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  1. this sounds really good for my purposes!! good deal too. much appreciated!!!
  2. edit: omg im such an idiot... you plug your tiny lav mic into those things 😂 oops lol
  3. i was thinking about it... annoyingly, my Note 10 is USB-C only, but my camera does~! this is complex! jeez! /a bunch of these things are fairly large, i was thinking of something small enough to be hidden in a buttonhole u kno kinda gigantic, no??
  4. thanks a lot guys! ive clearly got some research to do... forgive me, im new to doing audio by myself. i know a lil about post audio, but not much. @IronFilm i want something super flexible for this little doc project im doing, something where i could use one lav, shooting it myself with different cameras, over a period of time. its about my friend who is an artist. ideally id like something i could carry with me, so if we were just chatting at her kitchen table i could get it out and shoot a clip with my phone without planning anything how would i do that in said situation? would i need headphones, or....? talk to me like im 4 years old lol
  5. ok cool... why? whats the big advantage? im new to wireless audio i have no idea lol $550 is a wee bit out of my price range for this project... ok! im open to whatever, just dont really know what im looking for!
  6. does this thing suck? is it any good? halp https://www.amazon.com/Tascam-DR-10L-Recorder-Lavalier-Microphone/dp/B01LZ7UN44/ref=asc_df_B01LZ7UN44/?tag=&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312151212938&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15263891558806619885&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031501&hvtargid=pla-451845228657&ref=&adgrpid=65054436434&th=1
  7. do you guys realize how crazy americans are for halloween
  8. i love this after 5 min https://archive.org/details/wnuf-halloween-special-2013 funny how its fake nostalgia but also real nostalgia because 2013 was like 30 years ago
  9. oh no i have lol, but not in ages. i used to be a big ridley scott fan! outstanding awesome visual – and horrifying. this happened to me with 2001 as a kid and it made me a crazy adult i feel u. wise. same. or, i try lol will check out def should watch again!!! too many ufo opinions, but ill give it a shot. big milla fan familiar but ive never really seen it?? will do!! also EVIL DEAD btw nice!!! hmm interesting will check it out amazing that idk what these are... what a great thread by me!! looking now...
  10. yeah i kno!!!! cg sucks (for the most part, in practice) ima watch chucky!!!! note: halloween candy is priced crazily. $15 pack of american spirits. society collapsing i say "CG" too!! who says CGI anymore lol
  11. awesome!! cmon guys whats your favorite scary movie?? more stuff i thought of addams family munsters candy candy universal monsters b juice ghostbusters
  12. heres a fun thread! my current playlist includes helping build haunts (!!!), shopping for trashy halloween store stuff aaaanndd • horror movies ive never really watched like Exorcist 3 or Halloween 18, whatever • fav 'horror' movie of all time is the shining btw lol (sort of doesnt count?) • maybe ill watch Alien... • Simpsons treehouse of horror seasons 1-10+ • x files monster of the week episodes • Anything Ghost podcast • Garfield halloween (garfield sucks but i have a soft spot for him. not funny but kinda sweet) • been watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? vintage nick, never seen it before • do you know whats ACTUALLY p darn good? dahmer on netflix. check it out..... IF YOU DARE MUAHHAHAHHAAAAA • oh, and of course GHOST TO GHOST AM with art bell what are you watching/doing? costumes? haunts?? projection mapping the house??? give me stuff to watch
  13. I just wanted to say how sorry I am. I lost the love of my life to cancer in Jan and it's still really hard to think about, let alone talk about, let alone write about I'm so sorry andrew
  14. I'm just curious about how many people have a functional 10 bit image pipeline and what that constitutes and if its worth it in any way lol nice, how are they? thats the direction im going...
  15. not me? please comment let's learn
  16. kaylee

    Fuji X-H2S

    whats up with the overheating on this thing? external fan? is it an issue?
  17. thank you @Snowfun, im new to these~! ill do some research – could you tell me a bit more about them, in a word...?
  18. thanks guys!! im researching these many cheap camcorder options...! edited in post – theres some effects that they just cant do live
  19. hey guys!! please help me so i can recommend camera(s) for my friends new ~low budget youtube show~ its a satire of a typical late night talk show... from carson to the present, very similar sets, right? desk, two chairs/couch, etc. this will be a small set in a living room – not the ed sullivan theatre, just fyi the director wants to start with two cameras, allowing for the possibility of adding more in the future, but they need to match – meaning: we need two inexpensive identical camera bodies. two of the same camera the camera needs to: - have reasonable image quality - shoot forever without overheating - have a front facing flippy screen - be super affordable - it does NOT need to shoot stills at all, a 'camcorder' is totally a possibility (something in know nothing about) suggestions?? please help!! thank you!! love u guize!!!
  20. uhm im missing whats good about this
  21. congrats, @Andrew Reid! could you all broadly expand on the progress in color science between these REDs? I haven't kept up...
  22. kaylee

    Double Post

    omg that looks so good
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