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  1. Big push on the blog today, then we can close the vote, declare the winners... and unfortunately for one, the loser
  2. Does anyone have the patent battle papers for Sony v RED? Are these not public? I would like to see how this was decided and in whose favour.
  3. Atomos might have yes. But ask yourself why the Nikon Z6 firmware update still isn't out yet.
  4. If we can't have ProRes RAW we can at least have ProRes. Good enough for Arri!
  5. Pocket cam original with dongle? Then sell the camera.
  6. Yes raw footage could mean any files straight off the card but people understand it better when you say RAW. Not perfect sense but it does the job.
  7. An absolute bargain at that price, basically a mini S1!
  8. We know it's not an acronym but RAW looks cooler +10000000
  9. Ok if Kiselev is so wonderful, I'll let him challenge Jim Jannard in court and see how he does
  10. Thanks for that post, very interesting. Were you aware in 2006 of the Russian Kinor camera with similar sensor to the RED ONE at the time? Same question regarding Pavavision's development of the Genesis, or was that only started later on? How about the very early digital cinema work with Lars Von Trier of Anthony Dod Mantle who pioneered digital cinematography in the industry. Peter Jackson didn't, in my opinion. Anthony Dod Mantle did. Was RED and Peter Jackson's approach novel in light of the cameras Anthony Dod Mantle used? I can't say as not a patent lawyer but food for thought. How about the Sony Cine Alta range. F35, etc.? Panavision Genesis? Early Panasonic stuff? SiliconImaging? Kinor? I agree with you, Graeme Nattress and the team deserve credit for disrupting the market. We want affordable compressed RAW and open source codecs to play nicely in the same industry alongside RED and they aren't keen on it happening, so that loses them some support from me, as I am, writing EOSHD and waiting for the Nikon Z6 raw firmware update. What about Cinema DNG 3:1 as it is under the 6:1 minimum compression in the RED patent... Can't that pass without infringement, I wonder? Magic Lantern 10bit lossless maybe? Or even just plain old 1080p uncompressed RAW?! Must be a way to give us something in the current cameras, without having to pay RED for the license to do so. Interesting take, cheers.
  11. Maybe he's bitter he never patented Kinor?!
  12. Nobody is banning anyone. Just be mindful not to libel RED or Jim Jannard. At my request.
  13. Cheers for the contributions above guys. For brevity, the article doesn't explain everything Graeme says in the defence. You can download the full thing here https://portal.unifiedpatents.com/ptab/case/IPR2019-01064 One interesting passage is below... Where RED contests for example the Presler prior art used by Apple's consultant Mr Reader: *** Presler Does Not Qualify As Prior Art Petitioner relies on Presler as its primary obviousness reference for all three asserted grounds, arguing that Presler has a 102(e) priority date of April 13, 2007. Pet. at 10-11. Petitioner also argues that the ’299 patent is not entitled to the April 11, 2007 filing date of its earliest provisional application. Pet. 3-5. However, as demonstrated in the sections below, RED’s reduction to practice of the Boris and Natasha RED ONE motion-picture cameras by March 2007 disqualifies Presler as prior art to at least 25 of the 29 challenged claims of the ’299 patent. Moreover, as shown in Sections II.A.2-3 above, the inventors Messrs. Jannard and Nattress knew by at least March 2007, based on their own successful testing of the Boris motion-picture camera, that their invention worked for its intended purpose – an understanding that was further bolstered by director Sir Peter Jackson’s use of Boris later that month to successfully shoot a motion picture. Ex. 2001 (Nattress) ¶ 25; Ex. 2011 (Jannard) ¶¶ 11-16; Ex. 1002 at 393-94 (Jackson Decl. ¶¶ 3-4); Ex. 1002 at 418 (Soderbergh Decl. ¶ 6). Finally, RED’s successful reduction to practice is corroborated by photographs, documentation, the testimony of current and former non-inventor employees who had direct personal knowledge and involvement with the RED ONE project, and the testimony of Academy Award winners Sir Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh. Indeed, with respect to their qualifications to assess the visually lossless nature of the video produced by the Boris and Natasha cameras, Messrs. Jackson and Soderbergh have few peers as Oscar-winning directors. Their formidable professional reputations are staked upon the visual quality of their films. Artifacts from digital compression are simply unacceptable. Tellingly, both Messrs. Jackson and Soderbergh are profuse with their praise of, and steadfast in their loyalty to, RED digital video cameras, and believe the RED ONE technology embodied in Boris and Natasha to have been pioneering. Ex. 1002 at 394-95 (Jackson Decl. ¶¶ 5-10), 419 (Soderbergh Decl. ¶¶ 15-16). Under a rule-of-reason analysis, the weight of the totality of the evidence and corroboration of RED’s antedating reduction to practice – that occurred over ten years ago – provides a sufficient basis for, and lends credibility to, Messrs. Jannard and Nattress’s testimony. In the interests of judicial economy and conservation of Office resources, the Board should deny institution of the present Petition.
