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  1. Android offers higher resolution sensor technology based for mobile capture though, so seems Android for stills, iPhone 11 for video in this late 2010s to early 2020s (E : -)
  2. This idea next will be the one is plainly ridiculous : ) Neighbour's grass is not surely greener ; -)
  3. Andrew has noticed them. Who else?
  4. Faulty unit? Never had a single issue with the P4K version...
  5. Or the Zoom F1-LP then:
  6. Xiaomi from 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX by Samsung? ; ) Sorry, couldn't resist! LOL ; -) This September... : D
  7. Indeed. Hybrid usage to include large formats as for instance can require it though : -)
  8. Emanuel

    Sigma FP

    Lack of 4K/50p or 60p doesn't seem okay to me... but actually a dealbreaker to be pretty straightforward : -)
  9. @TurboRat you've resumed the whole thing pretty well, man : ) Other than that, it is a mere useless exercise. Typical forums empty talk or non-buyer(s) remorse, that is, nonsense excuses far from real to be plain honest here (and this is written by an early P4K user : -)
  10. Here's RED school! *Phew*
  11. Pity there's no 60p...
  12. Great user to pop up amongst us... @Eugenia how long since those crazy reduser times, without mention dvxuser and the Chris Hurd's corner... Be welcome on behalf of our host @Andrew Reid ! E : -)
  13. Emanuel

    P6K accessories

    Posted by Amazeballs here: UURig Rapid Filter System Knockoff of Alter's which are wideangle compatible.
  14. Emanuel

    Music you love...

    A bit different acoustic output vs their usual stadium shows:
  15. It depends. If you do it for others, yes. For indie projects, you'll have to wait much longer to have return... : ) In fact : ) You're purely paying the price they put as goal to take it from you. R&D there is mere BS. As simple as that : -)
  16. I see you're not the only one here with good humor... ; -)
  17. Nothing worthy of notice. Mere stock footage for future use (6K had been useful indeed, I regret I didn't have yet). Thanks for your attention anyway : ) On S1H you'll have a shitty and confusing unfriendly filmmaking use interface to begin with. Japanese engineers know too little about photography. Aussies have something to teach them. A ridiculous display. Focus peaking for amateurs or better to say to people who don't care about accuracy, amateurs can demand for it, actually. New and expensive glass. You can have FF look on P6K, just go with faster glass or the proper piece of adapter: : -)
  18. So, S1H is coming with internal media and extra batteries... Really? ; ) Had no idea LOL You should be kidding with me with that $4000 mark when I'll buy the 6K version with just a bit more than 2 euro grand. I come from two shooting days with the P4K along the weekend. I had no even need of extra batteries. No, I am not an events shooter. Who started to shoot with film has no such quirks... That's the only conclusion I can arrive. Battery argument is plain lazy. Let alone the cheap price how you can bring a handful of them. Don't arrange an excuse to be out of the party! Learn to live with that ; -)
  19. I think they've made us to become used to their bargains, it is what it is ; ) The other paragraph is not addressed to you hence the two lines in-between. But once you mention quirks, what quirks? Please let's not mention again battery as one of them. The next guy who will give it to me to read will have anything from me but zero respect as camera user. It is the most lazy objection I've ever heard in my entire career in this industry. I am just sick to see it written. Really : -)
  20. Why not? Don't they worth that mark?... I've had many brands, Blackmagic is not inferior in any way whatsoever, if not much more worthy from their value for the money... up to IQ you struggle to find how to beat with the other contenders if any. No more no less : ) You're simply underrating them, be fair : -) Ah and something else, some of complaints I read over the boards sounds to me when you try to cook some omelet for your family of twelve with two eggs. YOUR media won't handle a way faster bit rate nor your drive when overloaded with footage of the day before. Please let's learn how to handle digital media to begin with before starting to complain with no cause...? PS: @mercer You've added a confused reaction... but how do you think people feel when you seem to firmly state you wouldn't pay USD 2500 for a Blackmagic camera when that amount is simply a bargain for what you receive from them?? He wouldn't be the first one... ; -)
  21. Andrew, your online location is a mark for mirrorless filmmaking as Jarred was to prosumer 24p before his RED adventure. A milestone in the history of this medium. Once heard from the legend Tonino Guerra himself addressed to me and a couple of us present then, that "these Japanese cameras were the future of the cinema" [sic].
  22. Emanuel

    Music you love...

    As someone wrote up there on YT comments... from "THE MOST UNDERRATED BAND OF ALL TIME" and written by some YT user in capital letters (expressly quoted as the way it was originally written): Tell us what you listen : -)
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