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  1. Looks very nice, little bit of noise in the deep shadows but I can handle that. My computer is not happy about the files, resolve is stuttering. I would need a new computer
  2. Happy with the dynamic range and noise levels? What about rolling shutter?
  3. look there is an overheat control option in the menu, towards the end of the video at 24 min
  4. What about enviromental temperature, yes in the desert you will overheat quickly, this does not mean it will overheat in a siberian winter too. This should be tested in realworld environments to see how bad it is
  5. Let's wait and see for this one. Normal 4k does not seem to overheat only the 8k oversampled 4k And if you want to use 8k for interviews you can affort an icepack for the back of the camera 😋
  6. Same data rate as the sigma fp, but at 8k dci instead of 4k Only time will tell if the internal storage will get cheaper soon, good thing they already have 2tb cards for it.
  7. Dynamic range seems fine in raw, just protect the highlights and pull the shadows in post if needed
  8. It does feel save to record in "color mode off" when using mov
  9. The BMD extended film seems to be good too, I need to make some test
  10. They work fine for me, I'm using filmconvert Nitrate in resolve with good results. And I can export those luts to my monitor for viewing on set.
  11. If you have a smallHD monitor it has a build in LUT for black magic 4k film, When you enable this LUT in combination with the "Sigma Color mode off" I get a great preview for monitoring It may work well on a black-magic or ninja too.
  12. The CDNG's are never sharpened, but they are line skipped/binned at the higher frame rate 100fps, I will check at 60fps, I think that will be better.
  13. Maybe I should add a black pro mist filter when using 100fps
  14. Here are 3 files, 4k CDNG, looks great, I embedded a png conversion here to see the preview https://www.dropbox.com/s/ys0f0ah6cdgi3nc/A001_067_20200629_000013.DNG?dl=0 4k MOV with color mode off, looks allright https://www.dropbox.com/s/8l2uayciee82v3e/A001_066_20200629.MOV?dl=0 And 100 fps 1080 CDNG, looks horrible https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzb6z3u96j0huv2/A001_071_20200629_000021.DNG?dl=0 The 100 fps has really strong aliasing and I won't be using it for that reason.
  15. The full frame primes are also coming, we just don't know the date yet
  16. Just checked it, and bad news, it's JPG only.
  17. Since it's possible to take a picture in cine mode, you could put the camera on cine and make the shot without the focus box
  18. If you need power and also ssd at the same time, this is a nice solution
  19. And about the white focus box, I'm not seeing it on my manual focus lenses
  20. I'm sure they are very nice, but I'm not seeing myself buy apsc lenses for a non fuji system, I'm waiting for the upcoming small full frame primes from sigma
  21. What are the things still missing that we can ask sigma about the next firmware? 1. I personally would be very happy if I could move the 8x zoomed in frame around and not have to zoom out first to move the focus area. This I because I use manual lensen and would like to quickly confirm focus. If it could also work during recording even better 2. Audio levels are too far burried down the menu 3. DCI at 4k to SSD 4. I would like to have a way to give the name of my manuals focus lenses in the cdng metadata so I can sort shots by lens
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