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  1. MFT is the most affordable and versatile lens mount out there and I mean from scratch, as a filmmaking POV strictly asks for : ) Manufacturers' is not ours and vice versa ; ) FF is just not for motion whether we like it or not : ) Only for their sales.
  2. Price point? Let alone affordable glass...
  3. Emanuel

    DJI PFV Drone

    +1 to add Mini 2 & Evo II Pro here is one of the first hands-on :- )
  4. Seems so odd to read this in the XXI century...
  5. I struggle to understand how any people can even think to ignore ISO as same old school way to properly choose ANY capture set up in fact to begin with (E :- )
  6. Yeah, bitrate will truly have an impact on the performance of your machine. The same for H.264 files as for instance.
  7. I doubt any other mount will ever beat it! (E :- )
  8. MFT is my fav mount : ) Let alone the SIRUI anamorphic offer or PL diversion or any other variety from there... ;- )
  9. Yup, proxies lifesaver is a good way to have the job done in a way or another :- )
  10. Exactly as you said : ) Properly spec'd, obviously :- )
  11. You're only able to freely succeed dealing with 4:2:2 H.265 files on new M1 non-Windows architecture for now. No hassles for 4:2:0 from a powerful PC CPU-based on Premiere, GPU-based on Resolve, though.
  12. Very true @SteveV4D, people here should listen you more because I cannot recall a single post of yours where you had missed the point : ) Very happy Pocket series camper here too and I guess no one can call me their fanboy either : D
  13. Horses for courses. Best bang for the buck, no other cameras rival BMD offer for the price or similar, picture-wise :- )
  14. And you pay more 500 bucks than the 6K older sister for more 500g than the 4K oldest brother... so, I am not that enthusiastic about the younger 8K to come ;- )
  15. *for the flaws on the features they didn't include...
  16. Agreed. Even though, this is the premium to pay for the flaws they didn't include in the precedent version. But, oh boy, this makes no sense or too little to none: Every PRO knows this is totally BS marketing (hey didn't they present it now as "the" PRO camera?! LOL : ) DOF doesn't depend exclusively on sensor size! Without mention MFT lenses are much more affordable, easy and versatile to find... yes, for fast lenses where we are able to arrive exactly to the same destination : X
  17. WOW A Blackmagic Design announcement usually means something (E :- )
  18. That (his clamps) and Tokina diopters he told me he was sold out later on. Before he felt uncomfortable to ship abroad using PayPal. We combined to locally pick up in UK then, although this has so far never occurred.
  19. Funny, I had no idea that Tony (Redstan) was 89 years old, really. I still have some amount of money I sent to him and he had no stock to deliver the merchandise. I sincerely hope for his recovery and he will overcome it as soon as possible. E :- )
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/film/gallery/2021/feb/05/christopher-plummer-a-life-in-pictures-sound-of-music https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/05/movies/christopher-plummer-movies-streaming.html This man has his own collection in my private one. Too sad to have lost him, let alone in the way it was with a fall. Home accidents are much more a threat than we think if/when so... Take care guys!
  21. *at the end of an age... he will be greatly missed : (
  22. 2021, the end on an age... will be greatly missed. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/christopher-plummer-dead-sound-of-music-1234901760/ (more) https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/05/movies/christopher-plummer-dead.html https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55962062 https://www.euronews.com/2021/02/05/oscar-winner-sound-of-music-star-christopher-plummer-dies https://www.sbs.com.au/news/christopher-plummer-actor-known-for-starring-in-the-sound-of-music-dies-at-91 image bank so
  23. Emanuel

    Sigma EVF

    Some other day see it used as prop in an Aaron Spelling's TV series to shoot Tori, his daughter... Missed those years and felt how innovative such cam designers were back in those times so pre-HD revolution... And where DJI received inspiration for their Pocker series! LOL :- )
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