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  1. I bought the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K recently and decided to take it on a shoot at Monza, to film last weekend's Formula One race and famous old banking (where sequences for 1966's John Frankenheimer film Grand Prix were shot). I also had a few stills cameras with me including the Canon EOS RP, and considerably more capable Fuji X-T30 and Samsung's famous last camera, the NX1, the only good one they ever made. These are super-fast small bodies for travelling light and the NX1 in particular with it's stunning 4K quality turned out to be perfect for sports photography with the 15fps continuous shooting rate. Read the full article
  2. I am completely not interested in pro cameras, $10,000 stuff. EOSHD is not about this shit! Although it does explain why we have no a7s iii. Internal Sony politics. Oh well, it exists... Better get on with using my 10bit mirrorless cameras from other manufacturers. Yes absolutely agree... Pick one of these up for ten dollar!? Yes please! A bargain for 100% of this forum 😂 At $10,000 it is a bargain for 1% of this forum and 99% of the Cinema5D forum... Although the latter doesn't seem to exist any more 🤣 Too inconvenient!
  3. With Canon debuting the C500 II today, demand for a full frame in a C-series body is clearly there but Fujifilm is looking further into to the future. Their X-Trans IV sensor technology has already debuted in the GFX 100 and X-T3 but I can reveal a leaked slide-show shows Fujifilm might be taking the technology much further than we believed... A large format 44x33 camera optimised for open gate 4K3K RGB. Read the full article
  4. More ill-informed bollocks. Canon 1D X was 4K capable, disabled in firmware. Digic processors in 1D C are identical. Canon 5D Mark III was capable of a 4K sensor readout, as Magic Lantern RAW clearly shows. Both those cameras date back to 2012! Are you suggesting Canon went backwards with slower processors until 6 years later? 5D Mark IV was Digic 6 by the way. Obviously not insignificant enough for Canon to keep it in like they did with nearly all previous cheap Rebel DSLRs aimed at the same customers. If it is an insignificant number tell me why Canon are bothering with the crippling at all or care enough to push customers towards the EOS R!
  5. 19.8ms rolling shutter is ok. Not quite as good as a GH5 but given it is 6K and a larger sensor, it's on par with Fuji and much better than a Sony A6500. IMATest says dynamic range is 0.2 stops better vs Pocket 4K. And the number is completely meaningless because the Pocket 4K is pink. A reminder always to trust your eyes and not only the numbers.
  6. Sure, so the first thing I need at 180fps is to select 1/50 shutter manually 🤣 Think. Why do you need manual controls in HFR mode? The ISO and shutter speed are going to be the same whether the camera sets it or you do. It is going to use the shutter speed most suitable for the frame rate, and the lowest ISO it can get away with in order to expose brightly enough for the available light. And you have an override with the exposure compensation dial to fine tune exposure anyway. So yeah, it's not perfect and could be better but do you want perfectly exposed 180fps full frame images or not?
  7. That is preposterous it really is. The 1D X Mark II cannot compete with the X-H1 on pricing, size, weight, codec, file sizes, 120fps quality, handheld shooting, stabilisation, ergonomics, EVF or LOG. And that is just the features off the top of my head. The video market knows exactly what it wants and the 1D X Mark II isn't it. Otherwise they'd be a big thread about it here but there isn't. And when I reviewed it, it didn't exactly set a discussion going with hundreds of people saying "this is for me". I liked it in 2016 for stills and for giving the 1D C Dual Pixel AF - but losing Canon LOG and increasing the crop factor left a sour taste for my $6k. The 1D X Mark II is a superb pro stills camera and I used it as such... With Canon's best looking 4K outside of the 1D C... But it just isn't practical. Paying that much money to shoot MJPEG in 4K, massive file sizes, losing the EVF and IBIS, very important features... Why? Along with introducing moire in 1080p and 120fps, all I can say you must really need it as a stills camera to buy it in 2019. It's a dodo. In 2019 I would use the X-H1 every time instead.
