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  1. Do you have some raw files to share? I would love to open some unprocessed highres dng's from these new phones to open in lightroom.
  2. If they don't perhaps this feature of the upcoming firmware will help, because in cinemode the exposure preview is correct, so If I take a picture in cinemode it may be a also properly exposed. Still image shooting in Cine mode (in Live View, during movie shooting) screenshot is google translated
  3. the new samsung phone also has 8k video and 100 megapixel, it seems that if camera companies want to stay relevant they cannot stay to far behind.
  4. I wonder how long it takes before it comes to the marked, maybe 2021?
  5. https://global.canon/ja/news/pdf/2020/20200213e.pdf
  6. And the panning speed in a zoomed in image is way too slow, on a nikon camera I can quickly confirm my focus after taking a shot by zooming in and panning around the image with the d-pad, in sigma when you hold down the d-pad to pan over you image the repeat rate is way slow. it takes like 3-4 seconds to move from one side of the image to the other. When using the touch screen it is smooth. so its not like the camera cannot make a smooth fast pan over a zoomed in image. Those things are simple to fix in firmware but i have never seen firmware that fixes these kind of things. In the end it all adds up, and it slow you down
  7. Please send your findings to sigma so they can make a firmware update with fixes
  8. This means a new battery, I'm happy about that.
  9. Yes I hope sigma can make a firmware update with non linear 12 bit raw
  10. I feel noise reduction was also used, because normally the sigma fp has lots of fine noise and I don't see that on the nights shots.
  11. Smaller sensors can have smaller lenses, larger sensors larger lenses. so for anyone who want to have a lighter camera lens combo the smaller sensors will have a place
  12. There is a bug with exposure in stills mode when using lenses that don't communicate with the camera. I hope this will be fixed in the next firmware And for sure you can use the camera on a gimbal
  13. I'm so happy my sigma Fp does not need a fan to record in raw.
  14. I think for lower iso the dc crop mode may give the best results based on your test. The crop mode is also more noisy, so for higher iso the full frame mode will give cleaner results
  15. If the video is the same as the a7 I would not get too excited about this camera. Its just not xt3 level good, its consumer level. For stills its a great little camera.
  16. Does look like an adapter is used to go from 2.5 to 3.5 Could be also the other way around from 3.5 to 2.5 What is used on this fuji mic?
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