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  1. I really enjoyed doing this. Cheers Dave... We should do another one some day, and bring a third guest on.
  2. No it's the 12 Pro Max that has the most improved camera and 5 axis IBIS The 12 Pro and standard 12 are just very incremental improvements with small sensors.
  3. I sat down with my friend Dave Maze for a podcast recently. We talk about the origin of EOSHD 10 years ago, and the start of the DSLR video revolution, my filmmaking adventure in Berlin, recent controversies and edgy camera opinions. Big thanks to Dave for taking the time to let me ramble and for listing to my waffling! https://www.eoshd.com/news/eoshd-on-the-golden-hour-podcast-with-dave-maze-in-depth-interview/
  4. Yes. It should appear when you click theme right at the foot of the page
  5. Erm. This is entirely wrong I'm afraid. 1/1.7" on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The S20 Ultra has a larger sensor but it is pixel binned and frankly looks pretty dire compared to the closest Android rivals like Huawei P40 Pro and Mi 10 Pro (which uses the same sensor but pixel bins to a higher resolution 25MP with superior image processing and better quality 8K video).
  6. It means they are coronavirus super spreaders.
  7. The 2 year wait for it shapes expectations as well.
  8. I believe it is all 8bit internal, the 10bit is still reserved only for HDMI output. So no internal 10bit codec. It's one of the laziest half hearted re-releases I've ever witnessed. Sony going to be outselling them 10 to 1 at this rate.
  9. Pretty amazing https://www.eoshd.com/news/iphone-12-pro-max-marches-into-enthusiast-and-pro-photography-territory-with-new-apple-proraw-lidar-dolby-vision-and-large-sensor/
  10. Also... For me a 'chunky' file is measured in the difference between, and the range, in just a single hue. Mashed colours with poor tonality scream 'thin' digital file to me.
  11. In my opinion tonality trumps dynamic range. You can have very high dynamic range but if the tonality and colour is lacking you get the 'thin' digital low-bit-depth look. A lot of smartphones have it in their HDR modes. Some of the old CCD sensors produce lovely "thick" files but don't have anywhere near 12 stops dynamic range, not even 11 stops. And yeah, Digital Bolex was a good example. You can compare it to the claimed '15 stops' Sony S-LOG and it looks much deeper, more exotic, thicker, more filmic, more organic, despite having noisy shadows and clipped highlights.
  12. Ah don't need the explanation after all. Better remember to log out of your shill account before posting with your main account next time @Hangs4Fun
  13. Forum rules: 2. Please do not promote your own products without OK-ing this with me first, especially ones which compete with my own at EOSHD. This includes camera guides, colour profiles, LUTs and alternative blogs or forums. If an account is setup for the main purposes of selling LUTs for example, this is not OK and you must clear this with me first. 5. Please do not regularly bump your own topics 8. Any account set up for product advertising purposes or spam will be deleted instantly. This can include representatives from camera or accessories companies, who use the forum to
  14. Fixed the mobile menu icon, it should show up now.
  15. Yeah the main menu icon seems to have vanished on mobile browsers. I'm in touch with the IP Board support people to find out why. Sometimes it's as if they never test updates!
  16. Ah when phone screen brightness is on medium, it does seem to look too dark. Have tweaked the text so it's brighter. Cheers for the feedback, keep it coming
  17. It does. I have a Z50 now. Review coming soon!
  18. Looks the same contrast to me (as Reddit) Are you viewing the screen in bright sunlight? It should show as dark blue post background and light grey text.
  19. Made text a bit lighter. The trick is to not make it too neon or bright on a dark background as that kills people's eyes.
  20. I would do, but I left my 1D C in Berlin. Maybe some other time. I am pretty sure the colour science is very similar on both.
  21. Why? Feedback appreciated!
  22. There will be a few tweaks and improvements too in coming days. If you notice anything off or have any further suggestions let me know!
  23. Forum news. You can now switch between dark and light theme. I prefer the dark one, especially on a bright modern high contrast IPS or OLED screen. Much easier on the eye and photos / videos really pop now on the darker backdrop. Enjoy! (The button to switch between dark and light Theme is at the bottom of the page)
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