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  1. Keiji Oishi just said this in a DPR interview... “A flagship Nikon Z-series mirrorless camera can be expected within the year, and is being developed with the goal of surpassing the D6. It will respond to the advanced needs of professionals. The upcoming model will debut a newly developed high-resolution stacked CMOS sensor. While this camera will be a major technological leap for still photographers of a wide variety of genres, our engineers are considering powerful video features such as 8K that respond to the needs of all kinds of content creators and professionals.” “We consider
  2. I decided to take another look at the Canon 1D X Mark III - giving it a second chance in the post EOS R5 and R6 world. New blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/canon-1d-x-mark-iii-revisited/
  3. It is getting more difficult. A few factors at play: - More homogenous globalised world, with cultures coming closer together under the umbrella of capitalism and internet - Global pool of talent and art, yes that's what you have to stand out against now. Before, you only had to be unique within your sphere of influence or country So the internet has changed what it means to be unique or new.
  4. Where is the fire behind the eyes of today’s über-privileged actors and directors? Read the full blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/boring-content-is-the-film-industry-too-sane/
  5. What a cutie. On the Sigma Fp: And on the Sony A7C: What makes this lens stand out? At time of release, it is the smallest and lightest full-frame F2.8 standard zoom for mirrorless systems. Available in Sony E-Mount and L-Mount for L-mount cameras from SIGMA, Leica, and Panasonic Compact and lightweight, perfect for everyday use and travel. At just 16.6 ounces, it is almost a pound lighter than the 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN | Art lens (31.4 ounces). Fast maximum aperture of F2.8, providing consistent low-light capability from 28mm to 70mm.
  6. It's the psychological side I find most difficult at the moment. Not knowing if the world will ever fully recover or if we get our travel freedoms back without restrictions. Also, going stir crazy stuck inside with no social stuff going on has been very difficult. The last time I was in a bar, was back in March in Barcelona and meeting @BTM_Pix at the F1 I have barely seen any friends apart from a few locally since, and I think if it wasn't for being able to spend winter with my girlfriend in Berlin I'd have topped myself by now to be quite honest.
  7. Yeah, it is a form of payment and it is time to call it what it is. Pure marketing video masquerading as a user review. I really do wish the FCC and others would clamp down on all this illegality. Maybe if it's not technically illegal, legal only for vestigial reasons.
  8. How's peoples livelihoods going. How's motivation holding up? Mine is on the floor! Been a tough old winter for sure. Is this a longer-term economic disaster in the making? I just can't make out how people's incomes are holding up from filmmaking or the arts and culture at the moment. Everyone is impacted differently. Maybe you are on lockdown since November due to government incompetence or maybe you're a New Zealand citizen carrying on as normal? I'd like to hear your stories...
  9. That red line on the back is actually a vent!
  10. It's a complete game changer. Red box round the screen. Red line on the back. Red tally light on the top. But because this isn't noticable enough, the record button is illuminated!
  11. Apparently it does light up red in 3 places.
  12. This must be a new record for profit margins. The thing looks like it has a £300 Body of materials cost. Maybe a bit more than an A7C or A6600 costs to make.
  13. USB C / HDMI cable works. Well, that's nice. I'll give it a go.
  14. R5 is gimped and won't get through a shoot, and the Pocket 6K is overrated - sure the image is quite nice - erm that's about it. It's a dog to use unless you intend to rig it up and then you will have to think about weight, accessories, reliability, lack of IBIS, lack of EVF, etc. I would consider putting your Canon lenses on something else. How about Sony A7S III with Sigma MC-11 adapter?
  15. Just to be clear for the all the hedge fund bots - It's a 100% Jeff Gibbs film. Michael Moore lends his name to it, as producer.
  16. Sony's curved sensor is coming TOMORROW... LAST WEEK
  17. It was put on YouTube so the message got out to a large audience, it's got to kickstart a debate. Michael Moore says it was originally going to go into cinemas but the coronavirus pandemic of course scuttled that plan. What parts of the movie do you find to be 'downright lies'? Let's see if you can be specific! A lot of the YouTube 'critiques' are sponsored by hedge funds. Probably 80% of the material on the internet on the subject of green energy and biomass is shill content. You do realise that don't you? The movie told you exactly who funds and sponsors Bill McKibben and
  18. Andrew Reid

    Sigma EVF

    Hope they add the pivot!
  19. Andrew Reid

    Sigma EVF

    Yeah looks like a separate add-on, another "11" model like the MC-11 adapter. I reckon side mounted block, makes it like a rangefinder or X-E4 style body, bit wider, maybe with a passthrough for HDMI and USB C. Something like that would make a lot of sense. Good old Sigma. Sony would just make is all buy the new $3000 Mark II model the next year instead.
  20. Good info thanks. I'll move it to the GH6 thread
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