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  1. Hello guize, I'm so stupid about audio, I dont even kno the right word to use for the title of this thread~! Mixing? Mastering? some terminology would help my web searches lol Help me out! I'm new to this but i have to learn and i have to start somewhere!!! > I have a project that's just like a ken burns pan and scan doc, and i have audio clips of voiceover to incorporate. the audio clips are fairly clean, but they need some work. i have no idea where to start or what to do to make them sound professional. i need consistency, and some are louder than others, and a
  2. OMG myyyy dogs name is BRUNO @BTM_Pix i love that ad sm lol @kye im not seein that pic
  3. thats actually a beautiful thought. theyre rescue dogs! *do not get me into the literal alleged history of st bernards and barrels. people need something to believe in ok
  4. no, but yes lol actually i meant that comedians and "comic actors" are usually profoundly unfunny. pathetically so lets make a list of people who are actually funny who are alive 1. larry david 2. norm macdonald *tag* your turn
  5. DUDE!!!! i had no idea that YOURE FUNNY!!!! NO ONE IS FUNNY!!!! thanks to this thread ive been led to The Filmmaking Diaries and more. youve got a talent for comedy. and your boy that you work with is great. solid actor, stuntman, and FUNNY WOW!!!
  6. sup density u lookin thick in that mask today lots of great stuff to read in this thread fwiw: to me a 'thick' image is 1. a well exposed piece of film where you can pull value by dodging and burning in the darkroom 2. in contemporary speak, the same thing. just using computers i feel like its a colloquial term lol
  7. lol I'm gonna say it... does anyone else hate wearing over the ear headphones for long periods of time like me???
  8. u guys r so smart @BTM_Pix et al tysm for all your hard work. yall have really come through for the people
  9. yeah....... if u told me to do this my reaction would be that they're never gonna look that similar because of the difference in LIGHTING its more an issue of contrast than color, no?
  10. thanks for all the good work guys. we now KNOW that they could do a simple firmware update that would make us happy. they can go ahead and do so without any corporate admission of wrongdoing I'm boycotting canon until they resolve this properly!!
  11. things are changing tho. i was late to the video autofocus party but i love it now. i was skeptical too standards are different now. at least they are for me
  12. once people dig deep enough into the firmware we're gonna find cripplehammer.exe
  13. canon has stated that the R5 is the new '5D', right? well, the new 5D sucks i expect professional, reliable performance in all it's features for $4k and a new lens system this is abysmal
  14. good luck on your pitch. I'm working on a pilot/bible right now... not even sure how to reach out to them? do I need an agent/etc? feel free to pm me lol the S1H is looking better and better to me all the time...
  15. so I can't shoot stills and switch to video unless MAYBE I'm shooting polar bears holy cow this is pathetic. if this stuff is true, which I certainly assume it is, Canon have embarrassed themselves
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