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  1. This recorder is an insane BARGAIN even at full price, but now it has gone on sale for the next few hours: **Zoom F8n 8-Input / 10-Track Multi-Track Field Recorder, US$799** https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1411499-REG/zoom_zf8n_zoom_f8n_multi_track_recorder.html
  2. Or maybe it will be unlike past a7S models and it will be priced sky high like the Panasonic S1H is, as I see it does share the big chunky body the Panasonic S1H has
  3. You seem to be mistakenly thinking the Z6 is "bad in lowlight" when it is not.
  4. haha, I'm glad to see you're fighting on both sides of the fence in the Epic Hair Splitting Great War of 2019
  5. Yeah perhaps the Z50 should be the one I should keep an eye on as my "next Nikon" Does it have 10bit external output as well? If only it had IBIS that would seal the deal! Sadly it doesn't. For a novice enthusiast you can ignore this whole splitting of hairs of raw D500 vs jpeg D3s etc etc etc A Nikon D500 is purpose built and targeted at exactly your kind of market!! The novice enthusiast through the serious semi pro amateur sports/birding photographer.
  6. I hope the FS5 mk3 gets this level of AF performance as a feature
  7. Fair point, D3s has a 50% longer shutter life, but there is also everything else about a heavily worn body over the years than just the shutter life. A cheap D3s has gone through the wars, while cheap D500 might just be a hobbyist who is bored and moving over to mirrorless now. Would cost an arm and a leg. Then after that.... why not just wait for the A7R V? Then after that, wait for the A7R VI instead? And then...
  8. Yeah, the best argument against the Nikon D500 might be "it is not full frame" But APS-C can be a BENEFIT for this type of shooting when it means cheaper/faster/lighter lenses to pair with it. Definitely want a D500 myself (although my next stills camera purchase has to be a vlogging upgrade, got a few G85 cameras in my watchlist currently, unless I suddenly get rich then I'll get a G9 instead. Then after that I can think about a stills camera upgrade, likely will either be on the cheap getting a D7100 or splurging for a D750. Convinced/advised my little brother to buy a Nikon D7500 earlier this year, although it is kinda criminal how he doesn't make proper full usage of it to the max) From my reading into researching buying one the impression I got was: 1) D3S has a slight edge at High ISO, but the D500 files hold up better with better colors at high ISO (I'd happily trade off a bit of High ISO noise performance if it means the image looks better, as some colors go nasty when the High ISO goes really high with a few cameras. As High ISO shouldn't be purely only about noise performance), and the D500 raw files can be pushed further than the D3S ones even at High ISO 2) D500 is 10fps vs D3S 9fps, so the D500 has the edge there? 3) battery life of a D500 with grip is INSANE, so I don't really mind which one has the edge here.
  9. Yet another reason to choose a Nikon D500 over a D3S Plus the D3S has such terrible video I wouldn't use it unless I had a gun put to my head. While the Nikon D500 I would very happily use its video for non-paying / amateur / personal / low key indie stuff etc. (of course if you're getting full time paid work then it would be the easiest thing in the world to justify a Nikon Z6, or heck even an UMP G2 purchase)
  10. You'd still recommend the Nikon D3S over anything else at that price point??? The Nikon D500 is pretty much around that price point (only a hundred bucks difference), and it is a radically more modern camera (and won't have the extremely high shutter count an old cheap D3S would surely have).
  11. Sound like then you should buy a Nikon Z6 As your only concern about it is a fake worry, its high ISO performance is top class. Don't prematurely discard and overlook MFT/APS-C! After all, the Panasonic GH5S gives us one of the best (if not the best) lowlight cameras there is! As for the DoF "look", do you have a problem with "the look" in nearly every Oscar winning film ever? (as they're usually always shot with S35 / APS-C!)
  12. There is something to be said for buying Nikon F Mount glass ?
  13. a) the Xeen 20mm is T1.9, not F1.9 b) I think at a few points he is just spewing a bunch of B.S. to make himself sound fancy with lots of words
  14. However the Z6 (along with the EOS R, although that is a far inferior choice for video) do have access to the greatest range of "native adapted" lenses! Which for many people would put a Z6 right at the top of the pile as first pick for photography.
