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    Seems people like pairing their S1H with Leica-R lenses... and I'm one of them! I'm shooting a short doc on my brother about his comic book, "I Am Not Okay With This", as it's currently being adapted into a series for Netflix. This will be the second time he's had a comic book adapted into a series. The first was "The End of the F*cking World" which did well, however, he told me that people would see him signing copies of the original comic at cons, and accuse him of "ripping off the show". So this time, i wanted to help raise his profile a bit when "I Am Not Okay With This" is released, and it gives me something to flex my creative muscles on. Anyway, some sample stills... Panasonic S1H, Leica Summicron-R 35mm, 50mm, & 90mm. Not a final grade -- just wanted to get some images out.
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    Time of Flight / LiDAR continuous autofocus is really quite remarkable technology. There are rumours Panasonic will implement it on future cameras like the GH6. Don’t you wish the current autofocus-challenged cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or GH5 could have amazingly smooth Dual Pixel AF-like performance? Well, you could soon be in luck. Time of Flight Autofocus is a reality and I’ve seen it working. With this prototype add-on, a Time of Flight sensor sits in the hotshoe and talks wirelessly to the Pocket 4K. The autofocus motors in the Micro Four Thirds lens are commandeered based on real-time depth sensing information from the LiDAR beam. I met up with CDA-TEK’s Ian (BTM_Pix on the forum) this week in Manchester to take a look at what he’s been working on. Read the full article
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    Hey guys, late last year I bought a P6K to work alongside the Alexa I normally shoot with. The goal was to have smaller, lighter camera that would live on a gimbal or could be used in situations where a full size Alexa wouldn't work. Knowing that both cameras would need to intercut seamlessly, I set about profiling the P6K using the same process I had previously used to profile the Alexa sensor and various negative film stocks. This process generates approximately 14,000 data points per camera. I then took the visual form of this data into Resolve and created a PowerGrade that accurately matches the P6K to the Alexa. After several requests, I've now packaged up the PowerGrade and added it to my store. You can check it out here: https://juanmelara.com.au/products/bmpcc-6k-to-alexa-powergrade-and-luts The PowerGrade At the heart of a PowerGrade is a custom 3x3 matrix that aligns the P6K's colours with the Alexa's. Because this is done through a matrix in linear space, the result is actually closer to a technical transform. The benefits this brings over a LUT is that it's non destructive, there's no danger of clipping or clamping data. And if you really wanted to, you could fully reverse the transform with zero loss in quality. This is because it doesn't break Resolve's 32bit float space like LUTs do. Probably one of the best features of a PowerGrade is that is fully editable and customisable. But since editing a 3x3 matrix isn't the easiest thing in the world, I've also included a Hue vs Hue/Hue vs Sat curve approximation of the matrix which is far easier to customise. And because it's a PowerGrade you can see exactly what is being done by each node, which means that I'm not able to hide snake oil like you can with a LUT. The LUTs Speaking of LUTs, knowing that a lot of people actually prefer to work with LUTs, I also created a LUT version. It's the exact same transform but in LUT form. One of the biggest limitations with most LUTs is that they clip any information that exceeds the top of the waveform, so basically any value above 1.0. This is a big issue with BMPCC footage as enabling Highlight Recovery or working with any ISO above 400 pushes valuable information above 1.0, where it is permanently clipped. With this BMPCC specific requirement in mind, I developed the LUTs to accept and work with values exceeding 1.0. So no matter if you enable Highlight Recovery or push the ISO to 6400, the LUT is able access and process all the information extending above 1.0. Anyway, check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'm keen to get feedback from any users to see what can be improved or expanded on. Comparisons Here are a few comparison images shot with the P6K mounted on the Alexa's top handle. The Alexa was using a Zeiss Milvus 35mm, the P6K was using a Zeiss Milvus 25mm, then cropped in post to match the FOV. The Alexa images are untouched, the P6K images feature minor exposure adjustments only. Check the store link for more images.
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    Andrew Reid

    Idolise Trump? Goodbye!

    Looking at recent posts objectively, it is always the same users who end a perfectly good discussion on this forum with toxic bullshit. I am coming after you. It is a cull. It isn't about politics. It's about values! To protect a community I love... I have no choice. To be clear, it is none of my business which way you vote. What matters is behaviour, character, values. If you've been a good contributor here and kind to people you get to stay. If not, then you are going to be asked to leave and I will pursue people who return under a different name. This is purely because there are now far too many posts being trashed and too much arguing driven by people with the wrong values which I despise. I am going to use this week to draw up a list of people who strongly align themselves with Trump's politics of America First. And I will be getting rid of the lot of you. Yes you can say it's a political purge but I prefer to think of it as purely about values and about protecting users who DO contribute positively to the forum. If these idiots are allowed to get away with bringing Trump idolising bullshit into this community then all our work will be for nothing and Russia with their fake-user farms will have won too, because I am 99% sure at least a few of the idiots are completely made-up shill users whose role is to divide us politically and weaken our online communities. At a time when we must pull together as a camera-community, as filmmaking industry, even as a country, indeed as a world - to get through tough economic times ahead - dumb arguments which ignore factual data are a waste of time. What has happened to the world in recent weeks is stressful enough and I personally do not need to hear from certain people in every thread. I will not be providing a platform for Red cap wearing idiots who haven't contributed a single shot or image to this forum. I get that EOSHD has a big US readership, in fact the US contribution to my site is the largest in the world and I want to keep as many of you as possible and not lose any friends who just happen to disagree with me on politics. But if you are going to be a shill for Trump's politics or somebody who is a complete shit-stirrer and troll, then I will no longer be turning a blind eye to it and the cull starts now... Have fun on your way out.
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    S1, A7iii and A7sii in Georgia

    We shot this as a two man crew over two weeks in Georgia. Was a whirlwind shoot driving up mountains to track down nomadic sheep herders and trying to get access to shoot in Orthodox churches and dance clubs. This is what we came up with.. would love to hear what everyone thinks.. we took a different direction on this piece than we normally do.
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    Stuck at home like many, so I made my daughter the actor and my wife the grip and script supervisor What have you all been up to during these strange times?
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    Sigma FP

