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  1. Fisheyes are tricky indeed, we all know that ; ) I didn't watch it in VR but... At same time, it's no hard to check whether the camera angle or its movement both actually result in anything you want but just not there as the best example of the most talented découpage and finest directing approach IMO OFC :- ) Tricky or not we all understand the low angle shot and the way the camera goes forward... That would just need a more inventive solution under the perspective of the directing, to my book at least : P
  2. Nor the absence of composition... WTH is that fail in a promo paid?! OK, we all know fisheyes are not exactly sweet for human faces & bodies but no one told the shooter, the setup i.e. the angle where to place the camera, the height of the whole thing, distance to the subject and so on is actually part of the craft...?
  3. Emanuel

    The Aesthetic

    Reality nowadays is transformed into this sort of examples coming from the gaming world: https://playcrazygame.com/2022/02/11/police-in-portugal-arrest-student-who-planned-attack-at-the-university-of-lisbon-02-10-2022-world/
  4. Emanuel

    The Aesthetic

    C'mon pal, don't ignore the Rise of Unicorn aka Transformers 6, 7...?!
  5. Yeah, that was a funny experiment... With that bargain, that created a style with short shots -- who can forget the new aesthetics founded in the meantime? LOL Art follows life, as this camera seemed so! : D I miss those enthusiastic times... ...when people didn't wonder on endless no overheating 8K60p RAW as a silly introduction... Let alone the IBIS debate! : X Crazy times we live today! : P
  6. Emanuel

    The Aesthetic

    Just jealous now : D don't forget to send to someone else too : P
  7. PS: Not only a matter of space... to clear up as a disclaimer, bien sûr ;- )
  8. Another astonishing film editor I can never forget the fortune I had of a personal contact with and I could make part of my own learning from, is La double vie de Véronique and Trois couleurs: Bleu & Rouge's editor, the French Jacques Witta... Where editing is not a matter of space but much of time... Bazin and Deleuze are there ; ) https://www.criterionchannel.com/three-colors-red/videos/jacques-witta-on-red
  9. Yeah, uncredited, sorta cameo à la Hitch : D with whom he started his career BTW with The Wrong Man, on which he worked as assistant editor. Here's more stuff from Bobbie O'Steen and her husband's life dedicated to the movies, already in a period where the modern cinema comes up to the silver screen; brings a contribution of his own to the motion pictures within the mainstream -- interesting the fact he collaborated with them for decades: https://www.bobbieosteen.com/blog/ Many videos on topic right there in this channel to prove YT is not only shills, money and garbage ;- )
  10. On this five year-old Rayane's drama of these days, the child from Morocco who died in such dramatic circumstances, this Abbas Kiarostami's short movie came to my mind as one of my favorite ones along others but this one has its special place: May God receive the little Rayane in a better location than the one where he fell down. As the James' song says: "I hope, I pray."
  11. There's no cinema without competent editing and that's not an easy task... People tend to forget it when focus too much on camera specs ; ) Thanks for this thread : ) and heads up to everyone coming here ;- ) - EAG
  12. Indeed, Walter Murch is a monument : ) Something I could immediately extract from his testimony, is the cut over the characters' movement -- I think it's one of his finest contributions, obviously, too little to define it: https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/when-and-where-to-make-the-cut-inspired-by-walter-murchs-in-the-blink-of-an-eye/ https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/walter-murch-rule-of-six/ https://musicbed.com/blog/filmmaking/editing/editing-secrets-from-legendary-editor-walter-murch From a conversation with him: https://www.provideocoalition.com/aotc-murch-bcpc/ More around from: https://blog.filmsupply.com/articles/5-editing-lessons-from-walter-murch/47/ https://www.yoair.com/blog/editing-on-film-how-a-good-cut-creates-an-impactful-message/ And an interesting recent degree thesis about his famous rule of six. Some other important individual I got the chance to have her as one of my instructors at film school but personally in her case along his nice husband the legend John Bailey, is the Lawrence Kasdan and Spielberg's E.T. editor, Carol Littleton. Here's an interview and a free audiobook with her to whom loves her showpieces and cutting work: https://cinemontage.org/silent-revolutionary-carol-littleton/ https://www.audible.com/pd/An-Evening-with-Film-Editor-Carol-Littleton-Audiobook/B002V01IR6 Finally, a last contemporary bibliography reference, another woman and wife of Sam O'Steen (The Graduate, Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown and many others), also available at the Manhattan Edit Workshop BTW as much as the above-mentioned audiobook: https://www.bobbieosteen.com/2020/12/watch-my-panel-inside-the-cutting-room-of-sam-osteen/
  13. On the spot Don... we live strange times these social media days although I don't think we have to put social networks and internet tools in the same basket ;- )
  14. Interesting hard work, Kye : ) At the film school following a full-time three years program on editing plus a year of internship, we had basically two bibles : Edward Dmytryk Walter Murch (on YT) The invisible editing mannered by the neorealism towards the synthetic contribution to the current contemporary forms seen today, comes essentially along the pioneering effort and findings from three fathers of all this I vividly recommend ; ) Lev Kuleshov Sergei Eisenstein Dziga Vertov
  15. I sincerely think both standpoints have their own merit and it's useless each side to take the other angle otherwise. May business ethics play a role but not everyone cares about it, though. I believe past should count much more than people today are willing to. Take a look on the general elections in my native country last weekend... Scandal after scandal didn't take the political party in power away from a majority in the national Parliament.
  16. LOL You've changed your post... Yes, I do, many of them, this business is tough and I need to open many fronts but all of them connected with my core business, the film production. YT is part of the equation nowadays but not in a way I may feel the need to sell my soul to the devil or my own beliefs, freedom, transparency and the most pure truth of the facts I still stand and love to adopt myself related to everything : ) We are all safe! : D
  17. No, I am not, I just find him funny (my point?...his comedy channel) and AFAIK you too from one or another intervention from yours in the past about his entries. YT became mainstream nowadays, don't blame me for that : D You even wrote it pretty fair: that's entertainment, not in-depth reviewers. I concur. What doubts there? You should know I find your free voice the most healthy we only have to support. I wrote that on dvxuser even before EOSHD existed, remember? I even thought you'd appreciate my information to you about the guy, go figure... Phew ; ) Really. No, Andrew, shills don't make my cup of tea or I wouldn't be over here reading these pages along my straightforward interaction. Love transparency not only for the sake of the discussion but incidentally from the way I am. As simple as that. I just keep my eyes wide open with the due pinch of salt, about all sides of life BTW. I don't buy one sided perspective on practically everything. I believe everyone should have noticed it as well. Nothing new to see here, no hidden connections from the eyes of your audience. My voice is no less free than yours and frankly I don't even figure out very well WTH I feel the need to write it now but it is what it is : ) My business model doesn't include shills or camera industry. I afford the latter ones instead... Feed them with my own investment release after release. And believe me, it's never little! No users' voice welcome? C'mon, what else could it be? People come here for fun, information, communication and because of you also... Never noticed? :- ) It's your home, mate... isn't it due to respect everyone and mainly the owner of the house and yet in a special irrevocable way who we have esteem for? Hope this clear up any misunderstanding(s) just for the case anyone may feel it from my side < 3
  18. Agreed... I guess they're talking about Kasey Stern though : ) That funny guy from Toronto who runs his comedy channels on YT: https://vegetablepolice.threadless.com/about This is his other and main one: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFuLNktnqqBEF_9ZcmjC_bw
  19. Of course not, I can understand you and this has been 'a new normal' with smartphones massification towards the content published on social media today but... ...why should we professionals or knowledgeable enthusiasts be unable to know how to properly shoot to begin with? I come from film school where we had 2-3 takes per shot and no more than a full hand at best rate(/ratio) to further selection. Do you think when digital arrived people, used to such discipline, left and simply abandoned the norm? Technology exists to improve and bring an increase of our potential skills range. To open them wings and fly, not to kill anything we got already earlier. The same way we sell our house for something bigger, we don't start from scratch or move lower, unless we fail. Don't blame technology but the human being behind, either on lacking something or the whole world around lacking all, if any.
  20. Emanuel

