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    Music videos...

    Yes, because successful music videos are sooooo original.... on which point, this would be my favorite music video of the month:
  2. World's first ever timecode? On an audio recording from the mid 1800's!! Jump to 36 minutes in: https://youtu.be/75UrxueiP-4?t=2144
  3. Am also listening to this fascinating YT video at the moment:
  4. Am definitely going to listen to this
  5. Next gen FS7 will have the VENICE look to it
  6. We're mere days/weeks/months away from the rumored announcement of Sony's full frame cinema camera announcement(s), which I bet will devastate Canon when it comes to pricing!
  7. haha, no relation whatsoever! His beard is too short. Maybe he is a 2nd cousin three times removed? Had a catch up recently with my (many!) siblings last weekend, and I realized we ALL HAD BEARDS. (except my sister, she didn't) The plane coming in from the right at the very very last second was what cracked me up.
  8. Oh I'm certain there must be EOSHD members who own an ARRI and a set of PL lenses!
  9. Nah, I'll look stupid only having a single prime PL lens instead of a whole set! Nah, dollar for dollar then Nikon F mount manual lenses are a better buy 😉 Small wins. Literally looking a gift horse in the mouth Nah, get her a secondhand Nikon D5200 for cheap as chips.
  10. Had a quick look online as to the Gen1 prices vs Gen2. MixPre3 Gen2 is the same price as before. But the MixPre6 has a fifty dollar USD price drop, however the 10 has a massive US$400 price drop with Gen2! :-o Whoa. If this has happened a year ago it might have made my decision vs buying the new F8n instead a bit trickier. In my eyes the biggest improvements is the MixPre6 Gen2. Because internal TC means you can now fully use all Six channels like its name MixPre6 says! Rather than giving up that 3.5mm input any time you want to use TC. Plus gaining copying to USB thumbdrive helps give that peace of mind you want in your main recorder on a shoot. Plus the small price drop is the gravy on top. Although the MixPre10T has become the most appealing of them all to me, because of that rather big $400 price drop! Hmmm... ah well, I won't given into temptation! I've got two lovely recorders already with the F8n and Maxx :-) While the MixPre3 has remained at the same somewhat high price (hard to buy a MixPre3 when the MixPe6 is only a little bit more), yes it gains internal TC which is great, but it doesn't help the MixPre3 as much as it does with the MixPre6. Am guessing that perhaps their MixPre series has been more successful than they thought. Thus why they followed it up with the MixPre M series and the big 10T. Then the MixPres' continued success, which probably has paid off all their initial R&D costs, allowed them to consider rolling out Generation 2 sooner than they thought. And they know from the MixPres track recorder that they'll sell a high enough volume of them to justify putting a bit more into them, such as a TC generator.
  11. That is really sad 😞 They've got on tap a fantastic source of info which is @Cinegain , just going to waste! I just (less than five minutes ago) purchased my first PL mount lens. Please slap me over the head and call me silly. Arguably even more stupid for me to do than buy a EF mount lens. (maaaybe... it is a close call)
  12. I've noticed the mood though has changed with both the typical forum goers (there was a time not too long ago when even many EOSHD posters were blind to many of Canon's shortcomings) and also the average non techie / gearhead is waking up to mirrorless being the future. Just look back and see how much better the mainstream average joe is in realizing the shift, back in the days of GH1/GH2 if you were a fan of them then you were often a lonely voice in favor of mirrorless in general. But now you'll see plenty of people who'll suggest a mirorless first (be it a GH5, a7S, X-T3, or whatever).
  13. HUH??? They changed the sensor between the UM 4.6K and the UMP?? I thought they had the "same" sensor?
  14. IronFilm

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    The GH5 is so dirt cheap secondhand, the GH6 will surely cost significantly more. If you need a 2nd camera now then don't hesitate to buy a GH5! Is still fantastic value even in 2019 So an eND like the FS5 A GH6 which is simply a GH5S plus IBIS & eND would be enough to make me very very happy! (especially if it was sold at GH5 prices...)
  15. Sadly neither the X-T30 or a6400 has IBIS
  16. In the past Canon gave us overheating. In 2019 Canon has gone boldly where nobody else has gone.... and offered us underheating!
  17. What an evil colleague! €250 is a hell of a price for an OG BMPCC in 2019! Worth getting just so that you have a B Cam / backup to your BMPCC4K Exactly
  18. Glad to see another Australiasian here on EOSHD!
  19. The F3 did not initially launch with S-log, but it was promised to come in the future. And it did, with a VERY HEAVY PRICE TAG! (I think it was around three thousand dollars?? But then again compared to the price of the camera itself... perhaps not so extreme after all?). Then in response to the heating up competition (such as the Canon C300) then Sony dropped the price to just a few hundred dollars, and then later on released S-log "for free". (But the free version lacks 444)
  20. Ah but the F3 doesn't need any hack. And you're getting: Great low light. Timecode / SDI / NDs 1080 resolution Super 35mm resolution. I think if the DVX100 only missed out on one or two of those factors then perhaps I could still see the appeal of the DVX100, but at the moment it just seems too outdated compared to the competition (such as an F3.... of even FS100/FS700, or heck an AF100 also from Panasonic)
  21. It was bits and pieces being shot for a feature film, but sadly I think the odds of that feature film ever being completed and seeing the light of day looks bleaker and bleaker :-(
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