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  1. If you want to stick with Panasonic MFT (like your G6), and you don't care about the IBIS in the GH5/G9, then yes the Panasonic GH5S would be your "best" choice. (for maximum bang for buck though, consider also the Panasonic G85) But if you're to consider other Panasonic choices then consider: Panasonic S5 or S1 (or even S1H, if you have the cash). But if you're to consider other MFT choices then consider: Z Cam E2-M4 or BMD Pocket 4K.
  2. IronFilm

    A7rii in 2021

    A Nikon D750 is worth a look too! I'd even lean towards choosing that over a D810.
  3. IronFilm

    A7rii in 2021

    Primarily for stills? Why not a Z7? Keeps you in the same ecosystem! That's the smart practical choice. Oh! That's crazy cheap. But then you'll have the problems of the a7 mk2 series: overheating, short battery life, etc
  4. I feel perhaps 1 to 4 is only another generation away, perhaps? (a Z Cam E3-M4??) 5. they've already got a touch screen display option 6. 4K I reckon is plenty:
  5. The GH5S sensor could already do that speed. In fact the Z Cam E2-M4 ("same" sensor) does 4K 160fps 10bit internal!
  6. Ouch. Could you quantify how bad it is when you say "much noisier"?
  7. Fair enough, I might have slightly overexaggerated my point in my comment. Some people do spend some insane amounts on their hobbies! Be it golfing, drag car racing, stamp collecting, fishing, or whatever!
  8. If you're doing this commercially and making money from it (which is the only type of person who should buy an FX6, unless you're a rich playboy getting a toy, in which case price doesn't matter... just get the FX6!), then the price gap between an a7S mk2 + basic accessories vs an FX6 is under two grand. In the long run, seems like a slam dunk decision to go the extra cost for the FX6.
  9. Or get the Sony FX6, the price is broadly similar to the C70
  10. I was just about to suggest the same thing! It's definitely a great budget option, punching well above its price point.
  11. I'd pick the MixPre3 for its super small form factor over its 32bit "feature".
  12. I'll confess to having an Anti-Canon bias (which is arguably justifiable when you look at Canon's track record of being a jerk to its users, just because they had them "locked in" with the popular EF Mount, Canon felt like it could swing their cripple-hammer wherever they like). Thus from the start, it is hard for me to look favorably at the C70 (even though, Canon's done a better job here than usual). In my opinion, the Sony FX6 is overall a better camera than the Canon C70 for the same amount of $$$$. And my prediction is that the Sony FX Series (+ VENICE) will be more successful
  13. Do you think you'll be staying with your employment as a content creator for the foreseeable future, or instead soon going 100% freelancer? If the later, then spend the extra for an FX6 Otherwise, with your EF lenses, perhaps get a Blackmagic 6K Pro for cheap? If it is just going to be for your personal / side projects.
  14. Not saying buying a Blackmagic is a bad thing, I've got one myself! Have rented them too. And worked on many many many MANY shoots with BMD cameras. But I am saying, that I bet there is a large overlap between Blackmagic camera buyers and buyers of inappropriately cheap media.
  15. You could get these two: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1469797-REG/deity_microphones_deity_connect_2_4ghz_wireless.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1503004-REG/sound_devices_mixpre_3_ii_3_channel.html
  16. People who cheap out and buy a Blackmagic camera are also the same people who cheap out on their media... then blame the camera! Thus it is an important question you asked Robert ("what media exactly are they using??").
  17. Inflation? Or all of this! But I think it is also a good theory too, that as manufacturers have given up on the low end, more people who'd have been entry level camera purchases, have instead turned to the secondhand market! Which have helped keep some of those price hold up over the years.
  18. Half makes me wonder if I should hold onto my OG BMPCC for a while longer rather than selling it.... but then again, it's been a long time since I last shot with it!
  19. I'd also look into getting a Z Cam E2 Series. (such as E2-M4 or E2-S6) Would give you the features and quality you're seeking, you could even equip it with a "native" PL Mount or E Mount like the Venice itself.
  20. GH1? Yeah sure, maaaaybe. G85? Noooooo
  21. My answer is that it's cheaper, and has a better form-factor, including a screen. I see they've all got on them the very cheap SLR Magic 8mm f4 lens as well! Likely I bet they expected there to be a very high chance they'd be destroyed, as they were put in positions of high risk that might capture a "cool looking shoot". Thus smarter to use an E1 than an E2, as not even a Mission Impossible movie has an unlimited budget! (another "fun and cheap" factoid: the Zoom F8 was used for a number of recordings on set for Mission Impossible)
  22. Ages ago when it was on fire sale, what was it’s price? US$150? Or maybe it was a bit more. That Chinese Yi MFT Camera was dirt cheap brand new too. The only problem is they are no longer available at these low low new prices. And there seems to be no large supply of them secondhand to keep eBay prices driven down extra low.
  23. The original E2 being out of stock is to be expected! Has been discontinued, the even cheaper Z Cam E2-M4 has "replaced" it. Soooo close to reaching Firmware v1.0! Ha (wonder when that will finally happen??) E Mount is another option that they've got. (but also doesn't have eND with an E Mount ) Arguably didn't the GH5S / P4K / E2 / E2-M4 / Terra4K all share the same common origin as their underlying sensor they're derived/based upon? RED's patent lawyer trolls are the problem here....
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