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  1. Leadership position syndrome. Sony have become the new Canon. Little to No firmware upgrades. Heavy segmentation. Paper spec cameras that overheat. Zero regards towards criticism. That being I always tell people, buy a camera (or any digital product) for what it can do today. Don't expect added specs down the line, you're most likely setting yourself up for disappointment.
  2. If you're using higher bitrate codecs and/or you are in warm conditions, the camera won't last you 30-45mn. Again Dan Watson got it to overheat in under 5 minutes! Gerald Undone got run time cut in half with just 2 degrees Celsius difference. This camera is all paper specs. i.e. the biggest sensor, the most advanced AF, AI etc.. in the smallest body. That's a recipe for disaster and I think it's going to backfire big time, especially with summer creeping up. The camera is ok for TikTok / social media short clips in cool environments. We're talking 15 to 60 second clips. Or you gotta step down to longGOP / 8-bit / FHD for longer form content. (Sony has a chart where they specify 8-bit for the run time!)
  3. Some of the AI tracking features are actually very interesting, like the auto framing lock on center. I could see some really good use for that for product shooting. But as Dan mentions in his above review, all these AI features crop heavily in the cam so its a bewilderment why they chose the A7S3 sensor which does 1:1 4K and seriously degrades the IQ when punching in. These AI features would have been so much more useful on an oversampled 4K sensor. I can't help but feel that this ZV camera would have made much more sense as an APS-C one with the 6K oversampled FX30 sensor at half the price ($1100 / 1350€) and hence with little to no overheating. I don't even think most Vloggers and content creators care that much about FF. Its really an odd decision.
  4. Probably the most honest review, he got the camera to overheat on his couch while just menu diving and it overheat in FIVE minutes in 4K60p while shooting outdoors in non summer Florida: Its expected in June so well after all the reviews will be out.
  5. All I've heard is it has 2:35:1 in "cinematic" mode. There is a surprising lack of vertical options imo. I would have thought that would have been top features but it seems this is first and foremost a YouTube VLOG camera. Big missed opportunity imo to not cater to the massive social media / TikTok market.. The ZE1 UI isn't aimed at photography though, its a videography oriented tool. It has the FX zoom rocker and the same quick video menu. On the physical side its super dumbed-down to the maximum with a shallow/deep DoF button and subject detection button for AF. Just about everything else is gestures and touch via the display. The FX30 low light is definitely much worse than the A7S3/FX3/ZVE1. That doesn't mean its terrible but its far from great (even by APS-C/S35 standards). Tons of noise in the shadows, especially at high frame rates. I think you're being a little hard on it. We are not the target market. The price is steep but they did stick the A7S3 sensor in it, A7RV AF, FX3 features etc. Plus all those AI tools. Actually a lot of high-end specs.. on a tiny consumer body. While that's rather impressive and unexpected, the problem is of course thermal management. I even suspect Sony deliberately removed 4K120p at launch so no reviewer would slam the camera for overheating under 10 minutes. I don't hate this camera, in fact its kind of a greatest hits of Sony Alpha video specs but the body and thermal management suck. And that makes the package at its price not viable to me. But I suspect the intended market will shoot 8-bit codecs to extend overheating. Your country has severe taxes! The ZVE-1 is 2699€ in mainland EU so expect 3000€ in your country. Do you still find that a good deal for a Sony camera with no EVF, single card slot, and that overheats in 30mn in 4K24p when recording XAVC-I ?
  6. FX30 has active cooling so no overheating to start with. Much better form factor and higher quality build, full HDMI, RAW out, Cine EI mode, top handle with XLR unit, dual card slots. Supersampled 4K so sharper image. APS-C sensor though so much worst low light. They threw a bunch of stuff inside the ZE1 but with the massive overheating its all kind of useless for any type of serious work or simply again hot locations.
  7. How is a ZE1 priced at 2699€ a better deal than an R8 at 1799€ ? R8 may not have all those gimmicky AI functions but at least it doesn't overheat. Plus it has a EVF and front curtain shutter. Seems like much better value to me..
  8. honestly the low light of A7S3 is a little over rated imo. its actually a 48MP quad bayer sensor so not actually bigger photo sites. marketing aside if you just compare this cameras price point and its specs to the competition (S5ii, R6ii) that's when you realise how stingy Sony went on specs. Actually the test I saw was the camera overheating in 30mn in XAVC-I in 24p in normal indoor conditions !!! Going LongGop extends the time and 8-bit as well obviously. Gerald Undones video is up now and the overheating jumps down from 2 hours to 1 hour when ambient temperature rises from 22 to 24 degrees Celsius. The camera will probably be completely unusable in summer / hot locations. I'm not even speaking of 4K60p & 4K120p. This is really my main gripe about the camera. No matter the target.
  9. I think the price is very steep for the target demo. Especially in Europe. I just can't imagine your average vlogger dropping that kinda coin on a camera targeted at amateurs/beginners. That being said the camera has some pretty solid specs/features. They didn't gimp it as much as I thought they would. In fact, in quite a few ways it actually surpasses the A7S3 with next-gen AF, focus compensation and even LUT support. And it retains ALL-I 10-bit Slog3. I assume an A7S4 is just around the corner. The body of course is of the cheaper kind. And no EVF, no mechanical shutter. Micro HDMI etc. The IBIS is also the more basic A7C one, not the same as in A7 series. And the biggest con, no active/passive cooling. I've just seen some tests and the camera overheated in 30mn using XAVC-I. This totally kills it imo for most types of shooting.
  10. “cinematic mode” (built in black bars feature) 2699€
  11. I haven't shot 5D3 ML in many years but the 14-bit colors you get out of that Canon sensor are among the nicest I've ever seen short of an ARRI. There is something about that generation of Canons in general and it gets fully unleashed with ML RAW. Blind tests don't mean so much, its when you have the actual footage inside your NLE and push the grade that is when the magic is felt, no pun intended. Yes we have a multitude of high resolution, high DR cams that shoot 10-bit, ProRes & RAW. Its fantastic and what I use for commercial projects etc. That being said there is no denying 5D3 ML RAW still has incredible mojo despite all the fuss and old sensor limitations. I am probably going to repurchase a 5D3 in the near future just to revisit that camera in general for both stills & ML. I was looking at old pics & footage from it just the other day and was instantly hit by the nostalgia that the images produce. C100, C300 & 1DC also have such mojo imo, even on their outdated internal codecs.
  12. There is no pressure because there is no actual issue, again Fuji developed X-Trans CFA which has its pros & cons. Most Fuji shooters embrace it as they shoot baked-in with the film simulations but shooting RAW in stills and now in video bypasses the X-Trans so that is the solution if you need it.
  13. That's actually quite disapointing to hear. I remember having such issues on old Fuji prime lenses like the 23mm f1.4 (manual focus would step like crazy) but thought surely the new series was fixed. Aren't there MF settings too now? No dice whatsoever for video? Like stated above the Fuji lenses are mega sharp, and with absence of OLPF plus 6K resolution well yeah that's a sharp image. There are ways around it, but yeah it might involve more than just a BPM. The MF lens issues have been there for years so dunno if there is much they can do and the sharpening also. Sometimes I wonder if their video department is just an after thought or something, a bit like Nikon where they have these great video specs but drop the ball completely in functionality. Yeah those are valid concerns and why I don't think going Fuji for me would necessarily work in a pro setting / workflow. I still really want an XH2S but more for indie / artistic projects / lifestyle / social media.
  14. both. If you say so. Then again if you're so adversed to image processing then yeah just shoot in BRAW that's what its there for. In most other scenarios nobody will notice/care. Sounds very biased. S1H retailed for 4000€. Nothing special about S1/S5 IQ. They use very low bitrate h264 codecs. Have slow readout / high rolling shutter. Use image processing (NR, sharpening) like all non-RAW cameras. Pocket 6K has issues too, very noisy shadows as soon as you step outside base ISO. moirés like crazy. I'm also not sure what your screen shots are supposed to reveal with those blurry abstract shapes but I'll take your word that S5ii image processing is heavier than previous generation, that seems to echo what others have been saying. Personally I find Vlog kind of a PITA to grade, the conversion LUTs suck. YMMV.
  15. Django


