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  1. Thanks! I think I will remove the green screen and get a few background lights to give depth! The Deity D3, I believe can be boomed above my head and off camera, but plugged (butt plugged) in. I wouldn't use it on top of the mic
  2. Thanks all! I just had a thought after rewatching the clips i posed - I don't think I need a green screen. Based on what they did, they seem to film the narrator, use picture-in-picture, and have the narrater overdub slides/video for presentation/education. If so, then I don't need a Green Screen when using FCPX to achieve similarly produced education videos. Is this correct? Then I would only need a key light and fill light. Instead, I could just hang a few shelves, get some plants/lamps and desktop lights or LEDs to create a "vibe" in the background and just shoot myself with keylight/fill light and use PIP when needed? I"ll check the review for mics. I was thinking a Deity D3 that could be boomed above my head/out of frame but it would have the benefit of also being mounted on the a7iii when run/gun.
  3. Mark, Much appreciated! Glad to know the software/hardware is on the right path. I guess I could use the audient and shore for audio overdubs in videos where I am not on the video (i.e. showing history/news footage and narrating) as well as recording my acoustic/singing. What about the Deity D3 for a boom mic? It could record directly into the A7III, be boomed overhead, and then be placed on top of the mic for run/gun situations? That may be the better/versatile option? The lighting is where it gets tricky! I am least familiar with both hardware and placement/setup. I would assume there are some kits for the setup I am seeking in those videos that produce fairly good/quality results. I don't need to have top of the line as I think there should be options for more budget friendly and "professional" looking output. If you or any other members are familiar with specific kits/packages I would be happy to investigate.
  4. Sorry if this is the wrong forum - If so please disregard or I will delete. I am a teacher seeking help making quality videos for my students remotely. The equipment I have purchased thus far: 1. A7iii 2. Tamron 28-75 3. Shure sm7b mic 4. Audient ID14 input 5. Green fabric for background Need: lighting for myself and green screen but not sure what is an affordable kit for my apartment Questions: 1. Can I create video similar to the ones below with FCPX, Keynote, and my camera/audio? 2. Can the Shure sm7b be used to boom on a stand over my head and out of frame to record audio while recording? 3. What lights/setup can I use to light myself and the green screen? 4. is the 28-75 wide enough or would I need the shorter angle lens from Tamron? Video looks I'm trying to achieve: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxN8oEnIQ2w 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8SRcIbLQBg 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUnTb3_mwTY Thanks to any thoughtful and helpful ideas!
  5. Yes a shotgun around $200 of less any recommendations?
  6. Sorry I should have said $200ish or less
  7. Are there easier options for mics that can be directly plugged into the mic so there is no post editing/syncing of audio? A mic that can mount on the camera or off/boom/stand that has decent quality for interviews? I don't need an NTG3 level quality.
  8. Curious if anyone know if this would work? If I have a Shure sm57 and wan't to boom it overhead a subject during an interview, could I run that XLR end of the mic into a 3.5mm cord direct into the a7III?
  9. Thanks all! I will try to create 720 proxies as well as film 1080 vs. 4k and see if there is a noticeable difference on the a73. Worst case I will look into trading my 2015 MBP in for a 2020 13" MBP. I think I have a good game plan thanks to the suggestions here. Much appreciatd!
  10. Thanks! @FranciscoB how can I tell if the a7iii can create proxies? @tupp: -Keynote is a cute app and I find it helpful - not sure I can change video export settings but will check! -I probably will stick with Mac for ease of use etc. as my free time spent for work doesn't motivated me to learn/work with linux and creating my own machines. Granted this may be the most efficient i'm seeking most efficient with Apple's products available to me. -I appreciate your feedback but education has changed and my individual desire to provide more engaging content to my students doesn't represent anything other than attempting to be a part of a small group of teachers who use technology to reach our students. Chalkboards exist, I like them. Whiteboards exist, I like them better. Smartboards exist, I like them even better. -My 2015 macbook pro is not a T2 chip device
  11. Thanks @tupp I am using a combo of iPhone and Sona A7III video. Additionally, I am making videos from Keynote for animations etc and layering all of these clips sometimes picture in picture etc. I am just not sure if it will take a long time to create proxies if I am making anywhere from 1-3 videos a week, which is to support my job as a teacher. Apple has offered $480 for my 2015 MBP and I was looking at a 13" 2020 MBP 2 ghz, 32gb ram, 512 SSD for $2100 or $1600 after giftcard.
  12. Currently using a mid-2015 MBP 2.2 i7 w/ 16gb of ram. As soon as I add the videos to iMovie (moving to FCPX this week) and layer them with green screen or picture in picture/etc. the computer slows and sounds like a jet engine taking off. Not sure if creating proxies or upgrading new a 13" MBP 2020 model would be helpful. Also edit internally vs. external thoughts? I will be creating mostly 5-15m videos for educational purposes on a weekly basis. Thanks! 1. Stick w/ 2015 MBP 15" and use proxies with external HD or Internal? 2. Upgrade to 2020 MBP 13" and use regular files with external or internal?