    The small hole is actually to reduce the amount of material required, thus saving 0.23 cents/unit on manufacturing costs. It's the compromise they made in order to afford the 24p license.
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    So i said i'd post some stills, these are basically ungraded. This frame is in a sequence with car lights, i like the tonality of this very subdued moment. Shot 12bit to manage shadow tonality. From a different point above. All shot on a 50mm M Summicron probably wide open. I think i hit the saturation slider here in Resolve. But this had car rolling over camera. It's a 21mm CV lens and i see some CA aberrations from the lens that i would deal with in post. But i'd never let a car run over a Red! shot on an 85mm APO off a monopod. Nice tonality again and it's day light from windows with some small panel lights bouncing and filling in A reverse of the above. Some fun shots. I think the true benefit of something like the fp is the speed at which you can see something and grab it. Using it just with an SSD plugged in and manual M lenses gives a more spontaneous feel. Now most of the film will be shot on Red, in controlled conditions with a crew and that's the right approach for multiple dialogue scenes and careful blocking. But the fp has it's place and i may hand it too someone and just say grab stuff. cheers Paul
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    Here's a little video that I put together for those green chair shots.
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    Thanks guys

    i feel like im starting to get the hang of this filmmaking thing, for the first time, with the project im doing right now i dunno how i couldve gotten this far without andrew, eoshd, and all u guys on this board helping me, and answering my stupid questions it means a lot i just want u all 2 kno ? thank you
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    Thanks for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. Please buy it I've run out of gaffer tape making this one so that integration will have to wait for a while.
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    Well, its been a while and its changed quite a bit.... But this is your official 7 day countdown for pre-orders opening on 12/12/19. As the festive season is approaching then in true advent calendar style, open this thread every day for more stuff. PBC Tease 1.mp4
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    Pocket 4K to Alexa Conversion

    "Pocket 4K footage is precisely transformed to match the color science of the Arri Alexa, without compromise. This is achieved without artifacts, while introducing a smooth, organic rolloff." For the better part of the last year, I've been working to map the color of P4K BMDFilm to match my Alexa's LogC, as measured under sunlight and halogen. To do this, I wrote an interpolation program in C++ that can accept an enormous amount of data (~40k samples per camera), and interpolate smooth internal contours, or 'waves' between them. Exposure compensation conversions were made with the same interpolation engine (transforms replicating sensor color response with variant exposure). Another significant element of the project was to recreate Arri's Rec709 to maintain the entirety of recorded LogC gamut, in a film-derived envelope (for the display variations). This was particularly difficult, as the correct RGB primary behavior needed to be exactly replicated within contiguous 709, but smoothly diverge to HDR-like handling of far gamut (where Arri's Rec709 ends). This new envelope (EC Gen.4) is particularly impressive, and I may release it for the Arri, as it is significantly preferable to normal Arri Rec709. P4Ka PDF Emotive Color
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    I finally released my last feature in streaming. It's now on Amazon's Prime Video here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZHRZ782 It's a Drama/vengance/thiller type I little bit of history with this. I started to shot this film in the end of 2013 (yes almost 7 years). It took almost 3 years in production. It was shot with a couple of Nikons DSLRs and Super 16mm film. Since it's first screening in the Mar Del Plata International Film Festival in 2016, the film was going around thru some festivals and other screenings. It finally got a theatrical release locally (Argentina) in march this year. It's preaty hard to get distribution to some "kind" of movies. As you can see, this is a very looong process when you are a "newcomer" in the business, but you just to keep pushing. I still have in plan try to reach some other platforms. Only time will tell.
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    Hallo friends, here is my contribution. I hope you like my final film. Looking forward to the great pleasure of exchanging experiences and technical odditities and tricks once Andrew gives the signal for releasing info next week. Thank you for your beautiful films, discussion and the awesome spirit. Thanks Andrew and everyone for inspiring us to film something personal. Here is my labour of love, shot last week and edited over night until just now cheers! Thank you very much!
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    I'd prefer if they released a dedicated cinema camera instead. It's easy to forget that Fuji has over a half century of experience making motion picture stocks. They were Kodak's main competition. Their Vivida daylight stocks were gorgeous. Deep rich colors and solid velvety blacks with warm lovely skin tones. Sadly, they no longer produce film stock, but bringing that look and feel to a digital cinema camera would be an amazing coda to that legacy. I also think that Fuji's ergonomic sense work translate very well to a video camera. They have a charming analog feel to all their cameras, which is something that is sorely missing from most low cost video cameras today.
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    In light of the recent arguments on EOSHD I thought it'd be cool to think about how awesome it is to be a filmmaker/videographer in 2019 going into 2020. We don't have to settle for crappy 8 bit anymore on anything less than $5000, we even have multiple cameras that shoot compressed raw and/or ProRes for less than $2.5K! We have lenses from 3rd party makers that not only don't suck but are better in some cases. Wireless monitoring and follow focuses are affordable now!? What!? Our options for post are incredible, too - We have Final Cut and Resolve that are rock solid and Adobe... Adobe sometimes doesn't crash now! ? Frame.io and Vimeo review help make working remotely way less frustrating We get to bash Canon while shooting on Fuji/Sony/Nikon/Blackmagic instead of bashing them because we have no other choice And on top of that all we have places like here where we get to talk about it all and get help and share our sometimes very strong opinions ? I hope you guys see my sarcasm where I sprinkled it in. I encourage you to go ahead and post what you're grateful for:
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    End of the forum

