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  1. Almost twenty years ago or not so far, this level of footage coming from so tiny form factor (body-worn, go figure!) capture devices would put all of us on the edge of the most legit excitement through these or some other boards, this is the pure and straightforward truth... Why not today anymore? Or people now are merely obsessed in-between latitude and the whole subjective mantra on organicity of the outcome? Read it as cinematic structure of the elements to frame, among them the infamous skin tones palette to celebrate this art and craft as the most human synthetic medium. And then? People tend to forget filmmaking is not reality in the same proportion they/we all seek the organic Holy Grail, it's all about something anyhow undeclared fake. That's it. It is what it is. - EAG
  2. Not only Panny, not only as far as stills realm concerns once some camera models from other manufacturers such as R5C for hybrid use as for instance too ; ) Let alone smaller sensor size factor capture devices to only mention something else : P
  3. Man, despite the customary tekkie yadda yadda variably welcome BTW, you're the NY street videographer of these boards... let alone the only one posting such stuff over us, my kudos to you as usual! Keep your finest example up! :- )
  4. Ah that...? I guess Andrew is right when writes "Canon quietly removes fake overheating limits..." In my homeland we're used to say the first impression stands, no matter what comes later. I think that's pretty accurate. Pity nobody told Canon about that ; ) For sure, unbeatable to my book :- )
  5. I also much prefer Canon babies to call it the least but "now that the overheat is fixed"??
  6. True. The proof is in the pudding. These devices were not made for this yet, anyway. Go figure how to extract all that amount of data from, as for instance only to begin with :- )
  7. For sure, horses for courses ; ) We're discussing 8K acquisition now though, not exactly this kind of devices as replacement of whatever else :- )
  8. The waste of time is the way these mobile devices process their outcome, let alone the performance to come from such tiny acquisition surface to not mention their pixels. But that's a different story...
  9. Both sides have a point. The trouble is when we think otherwise. - EAG :- ) PS: That said, in the world of media convergence BTW, go and use a grab in a large format printer and you'll easily figure out why 8K is not meaningless.
  10. It is what it is. R5C stands and fits the bill.
  11. ...which proves 4K 120fps works as casual street photography tool. It would be interesting to see more contrasty outcome, B&W as for instance from same frame rate acquisition.
  12. BRAW 5:1 (5.7K 17:9) Nikkor AI lenses (20mm F2.8 24mm F2 28mm F2.8 35mm F1.4 50mm F1.2 85mm F1.4 135mm F2) Master 2K ProRes 422 HQ
  13. Don't bore too much, send it to me ; ) Jokes aside, any one of those will bring you fun back :- ) This one produced here by us was shot with the help of a P6K: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Xtx-0fkv_dff2IkS_8tR9sxdTDjMgOsB
  14. A perfect quote IMO ; ) In any way whatsoever, to look for perfection is anything else but not to fall into mediocrity :- )
  15. Me too, until I had to accept the noisy 4K 120fps lowlight outcome would really push me to the R5C fringes anyway. Costs the double unfortunately but it's not the same thing either. EAG :- )
  16. Yes, it is, directly to my bookmarks... This is the kind of information everyone have to prioritize on coming to read here and no AI will give us ever unless from some generosity real people like you @Amazeballs have to share, hence my sincere gratitude! EAG :- )
  17. Loved it, lovely RAW output colours, thanks for sharing your results, inspiring for any aspiring filmmaker of all skill and experience levels ; ) Any update on 120fps @4K shooting? Any capture device out there? Um Abraço para o Brasil ! :- )
  18. Well... R8 misses out on 6K RAW video over HDMI of the R6 II.
  19. Here's a thread on pure, pure fun : ) I) GoPro 11 (regular version) II) Canon R5C : D III) S5IIX or DPAF successors... Without mention, some other capture devices such as DJI Mini 3 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Fold4 as for instance ;- )
  20. I'd choose OnePlus 9 Pro but you can also pick Zenfone 7 Pro as for instance :- )
  21. I don't see why you can't have the best of both worlds to couple a R5C (8K60p + 4K120fps) and a S5IIX (IBIS) as for instance, on PDAF camp, simply going along EF glass?
  22. Interesting how they rule out any else other than Canon's adapter to allow EF lenses on their R camera lineup to pair such combo now. Looks like this time a clear and promising win-win for more to come on the Panasonic camp, finally... sigh :- )
  23. Correct : ) Nothing wrong with Canon tough. To shoot the real world is dealing with something to invariably happen fake. Reality is whatever you want, maybe the truth but anything else other than film :- ) - EAG
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