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  1. You do this after you've got "a best" mic. That's when you acquire even more.
  2. Without spending longer the five seconds looking into it, I see it is extremely small, I wouldn't be surprised if that micro size results in quality compromises?
  3. As soon as the FS7mk1 got released, that killed the resale value of the F5. Made many F5 owners pissed. Have done that hack myself! But would be a rare and unusual F5 for sale that hasn't had the normal paid update to do 4K. Yes, but no, depends on how much a person wants E Mount and lighter weight. In most other regards the F5 is better than the FS7. At US$4K-ish secondhand, if you're a working professional in the right market segment to move up to an F5, then it could still be a good ROI for you. (although yeah, the far more popular F
  4. But it is time for a S1Hmk2/S1V!
  5. Because the GH5S sensor is "better" than the CH5 sensor.
  6. Where was their MFT Mount camera to compete with the FS7/C300mk2/EVA1?? Just stick the GH5 sensor into the AF100 and get on with it. Instead we got an EF Mount Panasonic EVA1.
  7. Yes the price difference is small currently, but the BGH1 is $500 cheaper with its release price than the release price originally of the GH5S. Yes, if you're removing the mechanical shutter than you should replace it with NDs!
  8. I don't know the specifics of the Sigma FP, but would using a stereo splitter cable help? (or even better, a Tentacle Sync E)
  9. It is a bit like people calling you Italian... How is life in Turkey going for you? Many people would think paying a few extra hundred dollars for Panasonic's brand name and track record is worth it over getting a Z Cam / BMD. Even has Genlock! That's surprising, especially at this price point (the cheapest ever? Perhaps). But it kinda makes for their target audience of semi pro streamers.
  10. Odd, you have the MixPre Gen2, so it does have accurate internal TC. (unlike Gen1) Are you leaving the Mozegear on the Sigma and still getting drift? (there must ALWAYS be a timecode box on the camera)
  11. Nope, a Kiwi! (New Zealander, in Auckland, spent most of my life here)
  12. IronFilm

    Fuji X-S10

    A Lens Mount Ecosystem lives or dies on its ability to attract new blood to it. The XT100 and XA series provides a great entry point for newbies to Fuji X Mount. (my first X Mount camera is a Fujifilm X-A3!)
  13. If a gun got pointed at my head and I had to choose a new bag wireless system tomorrow I'd go with Wisycom. But I don't need to do that right now, plus also the wireless game at the pro level is changing so fast I think. Wisycom is only in the lead "for now", Going to keep an eye on what Shure / Audio Ltd / Lectro / etc do. (a pity about the DCR822, indicates it might be a while until we get a Superslot Quad RX from Lectro)
  14. Atalanta is the new major production hub! If someone was to randomly kindly give me a green card, then I'd probably go there myself instead of NYC or LA.
  15. It is normal for battery life to degrade over the years. Of course if the batteries are rechargeable AA then no problem! But if they're a built in internal battery, you've got a big problem. Where are you that there is no Sony UWP-D21 locally?? Heh, amusingly my Lectro SRa don't have true diversity (antenna diversity but not tuner diversity), yet the Sonys do! Lots and lots of US mixers do complain about G4/G4. Perhaps you're not pushing it hard, only simple sit down IVs? Never used in a metro region?
  16. IronFilm

    Fuji X-S10

    10bit is more important than 4K60 And yeah, hope it doesn't have a 10 minute limit like some Fuji do! (I could "live with" 30 minute limit)
  17. Surely you meant HOURS not days? Otherwise CAD$3800 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay undercharging!
  18. That's all rubbish. The minimum standards for prosumer gear / best deal sub US$1K are: 1. Sony UWP-D21 (or the older UWP-D11) 2. Sennheiser G4 (or the older G3, almost identical. The EW100 G4 was no improvement of note over the G3) 3. Deity Connect Wireless Or if going secondhand: 4. Lectro 200 Series (or 400 Series with a bit of luck / searching) Especially if you're doing narrative filmmaking (you mentioned wanting to use it on a short film), where you can get tough curve balls thrown at you (such as shooting into a car, difficult costumes, large sets, or who k
  19. It is crazy that people live in LA and shoot there with how California is going downhill and all the extra regulations around filming. Of course heaps of people want to go to LA as it is Hollywood. But I expect it won't hold that dominant position forever, eventually people will give up on it if LA/Cali keeps on making life too difficult and somewhere else will become the new Mecca to go to. Atlanta Georgia perhaps? Who knows.
  20. Yeah, and for those who put videography first and only needed very casual stills uses out of their hybrid (some party shots on holiday, perhaps portraits of a friend as a favor, etc) then the Panasonic GH5S is perfectly capable! 10 megapixels is heaps for casual sharing on social media. Heck, heaps of major ad campaigns have even been done in the past with cameras that are around the 12 megapixel mark! Yup, once again Panasonic was being a leader!
  21. Yeah if this is just a temporary stop gap measure until you get a second S5, then a cheapie G7 is a smart idea until work picks up.
  22. Don't think it was a blunder, the GH5S made sense, Panasonic got to reuse the GH5 body design (saving R&D) while trying out a new sensor (that couldn't handle IBIS in that version) which got to cater to even more new customers. (and gets to forever shut up those "but you got to use FF for lowlight!" from the babbling FF fanboys)
  23. It is being discussed already in the GH6 thread, but yeah, deserves its own thread I think! This could be it.
  24. If it is just going to be a camera on a tripod, and you really want to go extreme with your penny pinching, you might even want to consider going as extreme as a secondhand Panasonic G7 body.
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