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  1. Would be the easiest way for Panasonic to dominate the next generation of cameras. Kinda surprised the Panasonic S1H didn't have this
  2. You can easily spend around a grand on a quality set of square ND filters, let alone a mattebox as well I reckon the small extra cost is worth it
  3. The Pro G1 model, with ND filters and more? Don't think I'm seeing them often under US$2.5K Perhaps you're thinking of the original non-Pro version? Definitely the Pro version would be so much nicer to use, as improved ergo/design
  4. From their videos on this topic, I think not even Linus truly knew what they were getting themselves into! Definitely, shooting on "THE BEST" is part of their marketing strategy. Gets them more views, gives them more topics to make videos on, and so forth. Makes more sense for them to do it than say a Make Up YT Channel buying an 8K RED
  5. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    If the GH6 is the same leap forward as the GH5 itself was, then the GH6 will stay relevant for a very long time! Yes, they're very niche, but they've also been amazing in bringing out products perfectly suited for many us filmmakers. Shouldn't be discounted, and instead regarded as a big positive about the system!
  6. The film was self financed, so yup, a very low budget. And it seemed the fast shutter benefited them, because of the high paced fast action / slow motion. Or they leave it just for shooting with in the studio, such as Marques Brownlee Or they have a small crew to shoot with it alongside them, such as Linus Tech Tips or Devin Graham
  7. Unless sizes matters more to you than all else, I wouldn't strongly recommend either. Wait for the next Zoom F series release, it is coming very very soon...
  8. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    Odd the X-T200 has better heat management than the X-T30! I guess they're learning?
  9. It came so so so close.... just needs IBIS! Wait for the X-T300 I guess??
  10. I've got a MixPre3 (but Gen1) arriving this week as well! Going to by my ultra lightweight kit for when jobs don't need the full power of a Sound Devices 833
  11. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    Nobody knows the future for sure, why should it is be less risky to be invested into X Mount than MFT? I'd say MFT is still the safer bet, as X Mount exists at the whim of only one manufacturer. While MFT is supported by a diverse range of many companies.
  12. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    That is what open gate is for. Ouch, I knew X-T30 had a lower limit, didn't realize it was as low as only ten minutes!! Why Fuji why Fuji??? Protecting X-T3 sales.
  13. oh dear I really really do not think you should be splurging out $10K on a camera when you don't understand even basic specs such as sensor size!! (let alone what that really means to an image) Plus you already own great cameras, you don't need another. The ALEXA LF is *NOT* "large format" in the sense stills cameras are (such as the Fuji GFX 100). If all you care about sensor size being same ish as an ALEXA LF (but at a much lower cost of course) then grab yourself a Panasonic S1H I'd much rather shoot a feature film with a Panasonic S1H and an extra six grand of lenses than a Fujifilm GFX 100 Although, if the Fujifilm X-T4 lives up to its promise, I'd probably rather shoot a feature film with a X-T4 than a S1H! (especially as I could then use those lovely Fujifilm MKX T2.9 Cine Zoom Lens with a couple of X-T4 bodies) It is "large format" relative to what is
  14. To be fair, many YouTube web series get made with a bigger budget than that. The last web series I worked on had nearly double the budget of this film. And this film is a period piece!!!! That adds so much more to the cost / complexity.
  15. Oh man, that poor sound mixer! I feel sorry for him.
  16. Wow, wow, that's dirt cheap! (very curious about what the budget break down was! In Episode 3 they mentioned lighting got a heavy emphasis, with a lot of the money going into that) Interesting how they talked about in Episode 2 that they didn't use any ND filters, because it broke right at the start, so instead controlled the exposure via shutter speed which they reckon helped with the final outcome due to all the action scenes they did. In Episode 3 they mentioned that their next camera with the Panasonic S1H.
  17. I look forward to the day a mirrrorless camera gives us both a full size HDMI and a SDI output (as when you're running monitors for DoP / cam op / 1st AC / clients / director / external recorder / sound mixer then you really really need at a minimum two outputs). Together with a TC input, XLR accessory (such as the Panasonic DMW-XLR1 or Sony XLR-K2M) and an eND then you'd have a kick ass camera that could handily replace a C300 / FS7 in many scenarios. This is what they should have done with the Panasonic S1H!
  18. Get a Sony FX9, it's "only" a thousand bucks more than a Fuji GFX100
  19. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    The best work around until then would be to buy a Sound Devices MixPre3 I've got a MixPre3 arriving next week! Quite excited for it.
  20. Because an unnatural and unhealthy obsession with sensor size? *something* *something* compensating for *something* *something* *something*
  21. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    I wouldn't take that listing as the holy gospel word, B&H might massage those results to be biased towards ones which have the best margin for themselves? Ok, I'll take off my tin foil hat now
  22. I'd just buy faster lenses instead.... !
  23. That is great to hear! But also he kinda "hit the lottery" Your colleague was right to be concerned, that was an extremely unlikely result for how it turned out for his son.
  24. But at half the price!
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