    Hi Andrew, I don't talk much here, mostly lurking. Been noticing a rising level of frustration and anger in your messages lately. The youtubers, then the social networks, then the chitchaters from the forum, you name it. I totally understand where you're coming from, social medias are a cancer, moderating a forum is a tedious and can be a pain, especially after 8 years and some people just have too much time on their hands and like to troll. But you seriously need to chill a bit. Recruit a few moderators and let off the leash. Doing so, you could totally concentrate more on you own art and leave the forum on the side for a little while. I believe the forum as a format has its merits and should be kept online and alive. Some people love coming here, some more love reading what's written even though they're not participating. I am a professional, not a videast, not a youtuber, but a film maker, I get paid to direct stuff that are aired on TV (even on your national BBC... Well, the fourth though), I do that for a living and I like it here ! I am not a teen in a basement, trolling you ! I bet I am not the only real professionnal amongst your audience. We like this place. It's both silly and cosy at the same time. It's not Youtube, it's not as superficial, it's not as crowded. But it's nice. I understand how it can be frustrating to feel that you're losing the war against the silliness of modernity but certain spaces need to remain secret and undercrowded to be appreciated. It's not a popularity contest. If you want to be popular, be Kai, or whoever is fashionable these days, but you won't ever be as popular as a forum tenant or as a blogger. But I do not believe you're engaged in a popularity contest, are you ? You can keep your forum alive and do your shit IRL. I mean, Roger Deakins has a forum, right ? Does it keep him away from his work ? I don't believe so. Get off the keyboard a bit. Do the things you want to do, and come back with a vengeance. You don't need to sacrifice all this knowledge and this community because you feel frustrated these days, that's not going to make things better. You have a good tool in your hands, let it be. And if you feel like talking to someone who has seen both heaven and hell in this business, I'd be glad to help you in this difficult period I can sense in your latests messages.
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    One Single Room | Film Challenge

    Let's get this thing started then. Here's my entry. All hand held and in natural light (except for one shot, no points for guessing which one) Filmed in less than an hour, paid for by a beaming little face when the finished project was ready to watch.
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    Wintery Canada shot with Panasonic S1

