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  1. Yes I can correct it even with lift gamma gain, but it takes time. I figured V-log is quite popular the conversion should be fast and easy (as every minute counts). But def takes longer then bmlog, so workflow its a minus for me.
  2. zerocool22

    R5 vs R6

    Would love to see the footage!
  3. I hope canon will finally release a firmware update to fix the r5..
  4. If your workflow is not limited with the R5's limitations, go with the R5. I hate dragging 2 camera's along. Otherwise the pocket 6K has some major advantages over the R5 (codec, cfast, unlimited recording, no overheating...)
  5. Thanks, its still giving me red tones though. Actually it looks reallly really similar to the color space transform look.
  6. I just upgraded to 17 yesterday, could you post a printscreen of your settings as I dont seem to be able to get it working properly?
  7. Well that is sad news, I played around with other cameras gamuts, and the alexa one is quite nice toned down, but this is a major flaw for panasonic cameras...
  8. Hello, I shot some clips with V-log on the S5. But when I apply a color space transform in Resolve the image and skintones turn really red. So that cant be correct. What am I doing wrong? (Skintones were lit with 5600 light with custom wb, before the colour space transform the colours look normal) Input color space: Panasonic V-Gamut Input Gamma: Panasonic V-log Output Color Space: Rec709 Output gamma: Rec709 Thanks,
  9. Yes that is true, maybe we need to update the first post with every good piece of information, so users do not need to scroll through heaps of comments/pages?
  10. Hello, All filmmaking forums I visit are directly related to gear or craft but none have anything to do with the business side of filmmaking. Are there good forums out there on this topic, or is it an idea to create a subforum for this here? - Finding jobs - Marketing - Keeping in touch with clients - Sales/price negotations/best way to approach clients - Accounting tips - Tax writeoff tricks - Dayrates - .... Offcourse it will be different per niche and parts of the world, but I think there will be a great overlap overall.
  11. true even alexa mini's are HEAVY. So a easyrig is handy but for these smaller cinema camera's with photography lenses it is a overkill. It also limits your height while shooting or at least the ones I used (for shooting a low angle and high angle fast for event kinda shootings).
  12. that is possible, didnt test that yet. As the continuous autofocus sucks anyways. Manual video guy over here.
  13. Could we do this every week when a hedge fund decides to short?
  14. I did not feel that big of a difference in AF with canon or native panny lenses for photography, which is why I will keep my EF lenses and sell my panny 85mm 1.8 as I can use my EF lenses on a bunch of other cameras(canon, red, panasonic,...) which I cannot say with the L lenses(allthough they are very little which is nice).
  15. I guess the sl2s is their answer allthough it might feature other problems.
  16. zerocool22

    R5 vs R6

    Hope AMD will get there fast too, dont want to switch back to intel as I would have to change my mobo.
  17. Exactly, now kids these days are all on about 60fps footage, but it looks shitty in my eyes at least (for gaming I can understand, or slow motion). Maybe I am getting too old.
  18. zerocool22

    R5 vs R6

    Not a fan of mac. So I will have to wait on a PC alternative. A lot can happen in a year, and I dont have any jobs right now anyhow.
  19. zerocool22

    R5 vs R6

    All the hate on the R5 and R6, but dang this footage looks better then any other camera in the same price category. I will be over these camera's when the footage can be edited smoothly on my machine, the DR is somewhat improved with CLOG2 and the overheating problem gets fixed with a firmware update (and also a pricedrop, as they are kinda overpriced atm in europe).
  20. Good news that the medium format prices are dropping, allthough the dynamic range doesnt look that great on the demo footage(could be extreme situations though).
  21. This video looks great to me, I dont see any image problems. (the other videos from the sony dont look as good)
  22. Not for me, but all tech trickles down eventually so good for us all. Dont care about 8k though.
  23. All these shots are kinda in motion(so might be jitter corrected by the camera). Maybe do some 24fps tripod shots and see how the motion of the object is flowing?
  24. Yeah A lot of folks I know bought some laptop/desktops for gaming again during lockdown. But I know one couple that dont own any pc or laptop, they only use iphone which is mindboggling to me how you do everything on your phone. Searching for stuff on my desktop is way more efficiënt then scrolling through my smartphone.
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