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  1. I think many pros would love a C70 but it's expensive. So 2 BM 6K pros probably makes more sense
  2. This does look like a really interesting camera. 2 things for me will be key, reliability and whether ProRes will be available in 6k. I would have preferred 2 sd slots, or 2 cf slots rather than mix and match. I like dual recording* *does anyone know if you can record on both Cf and SD at the same time?
  3. Does the A7SIII have punch in to check autofocus whilst filming? I believe the FX3 does. That'd be a big plus. Any ergonomics that help the camera work like a cine/video camera instead of a stills camera that shoots video would also be great.
  4. So what will be the big differences between this and the A7Siii? Let's see that comparison list!
  5. And I suppose if the camera records the gyro info like the A7c and A7Siii then do we need IBIS?
  6. Looks good but no IBIS seems strange. The joystick position reminds me of the C100 which is a good thing! Control with your thumb on the grip. If it's under 4000€ it could be interesting.
  7. eND, GH5S or better lowlight, best IBIS, 10 bit 4k 50p and 6k 25p and Sony class AF. There's your winner *It goes without saying that there'd be no extra crop and all the other stuff we love.
  8. At present I'm keeping my GH5 and GH5S for streaming and some 2 camera jobs along with the 12-35 2.8 and 35-100 2.8. I have already sold my Sigma 18-35. The Speedbooster and my Voigtlanders are on sale. I'm going to put the 10-25mm up for sale to. Really great kit but as I had to buy a Sony A7iii for client work I'm thinking about going all in on Sony. I love those Panasonics but I would need a really good reason to trust that m43 has a future. I'd suggest that someone tell Panasonic that they need a very clear GH6 announcement very soon before many others jump ship.
  9. You are going to spend a long time looking for "photos" in the video files. I did this as a favour for a couple who's uncle (retired photographer) was the photographer. His camera jammed just as the dance begun. Wouldn't start again. My shots looked fine as video but as photos they lacked detail. They were 4K from GH5. It just takes ages picking out frames. I think maybe 6k FF would work better
  10. I don't know if there are offers on the A7iii in the UK but here in Spain I just bought an A7iii with the 50 1.8 for 2100€ (more or less). There is a 400€ cash back offer until 31 January. So once I discount my VAT (I'm a freelancer) and get the cash back the camera and lens como in about 1300€
  11. No problem! If you need help with anything in Madrid then let me know.
  12. There you go: https://www.falcofilms.com/es/145/id_cat-277/Cámaras.html?id_tree=277 This other company doesn't have those cameras but it does have others that might be of interest one day. https://visualrent.es/categoria-producto/alquiler-camaras-cine-video-foto/
  13. Cheers! Good luck with your sales and purchases! I had a week of troubled sleep before making up my mind!
  14. Just bought an A7iii. Not because I really want it or rate it. I had a last opportunity to discount VAT (IVA here), the camera with a 50 1.8 cost 2100€ but with a 400€ cashback from Sony. Then discounting the VAT it comes in around 1350€. Why the A7iii? Because I have a new client and they only use Sony so hopefully it means more work (I've been told that if I had had a Sony I would have had several shoots in October and November). I just informed them of the purchase and they've just confirmed the first shoot of the year, so seems a good choice. Seriously thought about the A7Siii but I don't think this year is the time to splash out. To finance this I have sold my GX85, Sigma 18-35 1.8 and a Sigma 50-150 2.8. I'm also selling a Canon 18-135, 2 Voigtlanders and 2 Edlekrone sliders. This will give me enough to purchase a Tamron 28-75 2.8 or a Sigma 24-70 2.8 for the Sony. I might well sell my 10-25 1.7 Lumix as well if I like the Sony enough. I will keep my GH5 and GH5S with the 12-35 2.8 and 35-100 2.8, XLR adapter etc for streaming and long form recordings. Lenses are easy enough to rent cheaply in Madrid if I need one. So for me it's about rationalising my gear choices. If the Sony works out well for me I'd consider a A7iv depending on needs, specs and price. P.S. What I really wanted to buy was the Panasonic S5 but I couldn't justify it rationally!
  15. Basically the world has become some kind of crazy B-movie mix of They Live, The Crazies and a Brave New world but told in an Instagram Stories/TikTok bite sized chunks manner so that we will never understand or care about the big picture. Whilst we are distracted by all this, 99.9% of us will become poorer and the environment will finally be completely trashed.
  16. Good points. I hardly ever use 100fps (PAL world!) The AF looks amazing on the Sonys. With my GH5/GH5S I really just use back button focus to get a shot in focus. I don't do too much tracking or focus racking. Lens selection is a problem, it's true.
  17. Anyone used both the S5 and the Sony A7Siii? My heart says S5 as an upgrade from the GH5 but I have a client who only uses Sony and having a Sony could mean more work. But I've hardly ever seen anything that I like shot on a Sony DSLR (colours and texture). Whilst I'm loath to have 2 systems I'm thinking of maybe just getting an A7iii with a Tamron 28-70 to get work with this particular client (agency with lots of clients) and getting a S5 for my own jobs for my clients (events, weddings etc). Other than the AF on the Sonys (amazing) I'm just not convinced they are better than Panasonic. I'd be selling all by m43 gear (GH5, GH5S, loads of lenses etc) and would take advantage of being able to discount all VAT. Any thoughts are helpful! 90% video 10% photo. Lots of run and gun and I like to get everything right in camera for minimal tweaking in post.
  18. Anyone using San Disk Extreme Pro Sds, 170MB/s V30? I'm interested in shooting 4K 50p in 10 bit but it doesn't need to be the best settings if a lower setting is good enough (previously shooting 8 bit). I edit with proxies.
  19. Do you really need to track focus? Could you leave the camera at f11 or something an have a certain part of the walk in focus rather than the whole thing? Especially as you have a couple of cameras filming. That's what I've always done with my Panasonics. Maybe it won't work for you but sometimes adapting to circumstances can make us realise we were doing something that wasn't necessary before.
  20. I'd be interested to hear how the Sigma 56 1.4 turns out. Would you use it for photos as well? the S5 could be an APSC beast with full frame capabilities? Or will the APSC photo be a bit crap?
  21. Agree it's very worrying how reasonably intelligent and sane people believe some really ridiculous stuff they find on social media. There doesn't seem to be the will or the knowledge of how to stop this from all getting out of hand. You could argue that the election of Trump as well events like Brexit means things have already got way out of hand but they were both supported by elements of the "mainstream media" although many of these outlets just regurgitate social media without any worthy analysis. So we have an amplified feedback loop of absolute crap sucking more and more people into it's vortex.
  22. yeah, would have liked to have had a good experience with the P4K but was scared off it the one time I used it. All sorts of bugs happened. The Panasonics have been pretty reliable workhorses.
  23. He would have to buy another type of lens but I second that. A GH5S would be even better as on the odd occasion the light isn't good it won't be a problem. I picked up a 12-35mm 2.8 for 300€. It's a lens that covers most situations. I have used a GX80 (no record limit) as a general wide shot of a ceremony with the 12-32 f3.5-5.6 and it worked fine. Can be bought for 100€. My plan is to sell my GX80, various lenses including the fantastic 10-15 1.7 and get a S5 as a main A cam with the GH5 and GH5S as be and C cams and for streaming etc
  24. Do you notice any difference in low light? Noise etc?
  25. Hola Marla, whilst the GH5 is a fantastic camera it's biggest weak spot is autofocus in video mode. If continuous autofocus in video is the number 1 necessity for you then I'd look to Sony or Canon cameras (each have their weak spots as well but autofocus isn't one of them!).
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