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    Fuji X-T4

    However a GHxS or SxH series from Panasonic totally should do away with the mechanical shutter and have a multi stage ND filter instead
  2. ah my bad, I was probably thinking of the older a6x00 series which lacked a mic input I think? And the mic input is handy for using a lav into the camera, did that for today's vlog with a Nikon D5200 / Aputure A.Lav , fingers crossed as to how that turned out.
  3. IronFilm

    Carl Zeiss ?

    Resolution has nothing to do with the image circle of a lens. You could theoretically have 1" sensor which is 6K, or it could be a medium format sensor doing 6K
  4. Good job Mark in covering some of the many negatives of the a6500! However there are so many negatives with the a6500, no wonder you missed some of them: 1) a6500 is risky it will overheat, the G85 never will 2) a6500 lacks a flip out screen for if you wish to film yourself 3) a6500 lacks a mic input In my opinion the Panasonic G85 still reigns supreme as best bang for buck at its price point, like all Panasonic cameras it is a well rounded camera with few if any hidden "gotchas".
  5. No, Zoom's next release is something more similar to an F8n but even better. If you want a cheap bodypack recorder then the Tascam DR10L is still the best option for now (unless you can afford the Sound Devices PDR, SPRD, or Zaxcom ZFR300 etc, although probably outside your price range if not using this for paid work), better than the Zoom F1 for sure! However, if you can wait a little while longer then I 110% recommend seeing what happens with the Tentacle Sync Track E. As my gut feeling is it should be a similar ish price (not more than a couple of hundreds higher priced) yet many leaps and bounds better. (even smaller and many more features!)
  6. I'm very much looking forward to the Sync Track E as well! https://youtu.be/sBW5MBbi-uc However, I don't know if this next F series has 32bit or not. I strongly suspect it does, although I don't care if it does. As honestly at the professional level there is almost no daily need whatever for 32bits. Going from 16bits to 24bit was a legitimate leap forward, as it was tricky to keep your mix between the noise floor and peaking with only 16bits. (and arguably has lead to bad habits people still have even now in 2020, when they try to mix too hot) But if you can't do it with 24bits then you ought to be looking for a different job than as a sound mixer!! As that is heaps of room. So as a professional grade recorder, Zoom might not bother with including 32bits. However, 32bits seems to have captured the minds of many average joes as some kind of magic wand recipe for great audio, thus from a marketing aspect (especially as Zoom is also trying to target the prosumer/hobbyist/videographer/etc as well) then I feel it is likely that it will have 32bits.
  7. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    Cutting edge technology will always be easier/cheaper/sooner with smaller sensors. Plus like @Lars Steenhoff said, physics means the lenses will always be more compact with smaller sensors.
  8. It's not public knowledge yet ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. It is easily the most popular camera on shoots with a moderate budget or more. The FS7 and Alexa Mini are easily by far the two most common cameras I work with.
  10. Outdoors that is fine, but if indoors with lights on you need to be thinking about if you're in 50KHz or 60KHz land
  11. The pool of people wasting their life playing computer games is waaaaaay larger than the available jobs. (plus being a programmer in the 1990's vs 2020's is quite different! Much more commoditized now) And we often hear complaints about how rough the film industry is, with how very bad the supply vs demand imbalance is. It is just as bad in the computer gaming industry, if not even worse.
  12. He deserves the success he gets! Keep up the hard work Potato
  13. Personally I'm hoping for an URSA Micro. Would be like the FS5 is to the FS7, but even better. The URSA Micro would: 1) have the BMPCC4K sensor in it 2) be cheaper / smaller / lighter than the UMP G2 3) have a locking MFT mount 4) have all the good stuff of the UMP (lots of buttons / toggles, flip out screen, SDI outputs, full size HDMI, TC I/O, built in 4 stage ND, etc) But yes, an URSA LF would be ok too, would push down prices of the UMP
  14. x1000 this! Lighting is very very important. Only thing more important than lighting is audio ๐Ÿ˜‰ Errr.... no, set your shutter speed to 50 or 60 (depending on where you live)
  15. Linus has seemed genuinely frustrated about RED at times. Excellent point! Why are they not doing this? Maybe the big makeup channels are secretly doing this.
  16. IronFilm

    Plastic Fantastic

    Panasonic 25mm f1.7 is perhaps my favorite / most often used "plastic fantastic" lens at the moment. Quite tempted to get the 42.5mm version as well.
  17. This is why I've been a fanboy of AMD for many years, even back when they lagged a little behind Intel's performance. As AMD was the more economical choice in the short and in the long term.
  18. And that is exactly why the FS7 is so very very popular. As a working professional it is very easy to justify yet another small step up in costs in exchange for the big jump forward in specs. (as you'll get paid more too for having a FS7 than an a7Smk2, or even a FS5) But once you hit the point of a FS7, it becomes a very LARGE leap forward in cost before you break into the next tier which producers would indeed pay more for. (such as RED or ARRI)
  19. Would be the easiest way for Panasonic to dominate the next generation of cameras. Kinda surprised the Panasonic S1H didn't have this
  20. You can easily spend around a grand on a quality set of square ND filters, let alone a mattebox as well I reckon the small extra cost is worth it
  21. The Pro G1 model, with ND filters and more? Don't think I'm seeing them often under US$2.5K Perhaps you're thinking of the original non-Pro version? Definitely the Pro version would be so much nicer to use, as improved ergo/design
  22. From their videos on this topic, I think not even Linus truly knew what they were getting themselves into! Definitely, shooting on "THE BEST" is part of their marketing strategy. Gets them more views, gives them more topics to make videos on, and so forth. Makes more sense for them to do it than say a Make Up YT Channel buying an 8K RED
  23. Might have to wait for the X-T500 ๐Ÿ˜ž
  24. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    If the GH6 is the same leap forward as the GH5 itself was, then the GH6 will stay relevant for a very long time! Yes, they're very niche, but they've also been amazing in bringing out products perfectly suited for many us filmmakers. Shouldn't be discounted, and instead regarded as a big positive about the system!
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