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  1. I think price also plays an important part. For the price of a Sony A7SIII you can get a Panasonic S1 and S5. If you add in a A7IV then you could get a couple of lenses and sd cards for the Panasonics.
  2. If I was mainly photo the S1R would be the way to go. They sell for less that the S1s and S5s on the second hand market!
  3. If the 50 1.4 is heavy for you I can say that I like the 50 1.8 a lot and it's very affordable when compared to the 1.4. I'm on the look out for a 24-70 2.8 Panasonic but they are hard to come by and very expensive even second hand.
  4. I've only used the XLR a few times with the S5 but it has always worked correctly as it did with my GH5
  5. Favourite band at present. Amazing live.
  6. Saw them playing "Man with a movie camera" live to the film in Glasgow when it came out. Fantastic experience.
  7. The world is changing rapidly, old businesses are dying and new ones are being created every day. This has hit many of us and we have hard decisions to make. But sometimes these decisions can be liberating once we get past the grieving stage. In your case, you created something great, it gave you an income, influence, opportunities, friends...but maybe it has to change and evolve. Maybe it won't make you money, maybe it will, maybe it won't take up so much of your time, maybe it will become only a great forum where we can look for support. But the heart of the matter is you. It sounds like you need a break, to do something else, get your passion back. Maybe your passion will lie somewhere else other than film making or maybe you just need an exciting project to kick start it all again. Only you will know and only if you listen to your heart. Good luck with whatever you choose! PS, if you are selling FF Lumix gear I might be interested! 😉
  8. I've now done 5-6 weddings (as well as quite a few corporate videos) with the S5 and I have hired a S1 as a B-cam/emergency cam for a few jobs. S5: I like the camera but if I'm going to nit pick I find that the button on the front of the camera is very easy to touch without meaning to (in my case set to IBIS). The IBIS is not as good as the S1 (probably due to weight). I wasn't bothered about the EVF until I tried the EVF of the S1. Wow! What a difference (I use the EVF 80% of the time).The light weight is a pro and a con. A con for IBIS but half way through a long wedding changing from the S1 to the S5 is a notable difference in weight which can be a pro. It doesn't get in the way of the mic and headphones and is central. IBIS, really good and better than the S5. 2 SDs is a great feature. S1. EVF. Wow. Just brilliant. I have now realised I prefer the S1's tilt screen as well. IBIS is excellent. Best I've used (coming from GH5). Weight is pro and con like the S5. Prefer the S1 until I get tired then a stint with the S5 is a relief! 2 different card types is a bummer. So, at first I wondered if I had made a mistake buying the S5 after trying the S1 but I realise that's not the case. I alway have 2 cams and there's no way I'm lugging about 2 S1s! So I think having an S1 (or S1H) and a S5 makes total sense as a A Cam/B Cam kit. Both are capable of being A or B cam depending on you needs. Now I need to find an S1 on offer like those I missed our on over the summer! Lenses: 20-60 : Nice walk about lens for photo or as a wide 20 F3.5 for video (I dislike variable iris for video). 24-105 f4 - great all round lens with really good macro. 50 f1.8 - Really light in both senses. Weighs nothing and can see in the dark. Very happy with this lens. Next: Look out for a Lumix 24-70 f2.8 and a S1 or S1H to buy second hand!
  9. I used to have a G-cup for my GH5, it really helped with my glasses and bright sun light. I realise it's what I miss most about shooting with the GH5. I really hope they will produce one for the S5.
  10. Good luck with the weddings. You'll be excited but rusty at first. Speed of thought as well as reacting with the camera comes with practice. It took a couple of weddings to get up to my speed and after 4 weddings with the S5 I'm still getting used to certain differences to the GH5.
  11. Spanish weddings are very chaotic affairs! The reasons I haven't used VLOG is that having to be extra careful with exposure is difficult (think extreme sun and shade) and I prefer to not have to adjust every clip in post. Nobody pays enough for that here.
  12. The 3 weddings I have done with the S5 have been in a tweaked natural profile. I'm going to try Cine D this weekend to see how it looks.
  13. where were you seeing those S1Hs? I'd really like an S1H! I rented the S1 last weekend. I liked it's weight but it's true I only used it when everyone was dinning. For the rest of the wedding I used the S5. I don't know if it'd get tiring using it all day.
  14. I'm glad you've started getting weddings again! What a relief! I've missed a couple of opportunities to buy a cheap second hand S1 as they were for sale a few hours drive away and I haven't been able to organise that. But I think you are right that having 2 cameras that are the same has it's advantages, especially cards and batteries. So I'll probably go for another S5 unless I come across a bargain closer to home. I'd love a S1H but the only one I've seen for sale a reasonable price is in the Canary Islands so once you factor in a flight it's not worth it. I agree that a S5H would be excellent. Pretty much an S5 with a fan, filter thingy (no moire) and no filming limits. The S1H2 would be a S1H with eND and 6k 50p, Prores and some internal raw contraption. I have found the 24-105 to be a very handy video lens. It covers a lot of ground. The 50 1.8 is very nice but it's a shame that they have brought out the 2 longer lenses first rather than say the 85 and 35 or 50 and 24. I like the look of the Sigma 28-70 2.8 but as I'm mainly shooting video I wonder how well the AFS and linear MF holds up compared to the Lumix lenses.
  15. After shooting 3 weddings with the S5 I can say I'm pretty happy with the upgrade to FF over the GH5 and GH5S. I no longer worry about lowlight (the GH5S was always a static camera for me). The image is fantastic and I've only being using Natural (tweaked) so far. I had been worried about the EVF but it seems to be the same as the GH5's and so hasn't been a problem. I'm still adjusting my fingers to the camera and I'm a wee bit slower than usual but that's normal. I've mainly being using the 24-105 f4 and the 50 1.8. I've used the 20-60 a couple of times for some wide shots. I still haven't quite got the balance with the 24-105 and the IBIS, I've had a few jerky moments but I think it'll be ok once I've used it on a few more jobs. Shooting with the GH5 and the 10-25 became like second nature, an extension of me. I haven't got there yet but I see it coming soon. The image is very forgiving as well! Now I'm looking either for a second S5 or a S1. I think the S1 would be good as it can shoot over 30mins in most settings and has the great EVF and better IBIS but the v90 SD cards and the CFexpress card prices are holding me back. I alway shot dual cards and I'd need to spend 400-500 on 2 128gb cards. That's a lot. The S5 would mean have 2 indentical cameras and batteries which is a plus but filming 10bit for long events is a miss. Not sure which to go for!
  16. I have found that to be a wee bug too. I always have extra cards so it's not really a problem but it does mean I don't really know how much i have shot and how much i have space i have left. But in general I'm really enjoying the camera and the image.
  17. What settings are you now using? I find the peaking only seems to be visible when recording and not when focussing before recording. A bit weird.
  18. Anyway, sold the GH5 and have an S5 now. First wedding today. Let's see how it does!
  19. How do i set shutter angle so that it's always 180? is it possible?
  20. I alway use dual recording! It's good to know the V30 cards work. I'd have to buy a CfExpress card for 229€ but at least I wouldn't need to spend another 179€ on a V90 card. I'v got my eye on a good offer with the 24-105
  21. Anther question! For dual recording (4K 10 bit) are you all using CFExpress cards (looking at Sandisk Extreme) and a v90 SDor SDXC card? Or will a v30 170 MB/s SDXC do?
  22. A quick question, does the S1 record 4k non stop with the new firmware? Or is it limited?
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