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  1. At this point in time nothing would surprise me. If you'd said to me a few months ago we'll have soon a martial law lockdown with everyone in the entire country stuck at home I'd look at you like a loony conspiracy theorist. Kinda think we've lost a little of the ability to judge conspiracy theorists as crazy foaming mad loonies. Who knows now. Oh well. A few days ago (pre lock down) when mum dropped by for a final goodbye ("safely", at a distance. #socialdistancing) my girlfriend seriously floated the idea of buying rifle. That surprised me, never would have expected that seriously from her. But then again she's from an actually communist state, and has a lived experience which is quite different to my own as to just how far government overreach can go. Hope not. Don't be surprised if it gets extended for a third and fourth block of 15 days! I honestly think ALL LAWS should have a time limit to them (be it a couple of years or even a decade, not too picky about the number), if it is a good law today then it should be a good law tomorrow as well. And if it is such a good law, then it should be easily passed again with a quick yes/no vote to extend it when it comes up for renewal again. (and if it is a contentious law that it can't pass again, well perhaps it wasn't a law we needed in the first place? Or perhaps it just needs this pause for a rethink and a rewrite to improve it?) Also I really do not mind at all if politicians are kept busy renewing old expiring laws, rather than running around trying to think up new laws for how to run our lives.
  2. No 2K Has been years and years since I shot with a FS700. But I half suspect the internal F3 image is better than the FS700 internal image?? However honestly I don't know either way for sure.
  3. Went for a sneaky walk at night just now, so that I don't end up catching cabin fever instead while trying to avoid catching the coronavirus. But ten minutes into my walk, when I was about to take a photo of a night scene which had caught my fancy, I realized I'd left home having forgotten to put an SD card inside my Fuji! Replace the word "months" with "years" I fear, now that the powers that be realize how easy it is to introduce these measures!
  4. On my last day of freedom yesterday before martial law fell down upon us, I went out and purchased a total of 50 meters (that is 164ft for you Americans) of extension cables! Just in case I need to run power into my office/home from somewhere else in an emergency, should just for our part the electricity happen to fail :-/ Also going to be useful for if I want to set up lights for youtube videos nearby (but of course still within our self isolation office building!! Not outside, just like say the lobby downstairs). And of course after the lock down, long stingers are always handy to have on film sets! So buying 50m worth won't be totally money wasted.
  5. It is especially embarrassing for certain Americans when even little ol' New Zealand handily beats them on their precious freedom rankings 😉
  6. @EphraimP if you read in detail both of those links you gave you can read the reasons why the Electoral College was chosen as a method actually made sense way way back when the USA was founded, especially back in the pre-internet days! When we lacked instantaneous methods of communication. (perhaps the system could be updated for this modern day and age, although I reckon that process would lead to more troubles than it solves) Also, the USA is inherently a Federal system, part of me questions if a nationwide popular vote is even the correct approach for that? It's a point which needs to be carefully considered before embarking on a massive upheaval of the country's voting system. This wouldn't be such a major issue if only the President didn't today play such a massive massive role in the country, and instead had a more limited scope like the founders intended. Honestly I think that is a more productive pursuit to focus on rather than reforming the voting system, focus instead on reducing back the executive powers of the president and returning it back to the states where they belong. Fair enough if you think I oversimplified when I said "half". But I think it was clear enough obvious to anybody what a plain reading of what I said meant: There is a roughly equal ish divide of "Trump supporters" vs "Hillary supporters" (isn't the most efficient way to refer to that is to say "half", how else would you sum that that up in one word??) And yes, there are lots of gotchas and asterisks and footnotes that could be added to either of those statements to further clarify and expand on that point. But seriously, that isn't very productive is it and is just debating for sake of debating? We're discussing points like 19% vs 20% for instance! That's bloody damn close, it just further reinforces the gist of my original point. I reckon the meme of "but Hillary got most of the votes" is just as flawed & tiresome, if not more so. Ditto, we're mere hours away in NZ from martial law and a complete lock down for an entire month. (although I'm kinda half betting it will be extended to last even longer... unfortunately) Better pop out for a few more supplies to keep me occupied for the next month! Such as finishing building my sound cart. (ha! It never will be "finished", I'll be 70yo and it will still be evolving into its next state)
  7. Hmmmm.... maybe it was really the Japanese scientists who released the coronavirus? Because they discovered they're better at bioengineering than being semiconductor engineers! I'm interested in also seeing how to get the best Rec709 internal out of the Sony F3, not sure that is something discussed too much? Basically treating it as a "C100" instead of a "Mini Alexa" camera. As sometimes a C100 is all you need! Such as if I'm merely shooting content for my YouTube channel. Or most low budget corporate content. And even the internal stuff can be pretty good! For instance "Safety Not Guaranteed" (ha! What a title for these times) was shot I believe just internally, pre S-log days.
