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  1. I have a 1DC and an R5. To my eyes the R5 is the image that is closest to 1DC of all the Canon cameras I have used (that would include the C100 II, C200, C300 I and II, XC10, 1DX II, 5D II-III-IV and the R). In “EOS Original” it is very, very close, although I think reds are handled slightly differently. I have an irrational reverence for my 1DC even though its a 2012 camera. It was the camera I compared all others against. So when I say the R5 is the closest I mean that as high praise. And frankly the R5’s 8k RAW and 4K is superior to the 1DC. I am not super technical on the color front but to me there was a clear shift in Canon colors somewhere around 2013-2015 (ie 5D III, C100 Mark II and 1DC are prior to this shift and 5D IV, C200, 1DX Mark II and R are after this shift and they feel different). The neutral/ eos original matrix didn’t seem to completely even out those differences either to my eyes in the later cameras. For some reason the R5 feels more like a reversion to the older color but in slightly more mature form (and 10 bit definitely helps). I know some people propose the C70 as the 1DC successor and that may true from a C-line hybrid form factor perspective, but the colors and image seem very different .
  2. Yes, completely agreed. They have a generational change of lenses and need to get people to buy into the line to secure their future. They should be making a market busting camera to secure the ecosystem. The R5 (and R6) appeared to be just that, until the heating unreliability. They have 45% market share, but I really think they could have had 60-70% share if they had been aggressive a few years ago. My read is they were on a great path until about 2012/2013 to completely dominate the camera market (everyone had a 5D II or III, everyone had Canon glass) and then they just seemed to fall asleep until about a year or two ago with the R series emergence, allowing Sony to become a major force. They have good lenses and they now have a camera that is very close to being the leader in the industry if unleashed. But instead they choose to protect the C series and are foregoing sales on the R5, R6 and and a ton of lenses. And the weird thing is it doesn't even benefit the C series in most cases, people are just going to buy into the Sony ecosystem instead. It seems like they are leaving a lot of money on the table (and have been for awhile).
  3. Also Tilta.....think battery eliminators.....not coolers.
  4. My friend will appreciate this non-advice very much. Thanks.
  5. I am not asking for myself, asking for a friend but is this the kind of eliminator you are not talking about?
  6. This is obviously ridiculous on Canon's part and they should be called to account in the court of public opinion (and possibly actual court under consumer law for misleading information). But..... You are telling me I can have an unlimited 8k Raw camera (in 20 minute cycles) with DPAF for $4k if I permanently remove the battery? And the inconvenience is a couple resets of date each time. I tend not to modify my menus very much anyway. Honestly given how buggy Magic Lantern was, not sure the set up time is that different. Hmmm.... Vacillating between fury and intrigued.
  7. Interesting idea, it does feel a little anamorphic. Cool look.
  8. Yes, I am not good at sensor math, but I believe it would be around 1.15 to 1.17 crop--- something in that ballpark. The speed booster is my game plan when the 4k HQ has stopped working. With the speed booster you will get close to a full frame look while still having sharp 4k, 10 bit internal, IBIS, great autofocus, Canon colors and no heat problems (in theory). I still wished Canon did this right with better heat design (or any heat design at all it seems), but I can live with this solution for now.
  9. For anyone interested, someone finally pointed me to a video showing the 1.6x crop mode footage. To me it looks very sharp and detailed. It is at around the 2:14 minute mark. If you look at the regular 4k mode before it there is a big difference in the pixelation of the street lights. Canon's heat sheet claims this mode does not overheat. So unlike the R you get IBIS and 10 bit internal, and maybe a little bit better autofocus in this mode. Not ideal for the price, but at least there is a decent 4k mode for longer record times.
  10. There is very little information on the crop mode out there. The R5 manual is not much help. What I have gathered about this mode from around the internet is: -It is not supposed to overheat per the official Canon heat sheet. And it has no time cap other than standard 30 minute cut off. -Log will work with this mode and its supposed to be 10 bit (although not 100% confirmed on that). -It is based off a 5.1k sensor oversample -Works for 24 and 30p. What I have not seen anywhere is any actually footage of this mode. I am not proficient in sensor area math, but the .71 of the Metabones adapter would make it a 1.15 crop like the RP? Also it is being rumored that Canon itself will have announce an "R" speed booster in the next couple months.
