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  1. I'd be very very surprised if Apple purchased RED
  2. You'd be surprised by how many of those types of cameras are shot on an ARRI Mini as well, when they've got the budget/resources for it. (although certainly RED is a more common choice, especially before the Mini was launched)
  3. The entire patent system is utterly messed up and should be totally chucked out, then started over again from scratch. This book is worth a read: https://mises.org/library/against-intellectual-property-0 ( Or a much more concise read: https://mises.org/library/case-against-ip-concise-guide )
  4. A video of my rather ridiculous rig I was using to film for my YouTube channel "Sound Speed!" at the Pro Audio Showcase 2019 last week:
  5. You still need to pay for the raw license though Ha, the PD170 is lucky to be worth even twenty bucks! Very true. Although the last time I worked with a SD camera was probably five or six years ago. I think she should buy a Sony X70 secondhand, or perhaps a Panasonic FZ1000 / Sony RX10 or similar
  6. "No wrongdoing"..... aside from all their documented lying in that latest episode??
  7. Can we add RED to that? Remember the Track E is only in early prototype status, they literally got it working merely days before IBC So exact details (technical and legal) are probably still up in the air. Just simply having a headphone jack can get Zaxcom's panties in a bunch. (remember Tascam....) They guy who wrote that was painfully clueless about our industry.
  8. People have already been limiting their gear (or other bad stuff) in response to getting around Zaxcom's patents. The list is long: Tascam Sonosax Lectrosonics Sound Devices JuicedLink etc
  9. That is absolutely insane, should I buy that instead of the Sound Devices 833? ha!
  10. A very rough breakdown of the space in terms of the ratios (not completely accurate, the sound proofed studio for instance probably would take up much more space than the repairs desk, even if the interior of it would end up being a similar ish size): A fifth of the space would be for a small bed (wellll.... I am talking about me, it would be a big bed! I'm a tall man). A fifth of the space would be for a mini recording studio which is fully sound proofed. (for those wild lines on set! Much much better to do it on the spot, than to try to arrange a time in the schedule of a busy busy and important actor) A fifth of the space for a comprehensive repairs desk / analytics / spares. Two fifths of the space for storage of all the gear needed for a feature film, big commercial, or a tv series shoot! You can see why I'm worried the truck might not have enough space.... And yes, I have thought about living in a truck, I follow this blog: https://frominsidethebox.com/ However the truck I shared an image of is by no means big enough at all to both live in AND have all my sound gear! Nope, couldn't possibly happen. (I barely have space in my apartment.... is a mess, overflowing with gear! And this is much much bigger than truck, and I have much much less gear than I would in my dream scenario!)
  11. Zaxcom says... NO! Sorry Anaconda, you can't. Not unless you spend mega mega bucks on Zaxcom wireless
  12. Yes, Xeen isn't about a change in image quality but a change in mount / ergonomics
  13. I noticed today as well that the individual lenses had dropped in price by $500 each, I think that is because the new Xeen Carbon Fibre lenses launched at the same price as the old ones. Who'd want to ever buy them now if they were not on sale??
  14. You're so frugal even in your dreams! You're still counting your pennies.
  15. Got lots more videos up on my YouTube channel from the Pro Audio Showcase 2019 Trade Expo! And many more to come. (sorry about the bad audio quality.... was a very very noisy location! And in hindsight I went way way overboard with the DNS-2 NR, you live and learn! Never had used Cedar in such an awful location before, now I know to not be so heavy handed with it in this particular circumstance)
  16. Hmmmm...... if that is so.... Then swap that Zoom F4 for a Sound Devices MixPre3! (and I say that even as a big big big time Zoom F Series fan! Love my F8n) I couldn't decide! Thus selected the Fuji which would be good for most work, but then if you really wanted that extra stop and a bit of light for a particular shoot then you've got the Sigmas as well! Please excuse me while I go list everything everywhere that ever has been made. As purely for my SOUND PACKAGE I'm going to need a truck to carry it all: Yes, this truck. This exact truck. I'm not even joking. My only worry? Is that it might be too small!
  17. Got lots of videos from the 2019 Pro Audio Showcase (our local trade expo here in Auckland New Zealand):
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