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  1. Like Nani Moretti said once when some interviewer asked him on the poor public reaction over one of his pieces and work... What audience we're talking about? What movie reviewers we're talking about? -- I legitimately wonder myself now. Even Roger Ebert was too weak and he was the most famous one ever, I guess. - E. (former awarded movie critic) PS: BTW, I had the chance to personally be involved with Zentropa during Breaking The Waves prepping more than twenty years ago now, exactly throughout such activity on his biography and filmography. Nothing more surprises me about LvT. He is simply one of the most interesting contemporary film creators, if not, 'the one' still alive-n-kickin'... simply a legend. And a major influence. Maybe not precisely for his generation but decidedly for several next ones, not only the immediately subsequent one. Dogma 95 as for instance was only a beginning -- his contribution is well beyond that... I invite anyone to (re)watch Europa (1991). That language could never be the last course of the road. Neither that shooting style as many uneducated movie critics on his work and film aesthetics itself have implicitly intended to understate.
  2. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Only 5 years...?! ; ) Amen (E :-)
  3. Cinemartin Fran 8K Global Shutter Camera

    To or from Spain? Because they're based there... I am puzzled on that one.
  4. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    In fact, Don. These major players are tough manufacturers. Their glass never disappoints, at least to me :-) I fully agree on that one, Jon. We live great times... My own expectations in 2001 when HDCAM arrived (and put my plans out of film path) have been beaten indeed. I personally heard Tonino Guerra to tell me and a few other people there that those Japanese cameras were the future. Michelangelo Antonioni dreamed with when he shot The Mystery of Oberwald two and a half decades before. Pity he had no chance to be with us nowadays.
  5. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I guess so. But never tested it, so no opinion about. Even though, I've read some jerky corrections may introduce any noise to the complement. Well, just wondering now...
  6. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    They're great : ) My 1st one was the 24-105 f/4 and I actually recall I even posted on dvxuser a non-scientific test I made in Germany I remind now... ten years ago hehe just remember ;-) IBIS is another class though. Nothing a gimbal won't work out anyway. IQ 12-bit RAW will be the paramount here. BMD color science matches fulfilling the combo, as well, the 4/3" format IMO.
  7. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Let's hope they may develop the thing though : ) You're right : ) Merely part of the filmmaking process. There's no straight out of the box with no subsequent effort... @webrunner5 thanks for posting, pal :-)
  8. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    Canon FD glass is a luxury that is not dispensed with... Once addicted, count on forever, my friend : ) People call it old, yeah... Once, a hotel owner in Rome told me it is not old! It is antique hehe :-) Vintage in our terms means gouden standaard :D BTW, I nowadays live half an hour away of Leica standard manufacturing... ; ) Sorry for the contamination LOL
  9. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    Apples to oranges, I second that Chris : ) No idea if the manufacturer adds any automatic correction on it, but there's a whole other capture device depending on the glass we put in the front of it, as matter of fact. That's part of the charm of this craft. As we glass lovers know in a particular state of living the coolest hobby for geeks where we kill a spare time to share : )) The world of pictures is not only made of business, craft, pros, career and so on ; ) I'd rather have a nice talk with an amateur or cinephile than with an arrogant professional party... Count you all on it (E :-)
  10. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    @TheRenaissanceMan I found that comparison test pretty interesting. Didn't you? I also found the tester has arrived to the same opinion your comments point out and I share. Reason why I pushed the 'like' button over your posts and posted that. @jonpais When I was @ law school before to conclude my learning there, I had dreams, you know? I thought filmmaking was much easier to match my own expectations. Then, I went to film school where I could have the experience of 4-years full training on post-production and directing departments. I also realized at that time the post graduate studies in the field of production could lead to better waters for the kind of work I would like to experiment and became a producer. You can find the links in my signature shot with many different cameras. In one or another I had some influence on the camera decision front, as well, some other gear connected with. Without mention some creative choices to make, non-technology-related. On a few others, none of my business for that specific project. On the leftover, I don't find a forum like this one may call the best location for that. I am not a reviewer nor tester in any way other than non-scientific tests I perform when other ones have much more work to show. So, I'd rather post the best I can find to illustrate my own finds. As a still photographer I also much appreciate to shoot, oh well, frankly on that one, follows the same rule in the last paragraph, at least in part. I always praise my work as very personal. There's place for everything in life and life out there : ) The right location.
  11. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

    The color science of these guys coupled to their solid bit rate and truly golden acquisition have no parallel wherever we're looking for at similar range (I even intimidate myself to write price range... WTH it's 700 bucks!)
  12. No worries, not only you... ;-)
  13. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    ... Jump to minute 9:23 and you'll see another much acute comparison... Don't forget to take a look on minute 11:12 as well ; ) Well, sharpness is far to be a standard :-)
  14. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    The very consistent truth along the filmmaking path is... ...to balance a combo as your best wizard stick within. Still as mere footnote now: prime insights to add any decent lurking mode over here BTW : ) Cheers! Glass love is always truly something to praise when we dare to think pictures (E :-)
  15. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    I must confess I'd rather take the smoothness balance without losing the sharp outcome for any one of the 14-42mm versions than the sharpness from the 12-35mm constant f/2.8 glass... Unpredictable stuff from tempered forks over knives (interesting doc title BTW) to gently handle can always end juicy to our side as we wish and our craft takes there. Cinematic milestone is anything but never utmost real details from the subject to shoot. Thanks to Chris for taking the discussion on the table : ) More love for crappy lenses! LOL : )) Here we go -- no reason to be picky with low light shortcoming this time... no excuses hehe Sorry to go deeper (you Glenn @mercer already know it) BTW it even has Fuji in the name all included! LMAO (E :-)
  16. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    If... You said it all ; ) DR seems to be nothing :X when color science pops up to play too (E ;-)
  17. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    Yeah, that crappy cheap glass is a real bitch... LOL :-)
  18. LOL you non-GH5 users are funny... Intriguing comment from a C500 & GH5 shooter, humm?! ; ) Different angles, yeah. But, very distinct results too... Predictions are hard to make or can we accurately do so? Really? Enough to support such claim then from the word given of a reputable member there or not exactly so? :D (Let's give fairness and equity to play their role over bias, no? :P) Without mention he speaks from the authority of someone claiming he has used both cameras for the same circumstances... ;-)
  19. ?? How it's not the GH5?! That's the information right there, take a new look :-)
  20. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    No worries, mate : ) LOL I love to play with the concept... there are fanboys and fayboys hehe Thanks anyway to rule me out of there : )) Nice from you, buddy :-) We can't love cameras anymore without label them as our mistresses, isn't it? ;-)
  21. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    The Panny 14-42mm...?! WTH How dare you...?! What a crappy lens!! LOL : ) Sorry, couldn't resist... :-)
  22. Blackmagic color

    Funny... so, à la Edison now... copyright belongs to the camera manufacturer (l'auteur...), not the shooter... LOL :-)
  23. Indeed. Very interesting, hey MFT naysayers! LOL : ) GH5 is "the" bomb :-D C500 GH5 source: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?359026-GH5s-dynamic-range-tests&p=1986747519&viewfull=1#post1986747519
  24. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Very true :-)
  25. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    I don't think Fuji fanboys are made of a different kind ; ) I always appreciate healthy criticism when fair enough : )