  11. Andrew, you are of course correct that the 5.1k comes with the crop and would be an expensive R in many ways. However, at least for me the real dissatisfaction with the R5 is that there is no really useful 4K option. The HQ 4K lasts only minutes and the regular 4K is mush. If the crop mode was a good 5.1k oversample and had no overheating then with the metabones speed booster I could approximate full frame, while having a camera that can flex to real full frame, have 8k, and 120 etc.. And unlike the regular R I get 10 bit internal and IBIS. I always found the R files to have very thin color. Obviously not an ideal situation, and Canon should have done this the right way. I have tried Sony and just can't love the colors. I have tried Fuji (X-H1) and like them but still missed full frame and found their lenses a little strange for video. I have an investment in Canon lenses. My favorite image of all time is the 1DC which I still have. All I have wanted for years is a 1DC image with IBIS, autofocus and a flip out screen. What I am trying to figure out is if there is even a franken-adapter sppedbooster way to get the R5 to approximate that, as its the closest contender yet. No one has posted any of the cropped mode footage however.
  12. Has anyone seen footage of the fabled ASPC 5k oversampled from the R5? Has anyone seen tests to determine if the camera overheats in that mode? Canon claims it doesn't (from the heat sheet above). The R5 may really be a $4k aspc camera that can occasionally do full frame. Canonrumors claims that Canon will announce a speed booster in August for the R line. So if the camera has a decent non-overheating ASPC mode then this is like an R with IBIS and 10 bit that can stretch on occasion to higher modes (8k, 120 etc). With a speedbooster it can pretend to be a full frame camera. If that is worth it to you is an open question, but that might be a half hearted solution to this mess. But the ASPC mode has to be good and not overheat for this theory to work. I have not seen anything on this.
  13. Has anyone heard anything about an EF to Z mount adaptor? Even just a dumb mechanical adaptor for the Z6? After extensive couples therapy I have decided my differences with Canon are irreconcilable. Its time for the divorce and splitting up possessions. I have a lot of Canon lenses (the furniture) and would prefer to not outlay the replacement costs in the short run. Not personally a fan of Sony/Panasonic color (although I respect them for moving the industry and admittedly they are getting much better each iteration on color), but the Z6 body looks very interesting. I am not looking to get married again on lenses until the industry shakes out a little more over the next couple years. I suspect there will be some degree of carnage in a consolidating industry and I am not sure who will survive or have the best platform. Anyway, looking to dip my toes in Nikon land without going full bore.
  14. Thank you Dave. Canon really does need to be called out for being the laziest camera company on the market. Like you, I am a long time Canon owner, and love my 1DC. Over the years I have owned the c300, c100, xc10 and various 5D iterations. I spent huge amounts of money trying to chase Canon's differentiation strategy...this camera for stills, this one for good video, this one for compact portability, etc. When in truth all I wanted was a Sony A7r/s or GH5 with Canon color (and I have owned Sony, Samsung and Olympus as well). No more. I am done with Canon. I am tired of a company that so aggressively handicaps its products...5D IV's crop and no IBIS, fixed screen, 6D Mark II's 1080p (forget 4k) which is more like 720p and lack of dynamic range, the C200's lack of middle ground codec below RAW at that price point. I still love my 1DC, but it is 2018 and I want good 4k with IBIS, good video focus, touch screen and a smaller form factor. Sony, Panasonic and Olympus actually seem like they try to make good products for their customers, I just don't like their color science (I know others feel differently and they are getting better). I have been slowly selling off my Canon gear. If the Fuji XH1 is what it is rumored to be I am pretty sure I will finally have the camera I want: 4k, log, IBIS, good focus, touch screen, reasonable form factor and great color science. I could wait for the rumored mirrorless option from Canon, but I think its safe to assume with metaphysical certitude that Canon will do something to handicap the camera (weak codec, no ibis, weird lens adapter for EF...something). That is their thing, it is in the very DNA of the company at this point. I am sure they will remain #1 in sales, but they won't be doing it with my money anymore. I will give it to a company that is actually trying to compete and not just rest on the halo of their brand from previous eras. I am definitely going to be tracking the XH1 announcement next week.
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