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  1. ohhhh... that's a new piece of info I didn't know about! That Panasonic had a new PTZ camera already, which uses PDAF. That waaaaay increases the odds there is a new mirrorless camera with PDAF. This new camera though is a 1" sensor, with no interchangeable lenses, and isn't out yet. (going to be in early 2023) https://business.panasonic.com.au/professional-camera/remote-ptz-camera-systems
  2. Maybe it is a new vlogging camera, such as a G100mk2?? I hope not, G100 was such a flop. Perhaps some video focused camera, like a GH6S? I doubt it, I think the GH5S was such a niche camera, that while very good, I don't expect they'll make every generation. More likely they'll skip generations, and then perhaps in the future we'll see a GH7S?? Skip enough generation, then waaaay in the future, a GH9S etc Maybe also this new DJI/Panasonic Lidar module will work across all their mounts, not just the G9/GH5/GH6 but their L Mount cameras too? That would both explain the MFT camera seen in the photo, and make @MrSMW happy. It's waaaaaaaay tooo soon for a GH7? The GH6 came out just earlier this year! We're not quite yet at a full year. Not even in the peak era of DSLR/mirrorless sales did we ever see the lifecycle of a flagship camera be less than a year!! (and now, in 2022, I expect the lifecycles to be much longer than average, due to the much smaller markets they're selling into) Maaaaaybe (but I don't think so) it is a "GH6mk2", but anything with a massively improved autofocus they're not going to just call "mk2". It will be named "the GH7".
  3. Maybe, maybe not. If a Lidar module was somehow less important than a big lens announcement (and even for lens announcements, the big companies sometimes bring in influencers, such as if it is an important new telephoto lens). Then I could see them not making a big song and dance about it. Perhaps because it is just the first generation Lidar module, perhaps it is a bit rough around the edges in performance?? However.... if this Lidar module announcement is bigger than another new camera announcement (let's be honest, that's how big some of us are hoping it is!) then they certainly will fly in and involve as many influencers as possible. Do any of these seem like hints at a Lidar module?? Nope, more likely a Panasonic S5mk2?? Oh wait a second... 10 to 25mm lens??? That's 100% MFT. Very sorry @MrSMW , this is going to make some of us very happy, but you very sad: guess it is a G9 mk2??
  4. Japan did have one of the most restrictive restrictions in the world about letting foreigners (such as youtubers) into the country during the pandemic.
  5. Too much delay is introduced.
  6. No. (plus for focus pulling you'll usually want to use SDI wireless/monitors, otherwise the delay becomes too much via HDMI) Suitable for casual youtubers or cameraman on simple nondemanding / noncritical shoots. There are many deal breakers with it: 1) 2.4GHz 2) low power RF 3) no locking connector 4) no swappable batteries etc
  7. Don't. Sony UWP-D21 is the standard for the minimum threshold for prosumer budget wireless. https://www.reddit.com/r/LocationSound/comments/yhclyx/comment/iuhhpsr/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  8. I think if you ignore AF (& don't care about 8K), then overall the S5/S1H/GH6/GH5mk2 are in each in their niche "better" overall than the competition. But in the past with the GH2/GH4/GH5/etc I feel Panasonic had a much much larger "lead" on the competition. (plus you didn't need to say things like "if you ignore AF & 8K"). With time that gap has been close. To the point that gap is often too small for people to even notice, or care about. Especially as everything today has got "good enough". All cameras (at a certain price point and are modern enough) have decent "good enough" 4K 10bit internal recordings and can do slow motion. What more do we really need? Especially releases such as the Sony FX30, sub $2K and is a mini cinema camera in a mirrorless form factor. That's some damn tough competition!! Sure, you could add this feature, and have the shooter manually set the limits between where they focus should hunt. But how big could this gap be reasonably from one limit to the other limit? A few dozen meters? Maybe just a few feet? Even rudimentary Lidar built into a camera could get this down to a range of just a few inches, or even less, maybe just half an inch. And you could then let the standard DFD approach take care of the last few millimeters to fine tune nailing the focus exactly. And zero manual intervention is needed by the shooter. If you're shooting an actor 10m or 1m away, you don't need to suddenly change what your limits are. (even worse if the actor changes that during a scene! Comes from 10m away to stopping right in front 1m away)
  9. IronFilm

