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  1. Interesting trade! Would love it if you one day wrote up a details pros/cons of the modern (but "budget") Z Cam S6 vs the old vintage (but "pro") RED Scarlet MX!
  2. It is also a very normal price for top of the line / sports camera. The Nikon D6 and Canon 1D X Mk3 are both over US$6K. This Nikon will be positioned as the Nikon mirrorless replacement of these. Just like the Sony A1 is! (which is also over US$6K) Had the BTS Set Photographer on today's film shoot (was one of our bigger days today, had nearly two hundred cast and crew on set, just for today's shoot) showing off his Sony A1 to me and raving on about how awesomely amazing it is for his photography. (he comes from a Canon background beforehand) Both great cameras, but also bo
  3. Have you tried posting to user support forums for WordPress? As there is a great community behind WordPress supporting it.
  4. What made you go down that path? Was the price unbelievably good?
  5. That's an issue you had with your theme though, not with WordPress. And was it a paid or free theme? Even if a paid theme, most of them are dirt cheap, so there isn't built into their pricing the ability to provide substantial support.
  6. Exactly, this is one reason why recently I've had a change of tack and I'm trying to get more jobs as a Boom/Utility rather than a OMB Mixer. Although, not quite working out like how I'd have hoped on the current 12 week long job, as I'm a more knowledgeable/experienced drama mixer than the guy I'm working under.
  7. Doesn't sound as good. I started with a NTG2, then I "upgraded" (it wasn't!) to a ME66, then I got a Sanken CS3e / CS1e (and many others since!). Should've just skipped those first two and gone to something decent.
  8. You were claiming that casting a female VP in 1989 would be unheard of, and it would create a big impact to do so, and I just proved that literally decades earlier it was not just happening but not just the VP but even the presidency! Exactly. There are many.
  9. Yup, I mean the 1st AC basically runs the details of the camera dept... freeing up the DoP to look after the "big picture" and interact with the Director / Gaffer / etc
  10. No. Please don't. The bare bare minimum should be the Deity S Mic 2.
  11. A female VP in 1989? UNTHINKABLE! Oh wait, except in in 1953 we had a film with a female President: "Project Moonbase" (to give but one example of many)
  12. Too many downsides to a cardioid lavs, they're incredibly rare/niche items.
  13. So true! Often we think this artist / book / film / fashion / song was so amazing, because we experienced it at a formative moment for ourselves when we were teenagers or in our twenties. While as we age, all this "modern nonsense" seems repetitive and boring. I bet if this current moment in time traveled back to our formative years and we experienced it fresh and brand new, we might very well feel differently about it.
  14. Definitely a lot of risk aversion going on, am currently trying to embrace more of that approach myself (whatever role that it might be I'm doing in the department, be it Mixer, Boom Op, or Utility). Not because I want to, but because I understand that it will help me in the long run for where I want to go. Thus each time I'm thinking about questions of lav placement, boom angles, plant deployments, or whatever else, I am trying to play a better balancing act between "safe" and my natural desires as a perfectionist.
  15. Of course for that price (or lower) at B&H (of $69.99) it can't be beat. But I'm just letting my natural biases as a Production Sound Mixer shine through. If you want a field mixer: then buy that, such as an F8n/F6/MixPre3/etc, not an H1n. If you want a bodypack recorder: then buy that, such as Tascam DR10L / Zoom F2 / Tentacle Track E / etc I just don't see a place for the H1n. Where does it fit in?? But hey, that's just me! And my perspective. Not everyone is the same.
  16. Many people have no desire to be a director. Thus if the experience they're gaining while a 3rd AC helps make them become a great 1st AC (or DoP), then that's perfect. But even so, I think if more directors spent a year as a 3rd AC on a wide variety of productions, I think they'd be a better director!
  17. Just for storage/transport? Or to wear it during the shoot itself?
  18. People have been made to be terrified of each other. What I'm saying, is there hasn't been a balance in the messaging. Telling people to still go outside where they please, and enjoy the sunshine and life.
  19. Not surprised, I know of a friend or two in the real estate business who'd at their peak would be pushing close to that in a year. Ha! I bolded the relevant points. Sometimes I'm tempted to dabble in Sound Post. But it would be distraction from my main focus (are there any absolute top top tier drama sound mixers who are also equally top of their game in post audio too? Nope). Also, when would I find the time? Lately been doing 100hr+ weeks (when we're not in lockdown though... like we are currently. At least it ends tomorrow! yay).
  20. Pity they don't have any Nikon 1 series cameras to put it in!
  21. (bolding mine) That's not healthy at all! What are going to be health consequences due to many people being short of Vitamin D? And because they've got less physical exercise due to not going outdoors as much? The mental health consequences due to being lockdown for months on end? The MSM/politicians/"experts" will have a lot to answer for due to their feeding of this paranoid hysteria.
  22. And timecode! And waveforms! And TA3F with P48! And full size HDMI! (with an additional bonus mini SDI output?? Seriously, these heavily video focused cameras such as the S1H/GH5S/a7Smk3/etc should give us a second independent output. Then your on camera monitor could be log with info overlays, and the director etc can get a clean Rec709 feed)
  23. Hopefully that means inclusion of tools such as punch in focus while recording, anything but micro HDMI, waveforms, timecode, and other such key tools video professionals expect. Hopefully Panasonic's new organic sensor comes out and becomes mainstream sooner rather than later, to shake up this current near monopoly situation.
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