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  1. Get any external HD recorder that you like with an SDI input. BMD Video Assist and Atomos Samurai Blade are two popular lower priced examples. (I've got the Atomos Samurai Blade)
  2. That's a good price for it! I've seen them listed for higher prices. But even $400, is still four times higher than the dumb mount adapters for FZ.
  3. Manual lenses only (only you want to pay a LOT more for your adapter)
  4. Yeah, I'm not deny an F3 will be a "prettier looking" camera than an OG a7S But from a practical aspect, I'd prefer to pair an a7S as a B Cam with a FS700R, as when you need to travel your kit will be more compact, and opens up more doors for when needing to do gimbal etc shots.
  5. US$500? Yeah that's roughly what I'd gut guess an a7S mk1 would be. Shoot in 4K to deliver in high quality HD.
  6. Since the Varicam S35 / LT has came out, all of Canon / Sony / ARRI / BMD / RED have released (multiple! Each) cinema cameras. So yes, their refresh cycle is slower at the high end, but still, Panasonic is slipping behind.
  7. Damn, that's a GREAT PRICE! Even prior to Caleb's video putting the price spike on FS700 bodies. Is it the 4K raw version? With the price spike of the F3 (again, thanks to Caleb....) I'd pass on the F3 for now. Maybe get an OG a7S mk1 as a dirt cheap B Cam to your FS700? At least you can easily put that on a gimbal if you need to (or whatever else you want a small camera for, like a lightweight slider, or jib, or car rig), unlike the FS700/F3. Plus the same 4K recorder you use with the FS700, you can use to get 4K out of the a7S mk1 as well. Mine was
  8. Have exactly ZERO problems with the GH5S losing the mechanical shutter, and gaining an eND. How many people are buying the GH5S anyway for serious hard core photography usage? Ouch! I used to shoot with an a5100 (over heating SUUUUUUUUCKED! But otherwise I liked that camera), sad to hear AF hasn't got better than that standard set by the a5100 years ago.
  9. It's killed the C70, only reasons to get a C70 now are: 1) autofocus 2) desire for a shall mirrorless mount (damn you BMD, give us a MFT Mount! Or even E Mount) 3) belief in the magical "Canon color science" 4) irrational hatred of BMD (we know many of those people exist!) (as for DR, am always ultra skeptical about manufacturer claims, have we seen a head to head shoot out in a controlled manner between a C70 and P6K? As for battery life, once you slap a V Mount on it, this hardly matters) Do I detect sarcasm? It would be sarcasm if I wrote it! ha Yes, but
  10. Nah, BMD should forget about anything above 6K resolution. They already have their "HEY LOOK AT US" cameras with the UMP 12K (and the cheap cheap Pocket 6K camera). I'd like a URSA Micro Pro, put the existing UMP G2 body into something close to FX6/FS5 sizing/weight. Remember how the URSA line up originally was meant to have the option for a swappable sensor? I think the URSA cooling was overengineered so it could handle a sensor swap out for an 8K one, so perhaps a small URSA body with a smaller heat sink and whatever other advances they've figured out since then to miniatur
  11. What exactly are you shooting such that you're using 5x FS700R? Pity about Caleb making them popular again, if not for him, your average price could've been HALF that!
  12. Remember the Panasonic Varicam S35 is even older than the EVA1, and it still has seen no new release to replace it. But then again, they're still seeing usage! I'm about to start this week on a popular tv series shooting this season with 3x Panasonic Varicam S35 cameras.
  13. Yes The G9 won't overheat on you.
  14. Bang for buck with a tight tight budget, you still can't beat a Panasonic G85. You might even want to go cheaper, and check out a G7, leaves more spare dollars in the budget (which will disappear faster than you think). Just spend zero dollars on audio, and get someone else to do it instead.
  15. "No they wouldn’t" Perhaps don't buy the latest and greatest then, buy last generation, which is still GREAT STUFF! And then put all that spare cash elsewhere, where it will make a real difference.
  16. Or let depreciation work for you and get a FS5/GH5/X-H1 instead?? Seriously, with the way the world and the economy is, I'd minimize spending and look for best bang for buck. Let others take the depreciation hit! Not you. Will any of your wedding clients really tell the difference between if you shot it with a X-H1 or X-H2??
  17. More like the love child of a S1H and the FX6 I think. I wish they'd release a pro APS-C camera, or at least an APS-C camera which didn't suffer from HORRIBLE amounts of rolling shutter. I do not mind rolling shutter though, so long as it isn't horrific. Could, I couldn't cope if it was even more expensive than the a7Smk3! (plus who'd then buy it over an FX6 for only marginally more?!) Guesses: 1) crippled stills mode 2) no IBIS
  18. I'd LOVE that! But then it would be called a "FS3" and not a "FX3".
  19. Am looking forward to recording this new hairdryer.
  20. I agree that photo is almost certainly a VENICE, just seems a teeny bit odd the cable coming out the side? This month I'll be starting on a 13 week tv series shooting with three VENICE. Hope this FX3 is basically a stripped down FX6 in a S1H body, but with an eND and a lower price. (can still use the smart shoe for audio)
  21. Can I call my Lectrosonics Octopak my most "fun" piece of equipment? I think it was my favorite acquisition of 2020! https://www.instagram.com/p/CF58DTCMX95/ Definitely made the process of handling RF distribution better! (and power, and cable running in general more tidy))
  22. Thought he used Nokton native MFT Mount lenses?
  23. Well, perhaps not the a7 would have, but one of the other hybrid mirrorless would've got it! Remember, we got already got 10bit in mirrorless well over two years ago. (and external 10bit even longer ago before that)
  24. Hell no! Nobody wants to run out of space in the middle of a shoot, and not be able to swap cards out in a jiffy.
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