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  1. A monitor causes extra moire effects because of the pixel grid
  2. Yes I ordered mine form Japan Here's a shot mounted on the Leica SL https://novoflexus.com/products/lens-adapters/for-leica-cameras/novoflex-let-cont.htm
  3. Yes its a nice lens the Canon but also 880 gram vs the 320 gram of the zeiss. And zeiss is also parfocal. I'm trying to make a travel kit, very lightweight for filming. https://www.zeiss.com/content/dam/consumer-products/downloads/historical-products/photography/contax-yashica/en/datasheet-zeiss-vario-sonnar-35452870-en.pdf
  4. yes I used it to film the moon yesterday, really nice quality the crop, and the fact that every prime lens become two focal lengths as you mentioned. I'm planning to get an old contax zeiss 28-70 f3.5-4.5 to get by with a small zoom lens, and also take a prime lens like the 45. The sigma 24-70 2.8 is also good looking of you need autofocus and do also stills
  5. What camera do you use? I have a mosaic filter for nikon that I don't use anymore
  6. Interesting results, by the way I think you mean ISO 25600 and ISO 12800 instead of 256,000 and 128,000 right?
  7. How did you measure when the fp clipped? I think you could have exposed a stop more without breaking the highlights. Maybe not but just a feeling
  8. I made an extreme grade in Lightroom to see what information is in the shadows. There seems a green tint on the sigma and a purple on the black magic Also the black magic seems to be exposed different in Lightroom, not sure why this is.
  9. Thanks for testing this ! Noise looks much more under control on the sigma would you mind sharing a raw file of both cameras? Not sure yet what to conclude on dynamic range
  10. Why would it be nuts to import as black magic film raw? It's a flatter image in resolve than the rec709. Please let me know your thoughts And in stills mode with manual lenses the camera always shows a brighter preview than the actual shot image. and it adjust the exposure when it should not. This seems like a bug
  11. I just import with blackmagic film in resolve and try to get it look good from there. works well enough for me.
  12. Its showing the ev numbers based on the raw, most camera's don't show the ev numbers in the spot meters center
  13. Nikon 50-300 ED ais f4.5 Its my favorite zoom lens, nice manual focus ring and on the sigma I have two lenses at apc, it becomes a 75- 450mm ( this was shot at apc ) Only downside is the minimum focus distance that is a bit far
  14. No I did not have any problems with dynamic range And make sure you set the bit depth to 14 for stills and 12 for cinema if you want to get the max out the camera. This is a frame from a 12 bit cdng graded in photoshop. its shot trough a window and with a 30 year old lens.
  15. Yes it works well for me. But I don't use autofocus for video I use the sigma 45 mm for stills and the autofocus is fine for that I still would like to have a wideangle lens with autofocus in the same size of the 45 mm. For video to not have to worry about in camera settings such as white balance sharpness picture profile is what makes this camera great for me. I can put the sharpness in camera at +5 and get a clear picture for focussing and later in resolve I set the dng sharpness to what I want.
  16. The workflow with raw is very easy for me, I have realtime playback in resolve at 4k and even adding effects like filmconvert still play in realtime. ( I do have a radeon 7 that helps ) If you add a small hd oled, you also get your headphone output back and the flipping screen and the peaking and zebras at the same time and lut support Its what makes the camera complete for me. Now I'm waiting for in camera playback and I'm all set
  17. http://www.xdcam-user.com/2017/08/the-pros-and-cons-of-12-bit-linear-raw-or-recording-raw-to-s-log/ https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=13825.msg133487#msg133487 https://fstoppers.com/photoshop/what-bit-depth-and-does-it-even-matter-423879#comment-542753
  18. There is no plugin needed, resolve and adobe ACR open the files just fine. The problem is that in order to preserve the dynamic range from the sensor you should use linear 16 bit or non linear other formats. 14 bit linear is also good but the others (12 bit, 10 bit, 8 bit ) should use a non linear way to preserve the highlights in the raw.
  19. No lcd brightness is on manual and with a manual lens in m mode. And exposure preview is on. In cine mode the exposure is locked In stills mode the exposure changes when pointing at different light levels
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