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  1. Wow, great video eugenia, makes me want to pick up a m50. Can you share your thoughts on grading eos ML footage compared to the m50?
  2. I bought it on ebay for 30 USD. I did another test today, its actually quite blurry if your shooting at a distance.
  3. Holy... Cant believe it worked. Camera: Canon eos-m Lens: ef-m 22mm f/2 Filter: Ulanzi 1.33x anamorphic Settings: 1:1 Full sensor readout at 1736x1158, mcm rewire 1080p, upscaled First shot was stretched using 1.33x, second shot was stretched using 1.5x Upscaled final footage to 4k Still playing around with recording and export settings and this is new to me. The filter is tapped onto my lens so not everything is aligned at the moment. Some issues with focusing to infinity
  4. I've seen some stunning iphone video footage using these relatively inexpensive anamorphic lens. I was curious if it was possible to use these anamorphic lenses on my Canon ef-m 22mm pancake lens, which has a small front element just like a cellphone. Some manufactures use a rear 17mm filter thread like moondog or ulanzi so its possible to use a step down ring of some sort to secure it on the lens itself...although I'm curious if the distance between the front element and the filter would matter, and how much vignetting will be produced based on the size of the front element and the focal distance. Does anyone happen to have one of these cellphone anamorphic lens that they can test on their camera?
  5. There is no adapter with image stabilization. You will need a lens with image stabilization such as IS, OS, or VC based on the manufacture. In my opinion, Canons IS system is the smoothest and doesnt 'jerk' the video. As far as speedboosters, i believe metabones autofocus faster but the difference is negligible compared the cheaper viltrox. There are many tips on how to get stable footage handheld. The most important would probably be weighing the camera down with a heavy battery and a adding a cage or a better grip. Neckstraps, tripods, and gimbals are other options. I also believe there are some companies like steadxp(?) using gyroscope technology which is pretty amazing but you are limited in some shooting modes and will add to your post production time. If none of these answers satisfy , m4/3 cameras have the best IBIS, although nothing compares to HyperSmooth by gopro. Everything has a trade off unfortunately.
  6. Mosiac engineering filter installed on the camera, tested with the kit lens ef-m 18-55 and the ef-m 22mm. MCM rewire, full sensor read out, upscaled to 4k Aliasing and moire is still present but reduced enough that I dont have to throw away as much footage.
  7. Please let me know if anyone is selling a mosaic engineering filter. Looking for anything that is meant for aps-c, not full frame. Thank you!
  8. It doesn't seem like there's any solution besides mosaic engineering for older canon / nikon dslrs. The company has stopped selling these filters and they are quite expensive.
  9. Eos m with magic lantern. At 150 dollars, its a camera that is accessible to many.
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