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  1. Just checked on my 11.4 system and the required folder does exist: /Users/MACUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Effects Presets/ Maybe try creating the folder if it is missing, and the Effects should then be available in FCPX.
  2. The lenses are the solution or the problem. Cameras live and die by their lenses. Canon EF and Sony E mount are the dominant forces of today. When 5D Mark II happened, pros realised they could use full frame lenses for video. Instead of a fixed lens on a digital small sensor camcorder So Canon could capitalise on the HUGE Canon EF lens market, and bring out C300 A Cinema EOS C300 without EF lenses = failure. Same thing with Sony FS7... E-mount is very adaptable and works well with both of the most popular ranges of lenses today. Why would Sony users trade in E-mount for an EF mount on a Panasonic camera? E-mount is much more adaptable. And on Canon cameras it is the native mount so is designed for 100% compatibility and the AF is a big selling point. So that's what made it difficult for the EVA1 I am sure Canon users looked at it and thought - nice - but don't think many switched - and I certainly don't think anyone switched from an FS7... there wasn't really anything to capitalise on apart from the nice image, and the fact it exists as an option. EF mount on a Panasonic camera was a bit odd. Should have been an adapter at most. It's as if Panasonic recognised the reason for the C300 popularity and tried to copy it, but didn't give a compelling enough reason for EF lens owners to switch from Canon. The lack of established (for many decades) lens range is still a problem. L-mount has only just got going. And the fact that most Micro Four Thirds lenses are not Super 35mm (although some are by design, and some cover any way) makes it difficult to justify M43 mount on an EVA1, although I'd have preferred it to EF by far.
  3. Not if you're focussing with a manual focus lens outdoors.
  4. I think most people went Canon for EF lenses due to autofocus and others went Sony FS7/FS5 and so on for the larger range of camcorders and mirrorless mount. If Panasonic ever do an L-mount EVA2 with dual pixel AF then it's sure to do better.
  5. Maybe Sony can dig deeper than a $10 part on a $4k camera?
  6. And a screen worth more than 10 dollars that you can see in daylight.
  7. Well you'd need to shoot uncompressed Cinema DNG for the finest noise grain, because that is first to go in a compressed RAW format. Actually, it might even be best to shoot H.265 internally and apply a real 35mm film grain scan in post!
  8. Did you try the latest firmware? Big improvement
  9. The Panasonic G9 is underrated as well, especially since all the video firmware updates I'll have to do a bigger video on YouTube about all the underrated and forgotten tools in the age of Sony-Fuji-Canon brand worship.
  10. EOSHD doesn't need ad revenue to exist. It has revenue from the paid content to exist. Which is how it has existed now for 11 years. No adverts or sponsors. Fuck me, it's like arguing with someone with water for brains. I wonder what have you been looking at the whole time? Just your own comments and opinions in the threads and nothing else? I'm not a charity, just trying to put quality stuff out there. If the audience - that's you - is ok with the absolute cancer of the rest of the internet with slow loading pages that invade your privacy and give 90% of your screen space to advertisers, then not much incentive for me to try and be better is there? So as long as stupid people like you exist, the most popular product will always be a barrel scraping advertising platform like a rumours site. And your point about "opinions" not needing revenue is presumably a reference to social media where there are plenty of free platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit where you can offer your worthless comments, free of charge to anyone unfortunate enough to waste time reading them. The difference is at the EOSHD forum, I am the one paying the hosting fees and funding the creation of the content. Whist you're basically a parasite with nothing useful to add.
  11. So are you saying you don't need revenue to run a site like EOSHD? Because if you believe that you are even more clueless than I expected.
  12. It all boils down to two models: There's the ad based business model And the paid content model. Every time a YouTuber comes out with free stuff or clickbait it undermines everybody's ability to earn money by doing a site like EOSHD which does not follow the ad based revenue model. So eventually you are going to lose the non-advertiser friendly, non-shills entirely from the internet.
  13. I see what you're saying but speaking from experience... Jordan did nothing but sugar coat the EOS R5 overheating issues upon launch and refused to even touch on how big an issue it was until Canon's PR people sent him an advance preview of the firmware update, which they likely only panicked into releasing because of the highly publicised criticism raised by myself and many other customers online. At that point, rather than mention all of our hard work and investigative reporting / user experiences about the R5 overheating and timers - he went and ignored all that and once again sugar coated it with unrealistic recording times and usage scenarios based on non-real world usage and once again did a little PR jig for his paymasters. Recently I got an EOS R6. I read the DPReview video page about this by Richard Butler before purchasing it. He does not even mention the missing aperture priority mode when you switch to video mode. Something like that is exactly what a hybrid photo/videographer shooter needs. It was a total surprise when I first used the camera to see it missing. Basic stuff gone. So do Chris / Jordan / DPReview really hit the spot better than a cinematographer? Well in my experience no because there is always something important missing or some weird glaring omission. And you have to ask yourself why? Is this sugar coated consumerism or a camera review?