  8. The Micro Cinema Camera is kinda that? As in my mind the OG BMPCC is basically an improved OG BMCC And the Micro is an improved (adding for instance 60fps!) OG BMPCC Of course I mean half of those who voted. That's obvious. And by your own numbers it is a 19% vs 20% split. That's almost as about as close to a 50/50 split as you can practically get! Again, that's a damn close to 50/50 ish split! My point remains And I strongly dislike this argument of "but but but the popular vote, it's all the electoral college's fault!" All the players knew what the rules were well in advance, and they each sought to win under those conditions. It is like if you play a game of Go then complain you lost because it wasn't a game of Chess. You know it was going to be Go that was played many years ago in advanced! You prepared and trained for decades to play a game of Go, don't complain that it wasn't Chess instead. (which nobody in your country has ever played anyway) If POTUS was determined by the popular vote then both Trump and Hillary would have campaigned in drastically different manners. Who here could possibly predict that result accurately? Absolutely none of us. In fact, not just Clinton/Trump would have campaigned differently, but also all the people in their respective primaries would have campaigned completely differently as well! Who knows if even either would have won their party's nomination? It might have been totally bizarrely different instead! 2016 might have been Marco Rubio vs Bernie Sanders instead! But more likely it would have been something else entirely, perhaps a scenario none of us could even think up right now. My country New Zealand went under a radical shake up of the rules we play under back in the 1990's, when we switched from FPP to MMP voting. And of course our parliamentary parties now campaign and behave in a completely different manner to back in the FPP days. Am sure if we changed our voting system again in the future, say to STV, then we'd see yet another cultural shift in how our politicians campaign. You can't just easily use the results under one system to predict how they'd perform under another totally system. Heh, I'm actually one of the biggest political geeks around. Perhaps more so than a camera geek, god knows I've spent more of my life obsessed nerding out over political philosophies / campaigning / results / stats / etc than on filmmaking. (sad huh?) I've no doubt I know American politics better than the average American. I doubt either the Republican or the Democrat presidential campaigns care about launching a digital campaign targeted at the EOSHD forum. Wouldn't believe that it is some coordinated serious campaign. Perhaps the real reason is linked to a culture of fear on this forum from anybody expressing their true opinions under their usual accounts thus are doing it "anonymously"? I see that happen often enough on other forums / social media. Thank you Don for a well thought out and reasoned post.
  9. haha, hey now, I've often posted about cameras! Although, you might need to dig back quite a few years before you find them to be exclusively on topic about cameras. If the government allows me to go outside, then I'll likely pop across to the local park (which I expect will be completely EMPTY as it is mostly just surrounded by what will now be empty office buildings) and use all my ample free time now to play around with my Sony PMW-F3 and new Sony CineAlta 50mm T2 lens which I haven't had a proper chance to do yet. (thus I'm looking forward to what @Geoff CB is putting out as well with his F3!)
