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  1. This the subsequent talk about lenses that has always guided me in my search. I've always found it interesting.
  2. The great Drew of the Drew Network on the subject of lenses when he talks about lenses (suggested about 15 minutes in): Some of his views are a little dated now, but he was filming this on old Nikkor lenses on a hacked (Drewnet) Gh2. Still love this channel even though there's no new content. Also, he's shooting an A7s iii now with modern glass. It was an exciting time in the hacked Gh2 universe. I got a Gh2 not that long ago and when I look at the footage, it seems very nice.
  3. I have to say I like your approach. The last 10% is exponentially harder and harder to get, bit it would seem that computers and software are changing this with faster, more efficient computers with more and more fast storage. I'd compare it to jpeg vs raw. Nowadays, raw files can go into your workflow rather seamlessly and the benefits of jpeg are withering away. I'm still good with jpeg, but I've gone to raw because I don't see much downside to it anymore other than taking up a little more of my time in editing. In this same way, I think raw workflows will become the norm. Personally, I'm fine with 8 bit, but if I don't "feel" the difference anymore, why not? We're still a few years off from this though.
  4. Dito. I found a GH2 a few months back for dirt cheap and ran across this comparison: I find it absolutely amazing that the hacked GH2 still holds up in some areas against the GX80, which is a great value proposition in itself. I'd go as far as saying the hacked GH2 still holds up in many ways to current offering by Panasonic (G100). This not a knock on Panasonic but rather congratulating the people who've hacked the GH2. Now, actually prefer working with a GH2 to working with a GX80.
  5. My PL9 never seems to get to 4gb with my biggest original file being 3.6gb. Yes, in 1080p, it still makes a difference. Thank you for the correction. Same. For longer stuff, I plan on using my hacked GH2. It just has something special about the footage out of camera.
  6. I had followed that thread before, but I've never really had the need to go with that firmware for my e-m1 ii. Also, I'm scared to do it as I love that camera too much. I might look into it again though. For the PL9, it's still limited to 13 parts of video, which just means a little more than the 29 minute cap that it currently has. There's a way to bypass those preamps in the settings. And here's a good explanation (9 minutes in): Let me know if it helps and if you still find the pre-amps loud (of course, this works only with an external recorder like the Olympus LS-P4, but it is a workaround). I have the LS-P4 and it works fairly well for me. This guy has a lot of interesting stuff too on his channel.
  7. I used one of my either a iBook G4 or one of my two Intel MacBooks, all of which have Firewire ports. The supplied cable was a firewire to MiniDV connected straight into the camera.
  8. My initial research suggests that miniDV captured through Firewire 400 with iMovie was as good as it gets. The resulting files are a ".dv" files which are simply a stream of digital video. Since it's all digital and nothing was edited in a destructive format, I think that might be the best I can do. If anyone knows differently, please tell me.
  9. I looked again at the footage last night. It seems that I can change aspect ratios and do some blur gradients to hide quite a lot. It will need to be done on a shot-by-shot basis rather than just a one-size-fits all approach. I'll confirm this after some research today. I remember capturing it though. I used iMovie with firewire. That generation of miniDV was interlaced (captured on a Canon ZR930). I still have the option of recapturing the video in that I still have many old Macs and my ZR930... everything still works fine. Again, more research is needed.
  10. All of my stuff was captured via firewire 400. I believe that was the highest quality I could go for. In QuickTime it says the resolution is 720 × 480 (640 × 480), fps is 29.97 (interlaced), at roughly 3.6mbps. I've got moiré and aliasing all over the place. Colors are wash-out. I'm not really into the AI thing... it always looks weird and unnatural to my brain. Is it empirically better? Probably, but my brain just doesn't associate emotions with it yet- only "wow, that's cool". Yes. This is going to take time, for sure. Most of the footage is stupid stuff like me shaking a friend's had or other banalities. Of my 43 minutes, I might use 4 if I'm lucky. I need to make a story of it first. Putting subtle grades will probably be my best guess too. It could take me a couple of weeks to get more familiar with it. Yes. I'm aware of the contrast trick. I might also go black and white... not sure, but since it was over ten years ago, it might make sense. I'm clearly going to try more of this. It might make it etherial but still look like something I lived. I watched and liked your edit. It almost looked like you shot it that way, making more "believable". I tried that, but I was getting some horrible flickering action. It might be a technical thing, but I'll into more. I think the flickering was due to the footage being interlaced. I'll look into this too. Maybe it's better than the in-your-face AI that I've seen before. Thanks.
  11. Here's the deal: I have 43 minutes of consumer-standard miniDV footage of my wedding. My wife's asking for a nice video, similar to the ones I've offered to others in the family but with much better cameras. Does anyone know of some good examples of decent grades for this? Or, even some examples of interesting looks from low-quality stuff.
  12. I'd believe it. I have the PL9 and an E-M1 ii. Both are great. In terms of bang-for-your-buck, I'm not sure which one is better. The PDAF in the E-M1 ii trumps even the GH5 ii if you're into auto AF. The PL9 is slightly smaller than the E-M10 iii, but lacks 5 axis stab (only 3) and a EVF. The E-M10 iii is getting difficult to find under 300 Euros, but he PL9 is around 200, probably because not many take it seriously. On another note, I got my GH2 for under 100 Euros... when hacked, it looks great at Base ISO... just no 4k, but it gets nice colors and enough detail in camera.
