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  1. Merry Christmas @Andrew Reid and everyone.. Thank you for providing us with this space for information and debate.
  2. Hello, a couple of months ago I bought the lopupedeck + console, I can tell you that it has been a quite pleasant experience. It does not improve the times, but having knobs and multiple programmable buttons, you can use it with one hand. I had a similar problem, I had tendonitis in my right hand and I was in the middle of editing a documentary film, I can say that I did 80% of the tasks with my left hand. I hope my story will serve you. I forgot to tell you that it comes configured for the premiere edition.
  3. Personally, watching so many videos in slow motion bores me. it is an excessive use of the resource, cinematic is not slow motion.
  4. MagicLantern does not produce any modification to the original firmware, it remains intact. What it does is add functions through a firmware that works in addition to the existing one, is hosted on the card and can be deleted at any time.
  5. On several occasions I have indicated that he will have to make a short documentary about this defective product, a product of the protection policies that Canon has with its line of film cameras. I see it difficult for Canon to apologize, since there is an army of complacent (or paid) youtubers and this audiovisual piece would remain for posterity, reminding us that we must be critical as consumers and showing how fanaticism for brands allows this type of bad practices. A short documentary that serves as an audiovisual memory.
  6. I think Andrew should document the entire process, visually and make a documentary about the ethics of companies that manufacture cameras, we already have the case of Canon and Red. Even the comments from the forum could serve as support for the documentary.
  7. What does not motivate to participate in this forum is the passion for moving images and all the toys that allow us to achieve a better job, independent if it is projected in the cinema or on a TV in a house, the result is the same, make people want those images.
  8. I think it's time to stop, breathe and focus on the camera, if you don't like it, that's fine, but here we will have shooters from different areas, documentary, archive, advertising, weddings. Each one must have an opinion if it is useful according to their scope of action. You cannot pretend to impose your opinion on the rest.
  9. You must understand that this forum is to discuss cameras, you should not take it personally, your attacks are on people, not on arguments.
  10. The objective of the forum is to contribute opinions, knowledge, for a healthy discussion, however, hijodeibn, it is dragging it to the disqualifications. I think we should ignore it and continue with the appreciations regarding the 12k camera.
  11. The most important thing is that apparently, it does not overheat and there is no need to wait for it to cool down, to continue using it.
  12. however it is a long term investment as it will not depreciate quickly
  13. Hi. I personally use h265 when I want to store large videos, I think h266 would be even better, for this purpose, if it does what it promises.
  14. Katrikura


    Perhaps it may sound like a distant reality to some, here in Chile (South America) a documentary filmmaker who made a documentary film about the Mapuche people (indigenous people), was sent to jail for 100 days, for doing that work. The state staged an imprisonment assembly, which was fortunately underrated, but the objective was to intimidate journalists to report on the problems of indigenous peoples. After these events, the people who audiovisual recorded these events, think about the possibility of using other names, to publish these events. For more information on the case, you can consult: http://www.icei.uchile.cl/noticias/elena-varela-documentalista-y-presa-politica.html
  15. Katrikura


    I understand the situation that you pose, I live in a country where human rights are trampled by the state, despite the visits of the UN, Amnesty International HRW, it is increasingly difficult to register these violations, the state and its police, you They chase, destroy your equipment and harass you. I am currently working on a project to denounce these acts and I am evaluating the same alternative, beyond the use of a pseudonym, it is about avoiding pressures, jail or harassment of your family. I personally believe that documentary cinema has a commitment to historical memory and is a small act of cultural resistance.
  16. Hola, Smallrig anunció un adaptador de batería Sony Typo NP para conectarlo a las cámaras BMPCC4K. Parece interesante, tiene dos tipos de conexiones, una tipo lp-e6 y la otra DC-LEMO 2 Pin Cable. SmallRig ...
  17. Hello: I did the same exercise, I went to the sigma website, looked for the fp camera and I went to see the source code of the page and indeed, it appears 1899 USD.
  18. A couple of days ago, I was leaving a meeting at a local university, to which I am making a corporate documentary and I found a civic demonstration. Everything was quiet, I took out my Gopro, to make a small audiovisual record, out of nowhere a police bus appeared, releasing water and dissuasive gases, the powerful jet hit me directly to the body, the camera fell to the wet floor. Fortunately nothing happened to him. For this and several reasons I have learned that by size, price and portability, the best camera to always have in the backpack, is an action camera. Who would have imagined a few years ago, that you were going to carry a 4k camera, with stabilizer, waterproof and shock, in such a small size and for less than 300 dollars in your pocket. I must say that the DJI Osmo Pocket, seduces me by the amount of functions that it has, but I think that it would not resist a deal, as I described previously. If you're interested, I can upload some videos later.
  19. Hello: I have had the same problem several times. I live in Chile (South America) and in recent years there have been important citizen movements, which are permanently on the streets. I have a 5d iii camera with magiclantern, but I can not carry it permanently, so I put a GoPro3 in my backpack and it has served me a lot, the audio is not good, but I turn it on and record it regardless of rain or other weather problems . I work making documentaries and although the image does not have the best quality, its value lies in having been able to capture the moment and its essence. I am currently thinking about buying a gopro7 or Dji osmo pocket, to carry in my backpack.
  20. Hello: Here is a place, which can serve as a source of inspiration: Big Shorts Films. In their presentation they say: We make short social films out of real, inspiring stories. By doing so, we create a positive ripple in your mind when you watch it, which in turn travels in all directions and creates more ripples. Empowering change through storytelling, one film at a time – that’s what BIG SHORT FILMS is all about. Personally, I have found some very good and inspiring video pieces.
  21. hello, I use mlvproducer, to convert raw mlv files to prores, it works on windows and it gives me very good results. Try it works on any PC. regards
  22. Thank you very much. This site is already part of my daily routine
  23. The important thing about this release is that it will force other manufacturers to improve their specifications at a reasonable price.
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