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  1. Hello: I did the same exercise, I went to the sigma website, looked for the fp camera and I went to see the source code of the page and indeed, it appears 1899 USD.
  2. A couple of days ago, I was leaving a meeting at a local university, to which I am making a corporate documentary and I found a civic demonstration. Everything was quiet, I took out my Gopro, to make a small audiovisual record, out of nowhere a police bus appeared, releasing water and dissuasive gases, the powerful jet hit me directly to the body, the camera fell to the wet floor. Fortunately nothing happened to him. For this and several reasons I have learned that by size, price and portability, the best camera to always have in the backpack, is an action camera. Who would have imagined a few years ago, that you were going to carry a 4k camera, with stabilizer, waterproof and shock, in such a small size and for less than 300 dollars in your pocket. I must say that the DJI Osmo Pocket, seduces me by the amount of functions that it has, but I think that it would not resist a deal, as I described previously. If you're interested, I can upload some videos later.
  3. Hello: I have had the same problem several times. I live in Chile (South America) and in recent years there have been important citizen movements, which are permanently on the streets. I have a 5d iii camera with magiclantern, but I can not carry it permanently, so I put a GoPro3 in my backpack and it has served me a lot, the audio is not good, but I turn it on and record it regardless of rain or other weather problems . I work making documentaries and although the image does not have the best quality, its value lies in having been able to capture the moment and its essence. I am currently thinking about buying a gopro7 or Dji osmo pocket, to carry in my backpack.
  4. Hello: Here is a place, which can serve as a source of inspiration: Big Shorts Films. In their presentation they say: We make short social films out of real, inspiring stories. By doing so, we create a positive ripple in your mind when you watch it, which in turn travels in all directions and creates more ripples. Empowering change through storytelling, one film at a time – that’s what BIG SHORT FILMS is all about. Personally, I have found some very good and inspiring video pieces.
  5. hello, I use mlvproducer, to convert raw mlv files to prores, it works on windows and it gives me very good results. Try it works on any PC. regards
  6. Thank you very much. This site is already part of my daily routine
  7. The important thing about this release is that it will force other manufacturers to improve their specifications at a reasonable price.
  8. At least in this price range, I do not think there are other alternatives, it's like the magiclantern camera
  9. the specifications, exceeded my expectations. I think it's time to retire my 5D3 with ML
  10. Dear friends of the eoshd: Then I leave you a short film, which is completed completely in raw with magiclantern in 1920 x 1080, the configuration used was: 5d iii camera 2 compact flash komputerbay 1066x, 2 lights tota lowel 1 lens 24-105 canon 1 macro lens 100 canon The images were processed with MLVProducer. I still need the translation, however, I wanted to share it with you, so that you can express your comments. https://vimeo.com/242501856 sorry for my bad english
  11. Hello: I congratulate your initiative, I will buy the guide, just like I did with the previous guide. I have a 5d3 and I use a atomos blade, when I record in raw in full hd (1920x1080) I do not have any problem to see the images in the monitor, When I record to 3,5k, do the images look good on the external monitor? Katrikura
  12. Hello: I tell you my experience, some time ago I had to record an archeological excavation, which lasted a month, were long working days, there were low temperatures and rain (in southern Chile). My team was a 5d iii + ninja blade with DD 1tb, which allowed me to record up to 12 hours on prq hq, 4 NP-F series (generic batteries), the pair gave me a duration of about 4 hours + canon 24 -105 + videomic pro. I must mention that the recording work I did alone, what most helped me, was the focus peaking and the waveform monitor. Most of the time I did not record with the 5d, just kept it on and the ninja blade did all the work. Then I send you an original camera file, without touching color, as it came out of the atoms in HQ, which I uploaded directly to youtube. I am currently recording in Raw with magiclantern and I take the atoms as backup or when I run out of compact flash cards, so I do not interrupt the recording. Sorry for my bad english Katrikura
  13. Hello: The following video: https://vimeo.com/220192361 demonstrates the use of fujinon + GH5.
  14. Hello: The 5d iii has a clean output through the hdmi, I use it as backup and after scenes, since the cards in which I record raw are 64 gb, with the atoms I have recorded up to 6 continuous hours. I will search for images and upload them tomorrow so you can see the quality. Regards
  15. Hello: I use the Atomos Ninja Blade, and I can tell you that I record raw video in the camera and prores on the external recorder, simultaneously. Regards
  16. Message repeated. Please deleted
  17. http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19300.msg182071;topicseen#msg182071 Can be true Such good News?
  18. Maybe Tarantinofan is Ebrahim Sadawi, or one of his multiple personalities.
  19. Hello: Again the boys lantern MGIC surprise us. A1ex, just determined as record the raw video in 12 bit or 10 bit, although it is a finding emerging, it is only a matter of time to debug the application and develop a specific module raw 10 or 12 bit. As you know, the problem of actaul RAW 14 bit, is what is fantastic, but you need very fast and stable cards (1066x) to record on average 4gb x minute and sometimes, depending on the quality of the card becomes unstable recording . With the current discovery means we can record RAW, but with greater stability and less space or at a higher frame rate. Today is a great day for the Magic Lantern filmakers community. regards Katrikura Sorry for the bad English http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=5601.300
  20. Hello: I just downloaded eoshd c-log. I have a 5D3 and blade atomos, the atom has the possibility of c-log, in the coming days, I will review as He recorded on the camera and the external recorder, to see if there is a noticeable improvement. thanks Andrew
  21. Hello, I have a 5diii and use a blade ninja, the advantage is that I can record raw directly into the camera and parallel I have a backup in ProRes in the atoms, also I benefit the wizard histogram zebras focus, among others .
  22. After several months of Atoms announcement released the update to its atoms will, for low-end devices. I own a Ninja Blade and these are the new features: Ninja Blade 5.2 release notes FID: 050105200520 Features: - Added AtomHDR monitoring including HDR waveform functions as outlined below - HDR and Log to Rec.709 monitor modes. To access these settings, touch the new yellow "Monitor" button. - HDR mode contains a slider to adjust the number of stops over SDR being displayed on the monitor. - While in AtomHDR mode, a simplified HDR waveform line has been added to easily set the correct slider position for the dynamic range of the scene. - HDR monitoring is supported for the Log output from the following cameras; Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Arri, JVC and Red. Bug Fixes: - Fixed an issue where an extremely long recording could sometimes result in a corrupted file. - Add support for playback of 24-bit audio - Fixed an issue where some files exported from NLE's did not play audio. During the weekend I will perform the update and see how things behave. regards Katrikura
  23. I think you have to give it one more day of term and does not meet its commitments, not publicly discuss what action to take, since you are reading this forum, let Andrew and the oldest forum (Council of Elders) I took the wisest decision. Katrikura
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