  8. Further Canon madness with regards EOS RP, M6 II and 90D: - Aperture Priority mode 4K shooting is disabled - Video mode is either Full Auto / Full Manual. It does not follow the mode dial selection - Cannot shoot 4K by hitting record button in a stills mode - and 1080p is recorded in P Auto no matter what stills mode you are in - No ALL-I codec option - No AF or IS with 120fps - 120fps is cropped, using 84% of sensor - Bitrate for 4K is just 120Mbit There is a movie-cropping feature on the 90D, so it will be interesting to see if 4K in the cropped mode is a 1:1 crop with no binning. Either way it's lose-lose. Crop in one, poor resolution and moire in the other. It isn't clear whether the EOS M6 II has the cropped-sensor mode in 4K or whether this is a 90D feature only. https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/learn/education/topics/article/2019/august/video-with-the-eos-90d/video-with-the-eos-90d/!ut/p/z1/jZFbT8JAEIV_DY9ltuz25tvS0otWsWCB7otpy1IaeyGl0sCvd1GiMWpx3mbynZlzMsBgBayKD3kWt3ldxYXoI6Y-3weu7nom8pHlGyiYTseWbZseoQSW7wD6oygC9h99D8D61y8gmkBUei_BMYPbq9fsT5bJ4jbrFdypVwCHXADd0yeugUb-1Hc0RDWToNkTlZ1Q-bFhMSaIqoZl4pF9znABeiKKVFlRJx_foFWCdeG-4Rve8Gb42ojxtm13-5sBGqCu64ZZXWcFH6Z1OUC_Sbb1voXVdxIi8QftK4djehYKKJ7ZPp075FGF5SHnHYRV3ZTCyfxse5fma4g0BWN5LSuSwnUuETXFUhwniiQbKVFkvsYbOQEXwa4Mw0opDC_3JJYc8Wn8IL0BI0U2tA!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?urile=wcm%3Apath%3A%2Fcanon_newweb_content%2Fdigital_learning%2Feducation%2Band%2Binspiration%2Farticles%2F2019%2Faugust%2Fvideo-with-the-eos-90d%2Fvideo-with-the-eos-90d
  9. I'm having a problem where the camera is unresponsive for 10 seconds after the screen comes on... won't record a thing. Lost shots due to that. Maybe the SD card is too slow, but it is a UHS-II one with 150MB/s speeds Maybe best to use CFast... But damn, with an image this good, it's a shame they did not put it in a better & more reliable camera body!
  10. Is it officially listed as compatible with the Fuji you have it plugged into? If so, buy the cable that works?
  11. Another guy who needs reminding of why EOSHD started... suddenly cost wasn't a barrier to entry any more, people could pick up a GH1 or 5D Mark II and shoot cinematic images for cheap. Isn't that what's great about the Pocket 6K? If the image stands up head and shoulders (even above) C200 RAW but costs FAR less, with arguably a better RAW codec (and internal ProRes) to boot... That is exciting. Then again it's no surprise to long-time EOSHD members! I remember comparing the C300 early on (when pros were gushing over it) with the Samsung NX1 when it first came out. The 4K from the NX1 beat the shit out of the C300's image quality - yes, in terms of skintones and colour too. You sure can shoot a documentary bare bones with some cameras more easily than others... Pick up a GH5 for instance, and you can shoot bare bones better than with a C200 thanks to the stabilisation and smaller size.
  12. Pocket 4K/6K sit in a big ecosystem of software and hardware from Blackmagic. You can't isolate the sales figures of a couple of devices as all the other stuff is important for Blackmagic, and Pocket cameras help their business profile and ecosystem. The main point is - if all these huge companies - Sony, Blackmagic, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujfilm, etc. feel that video on mirrorless cams and under $3k is a worthwhile thing. So Canon must be shooting themselves in the foot by being the odd one out. Cinema EOS don't count. Different thing altogether. Simple as that.
  13. The Canon 90D targets wildlife shooters. I refuse to believe we're a smaller market than wild boar pig lovers. Read the full article
  14. Well, we'll see. I thought the GFX 100 was X-Trans IV, as is X-T3
  15. It's tin foil hat delusional narcissism that keeps you posting, isn't it? I read a good book recently. It said the main reason you should ignore criticism is because people's criticism is a reflection of themselves. Thank you for proving the book right!
  16. Oh look it's how they should have designed it in the first place!
  17. A particularly strange virus has spread across the internet, which seems to infect people defending Canon's latest cameras, shorn of the cinema frame rate 24p. Read the full article
  18. I see why it is relegated to a tripod Nothing against the rig, it's great if that's what you need. It's the number one shot loser for me having a rig. Slows me down to a snails pace. And it has achieved nothing. It has only added back the EVF and battery life you get BUILT IN to mirrorless cameras. The bare basics needed to see the screen and shoot for longer than 30 mins.
  19. What sort of anamorphic lenses would cover 44x33 sensor? Answer: None of them. They are nearly all S35. Very few medium format anamorphic lenses out there... maybe for VistaVision somewhere in Hollywood? That's why the S1H anamorphic mode is only S35 How do we know the slides are from that of a new cam, and not just the GFX 100 (as it's the same sensor)?
  20. That is an immense amount of data. How does that achieve Fuji's claims in the slideshow of reduced rolling shutter and less overheating compared to a 6K mirrorless camera sensor output? I'll believe it when I see it!!
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