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  1. I ALMOST took them seriously in replying, until I saw your response. He scanned it himself! #dedication
  2. It is interesting just how little this has changed since 2017 over two years ago. (could the same be said if I was giving an overview of cameras? Well the GH5 / a7Smk2 / FS7 / & others would still be there and going strong, but we'd see many more changes all in all!) I'd mention the Tascam DR-05X alongside the Zoom H1 (which is now a Zoom H1n), nothing radical here though in their updates. A quick mention for the Marantz PMD-706 (an alternative to the Tascam DR70D?? Dunno, too few reviews out on the Marantz PMD-706). F8n/F6 of course get a mention. (The F8n and F8 having become even better than they were two years ago! Keeping their crown as the best sub $1K recorder. The F4/F8n still is a better choice for the aspiring PSM than the F6 is. However the F6 could be tempting for the solo shooter who does everything in house) The MixPre10T would get a mention. (it is in a tough spot when it comes to pricing, is a lot more expensive than a Zoom F8n, get high enough up in price a person might just ask themselves why not go the whole hog and get a 633??) The big BIG announcements in the last couple of years are the Sound Devices Scorpio and Zaxcom Nova, these are groundbreaking / game changing / buzzwording recorders! (Zaxcom Deva 24 is perhaps worth a mention too, which had already been pre-announced back when I first posted this thread, but didn't start shipping until a while later. Maybe also mention the Aaton Cantar Mini as well while we're about it? Was also announced around about this time, but I think wasn't shipping quite yet back then) However all four of these recorders are well outside the scope of 99% of the readers in this forum. (although I dream to own one of them one day! I have however got a Zaxcom Maxx / Zoom F8n / Zoom F4 / Tascam DR680 / Sound Devices 552, purchased in that order. Plus a couple of handheld recorders too)
  3. Fair enough! Same reason I own a Brownie film camera (although mine was even cheaper than a DVX100, it was a gift!).
  4. "big circle effect" Good grief.... can't even use "bokeh" because people don't know what that is! Yeah my current profile pic on Facebook (and here on EOSHD as well, because they're linked together) is that, from a cellphone with faked shallow DoF
  5. I look at that and it boggles my mind as to why anyone would want a DVX100 in 2019! For anything but sentimental reasons / curiosity / shits & giggles
  6. IronFilm

    New use of 8K

    Old news, I worked on a film set a couple of years ago which was doing that! Was fantastic as it meant we had great sound for the car scenes as everything was done in a studio space (although one thing I wish was different was I wish the servers they had running this off was placed a bit further away, it was a noisy racket! This was some heavy heavy duty image processing power going on in the background), meanwhile everything was captured in camera because everything was playing out live behind the camera. (and much much higher resolution than 8K was being used!)
  7. Had to do that recently! Although still all in all I'm very happy with my Aliexpress Chinese C Stand
  8. Also wow, hasn't time flown: "Which Sound Recorder to buy? A guide to various indie priced sound recorders in 2017" Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Because you'd be diminishing the quality of your audio by mixing in with it everything else. It's disappointing because it is a crap solution.... like I said in my previous post. It is barely a step up from using the internal mic, maybe. What kind of travel stuff? If it is fairly generic ambiances of a location then one approach I might consider is: 1) lav into the camera itself for when I'm narrating 2) a Tascam DR-05X in my pocket to pull out and record a couple minutes of stereo ambiance for each general "scene" I'm in to mix in later on during post
  9. I think you already know my views that a mic mounted on a camera is one of the worst options. What is it you are trying to capture? If it is just a single person in front of the camera say for interviews or vlogging, then run a lav straight into it. I use an Aputure A.Lav for my YT vlogs going into my Panasonic G6. Why not use a mount if the camera is missing a cold shoe? A flash bracket still is cheap / lightweight. But if you truly MUST (at a great compromise to audio quality) use an on camera mic plugged straight into the 3.5mm port without any cold shoe, then this would maaaaybe be your least worst option: Saramonic SR-XM1 https://www.amazon.com.au/Saramonic-Omnidirectional-Microphone-Camcorders-SmartMixer/dp/B01N6P80OQ/ She is using an even smaller mounting bracket: You can tell how the audio sounds like night vs day when she compares internal mic / Saramonic / lav
  10. That is likely to only earn you pennies on the dollar, at best. I do agree, the trailer could be much MUCH better I feel, given what the content probably is. Which goes back to one of my first points: "What is your elevator pitch?" That should help you focus down on what your trailer should be about.
