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  1. u had me at single soviet prime
  2. kaylee

    Thanks guys

    i feel like im starting to get the hang of this filmmaking thing, for the first time, with the project im doing right now i dunno how i couldve gotten this far without andrew, eoshd, and all u guys on this board helping me, and answering my stupid questions it means a lot i just want u all 2 kno 💘 thank you
  3. dont forget guys, when the 1dc came out it was $15,000 🤣
  4. study art edit: whoops, jk, thats actually practical advice
  5. ykno, vasoline costs way less and u can buy it almost everywhere
  6. thats an excellent list fuzzy. im gonna assume that you mean the immortal manager and member of the gentrys, the mouth of the south jimmy hart, who is ofc no relation to anyone in the hart foundation also, andy kaufman was right abt women tbh, ironically lawler -- no comment piper -- god hennan -- total god flair -- WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... GOD foley -- hey wait just a min lol edit: oh whoops, i was supposed to go next, my bad names not already mentioned: bret hart stone cold BAH GAWD steve austin flyin brian pillman rocky cm punk nWo jim ross shawn michaels (ugh) razor/scott hall ecw rob black (google it lol) hollywood hogan taker curt hennig rick rude million dollar man ted dibiase any wild gimmicks lol Mean Gene: "You're a K. Fabe, aren't you?"
  7. ykno, i think its pretty decent from what i recall, hard as that may be to believe lol
  8. lens caps guys! take em off before shooting
  9. @fuzzynormal top fav rasslers? ill go next
  10. i maintain that potato is the least bang for your cinematic buck
  11. kaylee

    GH4 in Low Light 2019

    still waiting to hear what lenses my dp buddy has, hes on vacation and im tryin not to bother him lol great suggestions, thank you @newfoundmass – id definitely like to shoot as wide as possible, and a fast realllly wide lens would be great too (like crazy wide). v open to old glass, the weirder the better for this shoot...!
  12. under $500 has gotta be potato ive gotten good results from them before, but if you have the budget i would NOT recommend using one
  13. NO. FN. WAY!!!! (ecw reference) oh, *SNAP* im enjoying this btw, not to change the subject https://fakeseinfeldplots.tumblr.com/ still havent heard anything that sounds better than "moron" when referring to someone who is ruining a production. it needs to be clearly derogatory
  14. kaylee

    GH4 in Low Light 2019

    @IronFilm wellll thats rather astounding lol BUT it just so happens that my buddy/dp HAS a G4H...... the plot thickens 😎
  15. ima use this space to dox @fuzzynormal this is him in the 80s
  16. obstructionist is the EXACT kinda thing i was looking for, but osshole takes the cake i love it tbh nonono, i dont talk to these ppl, and i fire them frequently, thats my point, theyre frickin everywhere!!! i mean a term for "them" en masse, @Video Hummus gets it~! 😊
  17. i need a go-to insult for certain folks whats the opposite of 'guide towards'...? 'fuck up'...? 'get in the way of'...? 🤔 like... someone who creates problems for no reason out of thin air... whaddya call that?
  18. ok guys i MAY have sent a message to Sloogan Floogan on fb. may have idek updates as events warrant!! *wonders aloud* who is this man of mystery...? 🤔 personal life update: IM IN LOVE WITH THIS HOUSE
  19. well ive decided that im gonna start dressing like Sloogan Floogan asap we all should – pls post links to that yakuza/cosby sweater thank u
  20. kaylee

    GH4 in Low Light 2019

    fantastic info guys, thank you SO much~! ill go over this at length tomorrow~!!!! 🔥💙💙💙💙
  21. i love @BTM_Pix i wish he was my dad
  22. *britney spears voice* hey yall!!!! thinkin abt shooting something soon with my friend on his GH4 although it will be low light, at night, for sure, this isnt my first rodeo, so im planning on grading down in post plenty of GH4 users/owners out there, any thoughts, guys...? note: i am ~NOT~ worried about AF ~at all~ (in fact some manual focusing errors with a wide lens could look rlly kewl, *winky face*) found this, random but its whatever open to suggestions, big time~! 😎👍🏻💚💜💙🔥💐🎃🌻🏆
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