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  1. Yeah and losses to 1400€ ryzen laptop. By a lot. Loses even for the cheap ryzen 4600U.
  2. A week ago they used a7III and the skin looks totally different in same studio and light:
  3. Photo from camera and photo from the set in video. (Notice the round thing is slightly of balance).
  4. Here it is, with a7sIII filmed video (95% sure, the filmer when asked if he "likes a7sIII" gived a vink and love to the comment. Now removed): Also that photo up there with a7sIII rigged is from this set, same youtuber:
  5. Btw, where is that info about temp taken from? I cant find it on canon site..
  6. Its a bye bye sony, 3500$ camera and NO 10bit or 4K 60P? Fail, the biggest flop of 2019... Yes monster still camera but the f@ck Sony even dares to say it is also for PRO video shooters...
  7. I am sure this will never go through. At least in Finland, filming and photography in public places is shielded by constitution.
  8. Well sony is already the under dog. Is the 10bit on a7sIII witch will be at +3K$ too little too late? Canon ,Nikon Fuji, Panasonic already has 10bit internal or external under and +2K$. I wont be buying a7s mk III IF it dont have at least external 4K 60p 12bit RAW at +3K$: No way it will have it, i doubt it'll have even internal 10bit cos of FS5 mk II fail..
  9. a9? oh dear.. 20fps is the only same thing with G9 and sony a9.
  10. Sorry to shoot your dreams down but i do know for a fact that Casey is using sony a7r II and a6500 now days... Mayby he was testing gh5 that day, but im sure he isnt switching to it anyday soon cos the af isnt at the level hes looking for...
  11. Ok,, nothing more to see in here, not anymore. Andrew have you lost it?. well it was fun while it did last. Buy all!
  12. Simple, you. You make the image cinematic :P Its all about you ans what you produce.
  13. Some ppl has become too allergic to a noise. Noise is there, if it looks like fine grain then it's ok. If its is like nasty artefacts then remove it. But an ad to that Sony a6300 is quite clean in S-log2 up to ISO 16.000. And in photos, not bad at all. (ISO 8000)
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