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  1. Yes please would be great to see some samples from the Z9, especially RAW. Shoot it whilst you still can and before RED comes and takes it away 😉
  2. Yeah, it's a really good sensor. The reason I went for the Fp-L over something like an S1R is as follows: Storage is getting cheaper and M1 Pro absolutely flies in Resolve now. I will jump back on the Uncompressed RAW 4K wagon. 500GB T5 SSD cost me £59 brand new. The Fp cages and SSD mounts are really small and light. The 61 megapixel sensor is a step up from the S1R sensor which is already cutting edge. If you don't mind a slight 1D-C style crop to APS-H (1.3x) you get an oversampled 7K image in RAW video mode up to 30p. That's going to look very nice in 12bit Cinema DNG. Better than BRAW. Real RAW. Huge sensor. So a clear upgrade from the original Fp which was pixel binning the RAW from 6K. It is tiny, with an EVF and runs off a GH2 battery. Can't say the same about RED or Blackmagic stuff!
  3. Audiences also decide they want 40 showings a day of Marvel tripe at the cinema. "The individual doesn't get to decide?" That is pure nonsense and is like saying I shouldn't have an opinion because he's popular. He is basically a marketing guy. If you want to look to a marketeer product salesman as the ultimate authority on filmmaking tools that's your choice. I think it is a slap in the face to all the better qualified people who actually shoot, when the audience is obsessed with social media influencers. I also can't stand the way Philip Bloom comments on every video, and Gerald pins it. The cynicism of that. It's a big circle jerk and the sheep love it. I want no part of it. If you enjoy his creatively non-informed non-shooting non-real world reviews I don't mind but it is a shame large audiences can't reward people with more principals and more talent. Kubrick used a culinary analogy as well. The best restaurant in town rarely has the biggest queue outside. Is the most popular music the best? Is the most popular food the healthiest? Best quality? McDonalds?? Bloom shouldn't be anywhere near being an idol, especially knowing what I know about him. Popularity on social media only means someone is good at communication, presentation and marketing. Gerald isn't creative, he can't even be bothered to shoot a single still let alone video. Either he has no interest in using all these cameras he has, or he is embarrassingly bad behind the camera and embarrassed to show his work. Therefore I won't be taking my advice from him simple as that because it's just pixel peeping and specs sheet pimping, without any real life usage of the tools.
  4. They were first to do it though weren't they, whilst the big corporations snoozed!
  5. How do you find the AF in 4K/60p on the S1R? Better than S1 in 24p I take it? How's the 8bit holding up and can you yet activate VLOG in 4K/60p? Or just CineLike D? I've been tempted by one for a while as it is basically a Leica SL2 for half price.
  6. Indeed RED were a pioneer with REDcode. Graeme Nattress did what the Japanese camera companies like Sony didn't bother with or even attempt. They should be rewarded and there are other solutions like BRAW that avoid the patent infringement. So why doesn't Nikon implement BRAW or license a similar technology and call it N-RAW? In other words why doesn't Nikon get a clue? Or is their intent to purposefully infringe RED's patent before countersuing as they know they have a bargaining chip and that RED have infringed their patents on sensor design or whatever? I know it's shit for us and it doesn't generate much good will for RED in the industry and with customers. A middle ground should be reached at this point, it's gone on long enough. RED should license the technology and Nikon should pay up for it.
  7. RAW files from the Fp-L that I've seen look very good, you can dig about 6 stops into the shadows and it still maintains loads of nice colour information. This is the basis of a really cinematic image. Not just high dynamic range but high dynamic range without killing colour and skin tones. *Cough cough* Sony Also with the crop modes Sigma seems to have implemented full pixel readout from about 7K down! I wouldn't mind trying 1.3x crop to see what that looks like in RAW rather than the pixel binned FF.
  8. My Sigma Fp-L is coming tomorrow so we'll see how accurate a reviewer Gerald is 🙂
  9. TicoRAW is the basis of N-RAW. So we are talking very similar compression ratios to RED, up to 16:1 Could it be possible they will keep N-RAW but just switch off the compression? https://www.eoshd.com/raw-video/what-are-the-details-of-nikons-new-cinema-8k-4k-raw-codec-on-the-z9/ By the way the early Z9 bodies with 2.0 firmware have the potential to go to sky high prices so if you want one and find one in stock don't hesitate! I already can't find one for less than £6700 on eBay.