  11. #animalrescue #flyingdogs #puppies etc etc etc The possibilities are endless! The more niche a tag is (such as "#flyingfurfilm", at the moment perhaps NOBODY else is using it!), then the more likely they'll find your content specifically if anybody looks at that exact hashtag. The downside though is not many people are searching it.... While "#puppies" will have lots and lots and LOTS of people looking at that hashtag! The downside is your post might get lost among all the others... But that is ok, you only need a very small proportion of those many many people to find yours to make it kinda worthwhile.
  12. You need to identify what niche markets would this film appeal to. Then hit them! You also need to be clearer in what you're promoting, I read you entire post and I didn't even know what the name of your film is :-/ That is shocking, you should take every opportunity to mention it! (heck, I didn't even know the TOPIC of your doco from this thread!) You need to shout its name loudly from the rooftops! "FLYING FUR"! Also, how come when I go to youtube I can't see the trailer anywhere? It is all well and good having your trailer on Vimeo, but you need it on YouTube as well! You'll pick up far more organic views there on YT than you ever would on Vimeo. Plus what is your elevator pitch? You need to make that point more clear cut in your marketing. You're never using any relevant hashtags, how is anyone going to find you? One of your many niche groups you could target is indie filmmakers, you could write up about your journey, put out a BTS mini doco video, etc For instance if you got yourself featured on for example NoFilmSchool, then that would be a win! (because for as much as I dislike what NFS is in 2019, it still does get a lot of traffic)
  13. You're sounding optimistic! I wouldn't be surprised if Sony's next couple of cameras don't even have that.
  14. I haven't checked the latest eBay prices, but my gut guess (if you're patient to snipe a great deal) is US$500ish? Just check past sales history, that gives a good indication.
  15. "Come back in 2024 to right here again for further discussions on this same topic!"
  16. Ohhh.... how far off was I? Up or down? Don't rule out an OG Shogun, as they can be found dirt cheap, and have the basic capabilities to capture the 4K raw from a FS700 (although yes, an Odyssey would be able to get even more out of a FS700)
  17. @webrunner5 was right all along!
  18. Not just FF, let's not forget we've now got IBIS widespread in MFT / ASP-C cameras as well! That simply wasn't normal 5 years ago. Indeed, the last five to ten years has seen an explosion of affordable 3rd party options, many of which are pretty good! (thanks to 3D computer designing of lenses, rather than doing it the hard old fashioned way) This combined with the smaller size of cameras thanks to the HDSLR/mirrorless revolution means we can pull off shots that were just not possible before without a very experienced/expensive steadicam operator and rig. We're so lucky now! And while on the top of gimbals from drones..... drones is another big amazing change we've recently witnessed! No need to hire expensive helicopters to get that shot you want. I still want to see waveforms become much much more common place, so far only the GH5/GH5S has this?
  19. Wow! If it is this cheap already, how cheap will we see them become on eBay by this time next year? It will be able to reach current a7S mk1 kind of prices? One can dream. Hope this also means we can see some really aggressive pricing of a DX Z mirrorless when it comes out. You might be right there.
  20. @Otago , are you from Otago? He is definitely one of my favorite youtubers with a photography slant. Worth subscribing to his channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZb8uqR_73t8DlfpVfVbiEw
  21. Well the Z system lack 10bit internal, which Panasonic has (both MFT and FF). I think Nikon Z series is already arguably "the best" mirrorless at the moment, but if Nikon implemented 10bit internal then that would make their case even stronger. And this is why we'll see a Nikon DX mirrorless sooner rather than later. Because we're in the transition period to the new mirrorless era, and if Nikon wants to keep on dominating the low end market (which is key to do! As today's low end buyer might be your professional or keen enthusiast of the future, get them hooked while they're young!) then they'll need DX mirrorless cameras in the future.
  22. ha! No I just changed my profile pic last night (which I don't even remember doing.... I was out drinking last night) That was a photo from NZ's Beard Contest last year (this year's one is a few weeks away), the beard looks shorter because it is braided in that pic?
  23. Nikon DEFINITELY will not abandon Z Mount just like that, unless they wish to give up on their entire company for good! ha
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