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  1. Jesus, Andrew! That's fucking appalling behaviour from eBay. I've not sold that much on eBay but have gotten through it largely hassle-free, but this makes selling anything of value super sketchy. Thanks for sharing your story, I hope it comes good and you sell your equipment successfully, and you can go on and do the house move with extra funds. 🙂
  2. It would definitely make a compelling documentary in the right hands - I'd be up for helping to fund it.
  3. Coronavirus – COVID-19 – some facts & figures Stunning insights into the Corona-panic by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
  4. Just pointing out a typo in the first sentence, 1986 instead of 1886. Not hating, just thought you may want to know. Weird how they've made it 60fps, giving the vintage footage that soap opera/videol look
  5. Hi All, and well done to everyone who entered - a lot of fun was had from my part. Reading through the other comments, in comparison, my choice of camera was quite unadventurous as I used my Canon EOS M that I bought for £135 at the start of the year. It came with a 35mm F1.6 APS-C Television TV Lens/CCTV Lens For 16mm C Mount Camera and C Mount adaptor and 3 batteries. I felt like I cheated because I also used two other lenses for a few shots - whereas everyone else seemed to use one lens. As you can see in the picture below, I also used a Helios 44-2 58 mm f/2 Lens M42 Mount and also a Canon EOS EF-M f2 Pancake Lens (both borrowed from work - I work in a Photography department at a Univeristy). I also used a Zeadio mini tripod and cheap variable ND filter. I shot the footage using the Prolost Flat picture profile. I think that's most of the info. Oh yeah, I did a bit of primary and secondary grading in Premiere but nothing that major. So there you go. I guess I get to keep my camera - he he! Thanks to the peeps who voted for me!
  6. Very nice! You can count on my vote from this teaser (I take it you can't vote for your own - he he)!
  7. It is exceptionally lazy that Sony have put no effort in the design of the RX100 after seven versions...and it does make a difference how a camera looks and feels in your hands when using it. They make all these different versions yearly yet drag their heels with the A7S M3 - what's that all about? And their menus are super convoluted, their memory recall being the one saving grace. I, for one, would welcome a much simpler interface, not because I'm a luddite, but because the D-pad and multiple tabs menu system is just so tedious. We, as customers, should demand stuff outlined on Andrew's wish list - all right, we may not get it all but it would surely make sense to listen to users who are serious about buying their products . If they are going to sell a camera that has all these super cool video specs then they shouldn't leave out important stuff like 10 bit and raw. I mean, it 1200 bucks, FFS!
  8. I knew you meant that...sorry I was being a bit facetious. Thanks for noticing, though. Over the years, I've shot a fair amount of random footage just to keep my eye in and often try and create or find an underlying or unifying thread to the footage I just like the look of, in the edit. I know the entries to this fun competition will be viewed more in cinematography terms but I love the editing process in the way I've described. It's funny, because it's the antithesis - in many ways - of how conventional films are made, i.e. scripted, storyboarded, shot, edited, not that I have anything against that approach, just personally, I like to create stuff more freely. Luckily, I have a day job (Technical Instructor at a University) that pays the bills - he he!
  9. Thanks ZEEK! What story, though? I don't know what you're talking about...this isn't a storytelling competition, it's in the rules. Thanks webrunner5. I've noticed you've chipped in some choice comments/quips from time to time, so your compliment is much appreciated.
  10. Hello EOSHD community! I must admit that although I follow your website on a daily basis, Andrew, I haven't really commented or posted much on these forums. Regardless, a big thank you for all the honest, passionate, critical, informative and damned funny content you've shared over the years! In any case, here is my offering, for what it's worth. This was a great little project to focus the mind and soul!
  11. Is the end of submissions the end of tomorrow (24th July) GMT, i.e. 11:59pm?
  12. Ever since discovering Andrew's EOSHD, I pretty much check it everyday to see what he has to say about all the related stuff. I think the world needs more people like Andrew who expresses his own opinion and makes his own brand of videos/films and doesn't need to be validated by the typical factors that people look to. For what it's worth, what I love is that Andrew seeks to be a balanced blend of the technical and the artistic, which is the road I have taken. I am a Technical Instructor by day in a Photography department at a university, and use all the expertise I learn and instruct on to see where my own creative intuition takes me in my spare time. For me, it beats chasing after funding, and I get to make what I'm into, without executives chipping in...it's just right for me, not saying it's right for everyone else. Anyway, don't stop Andrew, and props for being open, honest and a massive thanks to all the advice, help (from guides) and personal perspective on all things camera/video related!
  13. I agree! This is why EOSHD exists - to stimulate and be a forum for lively debate! David and Goliath!
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