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  1. I find it strange. Sigma created a new concept, first full frame mirrorless camera with internal 4K RAW recording. Gerald didn't even review it. And now this, with the follow-up model that is a sensor swap for landscape photographers. Bit odd I think.
  2. Why not review the one that was for his audience instead then? Maybe next he will do a review of a Hasselblad film camera and complain it can't shoot video.
  3. It depends what you plan to shoot with it. Far from ideal for certain situations. Brilliant for others... And silent too. Mechanical shutters will be obsolete within 5 years.
  4. If we concern ourselves about most reviews, most sales, most people, we may as well give up filmmaking.
  5. Who cares!! The more unique and customised my camera is, the better. Who wants to use whatever everyone else does?
  6. In the YouTube comments “this was the smoothest bloodbath in a while”. On social media slick ninja-like assassins strike again in the middle of the night, and the unfortunate victim always seems to be the Sigma Fp series. In what’s a common theme the original Fp and now the Fp-L, I don’t think many of the social media glitterati get this camera. In the case of Gerald, I don’t think he gave Sigma a fair crack of the whip in at all. New blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/why-gerald-undone-is-wrong-about-the-sigma-fp-l/
  7. You'd be better off shooting a crop sensor format with that too. I've tried anamorphic on medium format and it's tricky. You need a very long focal length and the corners are a bit mushy. Check the Mamiya stuff.
  8. The pixel-binned image from the GFX 100 is very good. Not soft, and aliasing not too bad either. One of the best pixel binned images.
  9. The EOS 3 film camera was basically cheaper version of the 1v wasn't it? So that should give us a clue.
  10. Canon are expected to announce the mysteriously numbered EOS R3. https://www.eoshd.com/news/development-announcement-of-canon-eos-r3/
  11. You have an anamorphic that covers open gate medium format?!
  12. The Fuji GFX 100S is like a medium format X-H1, with very capable filmmaking abilities. I had a hands-on at FotoMax in Berlin, to find out whether Sony should be worried. https://www.eoshd.com/news/hands-on-with-the-fuji-gfx-100s/
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