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  1. Just saw this message now, I have never been able to solve the problem.
  2. Yeah, better focus peaking would help. It was better on the GH5.
  3. I hope the price drop is just to act as a gateway drug into the L -mount line up! I think they probably should slimline the line up to the S1H, S1R and S5 where the S5 is the all rounder. I'd love a S1H mk2 with better AF but more than anything the punch in to check focus while filming. That alone keeps me with Panasonic (well, price plays a part too). Another thing is that the S5 mk2 needs a better VF and LCD. I sometimes wonder if what I'm doing with the S5 is going to look good when I'm filming as on the LCD or VF it looks a bit meh. When I get home and have a look on the computer I'm almost always greatly relieved.
  4. I had a GH5 and GH5S and eventually changed to the S5 and S1. I had a Sony A73 for a year but sold it as it would over heat and the sensor was always blotchy. The menus were tedious and the VF and LCD weren't very good. It could make nice images but I just didn't enjoy the camera. I use my S5 and S1 for all sorts of filming, corporate, fashion, interviews, weddings and I also use them for streaming or filming events were you have to leave the camera to film 2 hours non stop. For the price there are no other cameras that can do that. I'd love a FX3 and A7S3 but that would cost me 7500€ whereas my 2 Panasonics cost me less than 3000€. But I do think about AF a lot! If money wasn't a problem I'd probably have gone with Sony for the AF (I'm 47 and my eyes aren't what they were!).
  5. I have been playing with the AFC on the S5 recently. Mainly in Human Detection mode and verifying who to focus on by clicking on the box. It has worked quite well in many situations. These were mainly fairly static fashion shoots with a few moving shots (subject or camera). I wouldn't use it for anything critical but for events (weddings, company events etc) where I have to shoot hundreds of shots I think I'll start using it at non critical moments where I think it'll work and thus give my eyes a rest from MF for hours on end. I've used it with the 24-105 and 50 f1.8. But please Panasonic, give us top notch AF in the MK2 versions. I really don't want to go to Sony or Canon as the cameras have everything else I need for the right price.
  6. What a terrible day. We humans show no signs of learning, progressing and stopping these thugs from coming to power and ruining everything. 😢
  7. Some great features: Punch in to check focus while recording is a game changer for me. I means they can stick with their funky AF as I can always check focus like I did with my C100. Flip screen thingy is excellent. Full HMDI All the 10bit 4k etc and especially ProRes. I'm sure it'll pair really well with the 10-25 f1.7 and 25-50 f1.7 Does it have the digital crop without losing quality in 4K like the GH5? That was a great feature. Made the 10-25 into a 20-70 f1.7 equivalent. In saying that I think the FF Panasonics are great and I don't think I'd go back to M43 (just sold the 10-25 f1.7 as well!). What I'm really interested in is having punch in to check focus on the FF cameras, full HDMI on the next S5and the same flippy screen, FF 4K 50p 10bit (not so bothered about 100p and over) and in camera Prores. I imagine a S1Hmk2 will show us if that's going to happen as the S5 is still a new camera. A FF 20-50 f2 and 70-100 f2 would be amazing.
  8. Is anyone using a flash with the S5 or S1? Which ones work? Thinking of the Godox TT350o as it's for occasional use. Anyone tried it?
  9. Thanks! Is it usbC out or usb3 (used with a usb3to C cable)? P.S. I hope your wedding season is looking better this year!
  10. Thanks but I'm really looking for a simple USB charger/powerbank as the V-mount system is too costly at present. I just need to find a trustworthy powerbank that doesn't make my camera think it is a PC!
  11. Can anyone recommend a power bank that works well with the S5? I have one that I use for camping trips but it doesn't work consistently with the S5 as you have to turn it on and it has various functions and the S5 thinks it's a PC half the time!
  12. Depends if you can discount VAT etc and what offers you can get new. I got the S5 with the 20-60 kit lens and the 50 1.8 for about 2400€ i think. There was also 500€ cashback and discounting 21% vat and the kit cost me about 1500€. That was better than the second hand market. I've seen prices go way down in the secondhand market so it can be a good place to look. I recently bought a Weebill S, only 4 months old and little use for 225€ which is about 33% less than the cost new. Now with many secondhand apps giving sellers ratings it's easier to trust what you are buying.
