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  1. Hello, I just watched an editing video, and this guy was using final cut pro. And the cool thing was he could see visually in the waveform what was clipping with colors(yellow and red). Is there any way you could set this up in davinci resolve as well. As it is way easier to identify the clipping parts visually then to play the whole track and view the output bus. Thanks
  2. I just wish they would place that sensor in a dslr/mirrorless body at an affordable price.
  3. I use boost IS, have not tested it on a gymbal/slider though. Would that work great?
  4. But when shooting 4k 8bit v-log doesnt makes sense right? Back in the gh4 days there was some hate on the 8bit v-log.
  5. What about the Sound Rec Level Limiter. Do you guys leave it on while hooking up a lav system to your s5?
  6. Whats your favorite picture profile shooting S5. I changed V-log to portrait mode accidently and surprisingly I liked the footage when viewing in post. Have not toggled the other picture profiles yet. I will be shooting in 8bit, so V-Log is perhaps not the pp for most shoots.
  7. I need to shoot a bunch of interviews (3 hours in total) but if I shoot C4K 10bit 422 25fps longgop I only get 30mins on a 256GB card. In FHD 10bit 422 longgop I get over 5 hours on a 256GB. I have not checked with the client if FHD is sufficient. But I guess this is the best solution, or does anybody else recommend something else? (Like C4K 8bit) Thanks,
  8. thx, Through PC connection however it does not (for webcam/vlog or tether purposes)
  9. P4K, P6K, S5, A7 III plenty to choose from these days.
  10. Ok update ==> The S5 can only charge over usb-c when the camera is off, you can not continuously power it with usb C (S1 and S1H can....) So just swap the batteries and ignore the notification.
  11. OK I just tried the panasonic lumix tether app, which works Ok. But I connect the S5 with a usb-c cable to my windows laptop, I choose tether on the s5. And then it gives this warning "USB device is connected, please turn off device while charging" everytime I use the thether software. Should I just ignore this? Also while the wallplug icon above the battery appeared it does not seem to charge the battery in the camera (as after a few minutes the battery was drained and the camera shut itself down). Anybody got any experience with this? Thanks!
  12. Hello, I am thinking about setting up a studio back at home. And for audio I want to use my zoom H6N and sennheiser mk416 with phantom power (and the zoom h6N is connected to the camera as well, as I dont want to sync in post). But I dont want to change batteries all the time. So I know you can plug it in your pc with USB and then your pc powers the zoom h6n. But could I just use a USB wall socket and power it that way? Or would I blow up the Zoom H6N? Not an electrician over here, so might be a very noob question. Thanks!
  13. Has anybody compared the 5d iii raw vs the r5 raw? And see how much DR has improved?
  14. You can show music up to 7 seconds I believe freelt, so something with video might have the same rules, not sure.
  15. I have used the edelkrone, which has some microjitter on it, if you are going to use it for macro shots. I have seen the Rhino arc demo, and was impressed with that one. But have no hands on experience.
  16. All in all, I would just go with Cfast. Smaller/quicker/safer setup.
  17. I see a lot of ups on the samsung T5, but all problems I saw on fb groups are also people who are using samsung T5's. (prolly the T5's are not the problem, but the cable probably gets hit during recording, so you might want to invest in some cage that tightens these connections)
  18. I would not record to external disk, I mainly use Cfasts on bm pockets, and never had any issue whatsoever. (pocket 4K and 6K)
  19. The s5 is low weight though, which is the reason I picked it over the s1h.
  20. Well I was canon, sigma or tamron. I would def release non metal versions at least and call it the TRAVEL version, same optics, same performance, a third of their weight. Could be that they are not weatherproof, but honestly I dont care because if there is a storm my ass is indoors anyhow.
  21. zerocool22

    Lens Weight

    Hello, How come that these panasonic L lenses are so light weight? All my canon L glass is heavy as *@#$, same as sigma ART lenses and tamron lenses. Those light weight lenses are a lot funner to carry around 😄 I thought perhaps it was a mirrorless thing, but these Canon RF lenses are heavy beasts as well. Cheers
  22. Well the latest camera's can write to external disks over usb-c, so I guess they should be able to read as well, if they program it (over hdmi will not be possible). At least if they work togheter and create an awesome product 🙂
  23. I got a couple printed ones here at home from camera shows. And there is some great content in there of various blockbuster hollywood films. Allthough the mag is kinda infected with a lot of ads. But the best cine mag I have ever read though. (allthough a lot of stuff may not apply to your shooting style, as they do break out expensive hollywood gear)
  24. If this was the print version, that would have been even more amazing. I must be really getting old as I prefer reading things written on paper. (allthough I find print obsolete and a waste of good resources)
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