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  1. Yes, fingers crossed that Panasonic brings this attitude to all their new cameras, even their lowly GXxxx series of cameras!
  2. Worthy quotable segments: Good to hear that the S1H sales are exceeding their expectations! (I wonder if the $99/week rental of the S1H was a signal of slow sales, I guess not!) Also was surprised that up to nearly a THIRD of S1 buyers are also getting the paid firmware upgrade! Interesting comments at the end about the hypothetical possibility of Ricoh/Pentax joining the L Mount system.
  3. Well well well, the E M1 mk3 isn't the filmmaking flop we were thinking!! Sure, it isn't internal, but this is still a first for Olympus! Good job, inching forward after all.
  4. Perhaps in four years time I should buy up cheap a stock of Canon EOS-1D Mark IV cameras and be ready to sell them at a huge profit! haha At least the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV has a movie record option... of sorts!
  5. NAB is still two months away, and then it might be what, up to four months (or even MORE!) until products shown at NAB are widely available in stock? So you might be waiting for a product, that may or may not exist, and if it does exist, could perhaps is half a year away?? At what point do you say enough is enough, and pull the trigger and buy? If a Kinefinity is what you want, and it seems like a good deal to you, then buy! If not, then don't. As simple as that.
  6. FHD up to.... 24P!! WHAT. THE. FVXK. Please tell me that is a typo, otherwise what kind of sick joke is this? Edit: "Full specs on Canon's site says 24 fps for 4k, and 60 fps for 1080p." That's somewhat less bonkers. But still, surely you'd just rather buy a Panasonic G9 instead for roughly the same price?
  7. Put a Tentacle on the GH3 for even more accurate and faster syncing via timecode. I saw a couple of the latest Tentacle Sync E for sale up on Facebook for only US$200 each.
  8. Gee, you just reminded me how super old I am with my couple of GH1 cameras! Thanks.
  9. They'll likely update the DVX200 at some point??? Maybe. But at a much higher price of course than a FZ500
  10. If you're an indie filmmaker, then I highly highly recommend checking out HitFilm Pro! https://www.facebook.com/groups/426174967509293/ https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro
  11. I've worked with more than one professional cameraman / DoP who uses the monopod in a belt pouch technique. With small cameras, all the way up to a C300 in this manner. If you take long enough to make the film then you'll end up being able to outright buy an ARRI for your next film 😉 Not only is there the crazy talk of an ARRI Alexa Classic for as little as US$6K (or even, I know of one person who got one for only US$3.5K!!! Although I tend to see them usually up for sale for around US$7K to $8K+), but I have even seen an AMIRA sell for under US$15K!! Working with an AMIRA currently on a film, wish I could own one!!
  12. The Mavo models all got BIG price drops, a pity that even though Terra 4K is the oldest (and has never got a price drop before) it got the smallest price drop of them all. As it is, the Terra is over 3x more expensive than a BMPCC4K. Is it better? Yes. Is it 3x better?? Hmmm.... If Terra 4K had at least the same sized price drop as either of the Mavos, then a Terra would then be still more than double the price of a BMPCC4K but at least slightly cheaper than a BMPCC6K. (although, that's just for the bare camera, overall the Terra 4K would still come out as more expensive)
  13. Time for Panasonic to give us a GH6 in 2020 from 2023! 😉
  14. I've many times worked on documentary shoots, with a minimal skeleton crew of just myself (sound), DoP, and director and we're shooting on the likes of an AMIRA or Alexa Mini. It's doable. I've always thought of the battery in the BMD cameras (except for URSA series, which are V Mount) as an added bonus. As no matter of you're using a BMCC, BMPC4K, Micro, or any of the Pockets, the internal battery is just there to allow you hot swapping of external batteries. Very handy indeed! Or for super stripped lightweight shooting in short burst, specialised shots such as gimbals or car rigs.