    We shot this over a few days in Canada on the Panasonic S1 and Mavic pro 2. Honestly I can't be happier with the S1. Having shot on the A7iii and the A7sii for the past years the S1 is quite an advance in image quality. There is so much latitude in post and the dynamic range is really great in comparison.
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    I'm afraid the only one looking like an idiot is the person who claims to have opened a factory after he got a tour at a plant that has been running for years. Couldn't invent it. Who needs comedians when we have trump?
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    4000 very clean, barely any noise at all. 12,800 is fine. Better than the A7S II 25,600 is ok. If all camera reviews had to wait for the A7S III, you would not be getting any reviews at all.
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    Can't speak for Ed but I'm fine thanks mate, just been a bit busy writing some code to contribute further.
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    I'm not one of the heavy-duty contributors here but thought this was an inspiring idea and blew the dust off my very first self bought camera. Happy to see it still works and my muscle-memory was back within five minutes of handling that good old boy.
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    What are some of the lesser known YouTube channels that you find to be informative / helpful /whatever for Filmmaking? Most of these channels have under 10,000 subs when I think they deserve more. Felicia Smith https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0VID5nSIk6QDC65bHym7TQ I stumbled upon her channel and there are videos that I wished I'd seen when I first started, especially the "What's in a camera assistants bag?" video that goes over tons of things I had to learn "the hard way." I also think it's cool that she adds another female voice to filmmaking. Not enough of those. DIYCameraGuy https://www.youtube.com/user/DIYCameraGuy I think he has some cool little tricks up his sleeve. I wish he was more active, but when he does make a video I almost always get something out of it. Gaffer & Gear https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgN351K45vTrozaadFPXlA What I like about this channel is how in depth he gets. Again this is stuff I'd wished I'd seen when starting out, and is helping me shore up some of my weaknesses when it comes to production and filmmaking. Lucas Pfaff https://www.youtube.com/user/erish2k5 I like Lucas's channel because he reviews a lot of budget gear, and has also started getting into stuff like anamorphic shooting, something I'm starting to dip my toe into. TL;DR Filmmaker https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAsianFilmmaker7 I've been dipping my toe into narrative work, and I've found his videos to be pretty helpful. He also does quite a few reviews on budget gear. I do worry though that he's becoming another YouTuber that gets free gear in return for reviews. Video Gizmology https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv23Zj2x11HHN-NG3fU_64g He owns a lot of equipment! I'm not quite sure why, ha ha, but he does. And he usually does a pretty in depth overview for quite a bit of it, and will do comparisons. ----- I feel like the filmmaking/production community on YouTube has changed a lot over the last couple years, and not for the better. While you still can get a lot out of them, education and teaching has taken a backseat to everyone wanting to become an "influencer." Get those free trips, free stuff to review, get that ad revenue, etc. So I just thought maybe I'd turn some people into some channels that really are helpful and have yet to fall into that cycle. Hopefully they help someone! Please share some of your own!
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    Remember it ? All the usual caveats of "absolutely not its final form" but thought I'd show a (very) rough glimpse of its (very) rough format. Things have been quiet on it publicly because as I said in the very original thread that what was first shown was merely a jumping off point and it pivoted into what is now a very different product. As you should now be able to guess from this image, it is doing something a little different and offers both AF-S and AF-C modes for, lets just say, more than one focus target The purpose of this thread, aside from the update to prove its not slid into Sony A7S-III territory, is to provide little updates on what is happening as we edge towards release of the actual product particularly as the previous thread is a bit defunct in terms of what its final form will now be. I'll put up some video samples soon, although @Andrew Reid has had some over the past month so should be able to vouch for it actually working I won't be getting too much into the detail about whats going on under the hood until later on and I will be doing a blog post with Andrew to provide more insight nearer the time of pre-orders which should be in August. FYI, the cables you can see are powering the PBC and not going to the camera so no camera mod is required ! So, for now, fire away if you have any questions if you have any interest in it but if you can please just keep it to general operational stuff.
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    Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Super Guide and Why it Still Matters Today The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera was released in 2012. At the rate that cameras are being announced these days, that’s a century ago in the consumer/prosumer world. The camera was released with very little fanfare as it didn’t have a monitor and was marketed as a great companion to drones, head cams, dash cams, sport cams, etc. Some people rigged it up, but for the most part it wasn’t exactly the most popular camera at the time. Though I keep speaking in past tense, this camera is still available to buy today - though with the Pocket 4k and 6k on the market - it’s very unlikely anybody is buying them. As we enter the most competitive market ever for the low/mid tier videographer and filmmaker, I am here to tell why this small unassuming - and rather ancient by todays standards - camera is special and why it could fit well with some of you. This guide is meant to be a fun way to explore a hidden gem, not to cause a spec war, fanboy war, or any kind of mean spirited debate. It is just an opinion of one person, but something that I have been thinking about doing for awhile. Lets get into. Brief History The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera shares the same sensor as it’s older cousin, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. A camera that truly revolutionized the filmmaking world, by giving filmmakers that didn’t have the cash to buy expensive cinema gear a camera that had an amazing cinematic and filmic quality to it. Something that wasn’t found in DSLRs at the time with not only the film look, but also specs. The camera could record internal RAW at a price point that was and still is unheard of. But the camera suffered from many issues. The screen was garbage, there was a lot FPN issues, and most notably the battery life was straight up horrible. Batteries would last around 20 minutes and often times much less. The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera shares the same sensor as the original pocket. Its’ a sensor created by Fairchild Imaging, with a sensor called the CIS1910F. Fairchild are a company based out of San Jose, CA. They have created several sensors for Blackmagic, but I believe the new sensors of the Pocket 4k/6k are now Sony sensors. The sensor is important in this guide, because thats where the special sauce lies. Blackmagic Micro Differences to Pocket The Blackmagic at first glance seems like a stripped down original Blackmagic pocket. The thing is, it actually cleaned up quite a bit inside the hood. The micro received a new more modern processor, allowing it to clean up some FPN issues and improved rolling shutter. Though not a low light beast, it handles things generally better all the way around compared to the Pocket. When using a monitor, accessing the menus though tedious with its button placement, is much more responsive - where the pocket was a lag fest. Here is where we get to the good stuff. The micro cinema camera on paper and at first glance seems like a bit of a letdown. No monitor? No cold shoe? No handle? Canon Batteries? But, thats because of how Blackmagic marketed it. They didn’t market it like how Red or Zcam do it, which is a modular camera with a build your own adventure way to build it. They didn't even really offer accessories for it. But that is how it needs to be looked at. You get a brain and you need to add accessories, there is no way around it. But building around it is not as daunting as most people make it seem and once you take the step, you really unlock something special. Whats the Point of This and What Makes this Camera Special? I am going to use some overused/misused terminology here to explain how the footage looks and what makes it special. In a current