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  1. https://petapixel.com/2022/06/29/the-xiaomi-12s-ultra-smartphone-will-use-a-full-sony-1-inch-sensor/
  2. SRV1981

    SLog vs Clog c

    Maybe I’ll make a movie with you! Wanna come to NY?
  3. SRV1981

    SLog vs Clog c

    Yup - I enjoyed that video. I was curious how clog2 clog 3 and slog3 compared. I’d assume there’s a technical answer regarding highlights and DR etc. I read or saw a few folks say they didn’t like the R5/R6 or even R5C because clog2 was way better than clog3 and prefer the c70 for that reason
  4. SRV1981

    SLog vs Clog c

    So Slog3 and Clog2 are the same but clog2 is noticeably different than clog3 ?
  5. SRV1981

    SLog vs Clog c

    What are some of the major differences between these profiles regarding both the ease of achieving a good grade in terms of highlight rolloff and dynamic range as well as the final output ?
  6. In a nutshell, that is what I'm trying to do based on my own unique circumstances. thanks for the feedback!
  7. SRV1981

    Fuji X-H2S

    The image just looks awful and I’ve seen the grading they do on other cameras
  8. Interesting in this test it seems the c70 matches better in contrast and brightness.
  9. I’m okay with polite disagreement. That said, I do feel closest to this view on the subject. With a one person crew on vacation or a mini-doc many items are sometimes not viable and the better the image off the sensor the less that needs to be done post - or at least the easier it is to get an image you’re content with.
  10. This looks great as well! May I ask what drew you to Panasonic vs Sony and canon? Does it simply come down to AF as to why more sales go to the latter ?
  11. Based on this gentleman’s view (I assume from large productions with capacity for lighting and multiple post production folks) - why do you feel there’s a whole forum here with frequent discussion about raw, log, s35 vs ff, s1 vs c70 noise, cell phones etc? None of which come from me. Curious
  12. You must be fun to have a beer with.
  13. Not sure why you’re taking this as if it’s a personal attack. It seems to be standard here to shit on YouTubers - art is subjective. Millions of viewers enjoy the content and aesthetic if this. I threw out the idea that maybe folks can learn from then considering they make content millions watch and with little to no help. They don’t have dozens of crew helping shoot and light. They don’t have hundreds of VFX or colorists. Most do it with 1-2 people or by themselves. Tyler Stalman from YouTube has a podcast and had a long time major movie DP on and he made similar claims. We can agree to disagree and I’m cool with it and still value your views and input This is a fair point !
  14. Thanks just tried it! The image they shit for a7s iii is way smaller but also that is photo not video - would there be a difference. I don’t feel confident deciphering which of the two has better noise producing or a cleaner image
  15. That is fascinating. It makes me think of some debates I've seen as to whether or not the a7iv is a better lowlight camera than the a7sIII due to hits 7k downsampled to 4k readout that creates finer noise. Any thoughts on the validity of this? Part of me feels that the a7siii at 12,800 (second native iso) is better than the a7iv at 3200 (second native iso) but unsure if that is in fact true or why that would be?
  16. Correct - this was as typo; not meant to be my commentary That is fascinating, why do you think that is? That seems fair - I do like the image they've captured and created here though with the available ranges.
  17. I get it! I’m just saying - I didn’t make the title! It’s the title of the video. I find you guys to be so knowledgeable and always love to read your takes. I am curious, you noted you’d rather have a Panasonic hybrid than this cell - but in the other thread regarding shooting raw on a cell you seemed to find value. What, in your view, is the separation?
  18. 🙂 A Masterclass it is not and neither is there anything about Filmmaking as such with a capitol F.:)
  19. Hahah - the types of egos and personalities one comes across on this board are beyond wild.
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