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  1. I expect producers will be pushing further to reduce crews to save costs, with cover of the "health & safety" excuse. Making the cameraman doing sound as well, or getting someone unskilled locally to do the job cheaply rather than bringing in the right person from out of town who has the expertise. Already been seeing this happen in response to COVID-19
  2. I like my Vivitar 28-90mm as a dirt cheap mid zoom lens Technically it isn't constant F Stop, as it is 2.8 to 3.5 But just set it to 3.5 and then it is a constant F stop zoom ;-)
  3. That's happened. But it is rare. If you had to buy an Alexa Classic today you'd be paying closer to $10K But I expect by the end of the year $5K USD Arri Alexa Classics would be When will a Mini cost sub $10K? Look at how long it took for an Alexa Classic to drop to that price! And I think the Arri Mini with its industry standard S35 sensor and (upscaled) 4K will stay at least semi relevant for a fair few more years. People are not going to just suddenly start hating and ditching the Mini within the next two or three years. Nope, won't happen! Which is what you basically need for a Mini to drop well below $10K. Thus I voted for 5+ years (although I wouldn't be surprised if before then a few rare bargains pop up slightly under $10K, but they'd be the exception and very rare) Didn't the Classic start at a bit higher price than the Mini? I think also the desire to use cameras that can be more compact, is a factor which lead to the Classic dropping in price, while the Mini is very popular. Personally I'm curious as well about what will happen to AMIRA prices, they're already really close to dropping into sub $10K prices, only a few thousand off!
  4. Yup, I personally feel that zero is the optimal length for any IP. But that will never happen, so I'd say instead just abolish what we can (such as software patents, that might perhaps be an achievable goal) and drastically reduce as much as we can for everything else. (perhaps 10rs for patents, and 25yrs for copyright, or death. Whichever comes first) This is a worthwhile read if you want to go deeper into this: https://mises.org/library/against-intellectual-property-0
  5. My view on copyright is that a good first step would be to slash the length of it in half. A good second step would be to slash the length in half, again.
  6. Reckon there are toddles who could bash out a similar painting faster
  7. IronFilm

    Lighting Help

    NoFilmSchool had descended into trash in recent years, nothing like the early years when it was one of my favorites. PremiumBeat Blog is "ok". Newwshooter and Redshark News are two of my news sites I check out the most! (and here, of course, and some sound & economics sites too) But for learning lighting, I reckon YouTube has some of the best content (just a couple of videos from each, dig deeper with each channel, so much more content there!): Luke Seerveld CookeOpticsTV Cinematography Database Fan Indy Mogul Gaffer & Gear Tom Antos Aputure CineSummit KINETEK Hurlbut Academy Andyax Grip Tips Hillbillygriptruck (a fellow Kiwi!) Media Division
  8. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    From keeping up with the thread myself, I'd say: 1) IBIS, but this is controversial... some are just saying the testers are being unrealistic 2) overheating? (although like the latest video said which raised this "issue", if you flip out the screen then that releases the heat. But he didn't go into how much longer the camera can go if you flip it out always?) Remember, the X-T4 is still only pre order, wait until it ships and gets into more hands before judging it!
  9. Quick overview of recommendations (very partial list! Just three for each) for anybody looking for low budget audio gear / videographer / cameraman grade etc gear: Wireless: Sony UWP-D21 (or previous generation UWP-D11), Deity Connect Wireless, or secondhand Lectro 200 or 400 series. Hypercardioid mics for indoors: Oktava MK-012, Audix SCX1-HC, Audio Technica AT4053B Shotguns for outdoors: Rode NTG3, Deity S Mic 2, Rode NTG5 This is the kind of gear which would be excellent for a videographer / cameraman, so audio isn't at all their primary focus, but now and then they sometimes "have to" do audio, and this will still give them acceptable results if used well. Or for student filmmakers, or broke/hobbyist indie filmmakers, or an aspiring semi pro just starting out, this kind of gear kit would also be an excellent starting point for them as well. Also suitable for professional sound mixers too, excellent back up gear on the cheap, or to supplement what they've already got.
