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  1. We are turning into a "truth is what you can get away with" kind of society.
  2. Hold on, what new technology has Sony brought to the table in the last 5 releases.... Not a lot. The A7R IV is a hybrid cam if ever I saw one... Very much in both the stills and video camp, that one. The A9 II is clearly aimed at pros and sports, but again there is no reason why it shouldn't do better video. It doesn't even have S-LOG, like the first one. No new sensor. Barely any new features. May as well put a big sticker on it saying "don't buy me" The A7R IV and A9 II are headline releases, a great chance to show off their new sensor technology and next-gen video specs. From the A6400 onward, it's as if Sony pressed the pause button. A6400, A6100, A6600, A7R IV, A9 II all very boring and just 1 out of 5 with a new sensor is not a very good strike rate for Sony's most precious components. So either they are holding back to cement profit margins and protect the FX9, doing a Canon... Or they are holding back until the new advances are ready. I don't buy the latter, I think it's the former... otherwise we would have at least had X-T3 sensor in the A6600 and 10bit in the A7R II. It's 4000 euros! Sony staked their game mainly on specs... And now what reason do we all run out and pay $3000-$4000 for a new camera... The fact it has a different feel to the joystick?! You're the one pedalling conspiracies. Never do you seem to get round to supporting the daft theories with any proof, either. In one sentence you say 24p is left out due to a cheaper stripped down image processor... In the very next sentence you say you never claimed 24p was left out because of processing. A contradiction if ever I saw one. Back the drawing board for you!
  3. Very interesting find. Some nice details about the sensor in there as well. They were considering 8K as far back as 2010.
  4. It's mainly for internal recording, not much quality gain going HDMI Try Nikon N-LOG first, and if that doesn't look right, try C-LOG.
  5. Here we go again I am very tolerant. How else would an idiot like you still be a member of the EOSHD Forum after several years? I very much feel a strong responsibility for the good contributors here and for my own sanity. Forum membership shouldn't be a given, or a race to the bottom. It is really a meritocracy - like whose edits get to remain on Wikipedia. A knowledge-base like this one will drown under the weight of so much backchat, rude manners and stupidity, that I don't agree it should just be completely unmoderated. It's not the same as a real life society, or a democracy. If you don't contribute to the forum, then you should go. It's that simple. When you run out of road or exhaust the patience of the other users, you should go. So @thephoenix and @DBounce I think you should consider voluntarily going somewhere else. Your days are numbered if you carry on here like you are doing.
  6. Took my iPhone XS Max (obsolete already!) along to the Apple Store the other day and put the cameras side by side with 11 Pro, the XS Max had the more pleasing colour tone at least under the lights of the Apple store, whereas the 11 Pro was shifted more towards green. Other than that, the XS Max had a SLIGHT bit more noise, but the 11 Pro looked like it had more noise reduction, with a more plastic texture. So you get an ultra wide angle camera and an image which in some ways is worse. Call me a luddite but not sure I want to spend 1400 euros upgrading every 12 months for this kind of deal. Especially when there are 48MP quad-bayer smartphones sensors in $500 phones from other manufacturers. I remain an Apple user, but they really need to up their game. They have some of the best and most natural camera results around and very good CPU, very good computational photography engine and the best mobile OS... But damn, give me a better reason to upgrade...
  7. My answer is pretty simple, I was asked where the footage is, and I told you. As for the rest of it, you'll only end up disagreeing with me if you spout idiotic comments on a daily basis. Oops. Too bad for you.
  8. It is quite reasonable to wait until a camera is actually finished before wanting to see the footage from it. In terms of the specs, full frame 12bit Cinema DNG RAW in a very small stills camera is a revolution as far as I'm concerned and you should be welcoming Sigma for the first time to the video market. Another innovative manufacturer has joined the area of imaging you are most interested in, and all you can do is moan about not having any footage yet from a pre-beta firmware version. I put up with stupidity like this daily for 8 years. I am entitled to ask you to shut up. It's my forum. I also put up with almost daily hostile feelings from people who feel cross, one way or another. If you are complaining constantly it saps my energy and makes me want to do something else. I don't get to control when the footage gets published, it is quite reasonable for a camera company to decide that, not me.
  9. They are stills lenses with breathing and a huge mark-up.
  10. I'll tell you exactly why Sigma had the camera there with only the second firmware ever developed, pre-beta... More like an alpha copy of it. The image quality is far from final, and they dictate when they want to release the images, not me. Do you know when your driver's license gets full of points because you're reckless and have annoyed other road users - that's your forum license @DBounce - definitely one of the more annoying, rude and biased users I have to respond too on here. So be careful, as bad drivers get banned.
  11. Worse. Less detail, more moire and aliasing. The DPReview chart of 90D shows you what to expect. Compare it to the X-T30 or X-T3 and it's even more clear how mushy it is and how much moire there is going on
  12. I have original clips but can't be bothered even to share them. Nothing to see here!
  13. The SSD is powered through USB C, same as connecting it to your laptop. Same as on the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K.
  14. Good to see Magic Lantern going strong, and great seeing Berlin through fresh eyes Also cheers for the nice comments about the shooter's guide. Have you tried the 3.5K crop mode yet?
  15. Yep great to meet you Crazy coincidence of me checking out the Panasonic 8K and you being there with an Iscorama!!
  16. It can do 4K RAW internal and 4K MOV ALL-I Nobody at Sigma is saying it will cost $3000. They are saying UNDER $3000 and that is a conservative rough ballpark figure by reps because they don't know what the price is going to be yet. Could be anything from $1000 to $2999.
  17. Experiment and tell us It's not something I've tried, but should work well with Pro LOG. Do you have that too? Let me know if you'd like to try it and I'll send you a copy for free to experiment with and try with Film Convert.
  18. Yes they said under $3000, but I prefer to think of this as "price isn't decided to a large degree". I reckon it'll be £1999.
  19. There were two highlights of IBC 2019 for me. The Sigma Fp, and the Z-CAM range. From the ground-up the Sigma Fp seems to be aimed at us, at artists. A small and incredibly light camera that hits the big full frame notes, some of the niche features like the digital director's viewfinder would be unheard of in a consumer full frame camera from a major manufacturer. This is clever and will get the camera a lot of use by top-flight talent. Most exciting for me is the focus on the video recording features - which are big leap for Sigma and indeed push the boundaries of whet we expect from a "prosumer" camera. Cinema DNG RAW 4K 12bit to USB C SSD media Internal 1080p 12bit internal RAW Cinema DNG uncompressed Internal 4K RAW uncompressed (bit-depth drops to 8bit at the moment) Read the full article
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    You’re a 30p user, must remember that.
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