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  1. Can they just not fire these old geezers and let someone with common sense run it.
  2. Yeah recently sold all my camera's except the S5. (as I did not shoot anything over a year now, in fear of the value of the camera's dropping, while actually it hasnt so far lol)
  3. Well even the exact same cameras can have different wb. Had to correct a lot of ursa mini footage on set before or get them as close as possible.
  4. A bm komodo would be great. Allthough would be great if they could design it to keep everything small and compact but good quality. Good battery life, good lcd screen. ( the ump lcd screen sucks, the fpn as well, and vlocks are kinda huge and weigh a lot). Something you can just place in your backback without disconnecting cables and batteries. I realised I left my ump and pocket cameras in the hotel room because it was a drag, so took a friggin canon 6d out on the streets because it was way less hassle.
  5. AMD announced they are working on it. So I guess we will have a cheaper and better alternative in the end of 2021.
  6. I will wait on a amd ryzen equivalent or improvement.
  7. I hope there will be a s5 update to decrease sharpness more.
  8. Yes that is true but it does look like that video has that extra tiny bit of mojo though that most other cameras cant provide. If you check comparison videos blindly, you can always pick the alexa out as nicest image. Shooting with an alexa is a bit of a nightmare if you are a solo shooter that used dslrs or smaller cinema cameras though.
  9. Def gonna skip this one then, as I found the previous one already unwatchable junk.
  10. internal transmitter for flash. What I did not know that, thanks! Looking into it now.
  11. I am not sure if you can see the difference between the S5 and S1H in most situations, in some situations like cross patterns or bricks sure the olpf will come out as the winner. But is it worth 2 times the price, I think for 90% of the folks on here it is not. When I said I have not seen any great footage with the s1 line, I was also talking about the S1H.
  12. Last time I checked youtube did not like film grain thoug, it made it all mushy or blocky. On vimeo it was 1000 times better. But havent uploaded any grain footage to youtube since a year or 2 so maybe they fixed it.
  13. Nice location, but that looks quite digital to me though.
  14. I dont know man, it might be true, but I have seen no footage to back this up. I have not seen anything great shot on the S line( A lot of OK stuff, but nothing that wows me or where I can say damn that looks cinematic (yes lighting, set design, actors and all matter, but a lot of these video's have put work into these divisions but still looks kinda off to me). Could be numerous reasons, not many people might use them, different type of users are using them, maybe not users that know a lot about color grading, the S5 for example is maybe too new (allthough the image is the almost exactly the same as the s1 and S1H)
  15. Yeah def agree, its part colour science but also too sharp and detailed. Using vintage lenses helps, but for narrative work I would use a proper cinema camera. But the s series is great for company videos and thats what I will use this cam for as it is a faster way of working. (Ibis, small, less weight, pretty good battery life)
  16. That might help with focus, but monitoring colored footage in b&w does have its downsides like art direction, color casts, weird skintones, ...
  17. I took some shots in daylight today, and compared my panasonic 85mm 1.8 vs my canon L 85mm 1.4. (close focus was about the same, 5 cm difference, autofocus might need to give it to the panasonic but quite similar, the canon is a bit warmer and less sharp so a bit smoother, and seems to give it a small extra pop, so IQ goes to the canon. Allthough that lens weighs as much as the S5 + the panasonic 85mm, so thats a big negative) I am quite surprised about the good rolloff of the S5. The LCD and EVF of the panasonic S5 does look quite boring, to when you load it up in lightroom it looks a lot better(allthough it needs still some work). Thats something I miss from the canon camera's, it usually looks better on the damned mini lcd camera's then it does in post. But it makes the shooting experience a lot more fun, but i am told Leica is king in that department, so I might pull the trigger on a leica cam sometime for travel photography, too bad the video specs on Leica do kinda suck)
  18. Yeah I hope to shoot again in 2021, as 2020 has been a dud shooting wise. Allthough 2020 was not a bad year for me, got way more time for the family, got to work from home saved me a countless hours of travel/traffic/getting ready. I do kinda agree with Tom Cruise though, I think you would be pissed off as well, if you are investing millions into a movie, changing heaven and hell to work around the virus and then some people neglect the safety rules, which could end up shutting down the movie, putting a lot of families in financial trouble. I get annoyed as hell from watching TV where the speakers are not respecting the covid rules. Sitting too close togheter, not wearing any masks etc. Its not that hard.. Dont do it for yourself, but do it for your family, your friends, the healthcare, your job. Each infection has the potential to create a new lockdown, its a vicious circle. If everybody just took necessary precautions we would already be out of this mess. When in the future an even more super deadly virus breaks out, I will not wait on the goverment or anybody else to take action, as it turns out A LOT of people are unresponsible (including friends, family, coworkers, goverment,...). And the only option is to isolate yourself completely. I don't want to sound like a prepper nutjob. But I think everybody can take their own conclusion about human kind in general.
  19. What do you guys use for photography settings? Have not shot anything serious video nor photo, but the pictures I take look kinda deadlike, same for the video so far. (coming from canon, sony, blackmagic, panasonic has been some years gh4 was my latest panasonic). I just sold my canon 6D otherwise I could compare them a bit. Only shot at night though so far. But somehow I am not enjoying taking pictures with the S5 so far. (is it the EVF, LCD that kinda looks boring? I hated the C100 and C300 because the onboard monitor) I already increased the contrast on the LCD as it didnt match the contrast of the EVF. So for now the specs look great, but I do miss the feeling of shooting with a canon 5D III (of all camera's I owned that one stood out for me, just because everytime I took a picture it looked like magic on the monitor)
  20. Will panasonix fix the focus magnifier glass while recording? And also include the possibility to decrease the sharpness more? Or are there any olpf filters coming?
  21. I have a dongle, and find it pretty simple, just plug and play. But I think you cannot buy any dongles anymore(new that is).
  22. Hmm maybe I am reading it wrongly but it looks like the ryzen is whooping the m1's butt by quite a margin.
  23. I have a ryzen 1700x, gtx 1080 and 16gb ddr4 ram with some ssd disks. I edit mostly on davinci resolve. Does the m1 outperform my build. Never had any problems with prores or braw. But now these new dslrs all shoot h265, and I own a s5(havent edited any s5 footage yet? And should I replace my ryzen build with the mac mini m1 for video editing? Thanks
  24. The blue flares dont do it for me, neither does the 1.3 stretch. I have been waiting for years for a new anamorphic player, but it just doesnt seem to happen. I had a kowa bell and howell and slr magic anamorphot. But I guess the next step up is huge pricewise to 10k for 1 atlas orion lens. Which is a lot of money + they are huge(but I guess all cinema anamorphics are)
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