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  1. Very impressive results.. nice work! Any chance of sharing an ungraded still with us? I'm curious to see what the plugin is doing
  2. kye

    Evaluating Cameras

    I shoot in difficult situations and demand a lot from a camera in terms of DR and ability to recover things and push it around in post. My strategy is to buy the camera that covers my needs and shootings style best and just make do. Every camera will always be a compromise in some way, so you just have to choose which things you compromise.
  3. kye


    @leslie @noone are you guys talking about colour charts to use to calibrate the video out of your cameras, or monitor calibration to get colour accuracy of your monitors, or both? Not sure if this helps, but the advice I'm hearing from the professional colourists is to calibrate your monitors, and then to just process the footage to look good ("if it looks good it is good" as they say). However, these guys are colourists, so they're pretty good at making the image look however they want, so have less need of a colour chart to do the work for them. If I was looking to buy a colour checker to auto-correct my footage then I'd consider buying the one that Resolve uses to auto-magic the shots in the colour tab, but that's probably the one that's much more expensive!
  4. kye


    If the lenses can focus a little past infinity at their hard-stop then there's a bit of room for something in the mount, so maybe a small amount of something grippy like a very thin rubber gasket? ie, cut from a very thin rubber sheet perhaps?
  5. kye


    I think I do the same as @leslie and that fixes it. One of mine has a pretty stiff focus ring so that makes it a bit more treacherous but even then I haven't had issues. Maybe your adapter isn't quite so grabby when done up?
  6. Lens #2.. something more akin to my normal style of film-making.
  7. Well, don't let me stop you..... In other news, my second film is now uploading.
  8. I noticed some lenses suggested that the manufacturer used a m42 mount but a different flange distance, and that these wouldn't be a straight conversion with a normal adapter, and I thought I'd bought one of these but one arrived and it's fine, so maybe it's one that hasn't arrived yet. How far away can you focus? Maybe it's workable?
  9. He did another video blind-testing is you could tell which camera was which and I worked out about half-way to look at the sharpening as that's what gave it away, but yeah, a couple of the shots weren't too bad. Then again, I'm shooting a GH5 with a F0.95 lens because of the low-light I regularly shoot in, and I'm upgrading my 8mm F4 to a 7.5mm F2 for better low-light for the same reason, so I'm hardly going to be an average user in that department. Gotta get those wide-angle blue hour shots... Or after the sun has completely gone....
  10. kye


    No, I was focusing on the longer focal lengths when I bought them. IIRC I have a 35, 50, and something longer. I also kept everything m42 for simplicity. Well, all the Pentax and Russian lenses anyway.
  11. In this video in particular he recorded with a number of different apps, and I'm wondering if it was an app with a low bitrate or bad post-processing that is to blame. There's one shot in particular (of his partner walking the dog along a trail - I think it was shot with the wide) that is absolutely terrible, but the wide shot of the waterfall wasn't nearly so bad, so I'd take the worst shots with a grain of salt. Of course, the best shots were also not that great, especially in low-light so there's that. In many ways this is the perfect architecture - super wide, medium, and tele options. The iPhone 11 just doesn't deliver that architecture that well with poor ISO performance and heavy-handed post-processing. Having something that had the same three FOV cameras, but had OIS instead of EIS, and the ability to record in some kind of low-processed 10-bit codec would be a completely different proposition. The recipe is good, they just need to upgrade the ingredients.
  12. kye


    I can get behind that.. I have several in my "to sell when I can be bothered" pile 😎😎😎
  13. Let me get this straight... you shot a film for a film competition and didn't follow ANY of the rules? I'd keep your eyes on this thread come judging time!! 😆😆😆
  14. at least follow all the rest of the rules!!!!
  15. Is the iPhone 11 Pro the perfect minimalist travel vlog camera? Spoiler: no. Double spoiler, some of the footage out of it looks terrible. I have a friend who lugs his 50D around the world even though he's a minimalist and hates carrying it around and all the hassle of memory cards and editing, but he's tried using his phone and however convenient it was, the only photos he likes came from the Canon. So it doesn't matter how much you like the shooting experience - if you don't like the output, what's the point?
  16. What can I say - I value someone making something and sharing it rather than being a stickler for the rules. I finally put my 18-35/1.8 on ebay earlier today. If you were looking for a sign, this is definitely it!!
  17. kye

    Formula 1 cameras ?

    If it's a challenge to get a zoom lens long enough to see the F1 from where you live...... then I'm screwed.
  18. I'm on the fence about them, and have already been asked via PM if they're allowed. After much googling I realised that the breakup of the USSR was a complicated matter, and that as far as I can tell East Germany was a satellite state, not part of the USSR. Wether or not this means it was or wasn't "soviet" is something my lawyers are still working on. So far they've written to request more money for research, but they assure me that they're definitely making progress and it will be any day now. In terms of this competition, considering it's a public forum and there is basically no prize, I literally can't stop you from entering East German lenses... However, the point was that we discover new lenses, and I'm fairly sure everyone has heard of Contax Zeiss and the like, whereas very few people would be familiar with the huge bargain that the Industar 50mm F3.5 lens is at US$20 with free worldwide shipping, so that's kind of more what this is about (new things, not the Industar 50/3.5 in particular!!). Then again, if you're looking for an excuse to buy an East German lens, then..... 😎😎😎
  19. kye


    Oh, I don't know... I'm sure there are lots of other exotics none of us can afford!! In other news, this might be useful to some. I really can't speak highly enough of the Takumars - if the focus ring went the right way then I'd be happily using them and scouring ebay for a set. The image has that great balance of sharpness and contrast while still looking natural and cinematic.
  20. I shoot with fully-manual lenses, so every time I turn on the camera it asks me what the focal length is for the IBIS. Is this recorded anywhere in metadata that I can search for in my NLE (or even better - in OSX)? I'm having one of those "let's look at all the shots I made with lens X" type of moments....
  21. I love my Voigtlander 17.5mm and am thinking about buying more, but at the end of the day it's about what your priorities are. If the zoom will help you get more shots, or capture the same moment in a better way (for example if you're not having to work around the fixed focal length) then maybe it's worth it for you to go to the PL zoom. Will the slower 1.7 aperture give you the DoF you are looking for? I personally like to shoot with primes over my 18-35 as I find the 18-35 too heavy as I hand-hold. I don't mind the total lens weight as the other lenses are in my bag and not hurting my wrists, but you are likely on sticks so don't have these issues. I'd suggest that the best way to answer is to get clear on your priorities and then see how the options stack up in light of what you're trying to achieve and how you're working. Ultimately though, if you're able to capture a better shot then that is very likely to completely eclipse the small loss of IQ you get by changing lenses. An average quality copy of a great subject is better than a high IQ copy of a boring final film!
  22. Thanks.. there was sound, but no music. I suggested music but it wasn't a rule I'm pleased with the colour I got because I graded in a new way and it was pretty easy to get that result, so I learned something, despite it not being the most work or best film ever made. That's kind of what this is about, trying new things and learning.
  23. kye

    Formula 1 cameras ?

    No excuses.... someone managed to get a van around the Nurburgring in under 10 minutes! https://www.topgear.com/car-news/sabines-nurburgring-van-record-has-been-broken
  24. Ah! I didn't realise the peanut gallery was awake 😆😆😆 Right - new rule... to heckle from the back rows you have to enter the competition (or make a commitment that you will)! I've already entered, so it can't be that hard 😎😎😎
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