  14. I think smartphones are definitely playing in enthusiast camera market now. Yes the Hasselblad / OnePlus branding appears to be nothing more than marketing, and they badly need to turn their sharpening down. Yes Samsung is coasting along, in my opinion. But iPhone 12 Pro Max is actually very nice and has some amazing tricks like the IBIS for shooting RAW in low light at low ISOs. Capable of amazingly filmic images. Then we have the true innovators... Huawei and Xiaomi. They are doing all sorts of interesting things and have superb folded optics. 5x zoom on P40 Pro is just a miracle basically. Even Sony are getting their act together. Xperia 1 II and III are very capable devices in a lot of different ways. I am keen to try the variable optical zoom on the latest one
  15. The way it works in the camera industry is that you sign an NDA, with an embargo date. This way the manufacturer can orchestrate a coordinated release of reviews for maximum clicks on the announcement day. There is a select few - a handful of people - in each country that are privy to the camera launch details about 2 weeks before the release date for the public and are legally bound not to say anything until the embargo is lifted. However usually always 2-3 weeks before or even earlier, the scumbag rumours sites will leak it all out anyway. So that effectively mutes you on the topic, whilst everybody else is free to talk about it. So the only advantage of signing that NDA is you get the info from the official source rather than the same info from a rumours site. For sites like Camera Labs or DPReview then, it is 100% necessary to get the actual camera early and do your review in time for the launch, otherwise be left out of the circle jerk and launch day manufacturer publicity drive... The review would have to come out a week or 2 after most customers have got the first batch of stock in their hands. Also you save money this way naturally, by not buying anything and just taking loans that go back. There is no enjoyment for me in this, as for me the camera is a personal item and a long-term investment in my work. I only accept a loan if it is long term with no strings attached. The manufacturers never stipulate that you have to write only good things about a camera. It is an unwritten rule that if you're too honest of course you'll be phased out of involvement in future. Even in feedback sessions and market research you get the sense that some marketing people only want to hear from the yes men. The marketing approach of each company differs. Panasonic is more honest and straight forward. Sony have a tendency to play the big hype game with social media influencers. Canon seems to delegate a lot of their marketing to outside PR companies. What I enjoy with Panasonic is the technical side, the ability to send feedback direct to the engineers in Japan. I value this very much. I deal with Panasonic in the UK who do a very good job on all fronts and sometimes Panasonic in Germany who just aren't as helpful at least in my experience. After 11 years in this industry, Panasonic are the only company who have stuck by EOSHD and made sure our voices get heard in the development of their cameras. Almost all the other companies I have dealt with see this community as purely a marketing channel to be exploited for their own gain, and not for the advantage of us. Fujifilm in particular, once sent me an interview in a fucking spreadsheet of one line answers and expected me to publish a strictly censored version of it with key questions taken out. Needless to say, I sold both my GFX 50S and 50R afterwards and GFX 100 is next.
  16. Fresh to misinterpret for your entertainment, another EOSHD YouTube video! Shopping and conformity, these are the last pleasures we have left! So why can’t we all just sit down and watch a video any more without getting incredibly angry?
  17. Hard to verify news if you never post source.
  18. There is nothing on the press release site Samsung Tomorrow about the new sensor and the photo @androidladuses is of the old sensor... I did a google reverse image search on it https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-launches-industrys-first-28-megapixel-aps-c-cmos-image-sensor-for-digital-cameras
  19. A7S III at 12,800 is very clean because this is when the dual gain ISO kicks in for S-LOG 3. It comes in earlier for Pro Color. Try the Venice profile and see how much cleaner it is than S-LOG 3 at ISO 10,000 for instance
  20. Yes I believe so, as the Panasonic firmware update page mentions you need it for some of the updates modes like Hybrid Log Gamma.
  21. There are some things in life that are only highly rated in your head and yours alone. You stand drowning in a sea of indifference, trying to convince the resident Kanye West mouthbreather to listen Dream Theater's first album. With cameras for example, I've stood in the sea of indifference myself for a long time with the waves of stupidity lapping at my feet, making my socks all damp, as I try to convince the mainstream that Sony is not your best buddy, despite what Gerald says and that Canon is not the messiah but a very naughty boy! So here are my top 5 most under appreciated cameras of the current era. Please read on. Reading is also very underrated! New blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/what-are-the-5-most-underrated-cameras-for-filmmakers/
  22. Would have been interesting to see the C70 in there with the dual gain architecture. I think the DR is superior to C500 II on that. Still only 5-10% better than a $1500 Lumix S1 though. So I would never spend that much on a camera. After GFX 100 and Leica SL2 I will probably never buy a very expensive creative tool again because the depreciation and overkill is really quite upsetting. Going back to a humble S1 is itself a humbling experience for a $10,000 camera owner.
  23. Still not as good as Panasonic S1 though Why even think of getting Z Fc for $1000 when you can go on eBay for an S1 at $350 more?
  24. I would be in the market for one as well if it's done well. Nearly got the Df when it came out but decided not to in the end. May try one out one day! Or might nick yours in Valancia@BTM_Pix!
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