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  1. Ever since discovering Andrew's EOSHD, I pretty much check it everyday to see what he has to say about all the related stuff. I think the world needs more people like Andrew who expresses his own opinion and makes his own brand of videos/films and doesn't need to be validated by the typical factors that people look to. For what it's worth, what I love is that Andrew seeks to be a balanced blend of the technical and the artistic, which is the road I have taken. I am a Technical Instructor by day in a Photography department at a university, and use all the expertise I learn and instruct on to see where my own creative intuition takes me in my spare time. For me, it beats chasing after funding, and I get to make what I'm into, without executives chipping in...it's just right for me, not saying it's right for everyone else. Anyway, don't stop Andrew, and props for being open, honest and a massive thanks to all the advice, help (from guides) and personal perspective on all things camera/video related!
  2. I agree! This is why EOSHD exists - to stimulate and be a forum for lively debate! David and Goliath!
  3. I really enjoy reading these forum exchanges! Keep up the good work everyone, especially Andrew! I mean this with no irony at all, by the way, I really do enjoy the exchanges - is there something wrong with me?
  4. That was a funny article! And yes, what a box! Who the hell shoots selfies with a DSLR, for chuck's steak?!
  5. I've found 1/25th shutter speed is worth exploring and checking the results of.
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