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  1. thank you @newfoundmass, ive been busy but im trying to suss this out. this was a multicam shoot, i have to go thru all the data... ugh one of the offending clips, below, is not hlg, right? talk to me like im 4. would i see that here? im only seeing the 'hlg' on export, dunno why. been reading this https://community.adobe.com/t5/premiere-pro-discussions/faq-how-to-fix-saturated-over-exposed-hlg-hdr-clips-in-premiere-pro-v-22/td-p/12489252 but all the settings in my projects are set to rec 709 as that thread describes, so i dunno. still working on it, just wanted to say thanks! obviously a general color issue upon export as described in this thread is a problem, and just confuses the issue for me, having not used premiere in a while. anyway!!!! 😡😤
  2. no, not at all, its actually mp4 aac h264 phone footage idk im an idiot lol like this? so ive read... i saw this and tried the lut -- worked ok but i can just make a custom adjustment layer for export to counteract the problem with likely better results. just seems so stupid smh i WASSSS happily using resolve but ive reached the limits of what it can do on my laptop. playback was getting unbearable so i was like Lets give premiere another try 😕
  3. why tf are my premiere exports desaturated and all messed up? color and contrast is a mess! i just wanna post on youtube like a normal person 😞 is it the 'monitor' setting within premiere? is it my export settings? whats going on here 😧 halp im an idiot
  4. i like your heavy film grain treatment, translated p well on vimeo (?) thoughts on this/how you did it?
  5. happy merry erveryone!!!! ive seen some crazy mapped projections instead of traditional holiday lights and i looked it up and its just as hard as i thought to do. wth lol... thats a lot of work (bad example bc halloween but whatever its p sicc) i love santa btw @Grimor, heres some phone pics of my doggee, he loves the snow!! v best to all of you and your families this year prayers w you @Andrew Reid luv u guys
  6. this sounds really good for my purposes!! good deal too. much appreciated!!!
  7. edit: omg im such an idiot... you plug your tiny lav mic into those things 😂 oops lol
  8. i was thinking about it... annoyingly, my Note 10 is USB-C only, but my camera does~! this is complex! jeez! /a bunch of these things are fairly large, i was thinking of something small enough to be hidden in a buttonhole u kno kinda gigantic, no??
  9. thanks a lot guys! ive clearly got some research to do... forgive me, im new to doing audio by myself. i know a lil about post audio, but not much. @IronFilm i want something super flexible for this little doc project im doing, something where i could use one lav, shooting it myself with different cameras, over a period of time. its about my friend who is an artist. ideally id like something i could carry with me, so if we were just chatting at her kitchen table i could get it out and shoot a clip with my phone without planning anything how would i do that in said situation? would i need headphones, or....? talk to me like im 4 years old lol
  10. ok cool... why? whats the big advantage? im new to wireless audio i have no idea lol $550 is a wee bit out of my price range for this project... ok! im open to whatever, just dont really know what im looking for!
  11. does this thing suck? is it any good? halp https://www.amazon.com/Tascam-DR-10L-Recorder-Lavalier-Microphone/dp/B01LZ7UN44/ref=asc_df_B01LZ7UN44/?tag=&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312151212938&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15263891558806619885&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031501&hvtargid=pla-451845228657&ref=&adgrpid=65054436434&th=1
  12. do you guys realize how crazy americans are for halloween
  13. i love this after 5 min https://archive.org/details/wnuf-halloween-special-2013 funny how its fake nostalgia but also real nostalgia because 2013 was like 30 years ago
  14. oh no i have lol, but not in ages. i used to be a big ridley scott fan! outstanding awesome visual – and horrifying. this happened to me with 2001 as a kid and it made me a crazy adult i feel u. wise. same. or, i try lol will check out def should watch again!!! too many ufo opinions, but ill give it a shot. big milla fan familiar but ive never really seen it?? will do!! also EVIL DEAD btw nice!!! hmm interesting will check it out amazing that idk what these are... what a great thread by me!! looking now...
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