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  1. I recommend buying an old BMPCC for a few dollars and learn shooting and coloring. I've had GH5 for over two years, and I bought an old BMPCC and BMMCC six months ago and that was the best decision I ever made, color and DR is excellent ! it will do much more work but it's worth it.
  2. Variable ND BENRO SD NDX HD LIMIT ULCA! - he was surprised ! , minimum color change , sharp, I strongly recommend.
  3. Thank you ,the world needs new stories and not new cameras 🙂
  4. nice... and no slowmo ! Bravo 🙂
  5. that's still good, The old pocket was almost without sound, So the improvement is definitely there 😄 I'll wait for another one...again a small pocket. I'm afraid this is a hardware problem and fw does not fix it 😞
  6. Client: is something going on? , not everything is all right 😄 , just ask for 10min pause ...
  7. I see it anyway, we can also get great pictures with the new pocket. But my old pocket keeps me going.
  8. OT Pocket has 12,5 , it's about 1 stop more 🙂
  9. exactly , these firts shots are just DNGs without metadata. Once you blow out the lights in the camera, there's no way back. (Zebra 100%) provided DNG BMPCC was underexposed! And ,yes BMPCC has more noise in the shadows, but with the right exposure it is far better. P.S. .....do not take it wrong, someone has to keep up with the great enthusiasm of BMP4K 😄
  10. Exposure aligned BMPCC -1EV (ISO 200) + 100% shadows OT BMPCC + 1EV (ISO 1600) + 100% shadows
  11. on BMP4K is a cliping in highlights ? Exposure is different. Drag the shadows + 100% Thanks again for DNG, nothing changes, OT pocket and GH5 ... stays at home 🙂
  12. Yes, unfortunately 😞 , my OT BMPCC is visibly +2 stops DR up from my GH5. I see it in all videos of new pockets, dynamic range that is noticeably down 😞
  13. This looks like an unbalanced electronic gimbal and and weak engines, but you have a glidecam 🙂 I had recently, released optical member inside the adapter Viltrox and knocked, but I did not see it in the picture. Can not the loose chip holder be directly in the camera? did you try to shake the camera? and watch the chip?
  14. I looked at their measurements and yes, that corresponds to my findings ,when I shoot with GH5 and OT BMPCC , as I have written recently here I see min +2 stops DR on BMPCC
  15. Yes, I have to wait for the time to show
  16. only saturation and contrast added. Colors have better old pocked for me, NEW pocket is redly and yellowish. (very similar colors has GH5s) this combination of highlighted red and yellow brings together a special green color that shines, I see it in every video of BMP4K 😞 GH5 does not have this highlighted red and yellow. Sample is here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OBln90sErh83QseO4ys3omnXQEoLIU9B they are not my sample. they are from here: https://youtu.be/SQ9OzlZfIds first: NEW Pocket, second: Old Pocket (added sharpness strong 1.5 for comparison with the 4K resolution on NEW pocket)
  17. Thank you, the sample DNG already contains high cliping, left down in those lights, any manipulation with ISO will no longer help with this overexposure. The dynamic range is definitely worse than the old pocket and, unfortunately, the colors, I have been doing a lot of adjusting DNG and ProRes from my old pocket for a long time so I know what it can do. that color noise in the shadows is unpleasant. The colors are much worse than the old pocket! it helped me in that I definitely will not sell the old pocket 🙂 Thank you.
  18. Today I was shooting in the vineyard with GH5 and I took the old pocket, and I have to admit bmpcc surprised me again with better color and at least +2 feet of dynamic range extra. I noticed that I use a lot more pictures in my pocket camera. Only add saturation and contrast and it's there. In new pocket I see less DRs and a worse transition of highlights to clipping and of course colors are different and worse for me... the old pocket remains a loyal partner of my GH5 for beautiful B-roll or more cinematic work. Of course, working with old pocket needs more time and patience 🙂
  19. exactly the opposite 🙂 I bought BMPCC recently and I prefer it before my GH5 for DR and Color BMPCC for shooting people document, music video, film (BMPCC will not forgive you, you have to learn the filmmaking craft, nothing slowmo YEP 🙂 last work https://youtu.be/Pk_Qyuy_r5M I use GH5 for shooting event, wedding, (Run&Gun situation)
  20. This works for me without any problems https://www.ebay.com/itm/NP-F970-to-DMW-DCC12-Dummy-Battery-Adapter-for-Panasonic-DMC-GH3-GH4-GH5-Camera/401587940720?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX% 3AIT & _trksid = p2057872.m2749.l2649
  21. Red channel also flashes more... , I'm afraid that this is a chip or hardware problem and that it will not solve fw. much 😞
  22. 100% consent. Check out other videos in my VIMEO account and find out night dancing. , At the all wedding I always have a minimum of light in the evening and it's okay.
  23. GH5 - ISO 1600 and Sigma f1.2 (speedbooster) It gives plenty of light, I have no problem never 🙂
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