  14. No, that was Canon by accident and Panasonic on purpose.
  15. The Russian over at Personal-View makes me chuckle. Having a good at laugh at our expense!! LOL! I hand it to him for that comment. It's hilarious. We should tell him to go back to hacking the bitrate on the GH2 though.... It's a much more productive use of his time in communist land. Or maybe Vitaliy is turning capitalist? Wanting the limelight all for himself and a nice Russian bride?!
  16. Resolve and FCPX are 100% learning fully. Even paying for a good course in FCPX is worth it compared to what Adobe Corporation would fleece you for over 5 years.
  17. In Apple's attempt to overturn RED's claims over visually lossless compressed raw video, the US Patent Office has published documents submitted by RED. These explain their side of the story with particular regard to REDCODE. If RED can continue to prove that the approach to their codec was novel, RED will win and Apple will have to compensate RED or make a deal in order to sell ProRes RAW in our devices and cameras, such as the Nikon Z6. Read the full article
  18. Fun off topic thread but how about we create one that's more relevant to the forums, like posting a picture of your editing rig and desk? :) I can start one off if you like.
  19. Soon I'll put the link to the vote on the front page of the blog to drum up some more people to take part and vote. Then let's close the poll around Saturday-ish and do the big reveal of gear. Get some photos of the gear and post it. I'll do the same and reveal what I shot. I made two videos with two different cameras. Then the winner of the public vote gets the last place person's camera If he wants to give it him. We're not going to force it out of his hands This is supposed to be a bit of fun really. Then I'll choose a winner of the judge's prize, who will get one of my cameras.
  20. heart0less The Citadel Park Kye The most cinematic video ever made AND A rainy morning mrjim Bexhill July 2019 Snowfun Good Morning Esguelha $200 challenge entry Michi Homestar Kevin aaa123jc A Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland Framed By Dan theraywong mkabi Nordee Wronzoff TrueIndigo PannySVHS Sama Kotka Matias Mayolo m.maksym Better together anax276 The Garden Leslie Apples Well done to everyone who contributed. I had a lot of fun watching the results come in. I had some fun shooting my own as well, but I've not edited it yet and decided to let the competition vote run without my entry for now. In the main blog post coming out, you'll see what I bought and what I got up to. I'll let the vote run for a few days, then we can reveal the cameras which is the even more fun part Please vote once for your favourite of the videos (and not your own!!) - no gaming the system If I missed anyone on the list, let me know.
  21. Maybe it's a patents exchange. RED probably allowed Canon to carry on providing RAW.
  22. What happens in Resolve 16 Beta when you try and edit the 6K BRAW? Is it just choppy performance? Or complete crash? Windows or Mac? Do you have any original files to share so we can get to the bottom fo why that's happening? Cheers for the review Dave! I'll post it to front page as well.
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