  10. You do realize that HALF of the population in American voted for Trump? (and the other half voted for Clinton) And very likely during this year's election we're going to have "roughly" (give or take a few percent in either direction) half of people vote for Trump again, and half vote for Biden. (assuming Biden wins the nomination? I still have my fingers crossed for Sanders) Those are truly massive numbers who supported Trump, it might be really hard for us outside the USA to understand (heck, is hard for people even inside the USA to understand! If they live somewhere such as California), but that's the facts. You want to drive out half of your biggest source in the world of contributions to EOSHD? I think that would make EOSHD a much poorer place. I feel a bit of tolerance and compassion towards a diversity of views would go a long way in this time of crisis. We're all one. I don't think anybody here is fundamentally evil, everyone stills wants the best for humanity and for good outcomes, they just have differing perspectives of how to get there and different lived live experiences they grew up with which shapes that. Two suggestions I'd have: 1) just ban discussions of politics, it's a too prickly topic? 2) have an "off topic" forum, so any thread which goes off the rails can be moved to there and the discussions can carry on away from the main front page forum. Personally I think #2 is the best approach, as it is extremely hard and a lot of effort to police what is and what isn't "political", the grey zone is very large and very blurry! (heck, as Paul Krugman and many many others have said: "EVERYTHING is political"! Now, that truly makes it impossible to judge what is and isn't!) While we are on this topic, I don't at all understand why that thread got locked? I think it is a really interesting discussion to go into what (perhaps previous unattainable items for us!) in this coming recession are going to come down in price fastest? Perhaps the FS7 is facing a massive drop soon due to its age and the new FX9? Or maybe the FX9 isn't a big enough leap forward, and the FS7 is still a solid workhorse for everyone, perhaps it won't drop as much as I think/hope. Will the ARRI ALEXA Classic plunge even further in price due to it being non-4K and too big / heavy? Or is that top notch sensor inside going to see a limit in how far it will fall and no further? Perhaps if the new S35 4K ARRI sensor had came out this year as promised instead of next year, then it would have got a serious drop. Will premium luxury branded cameras (such as the Leica X Vario, which @BTM_Pix would love to see become affordable) see massive plunges in price due to people who were only credit card funded rich needing to sell them off at any price during the recession? Certainly in my particular scenario, I had a perfect storm of 600MHz being banned just a few weeks ago *AND* the coronavirus shut down, meant I got a latest generation Lectrosonics digital hybrid transmitter for an outrageously cheap price. Win! That thread has no mention of Trump whatsoever, so why was it locked? There was one mention of POTUS, but in a generic way I thought that didn't really matter who held that position. Which was generating a side conversation which only went for a couple of posts before the thread was locked, but I think it was a point started that would be really interesting to discuss for us filmmakers. How long is this shut down going to last? How long for the recession, when and how will work be picking back up again? These are CRUCIAL questions we as business owners (as if you're doing this filmmaking lark professional, then that is what you are, a business owner! Even if just an employer of one: yourself) need to ask. They're also extremely tough questions to wrestle with, as there is so much uncertainty. But they matter. As if work will pick up again once the martial law lockdown is over for us in NZ, then expenses such as buying a new Lectrosonics this week doesn't matter, heck, even if I'd bought it at a 50% higher price (heck, got three of them even at a higher price!) then that doesn't matter. And gee, if I saw a cheap FS7 and I've got the cash I should probably scoop that up asap too! My brother leans towards that perspective (he does have $200K outstanding in invoices currently, so understandably he hopes so!): That it is going to be a four week shutdown but afterwards things will pick up again (but perhaps gradually, while the chaos gets sorted out first). And he reckons advertising/marketing will be one of the first to take off. Personally I'm more pessimistic. What if someone perhaps thinks it could be a two year long recession for the advertising / film industry? In that case, not even if I got offered a Lectro LMb for a hundred bucks should I buy it! Neither should I buy any camera gear! Nothing should be spent on anything that isn't rent or food! Pennies must be saved. (obviously I don't take this stance, as I took that LMb deal! But a little part of me wonders... the odds of that outcome isn't so slim? Might happen, but I desperately hope not) Of course not only do we have questions of timing, which matter for business planning, but also how can we approach what is going to be "the new normal" for many of us for the near term future? How do we work under this? How can we get work? What new opportunities might there be? Obviously streaming is a new opportunity! A lot of streaming equipment is sold out and massively back ordered, and even secondhand gear on eBay is selling for shocking prices ABOVE what they're usually for brand new! Wow. (classic case of the economic law of Demand vs Supply!) For myself, I think I'm in a unique position as the only ENG Soundie in the entire country who owns a Cedar DNS-2 (which paired with a Sanken CS-3e is a fearsome combo!), this not only is useful for live streaming, but in this new reality of not being able to use lavs due to the Coronavirus means I can still capture great audio without resorting to a lav track like many small budget productions would (who can't/won't do audio post processing with a skilled dialogue editor for NR).
  11. Keep in mind that absolutely NO audio professional specialist appear to have reviewed it. Not so much as a one paragraph review, let alone a detailed video review. So it is hard to judge if it is worthwhile, but by simply glancing at the product photos I'd already err in leaning towards shit rather than great But hey, it's also dirt dirt cheap, so for non-critical work, why not give it a punt? That's always going to be a tough ask then under windy conditions. Perhaps a lav with more extra wind protection? On camera mics are a shit approach anyway.
