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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Sure; it depends on what you'd like. Fuji and BMD have very good, usable color. I personally will use P4K with GH5; I hope to have EC to do a production this summer. 8 bit is tricky; I'd prefer to only support 10 bit cameras, though I will try to find a way that will give viable production level results with 8-bit. I think Log is not really in the cards there. Bit of really cool news; last weekend, the director of a film starring Josh Hartnett wrote to me to say that they were using the GH5 with EC as a pick-up cam alongside Alexa Minis and XTs. He said that a senior Star Wars colorist was doing the grade, and said that 'everybody was very impressed' with it. I was pretty thrilled with that
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    I'm going to be back up to full throttle on EOSHD starting today. For those of you who are wondering where I've been and what I've been doing, here's a glance at what I've been working on... Read the full article
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    Race to the bottom

    It was only when it came to doing the formal portraits that the bride began to have her suspicions.
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    I was messing with some old, test shots from my film. This one was shot with the older non-ai version of the Nikkor 28mm f/2. I’m still deciding on a monitor, so this was graded with my non-calibrated MacBook Air... I’m slowly narrowing down my lens sets... finally.
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    Andrew Reid

    Canon M50 - Magic Lantern

    Magic Lantern have hacked the Canon M50 today, in a surprise move, since it was previously thought Canon had blocked the M50 from loading any scripts. Features of the first version of Magic Lantern for the M50 dubbed "Hello World" include 6K RAW video (using pixel binning) and animated wallpapers. Read the full article
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    I voted for Raw recording on the R

    It's Canon, what you think will happen lol.
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    The issue this video covers was already mentioned in several topics, but I promised a video explanation and fixes, so here it is. Beware: long, boring, bad English.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    For anyone wonders, the underside of the grip has two mounting holes, so no more spinning on the tripod plate.
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    Andrew Reid

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Let's hope they don't revolutionise editing too much. FCPX magnetic timeline anyone?
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    I've just discovered the secret to success in this industry -- be very critical of the image made by any camera other than Alexa, and you are instantly a top notch dp in the class of Roger Deakins. Here is a list of terms to help your complaints sound more legit: Lacks DR (dynamic range) Poor highlight roll off Contrasty Not contrasty Bad motion cadence Too digital Too flat Plasticy Too noisy Too clean Poor focus roll off Macro blocking Micro jitters Sucky suck suck Now, if those alone aren't getting you the status you deserve, try these ones. They almost sound made up, but no one will ever question you and will repeat them until they become an actual thing. Sharpening halos Pixel fringing Quasar vignette Noise population ratio Telecentric converters And if you find you need to take it even further, take a screenshot of footage that you put zero production value in, like a chair in a poorly lit office, magnify 300 percent, and then... wait for it......... wait for it......... draw a friggin arrow to the pixel in question. I'll have plenty more suggestions in my upcoming mzed class... Seriously, there is a clear world of difference between being a negative Nelly and simply recognizing a camera's pros and cons. ALL CAMERAS have pros and cons. Looking at them in those terms is about making decisions and problem solving , not complaining.
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    The Canon 35mm f/2 was brought up in another thread, coincidentally I used that lens yesterday, so I figured I’d post a couple grabs...
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    Mako Sports

    How Long Will I Be Waiting?

    IBIS ✔️ FF 4k ✔️ 10-bit internal ✔️ 120p 1080p ✔️ 4K 60p ✔️ In a mirrorless body under $4,000 ✔️ Well the Panasonic S1 has ALL of those requirements and ships in less than a week....
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    Keep up the great work

    Hello Andrew, It seems that from some of your other posts you are sometimes criticized. I read many of your articles and I don't post very often. I am just writing that I, from one of the many, support your independent work, your independent views (unlike those that get buttered up by canikon). I greatly appreciate your work over the years. I am very positive that I speak for many silent readers. Cheers!
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    That’s a grading decision. I have a Z 6 and it certainly does not have crushed blacks. If anything it shows that youtubers don’t change the picture profile at all. Default contrast and sharpening in standard profile doesn’t look very nice, too contrast and sharpened. This was shot in Prores Raw so we’re looking at a graded image. I thought it was pretty nice to see a cool grade. I’m getting tired of everything looking like it’s shot at golden hour in July even though it’s shot in the north in November. If you shoot in flat or neutral picture profile the blacks aren’t crushed. If you dial down contrast and sharpening in the standard profile it gives a very nice image straight away. It’s a wonderful image in Nikon flat. Like the D750 but better.
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    Andrew Reid

    DPReview BANS links to EOSHD!!