era where modern sensors show every single pore and are mostly made by Sony (with insane modern feats) - there is an organic look about the early Blackmagic cameras (BMMCC, BMPCC, BMCC) that is special and has a very film like look to it, which is what Blackmagic set out to achieve and emulate. This is going back to Fairchild and what they were able to achieve. The look that is ever so popular with almost every young filmmaker and over used on almost every filmmakers youtube titles - which is a ”cinematic or film look”. Yeah, I know, you want to argue its lighting and lenses and actual cinematography skills that achieves that. You are right. But there are still more tangible attributes besides that which can affect the way a video looks. Color science, DR, a soft look, and motion cadence are 4 keys to getting that look. If you can nail all of those, you get a rather easy filmic/cinematic look out the box. And the Blackmagic micro has all of those and is really the last Blackmagic camera to ever use one of those organic sensors that Fairchild brewed up. It’s also the last and only Blackmagic camera that you are able to buy today that has one of those most special sensors every created for its cheap price and accessibility. . It is a hidden gem and footage from the camera are often confused for cameras way out of its league. It’s a look that modern mirrorless cameras don’t often have, at least not without heavy film grain, pro mist filters, vintage glass, added motion blur, etc. What makes this camera special is not on the spec sheet, because 1080p isn’t going to making you excited. It’s not on the paper that will make you go “wow”. It’s simply with the footage. You can throw all the specs you want. The footage of this camera and the fact that it’s still available today new and very cheap used, is the reason for this entire guide. Keys To Rigging You need a cage and an external monitor. There is no way around this. If you don’t purchase or have those, there is no point exploring further. Remember, like I briefly mentioned above - don’t think drone cam or sports cam - think modular RAW capable cinema cam. Smallrig and 8sinn both make cages for it, I have the smallrig and don’t see why you would need anything else. Take your pick with monitor, that is a personal choice, but I prefer something with Sony style NPF batteries. If you only shoot RAW with this camera (which is what I do) - then you can basically set your settings and forget them. I would leave your ISO at 800 and manage your light with your lens aperture and variable ND Filter. There is no need to go into any menus, other than to possibly reformat your memory card. If you do that, you avoid the headache which is the awkward placement on the menu buttons. If you shoot pro-res and you want to constantly change settings (ISO, WB, etc) then you will need to either get used to the buttons or buy a second hand “One Little Remote”. Which is a little add on module that can help you change your cameras settings without menu diving. For battery, you can use canon batteries for about an hour/hour half before it dies. Or choose the best option, which is to buy the NPF bridge (https://www.starvingartist101.com) which allows you to simply attach NPF style batteries to the camera. With this option you can get around 4 hours of battery life on 1 charge or even longer if you opt for the larger style NPF batteries. A monitor most people already have. And if you shoot RAW, which is kind of what makes this camera special and what I recommend using, then you don’t need to menu dive or you can simply use the one little remote. And if you use NPF batteries you now have a cinema camera that doesn’t require v-mount batteries and can shoot RAW video for about 4 hours. All in an insanely small package with amazing footage. I think thats what gets lost with this camera is that people complain about having to rig it up - but a lot of the add ons are either pretty cheap or you already have. The NPF bridge is around 30 bucks. Cage from smallrig is around $80. The monitor you prob already have. You really don’t need the one little remote if you shoot RAW or get used to the menus. Memory Cards If there is one legit complaint, its that newer sandisks memory cards do not work with this camera. Here is the scoop: “Please note that we have discovered an issue with the newer revision of the Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SDXC 95 MB/s cards that begin with the product prefix SDSDXXG. These cards do not work with the following products: 1. Pocket Cinema Camera 2. Micro Cinema Camera 3. Video Assist 4. Video Assist 4K We believe that these new cards have the V30 rating on them. Currently, only Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SDXC 95 MB/s cards that begin with the product prefix SDSDXP are compatible.” Though that sucks, good news is that if you have a sandisk pre 2018, it should work. Also there are non sandisk cards that do work. I have tested this one for example: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X1406EC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and it works fine and with RAW. It is still something that you should be aware of. I got lucky and all my sandisks work. Speedbooster There is a dedicated speedbooster for this camera in Nikon or Canon variant. Its called Nikon G to BMPCC or Canon EF to BMPCC. There is a “T” version that has minor improvements, especially to the felt material inside. There are other speedboosters for micro four thirds that will work as well. Viltrox speedboosters also work. The difference is that the specific BMPCC version gives you a 0.58x vs x0.71 or higher crop factor. Resolution Let us now address the elephant in the room. This camera does not shoot 4k. If you want a camera that shoots 4k, this is not it, simple as that. But, if you are a person that cares more about the image quality than the resolution, you won’t be disappointed. But lets say you really do want 4k, well, there is another hidden gem that takes this camera one step further. Inside Davinci Resolve is a feature called “superscale” which upscales footage beautifully. And scaled micro cinema footage to UHD/4K looks fantastic. See Rob Ellis' beautiful video on this: Also even if you need 4k for certain projects, this camera should still be in your arsenal. It’s cheap enough where you can have it along side something like a pocket 4k/6k. Again, the footage speaks for itself. IR Cut and Moire I highly recommend using an IR Cut filter with this camera as there is some IR pollution that can affect your image if you dont use one. You can find some for as cheap as 20-30 bucks. There are also some moire filters, like the RAWLITE OLPF, that does IR CUT and reduces moire at the same time. You install this over the sensor and you dont have to worry about using filters, but it's costly. I don’t have too much of an issue with moire - so for most a simple IR Cut filter could be enough. Where to Buy You can still buy these new today. But you can score amazing kits on ebay, craigslist, etc. You can often find one with a one little remote, cage, and even memory cards for under $700. Some will even include a monitor. You can legit get a full kit for $1,000 - including every thing you need to shoot and rig it up. Conclusion (TL;DR) I made this post because I am a junky of sorts. I buy all the new cameras, fall into the hype traps, and have severe GAS. Every camera I have used lately has left me with a “meh” feeling. Except the micro. Specs can be great, some have amazing autofucus or great color. Some have shit color and shit bitrates. Some are great but the lens system and adapting to it are a pain. And some are plain beautiful but are really expensive. The micro has a rare balance of amazing filmic quality, a lens mount that most of us on here are well aware of at this point, fantastic battery life of around 4 hours with NPF batteries, compact size, legit RAW (not BRAW) to internal SD cards instead of expensive cfast or having an SSD hanging from your camera and its cheap. Ridiculously cheap if you buy used. It also has that old blackmagic special look so many of us fell in love with back in the day and in my opinion is lacking today. It is a hidden treasure in the filmmaking world that is still available new at many retailers. I created this to share and possibly open eyes to what is an amazing camera this is and probably the last of its breed. As we enter the resolution wars with sharper, high res videos, we will slowly be leaving behind that soft organic look. If you like shooting older cameras with vintage glass to get that "look" then you can think of this camera the same way. You do it for the look, not for the specs. Bonus: Footage!!! Here is some great content that I believe shows off this camera and what is capable of doing (All the footage from his reel at the start of this video are from the micro)
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    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    A few stills from a shoot last night all on the Pocket 4K XL and CZ 35mm 2.8.
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    Unpopular Opinion?