    FX30 has much chunkier (ALL-I) codecs going up to 600mbps vs 200mbps on S5ii. It has 15ms RS vs 22ms on S5ii. It's AF is class-leading. And I believe it is Netflix approved which is always something to consider. Oh and it also has a swivel screen: But yeah in the end you do have to look at the eco-system that makes most sense to you. Bodies come & go, lenses is usually what locks you in the long run..
  16. ARRI (like every camera manufacturer) has extensive IQ pipeline, its the key to their whole look: ARRI’s digital cameras produce exceptional image quality with the organic look and feel of film, delivering incredible production value at an affordable cost. Images created with any ALEXA or AMIRA camera contain all the ingredients for best overall image quality: large and therefore sensitive photosites, high dynamic range, sharp and natural images, high sensitivity, natural color reproduction, excellent color separation, and the absence of artifacts. To create such outstanding images, all components of the imaging chain are custom designed by our engineers and carefully tuned for optimal performance, starting with the optical low pass filter, the CMOS sensor, the imaging electronics, and the image processing software. Fuji has their own pipeline which starts with the X-Trans CFA. Like anything it has its pros & cons. Again no AA filter so very sharp/detailed image with no moiré. And again the whole chroma reduction thing is overblown imo with XH2S in 6K ProRes HQ. I'm get excellent tonality/skin tone grades from the Flog2 files I've been testing: Nice neutral organic image with a lot of detail allowing you to punch-in without image falling apart. Of course every setting, lighting, grading pipeline and lens choice matters. The scene above is shot on a DZOfilm Vespid 40mm T2.1 cine lens. Very light grade here with just Flog2 to ARRI conversion and slight curve adjustment. YMMV of course, to each their own but with the right lens, the right codec, the right grade I find the XH2S IQ to be among the best, for the type of subjects, lighting and framing I'm likely to do. Could be a whole different thing with other variables.
  17. Sure it was a big planetary hit at $700 for an APS-C Vlog MILC. I just dunno if a $2500 full frame version is what the market is asking right now but what do I know. It's basically the reverse strategy of releasing the FX3 then FX30. Weird. An A7C mk2 with A7S3 sensor would have made more sense imo.
  18. Django

