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  1. This is the most pro full frame raw capable camera for the price, it just happens to also make cinemagraphs. so it did achieve the pro part very nicely.
  2. Its not a log profile, if it was why would sigma apologise for not making a log profile? but its a good option to use nonetheless. Why do you feel that it is a log profile?
  3. Thanks for explaining the steps to achieve a proper lut, I may look into making one at some point Right now I'm not too worried about achieving the final look at shooting time myself, I just want to know if I'm exposing properly. The rest I can deal with in Resolve
  4. Use "color mode off"for monitoring exposure in raw. It gives the most accurate image for zebra's And if you use an external monitor you can load the LUT for the final intended look.
  5. Yes sigma and bm worked together to make this happen, its not a secret
  6. https://kinotehnik.com/product/lcdvf-bm5-optical-viewfinder/ I use the Kinotehnik optical viewfinder on the smallhd focus oled, its not supposed to work but I made it work. So now I have a 1080p OLED evf It is suported to work on the blackmagic 5" 12g
  7. I would get a black magic monitor before getting a ninja simply because BRAW seem more flexible. And the BM has sharpening for display, that the Ninja does not. so focussing would be easier on the BM But since I have a smallHD Focus OLED I will stick with that and a 2TB Samsung t5 for now. ( and Slim-raw )
  8. Yes I have not seen it occur yet, this could be because I use a vintage zeiss, or it could be that it simply is not as big a problem as people make it to be. I will double check but I think the "color mode off" setting in the camera is embedded in the CDNG meta data somehow. And resolve seems to use this info to make the imported file display a flatter color than before.
  9. I started at the time code when he mentions it
  10. I only used CDNG 12 bit at 25 fps The HDR seems to only work in FHD, and I did not try it yet
  11. It was the product planner from sigma who said it It will be researched for the next camera.
  12. Went into the garden to test the new firmware I opened the CDNG's in photoshop, shot at full-frame with the Carl Zeiss Vario-SonnarĀ® T* 3.5-4.5/28-70, I'm happy with the results. all shot at 25 fps with firmware 2.0
  13. I wish metabones would make a L mount to Nikon Adapter that has no optics inside but does communicate the lens data to the camera. This would let me use the metadata of my zeiss ZF.2 collection on Sigma Fp and other L mount cameras
  14. Yes its the small rig cage, I'm happy with it I allows me to connect to the smallrig focus oled.
  15. I'm using some cheap batteries and they work just fine, so I think the Chinese third-party BLC12 dummy battery + AC adapter will work just fine
  16. I was posting only recent videos, and they were in response to the request of some nice sigma footage, and I think they are nice Yea maybe a bit much at once, I'll keep that in mind
  17. Sigma also reads this topic for firmware feedback and I think they are doing a great job improving the camera Lets stop talking about black magic as a company in this sigma topic. .
  18. https://www.fastcinemadng.com/ I'm not sure if this can do rec 2020, and its pc only. I'm happy with resolve and after effects for conversion. ( after effects had support for lens profiles )
  19. Here you can find the general topic about sigma Fp
  20. Resolve raw workflow Sigma fp is the latest camera that still support DNG, Lets talk here.
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