    I'm a manual lenses guy. I despise auto focus for my filming. Even when it works I find it more of a curse than a blessing. Weirdly, I like it when subjects move out of focus and someone on the other side of the lens makes an organic correction to maintain it. And I love a slightly sloppy but creative rack focus. It's a neat trick of the craft. I'd rather have imperfections created by humans than perfection created by programming. Am I simply justifying my anachronistic (read: old fart) attitudes or do I really have a legitimate point? Am I alone? Is anyone else attracted to this?
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    Well, I haven't posted on EOSHD for ages, but when I saw this competition I thought that sounds fun. I dropped by on Bexhill-on-Sea on the South Coast yesterday on my way to somewhere else, and shot this footage over an hour or two. No grading, straight out of camera. Manual settings (although fairly limited choice that's all I'll say). Edited on my laptop this evening. I bought the used camera on ebay for £133. I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for Andrew. As long as I don't come last.
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    Andrew Reid

    End of the forum

    Slept on the decision and I must admit it made me sad to think about an empty void in place of the forum. It is a community which has taken some of us 8 years to get to this point in size. I don't think there's many forums like it. So for now I am going to reconsider and keep the forum open. But rethink things - like the concept of it, how it can be improved. There are some good points made by people in this thread about what can be done without resorting to closing it. There are also some examples of behaviour in this thread which justify my original decision, people for instance not saying a single word of thanks but instead promoting their own alternative forum on Discord, or people coming up with money making schemes and subscription fees. Stop and think about whether you're in this for yourself, or whether we're in it together.
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    Stills from some past F3 projects, all with Leica R's and the 5" Video Assist. Such a remarkable camera: lovely to use, easy to grade, solid in low light, lots of dynamic range...for the money I paid, it's earned its keep 50 times over.
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    1. Show us a picture of your current most used camera and lens EVA1 and Sigma 18-35mm. 2. Tell us a few facts about yourself! As a child, I was haunted by a ghost called Linford Pickle. 😂 I come from a family of artists and musicians. I was forced to go to church then realised it was all bollocks. My first ever video was called "Demon Boy". It was shite. I'm scared of baked beans and peas. I've starred in 2 televised music videos, once as the lead. I've got eczema and I hate it. I have 2 daughters. 3. What's your favourite music, favourite sport / team, other hobbies Manchester United - although I've got very disinterested in sport for the past few years. Music - As a teen was obsessed with Radiohead and Muse. Now I'll listen form anything from jazz to classical to synth-pop. Other hobbies - nothing. Filming and being a Dad takes up EVERYTHING. 4. What your hopes are for the future of EOSHD, what would you like me to cover - and the camera you are looking forward to most? Do more episodic video stuff. Do less on cameras and more on lighting! More interesting. Cover vintage lenses and weird shit that they do. Modified lenses. RED Komodo looks neat. Canon R5 and 6 I hope will live up to hype. 5. Tell me what you miss about your country and home town when you are not there Seeing people. Working with artists. My family. Having a pint and a laugh. Making shit. 6. The year you first started reading EOSHD I knew barely anything. Got a Canon 60d DSLR and started reading all this "complex" stuff people said like "10 bit 422". Read it over and over until I understood. Liked the way EOSHD focused on experimental stuff, cheap cameras and weird as fuck lenses. Think it was GH2 time.
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    Lol, you seriously believe this? The only country? You americans trully live in another world. Your president just had dinner with an infected minister from Brazil. Good luck.
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    Just a little end of the year lol for you guys. Have been cookin this one up for a while. I hope you guys get a laugh out of it. This is a parody of the Billie Eilish song “bad guy” except... this one is all about camera gear ?‍♂️ Let me know your thoughts! mostly shot on GH5 in 10bit on atomos ninja v. pickup shots in the garage were shot on EOS R in 4k internal. a few minor pickups on the EM1 mkii.
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    Modified Sigma's smaller grip to allow it to hold a T5; haven't printed it yet so not so sure how comfortable it is.
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    First test on my S1 with V-Log
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    First I'd like to say that I appreciate that the Lenses sticky thread is now it's own Sub-Forum. It really allows members to post more specific topics and it allows readers to ignore topics that may not be useful for them. With that said, @noone had a great idea creating a topic with one of his favorite lenses... so I figured I'd follow suit with one of my favorite lenses... Nikkor 35mm 1.4 ai-s As I started writing this brief, real world review, I realized that this lens represents a larger story of me as a filmmaker as it chronicles the highs and lows of my life since I started shooting my film... So what started as a brief review morphed into a much longer story. If you don't have the time or inclination, stop now. For those that are still interested... here we go... I love fast, wide angle lenses. They offer shallow depth of field while allowing you to get close to your subject. And a fast 35mm straddles a wide angle FOV and a normal FOV making it almost the perfect full frame, focal length for my style of filmmaking. This is my second copy of this lens and truth be told... I've almost sold this lens a half a dozen times over the past year. My first copy I bought when I started shooting my film. I had a simple game plan... the Canon 24-70mm f/4 IS lens for daylight and the Nikkor for lowlight. Here are a couple frames from the first shots I took with the lens for my film. For some reason I decided to go a different route for my lowlight shots and bought a Canon 35mm f/2 IS lens. In most ways, the Canon is a better lens, but it lacks the charm of the Nikkor even if it did match my zoom a little better. At the time, my film was moving along at a steady pace, so I decided to keep the Nikkor for a different, upcoming film... Well... Life had a different plan, like it often does, and some unforeseen medical issues in my family slowed production to a near grinding halt. With those medical issues came some unforeseen financial issues and I was forced to sell a bunch of lenses. For a brief time I thought I'd be forced to sell my camera as well, but I luckily made it work. Before I sold the Nikkor, I decided to take it out for a final spin. Here are a couple frames from that last day with the lens... By this time, I was also forced to sell my Canon zoom and my Canon 35mm f/2. Over the next 6 months I raided my closet to test any and every lens I had that could work for my film. Luckily, during that time, I found a Canon 28mm 1.8 listed on eBay "For Parts" for peanuts. Needless to say, I won the auction and found another one of my favorite lenses born from need. For the next 6-8 months, the Canon 28mm 1.8 lens became the only lens I used to shoot my film and at the time, I couldn't be happier with the results. But I still missed my Canon zoom and my Nikkor 35mm 1.4. Last year, I came into a little extra money and immediately sought another copy of the Nikkor and after a few weeks, I found one. With the extra money in my account, I took the opportunity to test a bunch of lenses I couldn't otherwise afford but always wanted to try. I tested some beautiful lenses but being a hobbyist, I needed to contain my obsession and build a couple logical lens sets. I used the end of my sporadic shooting days to test a lens. My method was simple, use my main actor as a model in the same locations I was shooting my film. Here are a few frames from those tests... After hours of deliberation and footage, I finally realized that I don't change lenses that often and I grew to like the idea of a single POV, from a single lens, as if the lens' FOV represents an invisible narrator's eye. I used my feet to zoom and put together a simple rig consisting of a closed monopod with a tilt head and a tape measure pouch clipped onto my belt. The bottom of the monopod fits snuggly inside the tape measure pouch giving me a stable image with a handheld-like flexibility. During these tests, I realized that I had way too many lenses and could easily shoot a short film a month, for well over a year, and never reuse the same lens... What was I thinking?! I am just a hobbyist with no delusions that I will make the next great indie film. This was getting out of hand. So I set up a final round of testing and narrowed down my keepers to a grand total of 5 lenses with the only "set" consisting of my Canon FD 50mm 1.2 L and my Canon 28mm 1.8. At the time, I even contemplated selling the Nikkor 35mm 1.4 one more time to keep with my minimalistic utilitarian approach. But after some careful thought, and some good advice from some other EOSHD members, I decided to keep it. Although I was still unsure if I needed the lens, after a recent go at some of the footage with my mediocre color skills and my crappy monitor, I came up with these frames from one of my test shots... Although, I realize that none of these shots are particularly spectacular, but each one represents something I like about cinematography and tells a story about my life over the past 3 years. Sometimes the gear we buy is more than just tools for the stories we tell... they become part of the story... part of the journey. Maybe I am being too sentimental but when I look at these perfectly imperfect images taken with a perfectly imperfect lens, I remember the moments that brought me from then to now and what I learned during that process... This lens taught me that my equipment is better than I am. I learned that I don't have to shoot everything wide open and that I probably shouldn't if I ever want to pull focus on an actor walking. I learned that some lenses have a vintage look when wide open, but when stopped down can look crisp and modern. But most importantly, I learned that I need very little to make a movie and gear is the least important. If you're interested in a more technical review, I recommend Ken Rockwell's review of the lens. He gets into the nitty gritty of the characteristics of the lens. I feel he's a little too hard on the lens but everything he writes is dead on accurate... https://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/35f14ais.htm For me, I can sum it up in one paragraph... The Nikkor 35mm 1.4 ai-s lens has a warmer tone and when shot wide open, the images are dreamy, a little soft with a ton of coma on the edges. Stop it down to f/2 and it cleans up a little. By f/2.8 it's like you're using a different lens and that lens is as sharp as a knife. It's like having two lenses in one with both being sharp enough with a bunch of character. So there you have it... thanks for reading.
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    Idolise Trump? Goodbye!