    Fuji X-H2S

    What do you mean by "Resolve FUJI LUT"? I use the official Fuji Flog/Flog2 LUTs to convert to Rec709. I'm not aware of any particular Fuji LUTs in Resolve aside from the film stock emulation ones..? With cameras like S5II or FX3/FX30 you can indeed import custom LUTs which is great but not the same thing as Fuji film simulations. There are a bunch of parameters in Fuji film simulations that you can tweak and dial-in to create what they call "Fuji recipes". For stills that even includes film grain size, type etc.
  19. Django

    Fuji X-H2S

    Not familiar with that particular model but yeah whatever inspires/sparks creativity is always a good thing! I'm a huge Leica fanboy, and my Leica M9P + 28mm Summicron is still my favourite when it comes to travel & street photography. The camera itself feels like a high-end pistol, and the rangefinder experience is so much fun (well to me at least, some people hate it). An X100 series is definitely a camera I plan to own some day for the leaf shutter flash sync and built-in NDs. But its really more of a point & shoot than actual rangefinder. Anyways, getting back to the XH2S it will be of course mainly a video tool but yeah similar concept of using something different than day in day out work tools!
  20. Django

    Fuji X-H2S

    People. I live in Paris, France. I do event, docu, run & gun, fashion, art, music etc. While I shoot professionally with Sony/Canon.. I'm looking to go back to Fuji for more artistic, nostalgic projects. Would also double up for street photography, travel and social media content. Basically sort of a lifestyle cam. I'm kind of obsessed with 3:2 aspect ratio at the moment. Also I'd probably use the film simulations quite a bit.
  21. Django

    Fuji X-H2S

    So yeah poor colour separation when shooting at a certain distance. I've noticed colours get mushy in those scenarios. Your subject has to remain fairly close. I like what this one kid has achieved with his XH2S, the grade is a little extreme and stylised but really makes the colours pop in a pleasant way: Thanks I do appreciate the effort but this type of footage (shaky blurry handheld trees and cars at dusk) is completely useless to me I'm afraid. Sorry, no offence. Fortunately I have since found really nice 6K ProRes HQ footage of skin tone closeups which is what I was after. FWIW I've been using Filmbox to grade it since it actually supports Flog2 (and has 250D stocks). The demo is limited to 2K timeline which ends up rubbing off that over sharp digital edge. Results have been looking great so far.
  22. Dunno but keep in mind the R6 does 4K60p no crop in 10-bit Clog. And for $2500 you could buy a R6 mk2 that pretty much mitigates overheating. And has EVF, IBIS, dual card slots etc. This ZV cam is going to be a hard sell outside of its intended Vlog market. Expect a full frame version of the ZV-E10:
  23. The C70 is an entry-level C line camera, just like the C100 series it doesn't feature SDI outs as its just not considered that type of camera. Its a run & gun solo operator joint. Just a step above mirrorless. It's price sits a good 1500€ under FX6. That being said, Canon have been sleeping on the C lineup. A C200 update is long overdue and is the series were SDI's make their appearance. Surely they are losing sales to FX6 with no worthy alternative at that price level. Then again, maybe that whole market of +6K€ cine cam owners is shrinking due to the current climate. Right now the money is in the $2K-$3K bracket it feels.
  24. i.e. $2499 / 2799€ That's actually super expensive for a camera that overheats a lot in 2023. Vloggers won't care because they shoot 30 seconds clips max at a time. Come to think of it this will be the perfect TikTok camera for rich Asian kids. I bet you the new AI features will be right up their alley too..
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