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  1. Seinfeld was shot on film and looks awesome remastered. FUN FACT: If you're watching a 16:9 HD version, you're actually seeing parts of the frame that were originally matted out! NSFW example.
  2. It's shocking how shit my old FHD footage looks upscaled on a 43" UHD panel. Even on YouTube the difference is obvious.
  3. andrgl

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yes it does. Windows is missing the codec, you can get it free from Microsoft here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/hevc-video-extensions-from-device-manufacturer/9n4wgh0z6vhq?SilentAuth=1&wa=wsignin1.0&activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  4. Wow the node process difference between Sony and Canon is nuts. Doesn't Canon have patents for BSI? Have they build any sensors with it?
  5. You should join the unofficial group on Facebook. You’ll see production shots of their cameras. These aren’t being used by hobbiest. The Kinefinity has pro features: modules, SDI, swappable mounts, proper SSD support, wireless lens and video streaming, more RAW and ProRes codec options. The Zcam lacks these features and is priced accordingly. Kinefinity has never priced their cameras for the low-end market. You also have to piece together all the things to build your camera whereas Kinefinity has packages ready to go.
  6. $54,500 for the MONSTRO 8K VV and $5,995 for the Z CAM E2-F8. This thing is going to wind up as a B, C and crash cam for so many productions...
  7. $600 vs $830 (who knows how much for the II) makes sense... but the AC power supply for this thing is INSANE!
  8. andrgl

    Race to the bottom

    Competing on price is a terrible business. Anyone and everyone can be the cheapest. Customers that prioritize a lower price over quality aren’t worth working for. Think about any service. The cheaper the rate, the lower the talent. Why would a professional accept less for creating a better product?
  9. They’re planning to release 5 cameras in 2019: E2 C E2 GS E2 S35 6K E2 FF 6K E2 FF 8K Canon and Sony are slow, old, behemoths. Literally dumpster fires of money. They need to sell 10,000x units to make a penny. Being a tiny company in China you could stay afloat selling 500 cameras a year. Their government basically subsidizes industry with cheap loans and no cost shipping.
  10. Only interested in 4K. Trying to get a hold of a rental unit at the moment.
  11. Wowee, these lenses seem perfect for cine use. 35mm f/1.2 50mm f/1.2 85mm f/1.2 Manual focus, crazy fast, full frame, identical 86mm fronts, even looks like focus gear placement could be uniform. Anyone using these lenses to shoot video?
  12. Anyone try using a Blackmagic URSA Broadcast with S16 lenses? Super 16 aperture: 12.52 mm x 7.42 mm Broadcast sensor: 13.056 mm x 7.344 mm 4K, 60 FPS, 12-ish stops of DR, internal NDs, SSD recording, SDI out, real PL mount... very tempting.
  13. Oh for fuck's sake Andrew. Your post somehow made it to my newsfeed titled "EOS R Getting External RAW Recording". Canon will never give the EOS R that ability. It's not part of the Cine lineup. Be happy with Canon LOG.
  14. The Nanguang Pavolite tubes are a great cheapest option too. No built-in battery or DMX though.
  15. The Pocket 4K has better IQ but the FS5 has features I need: No crop, full coverage S35 or Full Frame with a speedbooster 4K 120fps RAW cdng positive lock EF mount with metabones cine inexpensive SSD media I was patient and got a used FS5II and a Odyssey 7Q bundle for under USD$3500.
  16. No ProRes RAW, does ProRes HQ and CDNG. Shogun Inferno is the better choice for shooting ProRes, as it does ProRes RAW. Unless shooting RAW or you can grade SLog, the baked in Sony look sucks. It’s not as bad as the original A7S but I haven’t seen anything special with the supposed “Venice” colour. Maybe the highlight rolloff is improved? It’s a Sony camera, and the straight off card image leaves you feeling underwhelmed. The FS5 is a poor man’s Red. Does HFR well enough. Plus coupled with a cine metabones adapter and Oddysey 7Q you get a complete cinema package. The Mini Pro G2 is looking like a good challenger. But I’m skeptical that it will do HFR with a single SSD. Also, the EF mount doesn’t lock the lens. A remote follow focus will torque the **** out of the lens and cause a visible jump, ruining your shot over and over. I also had an awful time with noise in the mid tones with the original URSA. So when I properly “exposed” I was left with like 6 stops of latitude when shooting 60 frames and above. I want to see how well this new sensor handles UHD at 150. Never got a chance to work with braw, so maybe that will fix the issues you usually get with capturing cdng.
  17. Wow 150fps! But I remember the issues I had with the OG 4.6k with nasty noise at 40-50 IRE. And that was only at 60fps. I heard it got better with the pro and braw, but I’d wait for tests before ordering the new URSA. Price is also higher than what I paid for a used FS5II and Odyssey 7Q. Any word if the SSD module is capable of recording those high frame rates?
  18. @BTM_Pix @thebrothersthre3 I'm going to go with the Odyssey 7Q as it offers CDNG recording at 4k60 and 4k120. It's also surprisingly easy to find used ones with drives and the paid upgrade, for under USD$1500.
  19. Is there anything cheaper than the FS5 for 4k120 RAW? Only other camera I could find was the Sony FS700R.
  20. No. The early bird price last summer was $1750**, but since launch it's remained $1999. **Wasn't much of a deal since shipping was $50 and you had to pay duties.
  21. I'm not omitting anything. It's a comparison of the video specs. I thought it was pretty obvious. Feel free to make your own chart.
  22. Totally agree. I'm going to guess it'll do DCI 4K, but only time will tell. It's too early to compare, but I'm very excited by the announcement. I wonder if there will be full frame 1080p120. I'm also hoping for cdng support.
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