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  1. I wouldn't get too excited in a Canon Rumors article. First they said it would be an 83 megapixel EOS R, and showed Canon had a patent for an 83 megapixel sensor https://www.canonrumors.com/more-about-the-upcoming-high-megapixel-eos-r-system-camera/ Then they said it would be a 75 megapixel camera, with a continuous shooting rate as slow as the original EOS R https://www.canonrumors.com/rumoured-canon-eos-rs-specifications-cr1/ Now they are saying 45 megapixel sensor and another model, basically an 1D X Mark III in an EOS R body. And in between linking to as many shops as possible through as many affiliate links as possible, CR said in 2019: "We’re told that there are two bodies planned that will be marketed as “professional” bodies when they hit the market in 2020. However, neither one of them will be considered equals or a replacement for the EOS-1D series of DSLRs. We’re going to see an EOS-1D X Mark III next year and that will be the flagship camera from Canon through 2020." Pure bullshit. Or dramatic policy shift at Canon. You decide.
  2. The sensor itself is a computer chip. Larger die size = more heat.
  3. 3840 x 2160 x 120 = also 995328000 In theory the rate of data coming off the sensor per second, is similar in 8K 30p and 4K 120p to 5.5K at 60p. However, it would need the 45 megapixel sensor to have the same readout speed as one with half the resolution, bucking all the trends we've ever seen. In a smaller body with IBIS (harder to cool the sensor) At a cheaper price. And this is Canon we're talking about. The rumour seems wild. I don't think it'll hold up. If it does then there has been a massive policy and technological shift within Canon to allow it.
  4. Only in ProRes RAW or via HDMI in N-LOG? Does it ever happen to internal recordings in Flat or EOSHD Z-LOG?
  5. It has a good character to the image at ISO 6400 especially in 10bit, with a fine organic noise style, perfectly usable. At ISO 12,800 above it is quite a noisy camera compared to the super clean S1H, Z6, A7 III, and A7S cameras of this world. ISO 12,800 continues to be a rarity for me, I usually don't need to go higher than 6400. What did C5d show?
  6. Anybody got any city scenes and low light material? Throw it our way. I am curious to see how current cameras compare especially X-T3 F-LOG, Panasonic S1H and Nikon Z6 raw.
  7. Thank you, that proves it for 10bit (C-LOG) Now I think what is happening with the RAW mode is those claiming no AF had it in 60p. Still would like to see proof of it working in 24p, 25p, 30p though. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my 8K full frame sensor readout on the Leica SL2
  8. Thanks dude. I am curious as to Arri's obsession with cows and bunnies? https://arriwebgate.com/directlink/b043cddb9c4658e0
  9. I am going to build a directory of Alexa files for people to download and play with. Any helpful submissions very welcome. Or pointers to existing file downloads online.
  10. Sometimes the official spec sheets have mistakes in them. Like the Leica SL2 manual. Full frame 8K pixel readout (full scan)? Yes please! And sometimes specs change between the draft of the manual and actual V1.0 firmware. Maybe the SL2 did indeed have a Full frame 5K mode from 8K during development, which was subsequently changed to 5.5K crop mode. But it's more likely here that the copy-writers got confused between 35mm and Super 35mm sensor areas.
  11. I just ordered the Smallrig cage for my Fp. Looks well designed. https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-cage-for-sigma-fp-camera-ccm2518.html
  12. Probably quite high, I know Panasonic are considering it. ProRes and RAW internal on mirrorless cameras would be great next step.
  13. It's going to get the camera some deserved fans, but the catch is that whose factoring in $$$ rental costs likely have an important project coming up and it would be a big gamble to save $3000-$6000 to bring an untested camera in at $99 per week they have no experience of. Those in the right position to do this though absolutely should. The image is one of the best full stop.
  14. Why is anybody bothering with the Pocket cameras when there is an image this good from the Panasonic S1 out there? I just don't get it. There are a lot of apologists out there for Blackmagic cameras. I think the brand has a very strong cinematic association. If it were the Pentax Cinema Camera or the Nikon ProRes Camera the hype would be a lot less. Blackmagic have done a lot of great things, Resolve, the codec side, but the S1 and S1H have a flat out better image. It's that simple. And why anybody would not want the other things offered like IBIS and EVF, also baffles me. Shootout coming soon.
  15. The S1H is growing on me. The image is just barmy. Cinema on a stick. I just wish it were smaller, lighter, and ergonomically less bricky.
  16. Andrew Reid

    Fuji X-T4

    Well, have you seen what e-infinity is selling the A7R IV for? £2200. It is £3500 in the UK shops. No wonder they have sold a bucket load. E-infinity isn't a good representative for the market, the pricing is a fluke and they are a niche grey market store.
  17. https://www.dpreview.com/articles/6428199442/it-should-cost-the-three-main-ways-you-re-wrong-about-camera-prices?utm_source=self-desktop&utm_medium=marquee&utm_campaign=traffic_source Interesting article from Richard here Give it a read.
  18. He does indeed say and show it, sort of, before interrupting us with a message from his sponsor which is when I stopped watching.
  19. Andrew Reid

    Fuji X-T4

    LX100 II was a bit disappointing for video wasn't it... Definitely needs a proper update next time I can see some Sony users moving back to a GH6 with 6K and Phase-detect AF... would be a very big deal, if A7S III disappoints. Also a smaller version of S1, not so heavy, better AF.
  20. Seems like the surveys vary depending on who you ask. One British newspaper is saying they all want to be evil YouTubers (Daily Mail and The Sun) And another is saying they all still want to be doctors, and teachers, same as 20 years ago (The Times) Here is another one I found which contradicts itself in the space of one page, which is quite impressive. https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/work-money/the-2017-imagination-report-what-kids-want-to-be-when-they-grow-up/ So they all watch YouTube and end up wanting to be vets? Damn cat videos everywhere.
  21. This image is going to be sharper than a knife wielding maniac.
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