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  1. Is there anyone who can confirm me if the Xiaomi devices are able to deliver 4K 120fps going on this app? If so, which of those?
  2. My favorite from the bunch: Panasonic EVA1. Followed by the Canons... :- )
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Banda_(Ah_Bahn-da) https://lyricalbrazil.com/2012/01/18/a-banda/ No other culture has this as the Brazilian music. A bit like occurs with football/soccer, we might say the same for Brazilian performers either their singers or actors and actresses.
  4. Of course, the DoP has no room for wishes, the movie (beyond 'the story' itself : ) asks for exploring different shot types, the director decides the one he/she wants and the DoP must offer the solution for. Very simple. The cinematographer proposes options the director will obviously choose "the one" from. Variations from there are usually a cooperative effort from the most produtive collaboration this match may happen to be. :- )
  5. But not enough to handle all the technical aspects of their work. Most part of those you mention have no clue how to differentiate distinct focal lengths other than a wide-angle, normal and teleobjective lenses. Maybe you think they are members of camera forums? LOL : ) While a portion of them take credits of talent coming from someone else... And not only as far as cinematography concerns. Scriptwriting is a fine example of it. Kye is pretty accurate on his observation :- )
  6. It's all about a controlled setup (let alone production values, genre, etc.) versus when not... ;- ) In one of our latest productions, we've had... 7 (!) different focal lengths: Without mention, it's funny how press tends to put their emphasis on the director when the DoP has actually a determinant role on the choices of the glass to bring in order to couple (A) the director's vision and (B) the story. The way the so-called specialized press aka film critics (it's a former and award-winning one BTW who writes these lines) are often used to spread such narrative is beyond me. That's a collective craft for Christ's sake! :- )
  7. And... locations to couple and compound the expressionist inorganic elements of the framing from his style without mention your framing itself : ) Ah and let's not forget the bird there! LOL :- )
  8. Stock camera app. Not available on my OnePlus 9 Pro device. Didn't test it on the Zenfone 7 Pro. Can you link it please?
  9. As above-mentioned, the wider angle you go the bigger difference each mm brings ;- )
  10. If there is a obvious difference between both cine 25mm and 22mm, as for instance... I have one or a couple of Russian glass sets to comprehend those focal lengths, so... Don't expect less from such gap with a 24mm vs 20mm ;- )
  11. @Marcio Kabke Pinheiro ; )
  12. Chico Buarque - A Banda Estava à toa na vida O meu amor me chamou Pra ver a banda passar Cantando coisas de amor A minha gente sofrida Despediu-se da dor Pra ver a banda passar Cantando coisas de amor O homem sério que contava dinheiro parou O faroleiro que contava vantagem parou A namorada que contava as estrelas parou Para ver, ouvir e dar passagem A moça triste que vivia calada sorriu A rosa triste que vivia fechada se abriu E a meninada toda se assanhou Pra ver a banda passar Cantando coisas de amor O velho fraco se esqueceu do cansaço e pensou Que ainda era moço pra sair no terraço e dançou A moça feia debruçou na janela Pensando que a banda tocava pra ela A marcha alegre se espalhou na avenida e insistiu A lua cheia que vivia escondida surgiu Minha cidade toda se enfeitou Pra ver a banda passar cantando coisas de amor Mas para meu desencanto O que era doce acabou Tudo tomou seu lugar Depois que a banda passou E cada qual no seu canto Em cada canto uma dor Depois da banda passar Cantando coisas de amor...
  13. Indeed, this seemed simply not doable just a few years ago...
  14. LOL Almost the same can be written for flowers too...! : D
  15. Sent you PM : ) but it's very nice and fits fine to this forum to see practical movie products coming from these devices we all love other than the customary flowers and cats... LOL :- )
  16. Ogni tanto si, a Roma, in Portogallo in questo momento (sono Portoghese) quando non in UK : ) Bellissima piccola opera, vado a vedere il resto... What exactly is this one? :- )
  17. Ciao @Razvan Lacatus lovely piece of work, colour temperature... Cinematography, ambience < 3 Dove stai in Italia? (mia seconda casa, forse prima... LOL : ) - EAG
  18. Meant film emulation LUTs. There were actually a very small amount of grain slightly added during finishing via daVinci. @Owlgreen
  19. Ucoming AFX v1.8 firmware upgrade on July 11 for compatibility with Blackmagic v7.9 camera firmware for the P4K and P6K/PRO series. From manufacturer's message: Don't upgrade your camera firmware to use with AFX until then. Thanks @BTM_Pix EAG :- )
  20. The best bang for the buck to me are one of these birds. : ) From same pilot: Rome on Mavic 3 & Istanbul on Mini 3 Pro. - EAG
  21. You're pretty right on the spot : ) even though a bigger sensor size will help to minimize the gap and each help is welcome :- ) Even still crappy for the reasons you mention, that low light performance is priceless compared with the actual tech at our disposal till today. It won't change much but enough to make it usable for certain circumstances. - EAG
  22. With no less inventive angle setup to demand from the shooter, anyway :- )
  23. Last but not least, the best camera is the one you have as we all know but sometimes tend to forget ; ) Yet, no camera works without the shooter but there are cameras which can do it less than other tools and this is effectively what it is. Horses for courses. For such 360º performance is an incredible one. The professional mantra always depends obviously on the skills/ability of the user to manage it and the service made with the outcome.
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