  15. That is the beauty of the Nikon system, you can mount it on anything! The URSA Mini Pro can get a "native" Nikon F mount though
  16. I'm amazed people are analyzing the details of my wording so carefully! Ha Getting into the nitty gritty of arguing You are right People used to be very hyped about the release of each new DSLR, as it meant such a huge leap forward for them. Like we are when the GH3 to GH4, then the GH5 etc (hopefully soon GH6!) came along. As each step along the way was a BIG LEAP, made a big difference even for very casual users. Those big leap forwards stopped a few years ago for casual stills photographers. Yes, each new release is still an improvement, but no longer are they BIG step forwards. Plenty of 5Dmk3 (heck, even mk2) owners were happy to stay put rather than "upgrade" to a 5Dmk4 You can look at other tiers of cameras, from other brands too, say a semi pro APS-C from Nikon: look at the improvements (ignoring video) from D7100 to D7200 to D7500? Not anything that makes the casual photographer say they MUST upgrade Yet in video, almost any brand (even those who are dragging their feet, such as Canon, or who were totally AWOL initially such as Fuji, or who started then stopped only to start again such as Nikon) if you look at them over three whole generations of cameras it is easy for even a casual consumer to see reasons why they might say to themselves I must upgrade. What videographers don't very very much so want to go from a X-T1 to a X-T3? Or a GH3 to a GH5? D7100 to a D7500? Or a 5Dmk2 to a 5Dmk4? Yet there are shockingly many people who are just casual photographers and would feel "meh" about that upgrade (X-T1 > X-T3, D7100 > D7500, etc). Yes, they'd like that upgrade if it you gave it to them, but they won't spend their hard cold cash on it.
  17. I'd take a wild guess and bet his agent has a few other guys on his books as well? So his costs are even lower
  18. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    How was the X-H1 a "disappointment"?? I remember many on here being excited about it, as it was Fuji's best camera at the time! Is only in context of history as we look back with the X-T3 does the X-H1 seem a little "disappointing" This. THIS! Exactly this. X-T4 doesn't need 4K. Just add IBIS, plus further refinements (such as a full size HDMI, and my personal pet hobby horse... TC I/O!!).
  19. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    Wellllllllllllll........ he isn't proven wrong yet! Let's first wait (another two years?) and see if the a7s mk3 has a raw unit or not 😉
  20. With SmallHD and others making affordable high-bright screens which are daylight viewable, this doesn't seem like such a big deal? what if they implement IBIS worse than Sony? No thanks We want Panasonic levels of IBIS! There is already a Pocket 6K though??? Yup, we're always expecting to own our own gear. (then producers are shocked our rates are so high... ??? They're not! You're spending waaaaaaaaaaay more on the camera dept labour + rentals!) But anyway, my point is why shouldn't it be unreasonable to expect the DoP has a BMPCC4K / GH5S / whatever standing by if this is a critical shoot? And indeed, on many big budget shoots they'll often have a spare camera rented on standby "just in case" (especially if shooting on RED! Or on any very newly released camera, such as VENICE straight after it came out) I'm hoping for the URSA Micro with the P4K sensor in it! (and ND filters)
  21. Not the Pro version like you had originally planned?
  22. I'll often have a back up right here with me. Sure, I don't have a second Sound Devices 833 (or say a 2nd PMW-F3) but I do have a spare Zaxcom Maxx (or a BMPCC, to carry on giving a camera analogy).
  23. If you didn't have an agent, how much do you think that would impact the brand deals you could land yourself? Wow, that is almost nothing! (for a channel as good/big as yours that is)
  24. IronFilm

    A7s mki in 2020

    Same! It wasn't the FF which sucked me in to lusting over the a7S I came so so so close to buying an a7Smk1 back when it was a current camera, the hiccup was the sale was only to Australia citizens I was struggling to coordinate my ozzie cuzzie to buy it for me before the sale ended. (I couldn't for instance use my own credit card to buy it either)
  25. They might have a little, more than I would? But still, I wouldn't be surprised at all if my gf or sister don't have any makeup/fashion tutorials in the first couple of pages of their YT feed. Heh, I should take a look and ask my gf when I get back from tomorrow's shoot, am curious now myself. I could guess, but would be interesting to see.
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