  13. In which case, a Canon R5 would be the better choice.
  14. I'm all for opinions from all different likes, as long as they're genuine; otherwise, it's just propaganda. Sadly, Youtube is seemingly full of that and it's becoming increasingly difficult to discern honest opinions from promotional content. Would you disagree?
  15. All the people you mention seem to be after one thing: our time, which on YouTube means money. Here's my experience: I see a clickbait thumbnail. I click it. I sit through 5 seconds of Adobe slowware, thinking "not that sh*t again" I start watching the video (now they're getting paid by my view), admittedly some nice footage sometimes I watch some BS ad right in the middle of what they're trying to get to in their BS thumbnail. They're selling some BS service that no one needs (yes, they get a cut if you're dumb enough to sign up). I watch to the end. Now, they ask me to like and make a comment (more of my time) about their self-promoting BS video to enrich themselves. "Don't forget to click subscribe and click on the alert bell" so can also get spammed by YouTube. Let's not forget the Amazon affiliate links they so generously added in the description section. Finally, they pinned the the first comment (oh, what a surprise, it's they saying some more BS). Is anyone else tired of this over-produced, time-sucking, self-promoting crap? Is this what google meant when they said "Don't be evil"? At this point, I'm asking myself if I have anything better to do with my limited time on this planet.
  16. It's so easy to fall into the trap of believing what popular figures define as what is "meaningful or beautiful" in art.
  17. I don't watch most of those Canadians anymore. On Youtube, you really need to look for authenticity because you won't find it in almost any of the bigger channels. I've been watching for a long time now to see it go from authentic (and often normal) to shameless self/product promotion. 99% are simply infomercials, nothing more. You can still learn and laugh from them, but that is still the core of what they do. "Still Life - Art and the photographic image" by Justin Jones. He's a British guy who's into all forms of art and has 2.72K followers. He will never be known most likely, but his content is great. He's the type of YouTube I like. Here's a video:
  18. In Britain, why is it possible to make jokes about babies on spikes, yet animals are off-limits? I don't get it.
  19. I remember vividly this epic Canon marketing moment. It must have been so hard for those canon fanboys to accept their beloved camera specs didn't match reality. The potential of a timer and not a real heat sensor making decisions on whether a camera turns off or continues to operate was so unacceptable, even for fanboys. Canon wasn't even acknowledging the problem. The pent-up frustration had to be released. On top of that, Philip Bloom said: "hey look, this guy said something bad about Canon and my cats" - let's go after him! This is probably what it felt like for the king's messenger in the middle ages. Personally, I'm an animal lover and that includes humans too. It would appear some animal "lovers" exclude humans from their love. Instead, they run them over on purpose to make an example of them- Don't f*ck with cat lovers. Anyway, that's how I see it.
  20. Performance is more important than dog-slow features IMO. A "feature" should work well out of the box, not in 10 years (the amount of time it takes for enough people to complain for them to improve it). You only use features that are worth using; otherwise, they're not features, just eternal frustrations. I hope Apple doesn't change now or ever. If they do, I'll be looking elsewhere.
  21. It's important to remember that Adobe's making money hand over fist with their not-so-new business model. Time will tell if this model improves the quality of their software in any way shape or form. Arguably, it hasn't done anything for significant speed improvements (which is what most people want) before new features. It must be so frustrating for some people that pay for this. Personally, I just cannot bring myself to reward them for this model. Also, I'm sure they're looking for ways to "lock" you into it so they can perpetually receive monthly money (even after you're dead?). The seemingly harmless $10/month doesn't seem so harmless anymore. @Andrew Reid, maybe you could make a video on this too. What exactly has Adobe brought us in the past 5 years with this model?
  22. I had a similar problem with a cheap usb-c power plug. All the sudden, buzzing noises. I switched to a usb type a and everything was fine or I could have used a battery with a usb-c PD. This happened on my Olympus e-m1 ii... super frustrating! Funny video. Liking the format.
  23. What the hell is this video, @Andrew Reid? This is not at all how to make a Youtube video. Here's what's wrong: You need to start it with something like: "Hi guys, this is your boy Andrew here with EOSHD" You should have pink and teal background. X-mas lights at a minimum. Shallow depth of field? Everything's in focus! Where's the mic? You should be eating that thing! Think 25-30% of frame. Where's the obligatory Squarespace or Skillshare ad? If you can't get that, you should be at least pimping some software like "Cleanmymac". If you're going to talk trash about Canon, you should at the very least put some links to it on Amazon in case someone accidentally clicks on it. NEVER tell others what you actually think about product(s), certainly not after using them. You're just supposed shamelessly promote them or trash them, regardless of any usage. Focus on the specs primarily. Your thumbnail needs to have some super-inflammatory phrase (in yellow) with your mouth wide open. Here's an idea: "HASSELBLAD GETS DESTROYED? Plus, I lose my SH*T!" Finally, you look far too normal. Can't you shave your head or get a tattoo on your face? I'm sure there are more things wrong with this video. You've got to love Youtube nowadays.
  24. Cool. I'd also like that e-m5 iii, but it was just way too expensive when it came out. Really, that camera encompasses M43. I also have a GH2 that's exclusively used for live streaming... works great. Got it with a kit lens that is somehow worth more alone than the camera and the kit lens together. Go figure. A kit lens, Oly 45, and a Gh2 can accomplish a lot.
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