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  1. Nothing I have now has DPAF, none of my lenses would use DPAF. So yeah, I'd take the C300 mk1 over the C100 mk2 (yeah the top heaviness is annoying, but worth it for the higher quality of the C300 over a C100)
  2. What a very odd question... C300 mk1 and C300 mk2 are totally different cameras for totally different budgets! They're even further apart than say the FS700 vs FS7! (which are the respective cameras from the same era from Sony) Personally I'd prefer that C300 instead.
  3. Depends on the person and their goals/network/experience/resources. Arguably some DoPs could leverage "owning an ARRI" to make it a smart buy getting an Arri Alexa Classic for £5k Except it is even more of a pain to shoot with, and it has even less brand recognition than an ARRI! Ditto, I'd probably do the insane as well if I found one local for $5K But it would be bonkers for to own. However I do irrational things now and then.... I just this morning purchased five more Lectrosonics LMa transmitters. Which are all in Block 26! ha To who, you? YES!
  4. IronFilm

    Sports videography

    Yeah sometimes I see ebay FS5 priced at nearly $2K, is bloody darn tempting for sure!
  5. I would think so! Nothing L Mount is branded Lumix? (funnily so! Seeing as "Lumix" starts with "L"...... mount?) Edit: oh wait... there are all those sh*t P&S cameras which are branded "Lumix" So nah yeah, I guess "Lumix" could mean anything! :-/
  6. For sure, if you leave it all set up, you could just walk in and press record. But for a normal film / web series / tv series / doco / etc shoot, then you really really need that extra manpower. Unless you're going to keep it ultra ultra simple. But even that B roll stuff you'll find tough to get with an ARRI Alexa by yourself, unless you're sticking with fairly simple stuff (like just in the studio with no movement, or only limited movement), and/or using a 2nd camera for B roll.
  7. Could be for Sony's new wireless? All their older cameras would need an update for this! (but if this was true, I'd have expected Sony to explicitly mention this in the firmware update as a new feature)
  8. Sadly $5K in 2020 is definitely not going to come true 😞
  9. We had a similar discussion back in 2017 when it was noticed just how cheap as chips an ARRI ALEXA Classic is getting: So they've been "affordable" for a while now. I work on lots of shoots using ARRI cameras (I'm the sound recordist for a series right now which is being shot on an AMIRA, with a BMPCC4K for some occasional specialist B cam shots). And yeah, you really need to have at least a small crew behind you if you want to shoot on an ARRI. Lots more Minis for sale in recent weeks compared to last year, now that ARRI has confirmed a Mini S35 4K will be coming in 2020. Folks need to get rid of their Mini before then! 😉 Depends entirely on a persons connections as to what kind of network they have of people who'd hire it from them directly vs via a full service rental house. As the owner of a popular site like EOSHD you could probably do better at getting rentals than most, however on the flip side people would need to be local to rent from you, which is a much smaller part of your total audience. (unfortunately a contributor like myself from way out in New Zealand will never be renting an ARRI to get it shipped from the UK to NZ and then back again!) I'd like to see a 2019 review of the GH1 as well! Skip the C100, the C300 is only a little extra cost and offers much more! Yes, in terms of a more "practical" camera then EVA1 / FS7 / UMP / RED DSMC1 / Kinefinity Terra / etc will all be much much more usable in that general price range. Just because they're lighter / faster / power efficient. (relatively speaking) And over the course of a long day of shooting then the more "practical" camera can give you better looking results than one you have to constantly fight against.
  10. Square ish is better than longer if you want to put it on a gimbal, or even rig it up in general.
  11. For context: this is a web series. Everything is only implied! You don't see anything below the waist.
  12. The Z6 certainly has not dropped over half in price on eBay, otherwise I'd be considering buying a Z6 myself now! Same. Actually I'm really really hoping for an even cheaper "Z60" which keeps the bits I like about the Z6
  13. oh LOL! Why did you make this comment.... did you see my other postings I made to social media?
  14. Yup, that is part of what I meant by "best bang for you buck!"
  15. Had two back to back shoots yesterday! Busy busy (had to turn down three other jobs for that day as well). Meant I needed to put together a 2nd bag for the people who were covering me on the 1st shoot while I went to do my 2nd shoot of the day. https://www.facebook.com/DavidCMPeterson/photos/a.277946442237979/2523377981028136/ And then today, I felt quite short.... twice! haha (I'm actually 6' 3" / 190cm tall) Used an applebox and a small step ladder. https://www.facebook.com/DavidCMPeterson/photos/a.977953998903883/2523661934333074/
  16. A BMPCC4K has a sensor in between S16 and S35 A focal reducer will take it to S35 easily (and even beyond! To nearly FF). And if you put S16 on the BMPCC4K you will get a bit less than 4K resolution after a crop in post, but still plenty more than 2K. Otherwise, just buy a JVC LS300 :-) I wonder if maybe maybe the new and very cheap Z Cam E2C has a S16 mode?
  17. With a tight budget then you'll get your best bang for your buck by buying 2ndhand tungsten lights. They get hot though
  18. Oh gee, I had totally forgotten about that double level of scamming which was going on!
  19. Thailand is the new China! Some manufacturing is moving away from China, as China develops and becomes "too expensive".
  20. Not just DIY lights. Who'd do a DIY shoulder rig from PVC today? Or a DIY follow focus? Or a DIY gimbal? Or a DIY boom pole? Etc... For 90% of people on a budget, just getting a reasonable quality Chinese one is a better idea. Which statement more closely reflects your views, everyone is: A murderer A mass murderer Pick one.
  21. https://www.ldv.co.nz/new-vehicles/v80-biggest.html https://www.toyota.co.nz/new-car/hiace/hiace-zl-glass-van-diesel-manual-2-seat/?skuCode=HIACE-KDMW-NM1-058-13 Two vans which are the same price (well ok, the Japanese one is $1K more, but I'll ignore that), I'll take the chinese made one thank you very much. That was a (please pick one): Top class analogy The best analogy
  22. yeah the X-H1 suffered due to: 1) being Fuji's 1st good video camera (it takes a lot for people to switch systems, and it helps to see a track record) 2) a very competitive market place (we're spoiled for great options in 2018/2019!) 3) the even "better" X-T3 coming out shortly after
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