  13. Depends when you need the camera and where you will be showing your work. Maybe the GH6 will be a great all rounder if they improve the AF and your photos are for social media. There's always a next camera.
  14. I think all of this shows that if Panasonic were to fix their AF they could really start taking a larger share of the market. They have got just about everything else right, ergonomics, colours, image, reliability, price...the L range of lenses is starting to grow. If the S5 had good AF it'd sell bucket loads.
  15. I think price also plays an important part. For the price of a Sony A7SIII you can get a Panasonic S1 and S5. If you add in a A7IV then you could get a couple of lenses and sd cards for the Panasonics.
  16. If I was mainly photo the S1R would be the way to go. They sell for less that the S1s and S5s on the second hand market!
  17. If the 50 1.4 is heavy for you I can say that I like the 50 1.8 a lot and it's very affordable when compared to the 1.4. I'm on the look out for a 24-70 2.8 Panasonic but they are hard to come by and very expensive even second hand.
  18. I've only used the XLR a few times with the S5 but it has always worked correctly as it did with my GH5
  19. Favourite band at present. Amazing live.
  20. Saw them playing "Man with a movie camera" live to the film in Glasgow when it came out. Fantastic experience.
  21. The world is changing rapidly, old businesses are dying and new ones are being created every day. This has hit many of us and we have hard decisions to make. But sometimes these decisions can be liberating once we get past the grieving stage. In your case, you created something great, it gave you an income, influence, opportunities, friends...but maybe it has to change and evolve. Maybe it won't make you money, maybe it will, maybe it won't take up so much of your time, maybe it will become only a great forum where we can look for support. But the heart of the matter is you. It sounds like you need a break, to do something else, get your passion back. Maybe your passion will lie somewhere else other than film making or maybe you just need an exciting project to kick start it all again. Only you will know and only if you listen to your heart. Good luck with whatever you choose! PS, if you are selling FF Lumix gear I might be interested! 😉
  22. I've now done 5-6 weddings (as well as quite a few corporate videos) with the S5 and I have hired a S1 as a B-cam/emergency cam for a few jobs. S5: I like the camera but if I'm going to nit pick I find that the button on the front of the camera is very easy to touch without meaning to (in my case set to IBIS). The IBIS is not as good as the S1 (probably due to weight). I wasn't bothered about the EVF until I tried the EVF of the S1. Wow! What a difference (I use the EVF 80% of the time).The light weight is a pro and a con. A con for IBIS but half way through a long wedding changing from the S1 to the S5 is a notable difference in weight which can be a pro. It doesn't get in the way of the mic and headphones and is central. IBIS, really good and better than the S5. 2 SDs is a great feature. S1. EVF. Wow. Just brilliant. I have now realised I prefer the S1's tilt screen as well. IBIS is excellent. Best I've used (coming from GH5). Weight is pro and con like the S5. Prefer the S1 until I get tired then a stint with the S5 is a relief! 2 different card types is a bummer. So, at first I wondered if I had made a mistake buying the S5 after trying the S1 but I realise that's not the case. I alway have 2 cams and there's no way I'm lugging about 2 S1s! So I think having an S1 (or S1H) and a S5 makes total sense as a A Cam/B Cam kit. Both are capable of being A or B cam depending on you needs. Now I need to find an S1 on offer like those I missed our on over the summer! Lenses: 20-60 : Nice walk about lens for photo or as a wide 20 F3.5 for video (I dislike variable iris for video). 24-105 f4 - great all round lens with really good macro. 50 f1.8 - Really light in both senses. Weighs nothing and can see in the dark. Very happy with this lens. Next: Look out for a Lumix 24-70 f2.8 and a S1 or S1H to buy second hand!
  23. I used to have a G-cup for my GH5, it really helped with my glasses and bright sun light. I realise it's what I miss most about shooting with the GH5. I really hope they will produce one for the S5.
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