    Panasonic GH6

    (removed double post content via glitch in the forum software)
  10. IronFilm

    Panasonic GH6

    Sony has their Sony Catalyst Production Suite, and with their gyro sensors as well then they can get very good stabilization indeed. And Sony's color science in their latest generation cinema cameras are a massive leaps and bounds ahead of what their early generation a7S cameras were like.
  11. Why not both Lidar and DFD? A simple Lidar system built into the camera to get general ballpark focus then DFD to subtly fine tune it. As DFD is worst when it does those drastic big leaps backwards and forwards, if Lidar could eliminate that then it is a big improvement.
  12. IronFilm

    Panasonic GH6

    How often do you need your backup files? If rarely ever, then I'd say keep your originals for a month after delivery, then once that date has elapsed have a batch script you run to convert the originals to teeny 1080 h265 8bit files to then store forever ("just in case" in an emergency) and delete the originals.
  13. My favorite E Mount lens is the Sony 18-105mm f4, a constant F4 lens with a huge zoom range, good for run and gun all day. Maybe if I ever get to use the Tamron 17-70mm f2.8 I might change my mind, but for now I like my Sony 18-105mm f4
  14. Also tempted by a little SMic2S mic and another timecode box:
  15. IronFilm

    Panasonic GH6

    Big price drop for the Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera: Previous Price: $2197.99 Price Drop: -$500.00 Current Price: $1697.99 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1641783-REG/panasonic_gh_series_mirrorless_cameras.html
  16. Doubt I'll buy anything this Black Friday (although the 30% discount on the +4 Plugin from Sound Devices is very tempting, puts the price for it under US$700), but I did just get emailed a notification for these discounts which are pretty darn good: Zoom F2-BT Ultracompact Bluetooth-Enabled Portable Field Recorder with Lavalier Microphone Previous Price: $229.99 Price Drop: -$50.00 Current Price: $179.99 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1603896-REG/zoom_zf2bt_f2_bt_ultracompact_bluetooth_enabled_portable.html Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera Previous Price: $2197.99 Price Drop: -$500.00 Current Price: $1697.99 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1641783-REG/panasonic_gh_series_mirrorless_cameras.html
  17. The rescission is either already here, or just around the corner. (and in a rescission, unnecessary luxuries are often one of the first things people will cut. Such as streaming subscriptions, or a night out to the movies) The govt is no longer printing easy money. Pandemic is for many people "over", people are no longer stuck on the couch at home watching anything and everything on their TVs. And the streaming wars (which saw oodles of dollars thrown at many projects) are over: "The Streaming War is Ending - Whats Next?" https://youtu.be/5YtnahU8Gzc
  18. For that stuff I'll happily use a FS5! Shooting a convention tomorrow with my F3 & FS7, would also be happy with 2x FS5 instead in the context of this particular type of shoot.
  19. No way would I ever spend that much on the C100! That's waaaay too much for a very old very entry level "cinema" camera. Not when I could get a Sony FS5 for only a few hundred dollars more. Or buy a Canon C300mk1 for even less! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334445672275
  20. If you include all that, then the R5C is creeping up in size to not be too radically different overall in size to a Canon C100.
  21. oh I dunno, I'd say it! Think I've only worked with one camera that's smaller in recent months. And that was on a no budget student film. (the Panasonic GH5)
  22. Hope you don't want to use a lens longer than 30mm
  23. yeah it might not be in the best condition, and won't have accessories like the XDCA, but with a bit of a luck you can find them for US$2K-ish! Crazy huh?
  24. First time I used the Canon C100 I was surprised how small it was and how easily it fit in the hand. (not at all top heavy like the C300, but a pity the C100 was so crippled in comparison. Is a stretch to call it a "cinema" camera)
  25. That's a funny way to spell "S-o-n-y F-X-3-0"
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