    The Aesthetic

    Imperfection doesn't necessarily mean less... EAG :- )
  21. LOL You answered to your own previous first lines. Of course, that completely unscientific joke of mine is anything more than that... Now let's try to go there with less acquisition under the same circumstances/variables then ; ) Roughly gives an idea. Andrew is right anyway, as far as the cinematic properties goes. 100% accurate. There are natural human limits to be reached too. Sweet spots as well. For sure : ) From then on, 'better' is wider and its peaks speak higher, a full step critically ahead and a way much relevant than 'more'. No doubts. Take a look on 14-bit or 12-bit RAW, even lower res, just to have the whole picture how this makes a valid point. But, I and you, alias Django user here, just understand one doesn't exclude the other. That said, to follow all that, as @cameraeye @DWX have also pointed out the post route, we have yet many other applications for. With a plain hand of implications over the production process itself. Daily consequences business-wise on the fact our craft is affected or can proceed. When I mention large format printing is not for nothing. I've already faced a few situations where my wishful thinking fits a hybrid tool offering us 50 fps acquisition at least, and the highest resolution at the same time going along the same shot -- for many different use cases later. This capture device comes closer.
  22. I'm also loving this level of playing from native 8K acquisition : ) I see it as a new whole world indeed, so crossing fingers before checking the next tests to come :- )
  23. No, you're not alone ; ) I don't doubt @herein2020 see the glass half empty for his needs : ) Once they've decided it in a different way :- ) The point is now to find if despite the lack of IBIS, hight cost of f/2.8 native zooms, hybrid switching delay, we can take advantage from 8K/50p RAW on their superior AF and decent stabilization for shaky handheld usage anyway.
  24. Have you watched it that video before with the drummer? Is there any trouble going with that external USB powerbank source?
  25. WOW Many Congrats! I am delighted! Top outcome < 3 I'd love to distribute it... : ) No film festivals? BTW did you close your funding campaign already? I've handled more than one hundred successful crowdfunding campaigns crossing different countries and distinct platforms worldwide so far, you know? :- )
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