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  1. For me, this is the headphone with a mic built in: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/766095-REG/Remote_Audio_HN7506DBC_HN7506DBC_HN_7506_High_Noise_Headphones.html
  2. Maybe. Maybe not. You'd also be shooting with a larger pixel size.
  3. https://michaelcioni.tumblr.com/post/12545974259/scarlets-web Interesting, the rental houses never planned to make money from the Sony F35? But rather it was a loss leader to keep the clients coming back to them.
  4. This isn't a big deal at all, you can just have smart variable re-scaling, like the JVC LS200 does! You can set it manually. Doesn't have to be 7.4K in S35, it could be a bit lower resolution (6K) and still be 4K when in 4/3" mode. Was using that so much today with my Sony PMW-F3 while doing voxpops on the street, it is so handy to be able to do it while recording.
  5. I'd go for the P4K (the benefits of 6K vs 4K are far outweighed by how much it would have to suck to use EF instead of MFT). P4K vs C100 means: Timecode. Easier gimbal usage. 10bit. 4K. Mirrorless mount. Slow motion. The ergonomic downsides won't be a deal breaker because you're either doing sit down interviews (which are controlled settings, the P4K is perfectly great for this) or B Roll (thus if you miss a moment that won't be a deal breaker in the edit, or you could often re-do it). Would be different if you said you're a sports shooter, or reality tv camera
  6. The P4K/P6K accepts timecode, so you could just get yourself a TC box and a TC capable recorder (such as the MixPre3mk2 or Zoom F6) and you'll have easy & frame accurate syncing.
  7. Go for closedback headphones.
  8. Unfortunately their 7" one has a bit of a noisy fan, but their 5" monitor I've worked with is quiet.
  9. If I owned an ARRI M18 I'd be bragging about using it in every IG post I make!
  10. I like that in the Audio world that the FujiFIlm NP-50 battery is becoming a "standard" of sorts used across multiple different brands of audio gear!
  11. Wow. This is sounding amazing for the S5. I almost DO NOT want the new Panasonic S5 to be too cheap with its launch price, otherwise I'll need to seriously reconsider my plan to get a Panasonic G9 But anyway, I've pushed any camera buying thoughts off into the future, as I just am about to spend thousands and thousands of dollars more on audio gear. Will be broke for a while, especially in this current economic environment. Or the "complicated" relationship between myself and my GF
  12. From a business perspective they should want to not fvxk over their current loyal fan base. If a brand did that every generation for no real reason at all, it would be a big negative against me buying it.
  13. Could even the famous 416 live up to this level of abuse?? (this is about the Deity S Mic 2, not the Deity S Mic2S, but I didn't want to make a new thread just for this)
  14. What are you filming? Could you use telephoto primes? Can you go tripod/monpod instead of handheld? Remember if you go with MFT, you'll get extra reach! Easier to find affordable very long zooms then which are f2.8 Agreed. (and not just because you mentioned sound)
  15. Meh, almost all of their FF mirrorless cameras are known for overheating, doesn't surprise me that their smartphones will too. They've been around a long time though, one of my earliest (non-Symbian) smartphones was a Sony!
  16. I can see AF having a great appeal in lower budget productions (exactly the kinds of ones that would use a C300/FX9! And not an ARRI), where they'll have a 1st AC (because productions need that, even if no focus pulling is being done) but they'll lack the budget for a proper professional career 1st AC. Instead they'll have say a 2nd AC who is stepping up, or perhaps a videographer who supplements his work with a bit of AC work, and those kinds of folk. Thus the bulk of the shooting is done with manual focus pulling on nice cinema lenses, but for tricky shots such as on a gimbal or l
  17. As RF Mount has a long future, and M Mount a (at best!) "murky" future, then the choice is clear for Canon: send them to RF Mount. Canon doesn't want to risk M Mount users (when they have to move on) choosing a non-Canon brand when they upgrade. Canon already has the risk of customer leakage as we transition away from EF, they don't want to go through that cycle all over again in a few years time! (when M Mount dies) Initially, for the Canon Rebel buyers, all they need to initially do is put out an APS-C Kit Zoom Lens at the same time as an APS-C RF Mount camera is released.
  18. Who remembers the original URSA Mini announcement from years ago? If I recall correctly, they did say it had a gyroscope built in to record that data for VFX work in post. Of course, in the final launch that feature got dropped. But maybe as this gets more popular, such as the FX9, then we'll see more and more having it. Time for an URSA Mini Pro G3 with the promised gyroscope?? If BMD puts it in the URSA Mini Pro G3 then it is certain to be supported in Resolve as well!
  19. If you're never hardwiring yourself to a camera, then you've got nothing to worry about. Otherwise, use a phantom blocker. ( I never have, as when I used my F4 I was only rarely hardwired and when I was I just simply took care with what I was doing) They should do the same job, but the Triton Audio is smaller.
  20. 24,000 ISO is kinda getting ridiculous for most purposes, what do you need it for? Why not just use T0.95 lenses then you could get a Panasonic G9/GH5 for sub US$1K?
  21. Interesting theory @kye, I'd love to believe it too, but what makes MFT sensors so much more special for automotive cameras vs using 1" sensor (or even smaller)?
  22. I'm a Sound Mixer, and yet a C Stand still rates as one of my best investments ever.
  23. There is a setting in Facebook Memories that you can make it never bring up a past post with certain people in it, so they're excluded. Exactly so that ex GFs / dead relatives / etc don't come up again. Also, I strongly doubt Facebook will be around in 60yrs! Remember Friendster? Bebo? Myspace? Geocities?
  24. There goes Blackmagic once again ignoring the hot new trends of the current year and doing their own thing instead! 1080 per camera is too little for VR Record internally, and use a switcher/combiner for the director/you to monitor what's happening in the scene. Z Cam E2 really is the best option right now for multicam 360VR setup on a "low budget". Careful now, you can't say that in 2020! Hard to know when a much better option than the E2 will come out. If I was to take a wild guess: If the GH6 comes out with a new sensor (which is by
  25. Does anybody recognise what TV show this is from? Guessing a Reality TV Show.
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