  10. A few years ago I wrote up this overview of almost all sound recorders people on these forums might consider: Perhaps time for an update though! Although a lot of that is still applicable. I'd just need to cover some massive collapses in prices of secondhand gear (for instance a Zaxcom Nomad has become VERY affordable! Probably by far the best bargain buy right now I reckon), and also cover the MixPre Gen2 / firmware upgrades which mean a big change in my opinion of my MixPres, a mention of the Zoom F8n, and the latest Zaxcom Nova / Sound Devices 8 series as well
  11. Not unusual for some rechargeables in general to discharge gradually if left sitting around for a very long time. (not even in any gear) So be conscious of that. Don't set it aside for a year and expect it to be the same when I come back!
  12. Has been a while since I used the Zoom F4, heh, used it only once in the past year perhaps?? I ought to sell it. But I always powered it externally, so the exact amount of internal power left didn't bother me too much. However from memory, it always remained more or less the same? Even if it had been months since I'd charged the batteries. (as I'd only be charging my external battery!) If you're in doubt, and freaking out, just turn it on for a couple of minutes before you leave and check yourself!
  13. What is your approach to shooting and grading Panasonic G6 footage?
  14. Oh dear, stop making compelling arguments for me to spend even more. The Atomos Shogun 7 is interesting. But nooo.... we're in a Depression! I'll hold you to it! Here are my wild guesses / predictions for what live streaming products they'll announce: Web Presenter with 4K (or at the very least one that does FHD! And not just merely 720P. But also at a lower price, as at the moment Web Presenter seems a bit pricey vs say for instance the ATEM Mini?) Or, a 4K version of the ATEM Mini. They were getting their filmmaking tips from old school DoPs who used to shoot on film.
  15. Unique point of difference: The only person in the country with a Cedar DNS-2! (with kick ass Dugan automix in my Sound Devices 833 as well) Oh no... are you giving me an excuse to buy a second Sony PMW-F3?? 😉 Edit: In less than a couple of days Blackmagic is going to be announcing new live streaming products? https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/04/01/blackmagic-design-live-production-camera-update-event/ Seems like at the very least, before doing anything, I should wait for what this is!
  16. A couple of people here who just posted today seem to love their Cinela Cosi: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/35526-coolest-piece-of-equipment-you-own/&do=findComment&comment=371828
  17. Yeah, but wasn't the GX7 an old camera which was the first first ever Panasonic with IBIS? Not fair to judge Panasonic based on that one.
  18. I reckon a factor in the poor performance for the a7 series is they're trying to squeeze a FF sensor into an APS-C mount. Which doesn't leave much room to "wiggle" about. As for the a6x00 series? Perhaps because Sony just sucks now
  19. I did try to buy a NX1 yesterday but my offer was turned down 😞 And in 5-6 years the EOS M system will be a dead mount. Canon is certain to ditch support for it in the near to mid term future, the writing on the wall is obvious Agreed, I'd take even the likes of a Panasonic G85 over a GH4
  20. it is a mad mad mad world we live in, and our politicians are only making it even worse. Personally I kinda want to get the Blackmagic ATEM Mini, but I don't know: 1) when will they be next in stock?? (and which store is best to buy from?) 2) when will courier services resume, how long is the backlog, what is the risk of items being "lost" now? 3) will there still be a demand for live streaming by the time this finally finally gets to me??? 4) should I even be spending any extra money in these extremely uncertain times, and should I perhaps just keep every penny I can in my back account as a "rainy day fund"?? (as gloomy dark rainy days are surely here!)
  21. I'd be betting on it. Anything new from China is being massively delayed. Am sure it is still coming, just we'll have to wait.
  22. Wouldn't bother with any of those camera specific external preamps of the past in 2020, not when the Sound Devices MixPre3 is so very very very good and incredibly small and compact for such a cheap price too. (although if truly homeless levels broke, I'd still pick a Tascam DR60Dmk2 / DR70D over any purely pre amp add on) Do you need to always use a thousand dollar lens to make the most out of a Panasonic S1H sensor??
  23. You can find gear to buy?? For a little while there it seemed you couldn't get the popular live streaming gear for love or money!
  24. Haha, nooooo.... she's known my mum for the better part of a decade! They get along just fine. Don't think she'll be murdering her (or me?) when the purge sounds.
  25. That's disappointing you don't think the Cinela Cosi is worth it :-/
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