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    Cinematic locations

    there's definitely something there im thinking that memory of an actual place is probably going to stand in conflict with watching that place on film, kinda like knowing an actor? this bleeds into real life in odd ways, example: I have a client who i do stills for who has a catering company, he's constantly doing different events with different themes, etc, taking tons of pics. as I've gotten used to working with him, the artistic layperson that he is, I've found that he doesn't actual perceive WHAT IS IN THE FRAME when he sends me pictures to edit, he's referring to his MEMORY OF THE EVENT in his notes, which is poor and different from reality bc he's a moron anyway, I get it. I do. ideally, i want to create a world in my films that is real unto itself, so if the first shot fades in and you go, "Hey, that's my friend Bob's house!", it's kinda hurting that all important suspension of disbelief u kno
  3. im goin with candidate 1 on this! its simplicity really works, i like it, scales rlly well too!
  4. @Andrew Reid i realllllly like the typography in your new logo/icon. nice work, you should use it for your header ?????
  5. i kno rite. ive got my fingers crossed for fully articulated flippy ?
  6. i like participating but i didnt vote bc im still rockin that 5D3........ however i must say that my new Note 10 is a capable tool in many ways, ill haveta post on that in the future... that being said, my vote, in spirit, is for Fuji — ive never had a fuji camera and thats totally what im getting next, i wanna see how i like it~! ill be watching their releases this year...! edit: oh whoops jk i DID vote for ‘CANON — OTHER‘ EVERYONE VOTE!!!!! this is cool to see
  7. hey Julia! sounds fishy...... i think you might have to raise your budget~! $3500 per episode? are you expecting to pay people who work on the show? what abt crafty? please elaborate your pal, Kaylee
  8. someone: how abt that bokeh huh me: *blank stare, complete silence* someone else: I like the blur on that shot me: ??? YES ME TOO YES YISSS ??? SAME IT IS PRETTY HUH I STRONGLY AGREE
  9. anyway my new years resolution is to not say ‘bokeh’ out loud for all of 2020 instead ill say kewl things like “blur” “blurriness” and “the quality of blur” everyone will know exactly what i mean. dumb clients, DPs, everybody
  10. u kno i totally felt like that too, when ppl started writing abt “fast” lenses on the internet... and now im like “Meh” *shrugs*... what is happening to me lol although AT LEAST ppl pronounce ‘fast’ the same way *cough**ahem*
  11. LETS USE THE WORD “BLUR” HOW ABOUT THAT everyone knows how to say the word blur, and knows what it means, right? #INSTEADOFARGUINGABOUTHOWTOPRONOUNCEBOKEHJUSTSAYBLUR2020 whos with me
  12. I want a paint to sample seafoam green gt3rs with red-orange brake calipers ? like this color kinda want this camera too... waaaaay more affordable ? lol soooooo anyway DPAF works in 4k DCI mode? with how much of a crop? sorry I'm behind
  13. canon rumor sites are saying $6499. sounds abt right
  14. zach, what is the doc about? could u explain more?
  15. sometimes, when you're making a doc, a NEW LEVEL OF NARRATIVE reveals itself as things move along...! keep an eye out! ?
  16. I'm sorry, my intent here was vague at best, I'm with u ? I mean: REALLY???? rlly. 2020. I think that this may be The Last Emperor of canon dslrs... I'm ALL for mirrorless, but this is a lil disappointing... and this is for what, $6k? raw without AF feels like a hack ?
  17. u know what else doesn't have AF when recording raw? my 5D3 ?
  18. kayleerumors is reporting that the log mode only works under a "blood moon", whatever that means
  19. 100%. im strictly speaking of digital, relatively recent post work. im a huge fan of film... film kinda “just worked” in terms of color (mostly lol). horses for courses, but in general that ‘analog’ palette it just a lot more pleasing. the over saturated colors, the fake red and greens, theres a reason that filmconvert is so popular lol a ~subtle~ cool/warm grade is PROFOUNDLY effective, and theres degrees of that. im talking abt this over the top super reductive color palette thing thats been so in since everybody got a mbp lol
  20. ive come to hate the WILDY overused teal/orange post treatment, bc WOW IS IT BORING i like films that use color wisely and have variety, not TWO FRICKIN COLORS FOR TWO HOURS u guys kno what im talking abt — there was a TON of content like that for awhile. maybe less now on the plus side, putting a strong complimentary grade on your footage will certainly give it a look, and its a GREAT way to pull together a bunch of crappy poo shots. a strong teal/orange grade can HIDE a lot too, a highly reductive palette is great for that, and can be super useful in post when you have non art directed footage to work with WHY you would design a feature to look like that in its entirety i cant tell ya
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