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  1. Could one not just build a superior camera at the moment? Like full frame sensor, high fps, compressed raw ( not sure about ibis and AF)
  2. Yeah would love to see a side by side with the s5ii. (Especially braw vs braw)
  3. I have not seen oppenheimer, but this is something I have thought about movies in general. The dialogue is allways so clear and loud and constant throughout movies. And while cinematography is always a style choice to overlight/underlight something, where in some films or shows most is black (I remember the game of thrones hate). For voice audio it is not so the case, everything is allways so unnaterally clean and clear. Maybe I am alone in this, as I have tinnitus and have this problem in real life, where I often don't hear what anyone is saying and have to ask to repeat it because the dialogue clip of a person is not mixed out like in the movies. But yeah I can imagine it beeing super annoying, having an actor deliver a line and while watching the movie (without lip readers) nobody can make up what the character just said. (Maybe in that case just op for a show don't tell kinda approach).
  4. You can continue with the forward menu toggle, and up with the up menu button toggle.
  5. when hitting the playback button it says: panasonic S5 tv output in progress
  6. Hi, I have a panasonic S5, and when plug in the hdmi to a external monitor, I get the live feed. But when I press the playback button on the camera I can't seem to display or play any of the clips, its just says "TV mode". How can I playback clips on external monitor? Thanks!
  7. Do you also do this, or do you just use the default LUT? Not sure if its wise to shoot with a higher contrasty lut.
  8. What monitor LUT do you guys use on V-log, I now jus thave it on the REC709 Vlog lut that cam with the camera, but I might be not contrasty enough?
  9. Ok what picture profile are you guys shooting on? On the panasonic S5 I mainly shot natural. Now I also got an S5II and the natural profile looks very different, now I want to use both camera's on the same shoot, so I figured I want to shoot V-log. And offcourse I did some test shots, and oh my, V-log is soooooo noisy, I was expecting a bit more noise. But the difference is immense. So not sure if I should use natural on both camera's and try to match them as good as possible, or try my luck with V-log on this shoot (there is a significant DR bump in V-log though, but not sure if its worth the trade off in Noise). I want to avoid post noise reduction. (I just tried the noise reduction on V-log in Camera from 0 to 5 (half way). But I don't see any major difference really.
  10. Hi guys, Do you disabled IS or IBIS on your lens/camera when you are using a slider, I am seeing some slight jerks, not sure if it has to do something with my movement or that IS/IBIS is trying to compensate for the movements. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, So I have a dji ronin S and a panasonic S5 and S5 II, with the S5 I don't have any problem using the record button on the dji ronin s. But on the panasonic S5 II the record button does not do anything. I don't seem able to find any info on this on the internet, so maybe it's not a popular combo. But does anyone else has this problem or know a solution for this? Thanks a lot!
  12. Ok double tapping M works. But in portrait mode the level is off. Does anyone know how to level in Portrait mode?
  13. Yeah this was how I did it in the past, however adjustment layers are handy as you can have multiple adjustment layers vs just one timeline. (Multiple cameras for example)
  14. hmm might be as easy as just tapping M twice on the gimbal. Will check it out later.
  15. Hi guys, So I have been asked to shoot a portrait video. But I don't have a L bracket to mount my camera (panasonic S5) sideways on my ronin s. Are there any other solutions (that don't need any purchasing?) Has anyone got experience with this? thanks a lot!
  16. through the menu, but how about with that button?
  17. Thanks but I don't speak french, And the youtube english translation is quite trash. I know I can select LUT's in the library (alreaydy have loaded some). But in the video the guy presses the down button and the LUT pops off and on. How do you enable this?
  18. sorry to trash the topic, but does anyone know if it is possible to show reC709 on top of shooting vlog. But just recording v-log without an external monitor. I have a shoot coming up, and I need to show the shots to the client, but he will tell me it's all flat, so could be helpfull If I could show him a REC709 on the S5II screen itself. But I don't seem to find it, REC709 log help is on, but I don't see a difference, so I guess its only hdmi out.
  19. Has anyone compared the FHD vs 4K? And see a major quality difference, I mainly shoot fhd 50fps. But now I am tempted to shoot 4K but a bit afraid of the crop at 50fps. So not sure if it's worth the trade off. (don't have the camera on me to test for myself this weekend).
  20. Hi guys, Something that annoys me so much is whenever you render individual clips in davinci resolve and are using a adjustment layer, it does not render the color grade from the adjustment layer (unless you make compound clips from each clip). Does anybody have a fix for this? If not would be a good feature request for bm. cheers
  21. Would love an alexa tiny with the old sensor ar an affordable price.
  22. Exactly, I am so bummed out about buying the s5ii now I know I could record braw to ssd with the s5iix.
  23. The price of the Raw update over hdmi for the s5ii is kinda ridiculous if you compare it to the s5iix, why would one choose the s5ii + raw update over the s5iix because then the price would be very similar..
  24. Haa I just now saw the s5 II also can get the BRAW upgrade for 200$ over HDMI. Are there any braw recorders out there that are small and battery efficient. As the bm video assists are heavy and power hungry. Already have the S5 II, If I would have known I might have just bought the S5IIX.
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