  10. I have a 50Wh and a 99Wh. Both under 500g in weight. All still to test in anger. I'll put it all in the review.
  11. You can mount any V-lock battery including the tiny modern ones on Amazon from Fxlion directly to the RED I/O expander or RED V-mount adapter that bolts to the back of the RAVEN or other DSMC2 RED cameras. No cables or rods required. Can't seem to do same with EPIC and SCARLET, they just have a lemo connector and you need D-tap to lemo cable plus rods and mounting solution for your V-lock battery.
  12. FULL specs, brochure images and 17 stops dynamic range sample shot https://www.eoshd.com/news/arri-alexa-35-full-specs-brochure-images-and-17-stops-dynamic-range-sample-shot/
  13. You're right apart from one thing. Gerald isn't a professional photographer. He isn't even an amateur photographer.
  14. Most importantly has it got animal eye AF and a food mode?
  15. ALEXA-35 Looks nice. Built in ND filter and a smaller RED / ALEXA MINI form factor. Will be interesting to see how the new sensor holds up. 17+ stops dynamic range! https://www.eoshd.com/news/new-arri-alexa-leaks-dubbed-alexa-35-17-stops-dynamic-range-and-4k-120fps/
  16. Fair play to Canon on this one, hadn't expected a semi-pro APS-C camera. The 7D has a proper successor now. Wonder how the image will compare to a C70. I am not expecting miracles but for the price, it might tempt a lot of filmmakers in the way the Fuji cameras do. X-T4 just got a big rival. Now we have R5,6,7 and 3, all that remains is the R1... But I am wondering if they might give us a cheaper EOS R7C as well.
  17. So 100% trust in the clickbait weasels after the R5 debacle then I see!
  18. Decided to get a proper RAW cine camera. It was between RED and Blackmagic. The RED seems to have more mojo, especially the older EPIC and Scarlet. I am also trying a RAVEN out. The older REDs are not expensive now. Paid £1790 for an EPIC-X, with 5K 120fps RAW. But when building it out, that's when the costs start rising. But for under $3500 you can definitely get a good kit. It's about the dynamic range and RED raw for me. The colour science is also very nice.
  19. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    43rumors run any old bullshit. Turns out battery is entirely different! I am sure the stacked sensor is Sony manufactured and the EVF probably a Sony panel. But beyond that seems OM Digital has custom LSI & firmware, plus many of their own parts. Camera is assembled in Vietnam.
  20. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    After a little more testing it is apparent that the phase-detect AF is flat out amazing for video on the OM-1. Really nothing like the GH6. Really natural movement to handheld shots with the IBIS as well. Especially as you can tune it. High setting for a locked down shot and -1 when you want more fluid movement. Just trying to figure out of the battery is identical to the one in my Sony A7 IV. Feels like there is a LOT of Sony about the OM-1. Feels like a buy-out by proxy!
  21. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    So far I get sense it is working at the Sony level, and much better than GH6. I've not gone deep into it, but AF features are many many pages in the menus. Such a mistake for Panasonic not to have this but OM-System does. Can't seem to find an ALL-I codec mode though anywhere.
  22. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    I did indeed manage to pick one up from Camarthan Cameras in Wales! Only retailer in entire UK to have a couple of units. Glad I did though as the camera is a miracle in itself. Punches well above expectations. I am only scratching the surface compared to you Simon, but will get to know it better in coming days. Brought it to Berlin with me. Not even shot any C4K with it yet but in UHD I did play with it a bit and love that you can punch in 1.4x in the middle of a shot with little to no loss in detail. No need to stop recording, you can just punch in and out on the fly. The IBIS was out of this world brilliant. 1 second handheld photo PIN SHARP The menus and ergonomics are in top 1% of all cameras. Love the way it feels to use and that they didn't go crazy abandoning the small size advantage with fans and stuff. I have GH6 with me as well so will be interesting to compare the two. They are very different. GH6 has the edge for high frame rates and overall video specs. OM-1 has a significant advantage in terms of size, weight, ergonomics, stills features and a few unique abilities in video mode as well. The EVF on the OM-1 is superior to the GH6. Out of this world big and immersive, especially impressive for such a small body. Can confirm the lovely Olympus colours are still present and correct!
  23. Yes should work fine on the Z6 II. All recording formats, yep.
  24. When you’re wallowing in self hatred like the UK culture secretary Nadine Dorries, a good way of advocating the destruction of a national broadcaster is to suggest they follow Netflix’s business model. There is of course a reason untalented political hacks from the right-wing of tabloid journalism aren’t very popular in the creative industries. Creativity takes talent, emotional sensitivity, brains and imagination – none of which the government of the UK possess. Read more: https://www.eoshd.com/news/netflix-and-the-end-of-the-subscription-model/
  25. Try it in HDR mode, it greatly reduces it.
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