    If the EOSHD site was solely about cameras, and that was it, full stop, then I say a ban on politics is fine. However, Andrew's site has always been a place that is non-corporate and "unsterile," if you will. He's not afraid to drop his opinion and that's why I stick around. If I want bland regurgitated information, there's plenty of on-line options for that. Crossing the line is something all of us but the most rhetorically disciplined have been close to doing, but erring on the side of staying respectable isn't too hard to do. And, ultimately, EOSHD is a site that prioritizes gear, but also exists as a refuge for aspiring filmmakers. Filmmakers should have passion. Otherwise, what are we? Just content creators? That's okay for some I guess, but standing for one's ideals with integrity and rationality should be a filmmaker's or artist's ethos. One of the most influential people in my life was a high school teacher that was willing to engage us students. He would talk about the world and encourage us to participate in it as productive citizens. His lectures were fascinating revelations about his value system and why it worked. Often times we would stray from that semester's syllabus and spend the whole hour just chatting about ideas. We were a room of equals simply by the way he behaved and respected us, a bunch of dumb high-schoolers that really didn't deserve such treatment... but there he was giving us agency when every one else in the system, it seemed, wanted to make sure we stayed in our place. Funny thing was, he was an auto-shop teacher. The other funny thing was that he was a staunch conservative. An 'all-in' Reaganite; can't even count how many times he went on about Thatcher either, to give you an idea. I thought his ideas about society we're complete and utter rubbish. Still do. But the fact that he didn't beat me down with ad-hominem attacks because I disagreed with him, and encouraged me to debate made him the best teacher I ever had. I still can't do a valve job properly and fix a timing chain, but he let me realize how important it was to have integrity, a slightly more important lesson. Meanwhile I had a liberal English teacher so far up her own ass you couldn't say one thing to her sideways without her feeling insulted. And she was teaching writing for god's sakes! So there you go. My anecdotal response. Whoopie-de-doo. Bottom line, conservatives ain't all bad, but some are. Liberals ain't all bad, but some are. Be kind and try to ignore the true jerks that just don't want to respect you.
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    Andrew Reid

