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  1. Is now 2020 and I'm still filming in only 1080 Heck, my last two YouTube uploads were in 720P!
  2. Don't bother with an external recorder with the Sony mirrorless cameras, as they're only doing 8bit external anyway! They're more useful (but not essential) with Nikon / Fuji / Panasonic / etc mirrorless instead. Ditto, don't really bother with external batteries unless: You want to use it mostly as a counterweight for your shoulder rig, or you're needing to power lots of accessories as well at the same time.
  3. It is on IMDB, but otherwise I've got no idea what is going on with that Panasonic G7 shot feature. Huh?????? Are Andy Lee and Brandon Li the same person???
  4. Wonder where I’d fall under? Professional: because the vast majority of my income comes from working in the film industry ....or.... Non-professional: because only a tiny proportion of that income is due to me operating a camera. And this is after all “a camera forum”.
  5. Government official: “But wait doesn’t that defeat the point...?” Kubrick: “Do you want quality or not.”
  6. Ohhh... That would be a surprise, but also quite possible that DJI could put out a RED beater As DJI has already made their large sensor RAW drone cameras Next step is for them to take that same camera and turn it into a more crew operation friendly camera for when using it purely on the ground
  7. I reckon 360VR has better chances of coming back as a delivery format than 3D, there is still much more life left in 360VR than 3D. You've actually living in 2039, having a vintage 2019 experience. You've actually living in 2039, having a vintage 2019 experience.
  8. I’m skeptical about gimbals dying out, but yes that’s might happen with steadily improving IBIS (however some companies might struggle at this, such as Sony who are trying to shoehorn a full frame sensor into an APS-C mount) however the really big change will come from integrated motion sensors into the camera to read back hyperaccurately for EIS with a sprinkle of AI magic Wonder which Chinese brand will deliver the killer blow, Kinefinity or Z Cam? False, the Nikon D90 “accidentally started” the HDSLR Revolution. And as the Canikon dulopoly watch each other like a hawk, Canon went “oh shit, we’d better add a video feature to our next release” (the 5Dmk2). If Canon gave the slightest damn about their users they’d already have put video in their Canon 50D, or even earlier. And then shortly after, a few years later, those niches died out. And are no longer in peak fashion
  9. Poor GH3, it's the forgotten middle son left out in the cold.
  10. It was 2014?? Time flies, that does make me feel old
  11. The ARRI ALEXA Classic does barely squeeze into fitting within the 2010's decade, came out in April 2010 Hmmm... good points! I was too much just thinking about cameras, but undoubtedly focal reducers and gimbal have had a MAJOR impact upon the past decade of filmmaking
  12. Easy, I'm choosing the original BMD Cinema Camera 2.5K Was groundbreaking for its price and quality. First camera with raw for anywhere near that price point. And was the entry of BMD into the camera market, who are now major player, which makes the BMCC 2.5K especially notable.
  13. I'd give a recommendation for the Zoom H3-VR as well, is crazy insanely cheap. Every VR hobbyist should have it. Although if you want to take it more seriously at a semi professional level, then get a Rode NT-SF1 / Zoom F8n kit instead, which is itself insanely good value for money as well, and will be another level above the H3-VR Yes, the usual platforms (Facebook / YouTube / etc) all support ambisonics For decades ambisonics was "a solution looking for a problem" Well it has found its problem, VR! Perfect match.
  14. When I saw the thread's title, I was fully expecting to click on the link and find this thread to be dedicated to porn
  15. But the less adapters used the better. And what about other mounts, X Mount / FZ / etc?
  16. I believe the Meike lens is fixed with the mount it comes with, you can't change it :-/
  17. They've forgotten the most important part of the Veydra recipe ? Swappable mounts!
  18. Could be a hijacked user's account which has been re-purposed, happens often with scams to help make them look more "legit" *cough* a certain *cough* "Egyptian" *cough*
  19. It is both..... either could be the bottleneck. The sensor might have a limit in how fast it can send out the data, or the processor might have a limit in how fast it can read that data sent to it. As more and more cameras get 10bit internal, I'd say the market for external recorders is going to die away.
  20. I've been called it more than once! Blowing hot air was he?
  21. Especially with the release of "The Mandalorian" just recently, and "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" tomorrow, the risks of Wookie attacks are much higher than normal!
  22. Thanks for highlighting that link from @noone , I'll need to remember to check out that article when I've got time. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2019/11/practical-use-of-field-curvature-graphs-the-50mm-primes/
  23. Christmas Day can not come soon enough for me! Looking forward to the break, overworked to the bone. Don't think I'm buying myself any Christmas gifts, I've done enough extravagant purchases during 2019! But we'll see what the Boxing Day sales bring.... Did you make this for the local police?
  24. Please don't use a blimp indoors :-( And definitely don't use it indoors with a wookie condom on it!
  25. They're not for sale. They're rental only. Which is also perhaps a reason why they're so often on these top lists, because productions don't ever own cameras, they rent them. And what is one of those major rental houses? Panavision! Makes sense they'd rent the lenses from the same places as the camera bodies.
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