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  1. Lenses + Lighting + IR Cut + Skill! Maybe Z Cam will use it? (or maaaaaaaaaaaybe Kinefinity or DJI) https://www.slashcam.com/news/single/New-MFT-sensor-MST4323-from-Fairchild---possibly-f-14907.html
  2. You may run into this problem even with a camera mounted mic....
  3. Yes, without APS-C Z Mount cameras then Nikon has nowhere to grow their next generation of photographers/filmmakers to support Nikon into the future
  4. BMPCC OG was announced in 2013, the BMMCC came out two years later in 2015. The Micro Cinema Camera isn't that old! It just feels like it.
  5. I haven't even touched that thread yet, don't have time for it! Hopefully won't be just the likes of Z Cam which takes advantage of this opportunity, but also Sony/Panasonic/etc
  6. I reckon it is indeed a strange person (or someone who has an extremely specific niche need) who buys a BMMCC brand new in late 2019! However buying one secondhand at a great price is still a fantastic idea, I often think about getting one myself to pair with my BMPCC OG. Matthew Scott has some good blog articles about his Micro (which he swapped to from a RED!): http://mattscottvisuals.com/blog/2016/7/14/bmpcc-optical-low-pass-filter-swap-no-more-ir-contamination http://mattscottvisuals.com/blog/2017/8/17/red-vs-everything-else http://mattscottvisuals.com/blog/2016/1/28/bmpcclifechanger http://mattscottvisuals.com/blog/2016/2/1/thepocketcameraeffect Also worth a read, as the SBUS is worth exploring: http://www.jack-lam.com/blog-post-2-1.html Also I believe the Micro was unique in being one of the first BMD cameras that you could jam timecode to! (via the 3.5mm jack, like with the BMPCC4K)
  7. Would be very strange if Fuji did that, they can't squeeze FF into their X Mount? And even *IF* they could, they'd run long term into the same problems Sony has. And to put a small FF sensor into a Medium Format Mount would be odd as well?? (but perhaps the most "logical" of all the options)
  8. RED lawyers are either fvcked or useless, or both: This guy is taking a sledgehammer to the RED company! Showing what a load of B.S. that they've built their entire company upon.
  9. The problem is Sony fvcked themselves over by using E Mount for their a7 series of cameras. Because E Mount was designed for smaller APS-C sensors, they can *just* manage to squeeze in a FF sensor behind it. But it leaves very wiggle (ha! Pun) room for them. Thus IBIS is left effective with Sony cameras than with others which have more sensible sensor/mount pairings.
  10. Good grief, sub $3K now, means it is barely many Christmases away at all until it ends up being sub $1K!! You just described myself!
  11. And 5 minute time limit, with screen blackout during it. Only YEARS after Panasonic did with their GH5. Bet the Panasonic GH6 will crush it when it gets released next year. To reign dominant again like the GH5 has for the next couple of years. a) C Mount can't be put on a 90D's EF Mount b) DPAF doesn't work with a C Mount lens
  12. In terms of the sound world, the Zoom F4 is still very young! I feel kinda guilty myself in upgrading from an F4 to an F8n then a Zaxcom Maxx so quickly! Have used a Tascam DR60Dmk1 as well (it was what I had owned as a film student). Then went to a Sound Devices 552 / Tascam DR680 combo, then the Zoom F4, each step along that process from the DR60D was a BIG STEP UP! You'll not regret the F4, is like night and day vs a DR60D in terms of all of features / ergonomics / quality
  13. I ALMOST took them seriously in replying, until I saw your response. He scanned it himself! #dedication
  14. It is interesting just how little this has changed since 2017 over two years ago. (could the same be said if I was giving an overview of cameras? Well the GH5 / a7Smk2 / FS7 / & others would still be there and going strong, but we'd see many more changes all in all!) I'd mention the Tascam DR-05X alongside the Zoom H1 (which is now a Zoom H1n), nothing radical here though in their updates. A quick mention for the Marantz PMD-706 (an alternative to the Tascam DR70D?? Dunno, too few reviews out on the Marantz PMD-706). F8n/F6 of course get a mention. (The F8n and F8 having become even better than they were two years ago! Keeping their crown as the best sub $1K recorder. The F4/F8n still is a better choice for the aspiring PSM than the F6 is. However the F6 could be tempting for the solo shooter who does everything in house) The MixPre10T would get a mention. (it is in a tough spot when it comes to pricing, is a lot more expensive than a Zoom F8n, get high enough up in price a person might just ask themselves why not go the whole hog and get a 633??) The big BIG announcements in the last couple of years are the Sound Devices Scorpio and Zaxcom Nova, these are groundbreaking / game changing / buzzwording recorders! (Zaxcom Deva 24 is perhaps worth a mention too, which had already been pre-announced back when I first posted this thread, but didn't start shipping until a while later. Maybe also mention the Aaton Cantar Mini as well while we're about it? Was also announced around about this time, but I think wasn't shipping quite yet back then) However all four of these recorders are well outside the scope of 99% of the readers in this forum. (although I dream to own one of them one day! I have however got a Zaxcom Maxx / Zoom F8n / Zoom F4 / Tascam DR680 / Sound Devices 552, purchased in that order. Plus a couple of handheld recorders too)
