 50 years after, we can't make an autofocus version of this lens that's lighter? Someone please tell me why that is. https://www.pentaxforums.com/lensreviews/SMC-Pentax-K-50mm-F1.2-Lens.html
  5. Hmm... 15 elements and 950 grams on a 50mm prime. Granted, it's f1.2. One has to wonder when they're going to stop? I don't see this as progress in 2019. Wouldn't 8 elements and 300g be more of a target? Let's sacrifice the surgical sharpness for something a little smaller. Just an idea.
  6. Great. Sounds like an RX100 full-frame sensor. I wonder when people will say enough is enough. Weren’t people saying that with 4K?
  7. I found a decent deal on an Sony A7r ii, cage, batteries and such. Now, I need to understand it and I don't want to waste a ton of time trying to figure it out. On this site, there's the EOSHD Sony A7r ii Set-up Guide and then there are EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 and EOSHD Pro LOG in which concern the A7r ii. Which would be best for me to buy and is there some overlap in the content? I'm just trying to get the best colors and DR I can out of it. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. So, I took a short video of stained pine furniture off in the distance at "-5" (NR off, ISO 200); then, at "0" in the same conditions. My conclusions are NR "-5" has more detail, but "0" has less noise. I tried the same at ISO 3200 and the results were more exagerated, drastically smudging the fine grain of the wood at NR "0". It might be a case specific to the GX80/85 and not other Panasonic cameras. Also, there may be a happy medium between the two settings. I cannot speak for the GH5, but the GX80 seems quite good. What setting of NR have you been using? On a side note, when comparing the GX85's 1080p on DPReview.com to other camera's 1080p, the results are quite bad for the GX85. Personally, I've found the 1080p out of the camera quite good and makes me wonder if Panasonic readjusted their NR setting on other cameras. However, I'm not quite sure what setting DPReview used in their video comparisons. Here's a link: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gx85-gx80/6
  9. Hello everyone, I've been playing around with LUTs in Lumafusion on the iPad and I've been applying @Andrew Reid's EOSHD Pro Color for Panasonic cameras (GX80) that I purchased quite some time ago and I've been liking it, but I have one question. In the PDF file, could someone tell me why @Andrew Reid says Noise Reduction should be at "0" and not "-5" in the Standard profile? When I looked at this some time ago, it was clear that "-5" in NR was the obvious choice... it seemed that "0", the default setting, was smudging the image... Anyone have experience with that or know why?
  10. I was referring to your Feb 11 Youtube video. I've watched a lot of your videos... you're either a pro camera collector or pro camera reviewer. Which one is it or both? I liked the GX7, but the camera strap ring was digging into my right hand when I held it... Amazon's return policy is 30 days in France. The GX80 was only marginally more expensive. That's all.
  11. Well, if the tiltable viewfinder and focus button are what toots your horn, go for it! For me, it wasn't. Funny enough, you never did put the GX7 on your top 5 list, nor any other M43 camera. I'm beginning to think you don't even like the system. Again, I'm not a pro-reviewer... just a consumer on the lookout.
  12. No, just a pretty good camera for its time. That's all. I'm not a professional camera reviewer. I get a camera and stick with it for 5 years or so until the tech gets a generation better. I shoot the things that please me and try to have fun with it. The GX9 isn't a generation better over the GX80 IMO. I had the GX7 for about a month and the GX80, in terms of footage, seemed a generation better. In Sweden, I guess. I don't plan on selling mine anytime soon. Again, I don't need to get the money to buy another camera to review. I just shoot for pleasure.
  13. Good for you if you don't mind the crop. I was just comparing the two offerings from Panasonic. I paid 599 Euros for my GX80 when it came out. I've seen it new for as low as 20% off, but I'd be surprised to see it for 50% off (link?). At $999 with the 12-60 Panasonic lens (too bad they didn't match it with the 20mm or even the 14mm and make it less expensive), the GX9 isn't as good of a deal IMO, unless the GX7's usability features were really important to you. The Panasonic 12-60 is too big of a lens for this camera IMO; it's a much better match for the G7, G8, G9, GH4, etc..
  14. I'm not certain, but I think this camera will have a significant crop in 4k, like the gx8 did. Unless it has full-sensor readout, it will not be worth the upgrade from a gx80/85... maybe for the gx8 due to IBIS, but why not get a gx80/85 in that case at a great price?
  15. New info to sweeten the deal: you get a 12-60 Panasonic lens; that sounds much better. With it, you're getting an upgraded sensor and a tiltable viewfinder. If the viewfinder is also better, it WOULD be worth it. I still won't be upgrading though...
  16. I'm guessing this is the newest version of the gx80/85 according to the rumor sites: LUMIX DC-GX9 / GX7MK3 Effective 20.3 million pixels 4/3 type Live MOS sensor. Low pass filterless 5-axis Dual I.S. for 4 stages of camera shake correction effect. Electromagnetic drive type mechanical shutter Continuous 9 frames / sec 4K30p video / 4K photo 3 type 124400 dots touch panel liquid crystal Focus bracket / aperture bracket Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed Size: 124 mm x 72.1 mm x 46.8 mm Weight: 450 g North American Price: Body $ 999 Personally, I'm not that impressed by the price.
  17. When you say you got "tired of working with 4k," is it more processing time, disk space, too much detail, etc.?
  18. I've certainly seen some nice shots on a hacked GH2. Having never owned one, one always needs to imagine how good it looks without the compression. It's funny because the GH5S is bringing back the multi-aspect sensor- something the GH2 already had and we lost with the GH3, GH4, and GH5. To my eyes, the GX80 has a slightly different color algorithm than the GH4 and I'm satisfied. The GX80's size, colors, 4k, and IBIS trumps the hacked GH2's 1080p, but right now the GH2 is half the cost- not bad. Personally, the GX80's still a value option that's hard-to-beat. It gets the job done for me. I still haven't seen any features in any of those new Panasonic cameras that would merit the price jump. Secondly, the GX80's successor is going to have to be pretty damn good to convert me.
  19. I meant a hacked GH2 would be an option for someone who had nothing. Yes, the gx80 produces an excellent image... so does the hacked GH2 for the money ($200).
  20. As Panasonic is throwing new cameras at us (GH5=$2000, GH5S=$2500, G9=$1700), it would seem that they've forgotten the lower budget that the GX80/85 (<$600) brought us. I really don't do anything that would warrant a budget upwards of $1500. I hope the DSLM doesn't just have a future like these expensive flagships Panasonic is offering. I share the opinion of the Drew Network when he was talking about the GH2... and moving to a GH3. I think something similar is happening now these newer Panasonic cameras concerning pricing. Drew is a funny guy... wish he made more videos. Anyway, here's where he speaks about that. Actually, a hacked GH2 is probably still an option.
  21. I believe it's due to the insanely small design of the lens and having to move a "large" front element whereas faster focussing MFT lenses move smaller elements inside the lens. I've heard it's a great lens though.
  22. That's great! After setting one Custom setting to Cinelike V and the other to Cinelike D, you can make all the adjustments (Custom, Sharpness, NR, Saturation), save and still keep all the same settings on reboot. Nice, but stupid Panasonic didn't just include it if it's already there... probably taken out by some marketing dude to help sell more G80/GH5 units. Oh well, can't complain too much about the GX80, "the good enough/close enough" camera. It keeps getting better and better. Thanks BTM_Pix!
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