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  1. Many of us thought an a7 series (or similar hybrid) from Sony would have had an eND within 2-3yrs back 2-3yrs ago!! We'll probably see another couple of years pass by once again with nothing happening....
  2. If you've got a tight budget then just pick up a BMD P4K instead! (or Z Cam E2-M4) Do you NEED 6K??? No you don't, and the P4K is otherwise almost identical to the 6K. (except on some minor points, such as a mildly smaller sensor size, but if that is a big problem just get yourself an extra UWA lens, such as Tokina 11-20 f2.8, or any of the many options from SLR Magic / Laowa / etc)
  3. I feel like all that the GH6 needs to do to find success, is match the specs of the GH5/GH5S combo and add an eND. That alone would make the GH6 a very compelling choice for many people, anything else would merely be a cherry on the top.
  4. It is not ridiculous in the slightest. Heck, there are even pro lenses which are f5.6!! F-Stop has relatively little to do with if they're "pro" or not.
  5. Very very few FX9 owners could 100% replace their FX9 with a Sony a1, they're too drastically different.
  6. Sadly you can't exactly edit a post here after you've made it.
  7. Just start a new thread here! (like this one) I personally don't think it is a great idea to make heaps and heaps of subforums, as that ends up diluting down the number of members viewing each forum regularly. But that's up to Andrew.
  8. Nope, you're wrong. I am NOT saying that "I am 95% confident that 20% of filming world wide with budgets over $25K use easyrigs". Am just merely saying that easyrigs "are common" on professional sets, that's a very loose statement with a wiiiide error margin. Would you require the same level of high standard of proof if I was to say "it is common for drop in ND filters to be used on professional shoots"? I'd hope not! And that we can instead all agree it is true.
  9. Sad to think I got into filmmaking basically at the very PEAK of camera sales, and now it is so so much less. @ntblowz, you could just about almost see me! If only the building at 2 Emily Place etc wasn't in the way. It's baaaaad news for the used market if you like picking up bargains. If for instance a future Nikon D500S gets released, you'll never ever see so many of those popping up on eBay a few years later, like you can find a Nikon D300S for ease dirt cheap.
  10. I've also got no great interest in 8K Fingers crossed for an affordable GH6S 4K camera?
  11. This is what many camera brands have been failing at doing elegantly for a long time. They need to fix this asap if they want to get a grip on their falling sales. This too. End the Fed. I hope it is not US$3K, or even $2.5K The GH5 already at sub $2K was setting a record for the most expensive cameras Panasonic ever released when it came out. But like @Nikkor was referring to.... Unfortunately that slice of the market would be merely a rounding error in their annual financial report for Samsung.
  12. But even say a lightweight Fuji X-T3 / P4K / GH5 / etc, once you add a mattebox, SmallHD 702, timecode box, wireless transmitter, and a v lock to run it all, then you're up in weight to a few kilos. Yes, much much lighter than an ARRI rig, but still, worth using an easyrig for.
  13. https://www.local695.com/magazine/using-an-exoskeleton/ That article was a good read, and repeats my point, that Easyrigs are very very commonly seen on film sets.
  14. Because they're Saramonic? That's my first and second guess as to why. Still, if that's your worst complaint, that at least means they're doing a million miles better than their total screw up that was their initial release of the UWMIC9
  15. true true, peoples interest in a new release are totally out of whack compared to those who'd actually buy it! As we all love to drool over the latest high end new gadget... Anybody got an Aaton Cantar X3 I can play with?
  16. Yes. But the shipping will bankrupt you.
  17. Am skeptical the buyers of the Fujifilm GFX100S vs X-H2 would break down to a ratio of 10.73% vs 89.27%
  18. The Sony FX6 is in the same similar ball park for pricing, and yet we had many of the "usual suspects" all uploading their reviews of the FX6 only minutes apart, as soon as the embargo lifted.
  19. You don't want to shoot lower either. Just pretend the option to change ISO doesn't exist!
  20. I think 95% of this forum would've preferred for Fujifilm to release the X-H2 instead.
  21. None of them! I'd get the Sony FX6 instead, as it is the same price / cheaper than them, yet will be: a) in higher general demand b) & a more pleasant shooting experience.
  22. Because the camera sucked. The BMD Production Camera 4K only exists because BMD was trying to rush out the door a 4K S35 camera, the later 4.6K sensor is vastly superior. And poor low light capability. And awful ergonomics.
  23. Z Cam is doing that, with their Z Cam E2-M4 for only US$1.5K, the E2-S6 etc BMD isn't shabby either with the value they offer us with the P4K etc
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