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  1. Im not sure people are waiting on 6K though, most customers just demand 1080p. I want better colors and more DR which result in a nicer image.
  2. That is true, but for most small freelancers and hobbyists it is way out of our league. Prolly means the A7S III will not have any form of internal raw either. Arri is do damned good, that nobody can create a camera with an image as nice as the Alexa 10 years later (high end or low end). Maybe Zcam/kinefinity/bm might surprise us in some time to come. I think prime time for RED is over.
  3. Not sure if they are going to sell a lot of these, the pricepoint is just way too high. The image looks nice though!
  4. That is true, only I am not waiting on any MFT lenses. I hope Samyang will finally announce their anamorphic lenses at IBC. (that has been going on forever).
  5. Meh I will save up for an atlas orion.
  6. Yeah not FF and 1,33. I pass.
  7. I would have preferred cfast though.
  8. Why? its the most common lens mount, i can mount my ef lenses on pretty much anything. There is no other lens mount that I see replacing it soon.
  9. hmm looking at 550 euro(the 2 adapters togheter) for an EF adapter then, thats a bit too rich for my blood Im afraid
  10. Update: I see there are no adapters with electronic contacts so far. That kinda sucks. (ah hell, manual lenses ftw) Will the ibis work with the kipon or MTF adapter work?
  11. Hello, A stupid question, I am looking into the Z6 but I dont have any nikon lenses, so I need to buy a EF adapter. Any adapter recommendations? Also does the IBIS on the Z6 work with an EF adapter with my EF lenses? (about to go on a trip, where I want to travel as light as possible). Thanks!
  12. I hope this is true, cause if it is. Then hello Z6! The video dates from July though. Hopefully there is some news at IBC.
  13. Thx, just checked their S1 photographs. I am prolly a too big of a canon fanboy, but I like the 5D iv photos a lot more, offcourse its not a direct comparison and depends on the photographer, grade. But overal I dig the Canon look more then on any picture I have seen on the S1, but prolly just a personal preference thing. Too bad Canon sucks video specs wise...
  14. Are there any actual photo's shot with the S1h that we can download somewhere or even see, I know they are orienting it to video, but in the end its a stills/hybrid camera, and there is not one picture on their website? If I would consider this camera it is also because I could have 2 bodies in one.
  15. zerocool22

    Sigma FP

    Would be cool, if they would let us use all these camera's side by side at IBC. Like ZCAM F6, S1H, Sigma FP, Mavo LF and shoot exactly at the same time with the same lenses. So we can see the image(colour science and DR) first hand and compare which one comes out as a winner image wise.
  16. From these tests it looks like the bokeh from the 65mm is a bit smoother, seems to have a little more contrast and the color is a bit warmer. But the 50mm overal looks a bit sharper. Hmm maybe the 65mm is still the one I should get, as I think it will be better for close ups. I shoot more close ups then wide shots. I guess plugging a extender between a atlas orion anamorphic and the camera does not work right? (as one would do with tele spherical lenses for example?)
  17. Did anybody did a comparison between the 65mm and the 50mm? For me the 65mm still looks the best, but I havent shot with any of them before.
  18. I would be only buying the 65mm I think, which one did you prefer? Do you think its worth owning these?
  19. Sorry guys to bump in, but what is the best lpE6 canon battery alternative for the pocket 4K? Looking to buy some new lpe6 batteries, but the canon ones are quite expensive. So I have read in the thread ravpower, jupo,... but which is currently the best lpe6 battery with the longest lifespan? Also gonna buy a double or triple charger. thx
  20. The only thing that I find weird is that everybody is going bonkers over a paid update on another cam, but nobody is talking about the 600 euro price increase on the f6 body.
  21. There are no cinema camera's with ibis though, prolly never will as you dont want a floating sensor on a cinema camera.
  22. Yeah not sure what the best investment is a new Camera or new lens. The atlas orions run 1K cheaper if you still decide to buy one in september though. But I will need to spread the cost over several years, so not sure if its going to be worth it.
  23. This looks pretty good indeed, do you know what lenses they used? Well it depends, for me it does, as I already invested in Cfast like a lot of other cinema camera users. Maybe they could have used cfast to store prores raw internal also instead of atomos recorder(but I guess its more of a licensing issue)
  24. I was planning on going, but CVP raised the price on the F6 with 600€. So I will prob pass on it as its out of my budget suddenly, otherwise I would have gone there and compared the footage between the F6, F8 and UMP. Where is the A7S III?? They are way too late to the party. I see a lot of users changing to the camera's above in the near future, Sony should get in there.
  25. Yeah intrested to see some great narrative/commercial/lit footage with it. The footage may look too clinical, but time will tell. Too bad its only prores raw through external recorder. Also a problem that you cannot even use prores raw in Resolve. So there is no point in even shooting prores raw right now. So BM has got them cornered in that department. Kinda sucks that they use SD instead of Cfast though.
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