  12. Foolishly made one purchase after our dollar tanked... as even then, the price was too good! Got myself a Lectrosonics LMb. Is the C1 band, which has just been made illegal in the USA a few weeks, a perfect storm of sell off for wireless gear due to frequency reblocking and the looming coronavirus recession. Ooops..... that was audio, and not talking about cameras!
  13. Yup, some people are paralyzed with fear, and stressed to beyond their limits of coping. All because of media hyping it up for more eyeballs, and politicians grand standing to get more attention. There is a lack of balanced, non-emotional fear based, debate on this.
  14. So long as I can still exercise outside, I can take my camera and go on nature walks. Will stop me going stir crazy mad, and dying from a vitamin D deficiency Get a bicycle instead? Only a thirty minute ride each way
  15. At least with a crop body you can get pretty good reach with even the standard 70-200mm f2.8!
  16. That's cheap! But I bet prices will only plunge even lower. I just found myself a criminally cheap Lectrosonics LMb for just US$300ish! That was so dirt cheap I had to even break my own self isolation ban from gear purchases that I've imposed upon myself for 2020 for my own financial health. (due to the NZ Dollar which dropped like a stone, plus let's face it, we're entering into a recession, likely a deep and dark one. We should be counting our pennies! Just today it got announced New Zealand is going into lock down for a month. But heh, who really believes this will be over in just four weeks? Hello martial law! Hello police state! They've already stated that they're sending out the army to patrol our streets to ensure everyone obeys)
  17. Seeing as I acquired a Sony CineAlta 50mm T2 PL lens recently, would be quite nice to get a few more, such as specifically the 20mm and 35mm (or any of them really). However, with the economic recession we're now, and the collapse of the NZ Dollar, I highly doubt I'll be doing any of that in 2020. Might even go in the opposite direction, and reduce my lens collection instead of increasing it, perhaps get rid of my Rokinons. In a dream dream world I'd like the Fujinon 18-55 and 50-135 T2.9 zooms, and the new Sirui / Vazen anamorphic lenses. Heck, why not the DZOFilm or Laowa OOOM 25-100 T2.9 zoom lenses too? Ha! Of course these entire last paragraph is completely hallucinogenic pipe dreams.
  18. But is that a true increase in cases, or is it just because they're finally testing for them now? The government needs to not interfere with price signals, so that prices are free to float for supply to match demand. Higher prices can lead to great supply coming online, for instance, vodka distilleries making hand sanitisers: https://thespinoff.co.nz/food/22-03-2020/from-vodka-to-hand-sanitiser-boutique-distilleries-switch-up-to-tackle-covid-19/
  19. Yes, but you could get say a secondhand original Atomos Shogun for say a little more than US$500ish soon? Bet the recession is going to make a FS700 hit US$500ish within a year, so all up for around a grand ish for that combo? Far cheaper than a Z Cam E2-S6!
  20. Do this sooner rather than later! Before the great recession hits again and the market is flooded with used gear. Ohhhh... I'd be very much looking forward to that! (and I've got plenty of spare time now to watch it....) Very gracious of her! He should help "stimulate this economy" by buying himself a Nikon 200-500mm lens instead
  21. If it is properly windy, you need a blimp. Three of the main brands would be: Cinela (thought of as "the best" by many) Rycote (surely the most popular!) Rode (the budget choice) Check the seal at the entrance, tape it down if you must.
  22. Italy has the second most elderly population in the world, behind Japan. They have a higher rate of smokers than the US. Italy has 5X the mortality from the seasonal flu as the US, it is not unreasonable to expect that from this virus. Reports now indicate over 90% of fatalities involved serious underlying health issues, chiefly heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. And they got a massive dose of infection, not one or two carriers, but thousands, from the imported Chinese labor that returned after the holiday shutdown. Plus, like the Chinese and Sub-Saharan Africans, their personal interaction space is much closer than many other countries. There are often 3 or more generations living together in an already densely populated country. They're a very social culture. And not one single European Union country answered their pleas for help (EU? What EU? I think Italy just delivered the killer blow to the experiment which was the Euro Dream). Perfect storm. Four days in a row now of zero cases.
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