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  1. tonysss


    I'm still surprised by my sigma 18-35, it's the most versatile of all 😄 close up or wide view.. no problem (BMMCC)
  2. thank you for the link to this person https://vimeo.com/stevenleone he does a great job at orig BMPCC !
  3. I have also BMMCC, and I repeat myself several times, There is no difference between look and color between RAW and Prores!
  4. I have experience as Rob Ellis (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8edgNMjj6M) BMMCC (orig.BMPCC fairchild sensor) colors and looks are amazing for my eyes. Just a simple adjustment of contrast and saturation and it's there! not DNG, just simply ProRes
  5. in older BMs it is not so if it is new BMPCC4K so it is bad. (Colorspace V4) I like old BMs ProresHQ I borrowed it (BMPCC4K) and I didn't see any fundamental difference between DNG and Proores. But I did some tests and I returned her I didn't like a bunch of things. Thank you for your opinions and findings
  6. I dare to disagree with humility, I have absolutely no difference in the image if I shoot Prores or DNG on my BM cameras. The possibility of editing DNG in post is excellent. but the image is still the same!
  7. I see that it has done a lot of work, cut is amazing. But filmed it was what ? Fuji? A7III ? GH5 ? A7SII ? BMPC4C ? I still see the same image I don't like ..sorry. I am still waiting for something from the BMPCC 4K camera that will fascinate me in the picture ... and yet it doesn't come but it should be on time. On the contrary, I find more and more amazing stuff from old BMPCC and BMMCC. (Of course, a lot of waste ). I like your RX100 videos the most! the little beast RX100 is also interesting ... If I traveled like you, I'd rather have a RX100 in my pocket if BMPCC4K + Sigma 18-35 🙂
  8. No, no one has the courage to tell you that BMCC is not a suitable camera on weddings. I have BMPCC and BMMCC but for the wedding I wouldn't go with it ! Control is terrible. Wedding is a quick document and you have to be everywhere and very fast. I always take GH5 for the wedding, stabilization in the body, quick control is irreplaceable. GH5+Sigma 18-35 is my recommendation number one ! Look at wedding video GH5+Sigma https://vimeo.com/280103156/015ddb6041 Here's a team of 3 people doing URSA + BMCC and BMMCC are three people at the wedding !! but the video is excellent https://vimeo.com/243054459
  9. exactly , GH5, Fuji, A7III, BMPCC4K all has - the same look , old fairchild sensor was different 😞 (see. https://youtu.be/boBbUPUTyPA ) ...
  10. So you didn't understand.... We (old BMPCC user) don't miss this nasty look you created 😄 If you own a old pocket (Fairchild sensor) , you'll understand.
  11. but on mobile phone Alexa is still beautiful, it really is not a small screen 😄 I had a P4K loan to make sure it's just not that and it's worse for me than old sensors 😞 and I don't think I have this opinion myself
  12. Highlight Roll Off P4K is terrible 😞 (and I'm watching it on my cell phone, no big screen!) the dynamic range is visibly worse than the old BM and it is unnecessarily contrasting in skin tones. I won't sell my old BM! until the Fairchild sensor returns! I haven't liked anything from the new p4k so far, and unfortunately it will remain so. The best thing you can do is buy a BMMCC for a few dollars second hand
  13. I say it a few times, the world doesn't need new cameras, but new stories. Because I recently bought very cheap BMPCC and BMMCC, So my GH5 most of the time, lies unused on the shelf.. What I see on the new BMPCC4K is exactly what I see on GH5, but the colors of the old BM just don't!
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