  15. Bit of a stupid reason to attack Nikon over! Only two days ago was when the first CF Express cards were even ever available in stock: https://nikonrumors.com/2019/12/09/first-cfexpress-memory-cards-now-in-stock.aspx/
  16. What was your F-stop though? Couldn't you use say 1/300th? Do you have a handful of pics you can share? Nahhhh, look at the measurement results: Basically identical until you get to over fifty thousand ISO
  17. Have you seen the D750 vs BMPCC videos? (the OG BMPCC is a camera some folks might still argue hasn't even now yet been beaten by any other low budget alternative) Nikon is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better for video than people give them credit for! Nikon was first out of the gates with the Nikon D90 being the first ever HDSLR in the world, but then for years Nikon then badly lagged behind. Which is how Nikon acquired this meme of "Nikon is bad for video". But with the D800 then Nikon has woken up and started to offer their own decent alternative for filming with. Then with the D5200 (and subsequent successors) then Nikon really did give a fiercely competitive choice for the low budget filmmaker, and is what I went with back then as my main camera. Nikon then further cemented themselves (for those who were paying attention at least, and hadn't bought into the false narrative "Nikon is bad for video") with the D750/D500/D7500/D850, and finally now with the Nikon Z6 they've got a class leading "best mirrorless for filmmaking" (although this is of course highly subjective!).
  18. Would've been handy to have had the number stated just before each segment started playing! Was otherwise a little tricky to keep track of where it was up to :-)
  19. It depends an awful lot of you want to lean your bias towards video (such a Fujifilm X-T3) or towards photo (such as a Nikon D500, which is the best in the world crop body for sports photography, and takes rather good 4K video as well but by no means "the best"). Plus it depends on how "extreme" you going with your lens choices, as that impacts the budget allocation as well. For instance the NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR is a truly FANTASTIC sporting/birding lens. But it is not a NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR either, and that is no NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II Lens either! (which just that one lens would blow your budget) Plus what if you want your lens strategy to be a mix of lenses, perhaps a NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR for the outdoors daylight stuff? Then a Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens for indoor sports shoots. Or heck, go for three lenses and throw in the Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 as well! (you could potentially go crazy with all three lenses and a Nikon D500 body, and yet still stay within your $5K budget! If you go secondhand) Then you'd only have $2.5K budget for each system, for something that is already a very expensive niche (and could use up well beyond your $5K budget) Spreading yourself thinly out over two systems seems like a very bad idea. Ever shot (filming or photography) with a monopod? It makes a BIG difference! (this is why at the Oympics and all the other big sporting events, that many of the photographers are using monopods) Wouldn't recommend doing run & gun video with S35 @ f1.8 And how low low light do you really need?? Honestly think even a GH5 is just fine, people are beating themselves up over nothing, as "even a GH5" kills the bleeping heck out of many many past cameras that countless docos/sports/families/etc have been shot on! If you're struggling with low light with a GH5, the problem is 80% likely not to be the camera but it is YOU
  20. You could shoot in Aperture Priority, just shoot wiiiiide open! (the rest on auto) That will help keep shutter speed high and ISO low. If you feel that comfortable handles the conditions then you might want to carry on with Aperture Priority but with your lens stopped down by one stop, so that the lens performs better and you get more of the subject in focus. Or you might make a different tweak by for instance by capping Auto ISO at a certain max value which is the most you'd ever feel comfortable with (as you'd rather trade it off for more motion blur instead). Or perhaps you learn that say for instance 1/300th is the average "optimal" shutter speed for your type of shooting, that gives a nice balance between a sharp face but with some blur of the limps to help convey effectively the emotion of "speed", so you might just shoot everything in Shutter Priority instead! (perhaps tweaking it down to 1/200th or up to 1/400th if you know particular performers are slower or faster paced) Anyway, you see the gist of what I'm saying, experiment with an auto mode then tweak the other settings to nudge the result into the outcome you want.
  21. If you're looking for very high performance sports photography gear but on a tightly constrained budget then it is hard to look past the Nikon D500. Especially as they're going for such attractive prices secondhand now. Plus the Nikon 85mm f1.8G is an exceptional buy as well, a very good lens for quite a low price indeed secondhand.
  22. Would be amazing if the old old G7 gets a 10bit update, but I very very very highly highly doubt that! Doubt even the older lower end G85 would get it (and anyway, a G90 would get it first).
  23. Another thought is to buy both a Fuji X-T3 *and* X-H1 for the shots when IBIS is really needed. At least until a X-T4 arrives with IBIS Otherwise go for a Nikon Z6 or Panasonic GH5 If you don't want a mirrorless camera, then consider a Sony FS5 or JVC LS300 For sheer extreme tininess and cuteness the new MixPre3 Gen2 is a good choice for the solo operator, otherwise get a Zoom F8n, MixPre10 Gen2 or a secondhand Sound Devices 633 (they're going dirt cheap now!) if you want to specialize in sound but you've got no real budget. (or Zaxcom Nova / Sound Devices 833 if you're going pro)
  24. The YouTube compression is so extremely bad on that video it turned it black & white!! :-o
  25. Not even the FS5 can do 10bit, not unless you wish to be restricted to 1080
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