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  1. Has anyone heard anything about an EF to Z mount adaptor? Even just a dumb mechanical adaptor for the Z6? After extensive couples therapy I have decided my differences with Canon are irreconcilable. Its time for the divorce and splitting up possessions. I have a lot of Canon lenses (the furniture) and would prefer to not outlay the replacement costs in the short run. Not personally a fan of Sony/Panasonic color (although I respect them for moving the industry and admittedly they are getting much better each iteration on color), but the Z6 body looks very interesting. I am not looking to get married again on lenses until the industry shakes out a little more over the next couple years. I suspect there will be some degree of carnage in a consolidating industry and I am not sure who will survive or have the best platform. Anyway, looking to dip my toes in Nikon land without going full bore.
  2. Thank you Dave. Canon really does need to be called out for being the laziest camera company on the market. Like you, I am a long time Canon owner, and love my 1DC. Over the years I have owned the c300, c100, xc10 and various 5D iterations. I spent huge amounts of money trying to chase Canon's differentiation strategy...this camera for stills, this one for good video, this one for compact portability, etc. When in truth all I wanted was a Sony A7r/s or GH5 with Canon color (and I have owned Sony, Samsung and Olympus as well). No more. I am done with Canon. I am tired of a company that so aggressively handicaps its products...5D IV's crop and no IBIS, fixed screen, 6D Mark II's 1080p (forget 4k) which is more like 720p and lack of dynamic range, the C200's lack of middle ground codec below RAW at that price point. I still love my 1DC, but it is 2018 and I want good 4k with IBIS, good video focus, touch screen and a smaller form factor. Sony, Panasonic and Olympus actually seem like they try to make good products for their customers, I just don't like their color science (I know others feel differently and they are getting better). I have been slowly selling off my Canon gear. If the Fuji XH1 is what it is rumored to be I am pretty sure I will finally have the camera I want: 4k, log, IBIS, good focus, touch screen, reasonable form factor and great color science. I could wait for the rumored mirrorless option from Canon, but I think its safe to assume with metaphysical certitude that Canon will do something to handicap the camera (weak codec, no ibis, weird lens adapter for EF...something). That is their thing, it is in the very DNA of the company at this point. I am sure they will remain #1 in sales, but they won't be doing it with my money anymore. I will give it to a company that is actually trying to compete and not just rest on the halo of their brand from previous eras. I am definitely going to be tracking the XH1 announcement next week.
  3. B&H is saying the 1DC is discontinued. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/855962-REG/Canon_EOS_1D_C_EOS_1D_C_4K_Cinema.html
  4. David, the Canon 1DC is a fantastic camera and I dig your thing. Good for you. Don't let your critics get you down.
  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. It seems like a lot of people are comfortable breaking the 180 degree convention (at least for low motion images), more than I thought. Marotte's Red Dragon work definitely is painting from a cooler palette than the 1DC. It is a matter of taste, but I agree in finding the 1DC image more inviting. I think also the size of the rig changes his proximity and engagement with the subject. I am not sure, but I think he still has his 1DC for personal work according to his comments below the videos.
  6. After three years of hoping to get one, I finally purchased a used 1DC. I have been through many of the cameras that seem popular on this forum (5d raw, NX1, a7s, C300, C100, XC10) but there is something about the image of the 1DC that I find unsurpassed in the under $15k+ category. I did consider the 1DX II, and I think it looks great, but the used 1DC was cheaper and a little more to my taste "film stock" wise (although DPAF is something I really wish I had). In particular when I think of the 1DC image I think of the work of Camille Marotte on Vimeo. It has that unique mix of vibrant yet mature color, layered with the gentle roll off of C Log on top of 4k resolution that just looks so organic and cinematic to me (obviously we all have our opinions about these things). What I find interesting is that if you read through Marotte's comments below his videos (some of it is in French) he says that to capture the brighter high contrast scenes he will take his shutter up to 4,000 (he is often shooting wide open at 1.2 or 1.4 handheld) and that he never uses NDs because they distort the colors and image too much. This breaking of the shutter "rule" seems so contrary to everything I have heard I wanted to get your thoughts on the technique. Does anyone else do this? Thanks.
  7. B&H now has the new price of a 1DC at $4999. I am not sure what this signals about Canon's thoughts about the 5D Mark IV. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=855962&gclid=CLrFrvmH2M4CFUZhfgodyAwNPw&is=REG&ap=y&m=Y&c3api=1876%2C116777138042%2C&A=details&Q=
  8. A short compilation of footage from a recent trip to Ireland. Thank you Andrew for putting together the 5d raw shooting guide, it was invaluable.       http://vimeo.com/72332567  
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