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  1. I'd have loved a Sony RX with a 1" sensor and a prime lens such as the CM1 has. (I don't even mind if it was a smartphone or not) Would have made for an even more compact and more robust camera than the already small RX100 by putting a prime lens on it.
  2. This. Agreed again. This sentence is probably the only point I disagree with you in your entire post. Even if a person's volume is going to be all over the place, it is better to conservatively set your gain (ideally set to dual levels, like can be done in the Zoom F series and most Tascams) and only end up having a small part of your audio ruined than to use AG and get it mostly ruined anyway. The only time I ever ever use AG is when I'm rushed and I just want to quickly set up the scratch mic on a camera, and I know this (the on camera audio) is audio which will never ever ever be used in the final edit.
  3. Don't ever use auto gain. And like I said, that isn't at all the same as automixing! Subtitles? ha! Or get a handheld mic to pass around the audience. Or have people queue up to ask the questions in front of a mic.
  4. That was RED Raven.... Which they've now cancelled?
  5. Left Sound Devices for the last few years (had my own 552 straight out of film school for a while, but then later on went F4/F8n/Maxx), although I'd still use a MM1 now and then on a semi regular basis whenever I was lucky enough to use a boom op. But now I've returned, just today got the 1st 833 in the country!
  6. That feature is perhaps the 2nd or 3rd (maybe even 4th) most exciting feature about the Tentacle Sync Track E from my perspective. The biggest feature in my opinion is: TIMECODE!
  7. That's not how automix works, it's not the same as autogain. The fader values are being changed for the mix, but not the trim gain. Depends on the wireless, some are designed to be run at full blast, others are not. Test for yourself and find out!
  8. In 2040? It will slow down eventually the resolution wars. Just like with audio capture.
  9. Timecode! Easy easy easy syncing up everything. Plus remote stop/starting of recording without needing to dig under the actor's clothing. Ask Zaxcom.....
  10. Software patents should NOT be patentable, it is one of the core ways the current IP legal framework is completely broken. http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/fighting-software-patents.html https://www.wired.com/2015/02/eff-eliminate-software-patents/
  11. The Sony PMW-F3/F55/F5/FS700/FS100/AF100/etc and Canon C300/C500 (plus more recent cameras like FS7! And Varicam LT / EVA1 etc) were all affordable cinema cameras people could and did work with. It wasn't all just ARRI ALEXAs exclusively.
  12. It was June then, and is September now, I'm not surprised we haven't seen the camera yet. (if one exists??)
  13. Jesus himself could come down from Heaven waving a banner saying "RED LIED" and folks on reduser would still not believe.
  14. Does an AF anamorphic lens even exist??
  15. Did you watch the video? This is quite different. Panasonic does work on sensor development. Where is RED's "large team" of sensor designers that RED claims to have?? Actually, forget about "large team", where is one person who works in their sensor design team doing that? Rob Hummel doesn't know of anyone! Can you help me find someone? I'd love to read what papers they've published, and patents they've got, over their career. Again, NOT AT ALL THE SAME Not even in the same galaxy. Because not only was RED happy to share it, they shouted this proudly from the rooftops: "WE MADE THIS! OUR BIG SENSOR DESIGN TEAM! HERE MADE IN THE USA!" etc etc etc If they just refused to say, like Samsung not admitting to Sharp panels, then I'd have greater respect for RED than them lying (and contradicting their own lies! Because they can't even keep that straight). For sure, that parent is hell shady! And totally wrong. But all these other videos from Jinni Tech, like this latest one, are demonstrating the depth of RED's ethical character.... or rather lack of it! At every turn, wherever he seems to look and start digging, we discover more lies and unethical behavior from RED. Makes you question EVERYTHING about RED, have they ever been able to say anything truthfully? Will they ever in the future? If Jim Jannard or Jarred Land tells me it is raining, I'm going to make damn sure to look out the window to double check!
  16. I'm shocked you don't understand that is an INCREDIBLE BROAD PATENT which you just described, which should never ever have been granted in the first place.
  17. I'd be very very surprised if Apple purchased RED
  18. You'd be surprised by how many of those types of cameras are shot on an ARRI Mini as well, when they've got the budget/resources for it. (although certainly RED is a more common choice, especially before the Mini was launched)
  19. The entire patent system is utterly messed up and should be totally chucked out, then started over again from scratch. This book is worth a read: https://mises.org/library/against-intellectual-property-0 ( Or a much more concise read: https://mises.org/library/case-against-ip-concise-guide )
  20. A video of my rather ridiculous rig I was using to film for my YouTube channel "Sound Speed!" at the Pro Audio Showcase 2019 last week:
  21. You still need to pay for the raw license though Ha, the PD170 is lucky to be worth even twenty bucks! Very true. Although the last time I worked with a SD camera was probably five or six years ago. I think she should buy a Sony X70 secondhand, or perhaps a Panasonic FZ1000 / Sony RX10 or similar
  22. "No wrongdoing"..... aside from all their documented lying in that latest episode??
  23. A date to put down in some of our calendars!
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