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  1. Petapixel has got to be one of the most product-pushy websites in the photography world. I reckon they push a new product every 2 or 3 posts. The site is unusable without an adblocker (although that might have changed... I use an adblocker). Am I the only one who finds that Chris and Jordan going to Petapixel quite a strange choice if they were hoping for any degree of non-bias in their reviews? Also, the user-base (in the comments) seems so toxic. Petapixel is just a blog after all or maybe they're changing?
  2. In France during the Black Friday week, Panasonic offered 400 euros cash back, a SanDisk Extreme 1tb SSD, and an extra year of warranty for 1579 euros. The deal was available for about 2 days from selected online stores. The price sent up to 1779 with 200 euros cash back after, then 1979 euros. On this forum, people were bitching about not getting the GH6 initial deal and how Panasonic's marketing practices are suck because they didn't get the deal. Essentially, that's it.
  3. Or do you mean local fraud department?
  4. I thought I'd let everyone know that Panasonic did send me a SanDisk 1tb SSD and gave me 400 euros off the 1579 Euro Black Friday price. It's one of the best deals I've ever received for a new camera with those features. I'm super happy with the GH6 and its unique features. It really goes to show that pays to jump on those Panasonic Black Friday deals as some people were not as lucky as me.
  5. Sorry... I meant "single shot AF", which is what the "S" refers to. "C" refers to "continuous AF, or servo mode". "Single point AF" is refers using just 1 point for the focus. Single point focus is the most accurate. Face/human/eye AF is also very accurate as long as it chooses the correct person, etc but the camera is doing some of the work. With single point AF, you tell the camera exactly where to focus. Four people off in the distance (4 meters away), it might not matter so much. I would NOT use ALL AREA. 1 AREA, or single point is what you want.
  6. Yes. You need the camera to only use Single-Point AF, or "S". Also, in the video [FOCUS] menu, turn "Continuous AF" to "OFF", not Mode 1 or Mode 2. the camera will focus on what you want when you half-press the shutter button and it won't change the focus until you half-press again.
  7. Not better at 25fps in any significant way and that includes ISO performance IMO. However, the GH6 torches the GH5 in high frame rates.
  8. Ok, in this case, I'd use a higher f-stop of at least f/4 on the GH6. At 4-6 meters away, you'll hit the hyper focal distance of many focal lengths. What lens are you using? You could use any of the AF modes; but, for people, it's logical to use human detect. Also, as long as the people are small in the frame, I'd use Single Point AF, not Continuous AF as they're so far away and this would eliminate any hunting (you could also use manual AF).
  9. The function you're looking for is the AEL/AFL lock. If you shoot manually or without Auto ISO, there's no point. The is really just a way to lock exposure and focus quickly and efficiently. It's far less effective if you're working with ND filters or care about a proper shutter speed. 1) On the GH6, you can configure almost any button, but I chose the exposure compensation button. Turn on AF / AE Lock Hold and set a custom button to AEL / AFL. That should work. 2) It depends on the lighting situation. For lowish light situations, it should work. Outside, it cannot replace the ND filter approach. 3) I don't really care so much about SS. I'm not a pro and I'd just rather capture the moment.
  10. Your colors will be different with a GH6, arguably much better. Also, the headline feature is 120fps 4k... not many cameras can do it and it's a significant upgrade from line-skipped 1080p 120fps on most cameras. There's just no replacement. GH5/s/ii can do almost everything. A GH6 has better colors, amazing codecs and 120fps 4k down-sampled. More than ever, cameras don't really matter except for specialized tasks. I think it's good to have some solid cameras with decent output; for the rest, you can rent.
  11. I use this sometimes, but I'll set up the camera so I can hit ONE button to lock exposure and AF. It's basically a great way to not dial in manual exposure, just SS and F-Stop and let the ISO do the rest. This technique may require NDs though, especially in V-LOG. If you change the scene, toggle the button again and you can keep going... just remember to set WB before anything.
  12. I found this very interesting as a "quick" explanation on CODECs from Red Frame Tech. Please comment if you see any differences on how you might use a particular CODEC or suggestions.
  13. Just received a Panasonic G100 for a ridiculously low price and practically new. Obviously, I haven't used it that much, but from preliminary finding- don't believe the initial reviews of this camera. It's small and packed with a ton of features that my GH6 doesn't have. I'd say it's a better 1080p camera than a 4k camera, even though it does both. Photography-wise, it's as good as most APS-C cameras and you'll have the bonus of a massive lens selection which, IMO, is the main reason to choose any camera. Hope that helps.