  15. Fair enough! Same reason I own a Brownie film camera (although mine was even cheaper than a DVX100, it was a gift!).
  16. "big circle effect" Good grief.... can't even use "bokeh" because people don't know what that is! Yeah my current profile pic on Facebook (and here on EOSHD as well, because they're linked together) is that, from a cellphone with faked shallow DoF
  17. I look at that and it boggles my mind as to why anyone would want a DVX100 in 2019! For anything but sentimental reasons / curiosity / shits & giggles
  18. IronFilm

    New use of 8K

    Old news, I worked on a film set a couple of years ago which was doing that! Was fantastic as it meant we had great sound for the car scenes as everything was done in a studio space (although one thing I wish was different was I wish the servers they had running this off was placed a bit further away, it was a noisy racket! This was some heavy heavy duty image processing power going on in the background), meanwhile everything was captured in camera because everything was playing out live behind the camera. (and much much higher resolution than 8K was being used!)
  19. Had to do that recently! Although still all in all I'm very happy with my Aliexpress Chinese C Stand
  20. Also wow, hasn't time flown: "Which Sound Recorder to buy? A guide to various indie priced sound recorders in 2017" Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Because you'd be diminishing the quality of your audio by mixing in with it everything else. It's disappointing because it is a crap solution.... like I said in my previous post. It is barely a step up from using the internal mic, maybe. What kind of travel stuff? If it is fairly generic ambiances of a location then one approach I might consider is: 1) lav into the camera itself for when I'm narrating 2) a Tascam DR-05X in my pocket to pull out and record a couple minutes of stereo ambiance for each general "scene" I'm in to mix in later on during post
  21. I think you already know my views that a mic mounted on a camera is one of the worst options. What is it you are trying to capture? If it is just a single person in front of the camera say for interviews or vlogging, then run a lav straight into it. I use an Aputure A.Lav for my YT vlogs going into my Panasonic G6. Why not use a mount if the camera is missing a cold shoe? A flash bracket still is cheap / lightweight. But if you truly MUST (at a great compromise to audio quality) use an on camera mic plugged straight into the 3.5mm port without any cold shoe, then this would maaaaybe be your least worst option: Saramonic SR-XM1 https://www.amazon.com.au/Saramonic-Omnidirectional-Microphone-Camcorders-SmartMixer/dp/B01N6P80OQ/ She is using an even smaller mounting bracket: You can tell how the audio sounds like night vs day when she compares internal mic / Saramonic / lav
  22. That is likely to only earn you pennies on the dollar, at best. I do agree, the trailer could be much MUCH better I feel, given what the content probably is. Which goes back to one of my first points: "What is your elevator pitch?" That should help you focus down on what your trailer should be about.
  23. #animalrescue #flyingdogs #puppies etc etc etc The possibilities are endless! The more niche a tag is (such as "#flyingfurfilm", at the moment perhaps NOBODY else is using it!), then the more likely they'll find your content specifically if anybody looks at that exact hashtag. The downside though is not many people are searching it.... While "#puppies" will have lots and lots and LOTS of people looking at that hashtag! The downside is your post might get lost among all the others... But that is ok, you only need a very small proportion of those many many people to find yours to make it kinda worthwhile.
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