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  1. Hey Andrew I'm actually happy with all the technical talk here, because with the input technical users give to sigma, It is improving things in the firmware, like the flickering and the exposure preview problem. Please let us bitch a bit more until those issues are all sorted. And yes lets make separate tread about resolve DNG no problem with that.
  2. Good thing that the Sigma Fp also is a very nice webcam
  3. Also for audio sync this may work if you have after effects https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=12422.0
  4. The green in the shadows indicate a wrong black level I think, I have seen this before in magic lantern when the black level was set wrong. You can try to set the black level manually with mlvapp https://mlv.app/ you need to convert the dng to mlv first https://github.com/ilia3101/LibMLV
  5. Italy had a Hug a chinese day... Do you think that was helping to stop the spread of the virus or increasing the spread of the virus?
  6. 172.8 degrees equals a shutter speed of 1/50. ( when using 24 fps ) https://cinematography.com/index.php?/topic/52927-1728-degree-vs-180-degree-shutter/ Did you try that ?
  7. Happy to report that both these issues are indeed fixed : I'm so happy that I now can finally use the camera for stills with my manuals lenses with correct exposure preview!
  8. Email should be fine or maybe twitter https://twitter.com/KazutoYamaki
  9. Make a report to sigma, if more people who do this it will get higher on the priority list
  10. Do you still see the hot pixels? If not then don't worry, because I'm pretty sure almost every sensor has some hot pixels that get remapped before shipping out. And are you really gonna miss the 3 pixels out of 24 million?
  11. you can do a pixel remapping to get rid of the hot pixels. If this does not get rid of them you should replace the cam
  12. it would look the same except one difference is 12 bit for the video vs 14 bit for the still
  13. https://www.red.com/red-101/bayer-sensor-strategy Those with a video encoding background may want to try and apply the 4:2:2, 4:1:1, etc. categorizations to a Bayer sensor, but this terminology is intended for compression methodologies and final images, not the sensors themselves. A 4K Bayer sensor is capable of producing full 4K 4:4:4 RGB files, for example; 4:2:2 is what could be applied to this file afterwards.
  14. https://twitter.com/nokishita_c This is the best source for any camera that are not yet released.
  15. Yes it makes the X-T4 much wider. I had the xt100 and would prefer that screen. It's funny they call the xt-4 screen fully articulating when in fact its not, the xt-100 screen was fully articulating.
  16. Pro tip: set camera sharpness to the max in the camera when shooting raw, to be able to focus better. I use this for raw stills and for shooting raw video, it really helps to see the focus area.
  17. I'm pretty sure that's for a later update, like end of the year or something, not in the summer update
  18. Paul do you know if sigma is aware of the exposure preview bug? And I hope HDR is HLG
  19. https://www.filmaker.cn/thread-113294-1-1.html?fbclid=IwAR09XfPp7o4Fygmqqp5ba5TPBoSmkg6JFnYkTkObvb5scDXHaHYSEXcxb8U teardown of the fp. And the screen can flip.
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