  14. Sounds like you're a LX100 fan. I wanted to get that camera a couple of times, but I always held back a bit due to dust getting in the lens. Also, I now have all the pancakes available: 14mm, 20mm, 12-32, 14-42 PZ, and 14-42 EZ... am I missing one? I still lack the Olympus 17mm f/2.8 (which seems like a decent lens). Tomorrow, I'll be picking up a G100 as my GX800 died (dropped it during a xmas family photo shoot, screen's gone). I really hope the next one will be a G100 ii. YouTubers hated the first one as a vlogging camera. I think Panasonic would admit to their marketing errors with that release. Personally, I cannot wait to get it. I feel like the GH6 sucked all the fun out of room. It lacks so many of the photography features that the G100 has (live composite and 4k photo to name 2). Due to the Youtubers trying to vlog with it, most of the video footage online looks like crap, but I'm certain that's no the case when you lock it down. Also, it had a big firmware update just after it came out and the continuous af was much more usable. Concerning the GH6 for photography, you have to be super careful shoot it like a jpeg, but in 14 bit raw. If you do, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's not a camera where you simple expose for the highlights. If anything, expose for the shadows. I don't really care about the sensor size or megapixels, 12mp is more than enough for me. Still, the GH6 performs voodoo cellphone magic with their 100mp handheld high res mode. IMO, it blows away (in detail) any sub $2000 camera for slow-moving landscape and portraiture... but it's slow. Maybe Panasonic have a completely different sensor ready to go. After all, no one predicted the GH6 sensor.
  15. Yes. I'm just not sure they're going to go with PDAF in a interchangeable lens camera first though. It would be even better though. I think it'll be a small camera though. We'll see. Do you have real sales numbers on low GH6 sales? Yes, there were massive deals on Black Friday (especially in France), but that is much like what has happened with other cameras (G7, GX80/85, GX850, GH5 G9, etc.)... it didn't necessarily mean they were selling "bad". It could just mean it was a planned promotion like with all those other models. YouTubers are often wrong about anything regarding M43. Many of them have said it's "dead", and they can't focus worth a damn... apparently YouTube standards in the camera world surpass Hollywood. Meanwhile, they point their FF camera at themselves at f/1.4, marveling at how their purple and blue twinkle lights don't flutter in the background because, after all, this is what really matters. Am I being harsh?
  16. I'm making a prediction here: Panasonic is not ready to let go of the LX100 series and they will release a LX100 iii in the next 1-2 months. It will have a GH6 sensor WITHOUT DR Boost and PDAF. It makes sense. What do you think?
  17. Prices are only sometimes higher. I've seen deals on both sides. There's an important point regarding the EU: mandatory 2 year warranty. Also, sales tax is often double (but many of us get that back in health care). In general though, I feel individual products are lower in the USA, except monopolies like internet and cellphone service where the USA has pathetic regulation.
  18. Say what you want about Panasonic marketing, but these deals make people want to move into the system. They're getting great value at that price. I've seen the original S5 with those two lenses for under 2000 euros.
  19. The R8 really looks like a bare-bones FF camera with the main purpose of "buying FF". Also, you know when people actually get their hands on it, there will be some sort of gotcha with Canon. I'd never buy Canon after the BS R5 debacle. I was looking at the high ISO raw files of the R6 ii (on DPREVIEW)... they only look about 1 stop better than older M43 cameras. Is it a Sony sensor?...I'm used to seeing much better high ISO performance.
  20. To do it right, you're going to need lots of testing in hopes of finding the right balance for the right situation, make notes, and save to custom settings. Sounds incredibly tedious. Manual tracking can be a real bitch at f/1.2 or longer lenses and I think that's the case to use it in; otherwise MF. None of the manufacturers really give detailed info on their AF algorithms; hence, they will continue to remain convoluted and obscure for noobs and pros alike. The argument to use AF is to think about other stuff, but you can only do it when it works. There will always be that anxiety that the camera will screw it up. With MF, at least you know why- you're the culprit.
  21. Philip Bloom made a video about mastering Sony video AF a few weeks back. My takeaway was: damn, that's complicated to change all the settings for every situation. He was talking about "manual AF" as a way to change all these settings for the situation. I think it was a great advertisement for manual focus though. BTW, I think there are many YouTubers and other non-Hollywood filmmakers that still use manual focus exclusively in 2023. Many YouTubers just want that convenience though- just put the camera in front of them and film with zero AF problems, edit, produce silly thumbnail, post, answer comments... and round and round we go.
  22. Seems like a very pro setup. I don't think the intention of Bloom was to promote manual focus, but when you have endless setting to have good results, it defeats the purpose. In your setup it would seems wise to limit those situations. With so many angles, you're bound to get something. Anyway, sound is more important.
  23. I had similar thoughts. However, I was most surprised by the AF that looked surprisingly similar given the AF upgrade on the S5ii. Clearly, you'd trust it more in a Youtube situation. However, after watching Blooms' Sony video on "manual autofocus", I decided that manual AF is the way to go, even in 2023 for a lot of content. You end up putting way too much trust in the technology and fiddling around with settings when you could simply do another take if you know you missed it. It would seem there's an unhealthy paranoia around focus in general. Talk to a YouTuber and they'd say it's the most important point on a camera with seemingly higher standards than Hollywood... for YouTube. It's a strange world we live in. Concerning the DR Boost, I was also surprised he didn't use it. He should have because all the frame rates that the S5ii is capable of, the GH6 CAN use DR Boost. Also, that crop for 60fps is only mildly bigger that the GH6 60fps 4K. The IBIS on the S5ii looks good on the wide end, but would seriously doubt the long end looking better than the GH6. Also, they was only 1 shot.
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