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  1. for a small set on a budget. not a warehouse i want different colored lights, like red green blue/ etc flashing on and off what would u do? Hi guys! Hope youre well ❤️
  2. yes i see it now!!! im shooting tonight but ill get at this soon 😎
  3. they made it!!! only 40% of their nests produce young LFG!!!!!!!!
  4. omg 🤣 that is NOT their 4k 😹 wow i had no idea how awful these could be 😮
  5. this is fascinating itll be in motion soon in amazing ways, this is after effects (etc) in 3 years. itll be soooo crazy /the vfx will be INSANE!!! itll be awesome for ppl with unique ideas, but v bad for a lot of ppl. what about truck divers? what say you @Kubrickian @tupp @mercer
  6. @kye omg are they that bad???
  7. i mean stuff like this? idek this is more than i wanted to spend but are they any good...?? this type of stuff https://www.amazon.com/Blink-Outdoor-Wireless-Security-Camera/dp/B086DKSYTS/ref=pd_ci_mcx_mh_mcx_views_0?pd_rd_w=nfumE&content-id=amzn1.sym.0250fb24-4363-44d0-b635-ac15f859c3b5&pf_rd_p=0250fb24-4363-44d0-b635-ac15f859c3b5&pf_rd_r=ZM19JRFB0RHK9HF19RND&pd_rd_wg=frbYV&pd_rd_r=8d949b3b-caae-4447-94e8-20b97613ca4c&pd_rd_i=B086DKSYTS
  8. uhh yeah kye but i need some chinese 2023 cam that works w my phone over wifi so i can sit inside and watch the birb on my phone. dont tons of u guys have stuff like this???? i dont even need color
  9. A lovely American robin has made her nest by my front door, so i have declared a moratorium on using that door and the stairs that lead up to it haha What if i wanted to put a lil camera there to follow her progress? I know you guys have these things – from Ring to more security type cameras. i know nothing abt them i dont care abt the image i just want to see what shes up to w/o disturbing her lol thoughts?
  10. @kye hmmm... interesting. no, not seeing that option on the clip above. maybe they cancelled the trial after your feedback 🤣
  11. i have premium. my account. not seeing this. on some videos only?
  12. kye no offense but you may talking this too literally lol. used car salesmen will not be 'replaced' any time soon, jobs that involve humanity as a necessity will be around for a long time. human teachers will always be very special. but – consider competing with a robot.......... heres two huge occupations for men and women in america truck drivers? – bad news waitresses? – not so bad kno what i mean lol
  13. DEY TROOK OUR JAWBSS anyone else out there getting they job took?
  14. *oh mind you, this means ME. this is what i do for a living. im being replaced by a frickin robot!
  15. so many ppl are going to loose their jobs lol. this is gen 1 beta
  16. yeah to be fair firefly wont let you use the name of anyone in the public eye as far as i know... i love all this new ai stuff tho, several good twitter account to follow for updates if any of u guys are into that generative fill in photoshop is gonna be awesome... but imagine when we have tools like this in AE, or premiere...! in a few years ai will completely change the vfx industry
  17. adobe firefly wont let me type 'maine coon'. ty for protecting us
  18. @IronFilm this stuff is so rad. im nerding tf out watching ai videos on youtube lol. i wanna learn this stuff! it really does change everything. thats no hype. in a few years, the ai tools will allow ppl like me to make motion pictures that would have cost millions and millions. im legit excited and mind you, this is in a world where i see most movie cgi as being awful. this is not that. its totally different ofc its EXTREMELY bad for jobs, humanity, etc. but its good for me as an artist lol elon: ai will destroy humanity soon also elon: *builds ai*
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