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  1. Am one of those people who purchased a BMPCC years ago brand new for $500! In fact just last week Facebook Memories recommended to me a photo of the BMPCC with my lenses on it as "on this day 7 years ago". (amazed how time flew by!) eBay pricing seems a bit mad to me at the moment. For instance seems mad to me to pay more for a GH2 than a G6! Plus I think COVID19 has pushed up the prices on some things (especially "famous" options like the GH2 or BMPCC which people might settle their minds upon if they've only done a moderate amount of research into the topic). Lots of people
  2. I think brand new newbie buyers are less married to their lens collection (because they have none! Or almost none) than long time pros, so those Rebel DSLR buyers would be easier to push over into buying an APS-C RF Mount Camera instead.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CtQSfUtHCeBSQEFdh7C23pQTKRiR91Zl/view DARN IT! There is no DCI 4K That was my first thought too, for vloggers wide end matters more than tele. And 20mm FF is pretty sweet for that. Yes, currently from Panasonic. But with the dirt cheap EOS RP / a7Smk2 etc on the market, then it is worthwhile Panasonic considering an even cheaper model. (especially as they've said they won't bring out an APS-C L Mount body) oh god I hope not! At least don't make it worse than the G95 "blunder". I won't mind ditching
  4. Neither! Get yourself better audio/lighting/grip/support gear instead. Especially as you've got a Samsung NX1, which even in 2020 is still a very solidly good hybrid camera.
  5. No joke, but when I saw the title of this thread that is what I came here to write! Sunlight is best. Thus light modifiers can be the best investment, to shape what you've already got.
  6. 10 minute time limit? No mic input? Micro HDMI ouput? (that cuts out when you're recording) No focus peaking? No punch in focus while recording? No 8bit or 10bit recording options?
  7. Same! Is a pity they still sell for so much secondhand. But that just proves what a smash hit in this niche the DB16 was.
  8. Think some photographers could be more diehard resistant to change, so better odds we will see a 1D series successor than another C300/C500 with an EF mount.
  9. It is always going to lag behind, because Sony crammed a FF sensor into a mount that was originally designed for APS-C
  10. Yes, it's infamous the bad blood between these two Australian companies. Apparently Atomos was founded by someone who split away from Blackmagic.
  11. Strange, I can't seem to find these auctions listed on trademe, wonder why they're hidden from me??
  12. ah so it was a camera/lens combo, I wonder how much of an impact the lens has on the overall result?
  13. Oh EF is a "dead mount" too! Not sure which will last longer, EOS-M or EF. Arguably EOS-M is the newer mirrorless mount thus as a longer lifespan. But I doubt that, I think EF has quite a few years left up its sleeve, just because of the massive user base, and especially pros on the high end will still want to keep on seeing pro work horses being made for a few more years for EF mount. I'd give it a good 50/50 chance we'll see a 5D/6D-ish level replacement within the next few years, and that at least one more 1D series will still come out. Yup, the moment a RF APS-
  14. Could be worse, it could be Tasmania
  15. Interesting, I hadn't yet read that the S1 IBIS beat out the Z6 IBIS
  16. It is doomed because Canon will not forever keep on putting equal efforts into both M & RF Mounts, as it is not in their best interests to do that. Thus eventually EOS-M will die out. But even before that happens, the EOS-M series is still a dead end to buy into. Like you said, where are the f2.8 zooms to buy into when you upgrade your kit lens? Where are the higher end bodies to upgrade to as you grow as a filmmaker?? At the moment if you're starting out with say Sony/Nikon/Panasonic you could buy a really cheap a6300/Z50/G7 then in the future upgrade to the likes of an
  17. South Australians are weird. Is that where you're from? Would mess with Panasonic's entire naming history for a GH series camera to be anything but MFT Mount. If the "GH6" has an L Mount then it makes far far more sense to call it "S2H" instead. (or adopt some of the Sony/Olympus/Canon naming with "Mark X", and go with "S1H mk2")
  18. He's also shown a long history of RED outright lying to their customers. In the past I've tended to categorize RED into the "over promises - under delivers" type of company (such as "3K for 3K", to give one of many many many examples), which isn't "normalized" in the tech industry but it isn't totally abnormal either. While this outright lying to their consumers that RED does? That's not "normalized" in the industry (and if you think it is... ??? Well, that's sad! But even so, that should be no excuse for you to not stand up and fight against it). I support the EFF as wel
  19. From the moment RF Mount has announced (if not even earlier!) then it was crystal clear that EOS-M is a doomed mount that Canon will "eventually" (we don't know exactly when, but the writing is clearly there on the wall) drop support for.
  20. Exactly. You can't win with some people: Simplify it too much and they'll say it is "too simple". Go into too many details and they'll accuse him of making "conspiracy truther-style videos". He's already put out many videos, for a series that is hours upon hours long! Can you seriously say with a straight face that he's simplified it too much and should make his videos even longer?? (I think he should do the opposite, and keep the current videos but also make a 2nd series which is a 5 or even 2 minute trimmed down edit summary of each of the long form videos)
  21. "Truther-style videos"?? Wow. Clearly you either didn't watch his videos at all, or you did but just didn't comprehend them. As they after all covering YEARS of documented history of RED, and many aspects that RED has done wrong. (but yes, at the core it is all about the MiniMags like @BTM_Pix highlighted) If he was to try and just as thoroughly cover it with an article, that could easily turn into a multi series of them as well! You can't properly cover all of that in just a few paragraphs. But even a casual browsing of your videos should be enough for you to catch onto the history of lyin
  22. This is another cool one just posted to dvxuser, everything shot with the F3 (except for the slow motion components that are FS700 raw instead):
  23. There is a new series starting up.... The Saga continues!
  24. Wasn't 100% sure what is true or joking in this thread! Had to go to the site and check. Yup. It happened! Let the conspiracy theories start. /puts on Tinfoil Hat
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