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  1. This does not do Sony any favours in the good will department. $2999 + tax £2899 in the UK. https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/camera-lenses/sel1224gm Makes me wonder if they will price the "new flagship" A7S II successor at something equally as daft? $6000 maybe? I don't think there are going to be many people willing to pony up this much cash whilst they have little or no work due to corona rules, etc.
  2. Panasonic in Japan have agreed to be interviewed for the blog. I'll ask some questions from the EOSHD Forum. Anything GH5 / GH5S / GH6 even. S1, S1H related and more Fire away!
  3. Kazuto Yamaki is admirable. He recently agreed to be interviewed on EOSHD, and I hope to bring you that soon. I think we should think more about the corporate vs private business philosophy of camera companies. Sony just released the 14-24mm F2.8 GM for $3000. At a time when a lot of pros have less work due to the pandemic and downturn in the economy, I think this pricing is sheer greed. Meanwhile Sigma have their own 14-24mm F2.8 of similar or even better quality - $1200. And their affordable 16mm, 30mm, 56mm primes for APS-C - all F1.4 and exceptional performance. Sony and Canon will likely want $4000+ for their latest cameras. A reminder that all large publicly listed companies exist purely for the benefit of making as much money as possible for shareholders, and it's also about moving manufacturing to where labour is cheapest - with all the environmental and social impact that brings to the planet too. Sigma are different and we should support that.
  4. 20GB per minute. 1.2TB per hour! Multiplied by how many hours you shoot a year. You are going to have to delete all the 8K RAW files after a week. This is why I am probably going to get R6 instead. But nobody should buy either until they have seen what Sony is coming out with. I do like the idea of 4K/120p on the R5, but 8K RAW will likely have almost an unusable rolling shutter as well. So, I don't need 8K.... but 4K/120p - yes please.
  5. I am wondering if sticking a teleconverter on a Sigma 100-400mm C or 150-600mm would be less weird than the Canon 800mm F11. That 600mm F6.3 end would turn into a 900mm F9.45 (with 1.5x tele). Canon RAW is compressed but not by very much. I hear the bitrate in 8K is 3500Mbit/s!
  6. Crop sensors take some beating for telephoto shooting. Much smaller optics, and yet still easily enough good resolution. I recently compared my Nikon P1000 (with very much a crop sensor!) to a 300mm F4 on a 60MP full frame camera (A7R IV) and it still outresolves this beast in terms of zoom reach (a shot of the moon). Full frame is wrong tool for the job for extreme telephoto work. 200, 300mm... fine. Even 400mm! But 800mm you may as well use M43 or APS-C and sharper, smaller lenses.
  7. Which "valid" people have I ever banned. Name one. "His" information isn't his. That's the thing you numpty. Trying to fool us into thinking he's some sort of oracle when actually he is all cut & paste.... Not cool is it.
  8. The R6 looks like the one to go for. 10bit rumoured. 5K oversampling. Better low light. No pixel binning. No 8K or RAW but those are impractical. $2500. Sony A7H (A7S III successor) is rumoured to have 10K, 4K Quad Bayer mode, RAW and to beat the EOS R5 in the specs arms race. Going to be an interesting week for sure.
  9. So yeah, another example of cutting and pasting, pretending it's his own 'inside info'. Could be complete bullshit for all we know. PS - on a lighter note, the GFX 100 with f/w 2.0 and 50mm F3.5 is reducing my will to buy the EOS R5 by a factor of a lot. Perfect AF, enormous epic look, and Fuji's colour science in 10bit is just... Cinema on a stick.
  10. @androidlad I am going to ask that you put a link to your sources. I've let you continue for a long time as a lot of your posts contribute to our understanding and inform us about leaks. But we need more transparency from you and a better way to validate the info which we have no way of knowing if it's authentic. I also think if you are passing off other people's info as your own, it isn't really ethical (like with the Graeme Nattress quote) And if you are the source, leaking inside info from a company you work for then that is most likely illegal. So... the URLs from now on please, or a ban. It's up to you.
  11. Download link corrected in post for EF mount version of MC-21.
  12. 800mm prime For a moment I thought it were a push/pull zoom!
  13. I recently picked one up too. Quite impressed with how cinematic it looks. Flare is a bit naff but apart from that... It's like LA7200 on steroids.
  14. Makes me wonder why this kind of feature isn't built in to the camera firmware. And Bluetooth LE image transfer too.
  15. You are far too easily swayed by adverts, by the sounds of it. You're absolutely right. A lot of people will be looking forward to the glossy lifestyle EOS R5 videos from McKinnon. But some of us have real art work to do and cinematography.
  16. That sounds great. Do you have to pair it via WiFi just once and then you can turn camera off / on, etc. and it maintains auto-transfer feature?
  17. Thursday is the official Canon announcement so after that all the reviewers who have been given freebies can click Publish. I don't know why anybody would think Canon would only give the camera to one person!? Even if it is the almighty Peter McShillington
  18. So that means the 4K 24p comes from 8K readout with serious rolling shutter then Yes that's how it works. Ambassadors can't mention other brands. They are salesmen who have people fooled into thinking they're Stanley Kubrick
  19. The way it works is that they all sign NDAs first with Canon's PR agents. Then they are allowed to shoot their advertisements with the camera. They have to release them all at the same time on an embargo date. And at that point they earn a lot of revenue through affiliate links and such. So it is in their interests to hype it as much as possible. No. It doesn't do 8K/60p, that would be far too much data to handle for the image processor.
  20. I agree Keep the camera the same, just add eSIM and a menu for Instagram, Facebook, upload, etc.
  21. $300 Unfortunately crap. In terms of the concept - what the Panasonic G100 should have been? Needs much smaller optics.
  22. Nice video. I would like YouTuber's more if they didn't all feel compelled to make that "wow" expression in the thumbnails
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