  13. Thanks all! I am going to be doing more HW. For audio I think that a Shure sm7b mic, cloudlifter being fed into an Audient ID14 may be the best for audio in the apartment/studio for video narrations in addition to playing/recording music (vocals/acoustic). Thoughts on this for audio? I am not going to get an on camera mic yet as I am not doing much videography outside of the apartment for these productions yet. For lighting I am trying to find an inexpensive 1-2 light easy setup. I like the RGB features of the cello 10" shown by Manny Ortiz but not sure if I know enough about lighting to know if that is the type of light to use.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I'd point out that being able to add custom images/slides/videos in the background would be nice and I would pushback that the a7III can't handle that. I'll either be standing in my apartment against the wall or sitting at a small desk with my computer. Both instances I will be speaking to the camera for instructional purposes (i.e. info on history, science, writing, reading, etc.) A green screen/cloth as a backdrop will allow me to add custom slides and videos. The mic doesn't need to be lavalier because the students will never be in my apartment . A shotgun mic of sorts would be optimal in this situation. Additionally a shotgun mic will afford me the opportunity to use it overhead and out of shot in the videos at my apartment while also allowing me to mount them on the a7iii and doing run/gun work in the streets and eventually back at school. I am coming here because I know many of you are creative and knowledgable. Remote learning is a thing for us and I anticipate next year that video equipment (along with audio, lighting, etc.) will come in handy to engage and help our students. So for an apartment... 1. mic 2. green cloth/fabric creative setup 3. LED lighting that can be on my desk, attached to a stand, and have the ability to be on the shoe-mount along with the mic I think that should allow me to have a decent setup to help my kids. I just need suggestions on how to achieve that.
  15. Hi all, I ultimately went with the Sony A7III after careful consideration and advice from members here. I have to say I am much happier with the hybrid capabilities than my X-T3. Low light is better, autofocus is better, and being able to make use of it is overall better. I'd say the only thing about the camera I miss form my XT-3 is the physical buttons for ISO, etc. as well as the ease of menu. I am still struggling to learn how best to setup, save, and access different settings for photo, video, slow-mo, low light etc. I am looking to make educational videos for my students and have been working a little with Google Slides and other plug-ins to animate. Two big things that are glaringly missing from basic setup (tripod, a73, Tamron 28-75) are a green screen/green cloth and an audio solution. I like simplicity and ease of use. Does anyone think I could just buy green fabric/cloth from Amazon and use pins behind me? I am shooting most of the educational clips in my small NY apartment. Also for audio, what are both inexpensive and semi-quality solutions? An on camera mic would be best with fairly good sound quality up to 10 feet away. Second to that would be an off camera mic on a stand (table or boom) that would plug into the camera. I am eventually looking into a single mic option, hopefully, to record/play acoustic guitar but think I can get away with a cheaper separate mic for my camera (in apartment or run/gun on the street). So quick recap: 1. Easy green screen Amazon option - is fabric/cloth pinned to my wall okay enough? 2. Mic option Thanks! Examples: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C72ISMF_D0&t=587s 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfzx9Y0rr_Q
  16. Imagine thinking that photo is straight out of camera? Imagine thinking you know how he setup his picture profile? Imagine being so self-absorbed you can be condescending and nasty in a community forum that’s purpose is to share ideas and help? is everyone here on their period? Is there a prerequisite for being a keyboard warrior to have had a bad childhood and shitty father that you lash out at people constantly? imagine being a forum of mean girls from the movie mean girls? i like the Colors from every single camera. I prefer slightly warmer tones that tilt red hue, I like that. I also like images that don’t have that. I like videos that don’t AB ad naseum or shoot brick walls. I like helpful people. I like that photo from SI, is like it better with a slide toward warmer. I hope to learn from the calmer and less mentally deranged members I’m talking to you cranky folks
  17. Can one really make an evaluation of a tool, such as a camera, purely on a single video by a user many here don't seem to care for? I think there is plenty of examples of good images coming from Sony A7 III etc. but can also agree that SOOC of XT2/3 is typically more appealing. If you don't AB the heck out of it and just watch quality filmmakers with any camera the images look good. Sometimes its more of a limitation of the user than the tool.
  18. Good discussion! Thanks for the knowledge. I am on a Mac and pretty new/amateur. FCP seems like the way to go.
  19. Obviously images are subjective - based on your dislike of the a73 is there a comparable hybrid camera you prefer or a video to illuminate proper color? Thanks
  20. Isn’t that what tony found in his survey of 1500 people? Bias? Plus if you read comments - after awhile that creates a certain confirmation bias. When I first saw Kraig Adams travel videos I was blown away. Then when I saw it was Sony I was like “but the colors looks good and it’s not green - how?”
  21. Great video! I know people give them shit but I thought the video and test was well done. Sony!
  22. At the end of the day the final product is what matters. I was referencing Kraig Adams because myself and thousands of others love the images in his videos which are predominantly a73 without any picture profile and little to no grading. The AF and image looks excellent.
  23. Just watched Geralds video and thought it excellent and fair. Where did you dislike it? drone looked good but was highly saturated and minimal separation better objects compared to Sony.
  24. I’m confused on Sony color bashing. In one sense I see tons of yoda looking folks ok YouTube then I see this and want to buy one: Kraig Adams in Switzerland
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