    How Pandemics Change History

    It's an interview with Frank M. Snowden, professor emeritus of history and the history of medicine at Yale. So let's hear him out. "One way of approaching this is to examine how I got interested in the topic, which was a realization—I think a double one. Epidemics are a category of disease that seem to hold up the mirror to human beings as to who we really are. That is to say, they obviously have everything to do with our relationship to our mortality, to death, to our lives.... "They show the moral relationships that we have toward each other as people, and we’re seeing that today. "The main part of preparedness to face these events is that we need as human beings to realize that we’re all in this together, that what affects one person anywhere affects everyone everywhere" "and we need to think in that way rather than about divisions of race and ethnicity, economic status, and all the rest of it." "I had done some preliminary reading and thought this was an issue that raises really deep philosophical, religious, and moral issues. And I think epidemics have shaped history in part because they’ve led human beings inevitably to think about those big questions." "The outbreak of the plague, for example, raised the whole question of man’s relationship to God. How could it be that an event of this kind could occur with a wise, all-knowing and omniscient divinity? Who would allow children to be tortured, in anguish, in vast numbers?" "It had an enormous effect on the economy. Bubonic plague killed half the population of full continents and, therefore, had a tremendous effect on the coming of the industrial revolution, on slavery and serfdom. Epidemics also, as we’re seeing now, have tremendous effects on social and political stability. They’ve determined the outcomes of wars, and they also are likely to be part of the start of wars sometimes. So, I think we can say that there’s not a major area of human life that epidemic diseases haven’t touched profoundly." *** Well I saw it myself in Barcelona. The different approaches from different people. I'll give you some characters I met, and their response. Had I stayed longer, I would have filmed them and made a documentary. When I travel I prefer backpackers hostels (at least good ones) to hotels as you save money and get to meet interesting people. The facilities are hotel standard anyway and some of them are like fancy apartments. A great way to travel. In one I met the French hostel owner, whose first priority was safety of his staff... he sent them all home, but kept a few guests on who had no flight and nowhere else to go. A good man, he didn't panic... didn't put himself first...he risked his own wellbeing to help me. Barcelona Garden Hostel in city centre, if you're curious. I will be going back once this is over and saying thanks. And my response to the crisis there told me something about me. I wanted to stay, I took unnecessary risks, didn't book a flight home even though I knew trouble was coming. I think in hindsight it was foolish. I booked 3 hostels at once when things were really locking down, so if one closed, I'd have somewhere else to stay. Contingency plan! I wasn't going to leave it up to God to decide whether I would be homeless, using GFX 100 as a hammer to crack open coconuts for dinner. Another character were staff in a different hostel, who tried to charge me double for a room if I wanted to stay there as a backup plan... any excuse basically to make a profit from a pandemic and public health crisis. Other people I met, were panic stricken. One girl in tears, afraid of losing her job. Some hostels and hotels were rejecting new customers... didn't give a crap. Some just sacked their staff on the spot, sent home with nothing. Britannia hotel chain in the UK today did not just sack a ton of people, they flung them out of their accommodation too. Tells us a lot about some businesses and why they should be allowed to go broke in a crisis... No bailout from taxpayer for them, give it to the staff they treat as disposable, instead. There were people joking about the pandemic. I didn't mind it. But sometimes seems insensitive. In a supermarket, shelves empty, elderly old wise cracking Spanish man came up to me with the wheezing laugh like in the meme, something I didn't understand but definitely about toilet paper. Very amusing. Other times, some American tourists, acting like they were immune and to hell with everyone else, being jokey and insensitive around so many people worried for their jobs and health, just made me sick to the stomach to be honest. So yes, the Yale guy is right. It is going to tell us some deep truths about our character, our values, our societies by the time this is all over.
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    The thread is sleeping, so I thought about sharing updates after having used the S1 for a month (and the newly announced firmware updates are a good occasion for that !). So I used the S1 during a 1 month arctic journey across northern Swedish mountains and Norway in last September/October. I only took the S1, for photo and video, and brought with me the 24-105 f4 kit lens and the Sigma 14-24 2.8 dg dn (the new one, designed for mirrorless) which I brought 3 weeks before I left home. I wanted to film (not doing time lapse) the northern lights, but we were not very lucky with the intensity of lady aurora, despite one or two explosions in the sky, and the f2.8 aperture of the sigma was not enough. I will soon sell the Sigma and buy a 20 1.4 Sigma art, and maybe wait for the newly announced pana 16-35 f4... (or a used canon 16-35 f4). I was a bit frustrated with longer reach need, because, when I bought the S1, I thought the ex.tele converter worked the same as on Sony (clear zoom if I remember) and on the GH5 and G9. So I did not bring any tele for this trip (despite still having at home a Canon 200 f2.8 L ii prime at that time), hoping to film with the 24-105 at 105mm in apsc mode + exteleconv. Some days before leaving home, I discovered that it does not work in 4k… So on 1 or 2 occasions, to film wildlife or distant landscape, I used 1080, and pixel/pixel mode. I checked the results at home on my computer, and the results are really really awful eheh ! APSC mode is, on the other hand, really good ; so, in the end, I had a little reach on some occasions. I really love the range of the 24-105, and find it very useful. Fot this kind of trip, it is perfect ; maybe the newly announced (yeah, so much "newly announced" today !) Sigma art 24-70 f2.8 dg dn will be better, I'll keep a close eye on it. The Sigma 14-24 f28 dg dn is a wonderful lens for photos, sharp enough for me in the corner, light etc. But the inability to put a vari nd on it was useless for video. I bought it for nighttime auroras filming, but a 20 1.4 + a wide zoom that takes filters will serve me better. I encountered minor bugs : occasionally, when I pressed the review button to check my images, it said "no valid pictures on card". Had to turn off the camera and I could access again my images. I had 1 or 2 freezes (really less than my fujis that used to freeze very very often) too. Ah, and the camera is slooooooooow to operate. Drives me crazy when in a rush ! All in all, it worked very well, even during snow storms and -10°C temperatures, and was covered with ice and used under rain with no problems. The handling and controls are phenomenal, especially in shitty conditions. So far, I only reviewed my footage on my computer since I came back home, and I barely touched the camera again (little time) but I managed to play with some clips. The Vlog shots are gorgeous... really ! I tried to play with them with filmconvert nitrate and varicam profile (I need to try the """newly announced""" ? S1 profiles), and with the varicam luts supplied by panasonic, and I love everything about it : colors, look... I think i prefer the result I obtain by applying Resolve's color space transform to the vlog clip, and then tweaking it to taste. I am still learning and, thus, is a horrible color corrector, but with minor stuff applied, I obtain a really pleasing result. I also filmed a lot with Cine-d and HLG. The former seems to be very good, and the latter... I still did not figure out how to treat it in Resolve eheh. I wish I had more time to learn the camera prior to departure, because I played with the flat profile last week-end, and I really like it too. One thing I instantly noticed is the iso capabilities : amazing ! I sadly found some missed focus shots while reviewing my clips. More than I wanted... I mainly used MF, but with a lot of "AF first then switch to MF", and maybe the struggling AF in low contrast scene + not always easy to check the focus peaking in bad weather conditions + my poor fillmmaking skills are to blame. On the still side, not a lot of things to say : wonderful high iso performance, very flexible files... everything you want from a modern 24mp sensor. A great machine for my use : landscape, documentary, astro photo... Sorry for the very unprofessional review ahah, hope some of you will find something useful. I attach just for the fun an image I took inside the tent, after a short night (I still have to post process my photos). Don't pay attention to the "clean" appearance of the camera... I was always wiping it, as it was often covered with snow and rain ? I will sell my Sigma 14-24 2.8 and, in the future, I will slowly build a kit with a wide angle prime, lenses like the samyang 135 f2, takumar 50 1.4, and maybe the coming panasonic S lenses... But for now, I will add the smallrig cage for the S1 + a cheap 5.5" monitor, and I think about buying a Panasonic G9 + pana leica 200 f2.8 + tc (unbelievable sales + cashback right now) . It will allow me to "deport" the long reach video and photo use to this setup. @omega1978 sorry, I promised you to take sample images with the sigma 14-24, but I did not find time to do it before leaving. Did you put your hands on it ??
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    It's to stop people polluting the forum with clickbait, rubbish and zero rated rumours, with one-link posts that have no other purpose than to just draw my visitors out to some shitty rumours site. We are a better community than that.
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    Shoot in 30p, but then conform it into 24p. The subtle slow-mo of the image will make it look more cinematic. Canon is just trying to help you become better filmmakers.
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    Here goes nothin'........ Camera #2
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