    Barney Britton has responded to say he is now consigning all my emails to his spam folder and breaking off communications. If he won't remove the ban on EOSHD at DPReview, then Amazon will. And I sent him this: -------- Barney It isn’t a closed matter or a case for the spam folder for me. I will be taking things to Amazon, putting in a complaint with them about the negative impression your forum ban is creating for EOSHD, the censorship of your own users and the damage it has caused to the reputation of my site. No doubt I will be pointing out the history of copyright infringement and slander on your forum to them as well, because I have screenshots of posts that were left up for months before being deleted. As well as the inconvenience the forum URL ban places on your users (and Amazon’s customers), it means that Google is picking up EOSHD related topics and discussions on your forum, placing these above the original topics on EOSHD and they are all orphaned without a link to the source, damaging the SEO ranking of my site and causing material harm to my income. The forum ban has been in place for how many years now - 3? 4? You have over several years wound me up to such an extent that you’ve created a negative impression with other staff at DPReview such as with Scott, Chris and Jordan, as well as your forum users. It’s an absolute disgrace. I didn’t have a problem with anyone else at DPReview apart from you and Shawn. Gannon makes a string of idiotic mistakes, but you’re persistently insidious. Think about that next time you have the cheek to ask me to seek to edit my opinions on my own forum. Andrew -------- At least I managed to refrain from calling him a cock-womble this time. Time to turn my focus to Amazon, after all they are the real boss. It is time for Amazon to put an end to the personal vendettas.
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    Race to the bottom

    If I was going to have a combined professional photography and footwear vending operation then I would definitely call it Hot Shoe.
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    If you are looking for a really terrible value for money, slow but actually decently performing standard zoom for an APS-C L mount camera (and frankly who isn't?) then here are some samples from my Leica 18-55mm f3.5-f5.6 from a few days ago. Its not going to rock your world but it acquits itself well for travel stuff like grey train stations and goats operating a self service buffet.
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    Race to the bottom

    I am in the wedding business, photography & video and have mixed views on this. First of all, there is a lot more competition. a LOT more. Since I started out close to 20 years ago, there are at least as 10x as many offering a service. Also, the competition is a LOT better than it ever has been, both in quality of output and in regard to marketing it. Video is less crowded than photography however as the learning curve is steeper and the production times longer, - less appeal for many ie, less see it as a fast buck, whereas with photography, everyone with a camera thinks they can do it. Bollocks, it takes years and dozens of different scenarios to get really good at it. I came from 5 years of college and uni photography and reckon it took me nearly 8 years until I felt I really knew what i was doing without having to really think about it. Then there is this 'race to the bottom'. It's been talked about for years and to an extent, it is true...but at the same time, not completely. The trick of it is twofold. First, you need to be offering something that is on another level to 'the rest'. I am not saying you need to be the best in the world, but better than anyone else they will probably look at. Ideally, you need to have a number of 'points of difference' and deliver this message with clarity. People have increasingly shorter attention spans. Second, you need to be found by the type of people that are your clients. This may only be 1% of the entire market. Or less. If you are trying to appeal to all and catch fish with a massive net, you might actually be better off with a rod and fishing for one species only. In regard to the latter, you can try and have a broad appeal and try to snag that 1% through the sheer volume approach or target your marketing and have a much smaller volume of contact, but a much higher booking rate. I've found the latter works for me and prefer the 'larger fish in the smaller pond' approach works better. Over the years, I have seen so many 'young bucks' come into the industry. First of all they are full of enthusiasm and it drives them for a while and all that energy helps compensate for the relatively low prices most charge, fully intending to put them up once established. They then try to do that and the work begins to dry up. Most then give up and go back to their 9-5 day job with all it's securities when they realise the reality is not swanning around the world at their clients expense and editing on a laptop in coffee shops. One other thing I have found is that 'good enough' is not good enough and you need to go above and beyond simply to maintain your position. It's extremely easy to get sucked downstream and incredibly hard to swim upstream/against the current. The latter can be done, but to get that extra 10%, often requires another 100% effort. Is it worth it? Maybe... But yes, I 'lose' out sometimes to the sub 500 photographer who either promises the moon on a stick, or more often than not, don't and they (the clients) know they won't be getting much...but that exists in all kinds of services. Or the client deludes themselves that the cheaper option will work out for them only to regret it. Doesn't help us if they do however as folks rarely pay twice and in weddings, never. To conclude, another couple of attributes any small creative business needs are a thick skin and a lot of drive/determination. I would not want to be starting out in photography/video today knowing what I know and would persuade my daughter against it. The bottom line though is that there IS a market still and a very good one but it's a case of finding the right one for you and working it. Continually. Just like an athlete, there are some people who are naturally gifted, but they can and will be beaten by someone with not so far off genetics that grafts harder then the rest. Oh and one other thought, I have tried several times unsuccessfully to get into the commercial market and in the end gave up concluding I could just not make it work for whatever reason, so I plod along with weddings which I genuinely enjoy shooting. Not overly keen on the whole industry and what goes on behind the scenes, but that is another story...
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    Rode Shrinks its Wireless Mic System

    I am single handedly claiming the credit for the announcement of this product today as it was clearly triggered by me buying the Sennheiser version less than 24 hours ago !
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    Give them the benefit of the doubt. Most of us love the underdog - I hope they pull it off.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    is there anyone use his/her bm for street "photography" ? Since I don't want to carry another camera, I shoot quite a bit at low shutter angle and just grab still frame from it. The resolution works quite well for me since instagram is my main publishing platform https://www.instagram.com/harrykise/
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    my first short

    ok so in the spirit of eoshd togetherness I have decided to share this video to see what u guys think. maybe it will inspire zach ☺️ let me explain: i made this short at the end of last year, but I never completed the edit/fx/etc 100%. Got busy with other stuff, and I was working up my gumption to come back to it with a fresh eye. then my iMac broke, and I have a new ‘puter on the way, but I’m anticipating the nightmare of opening resolve and Siri saying ERROR: NO MEDIA FOUND, because my files, ALTHOUGH BACKED UP, are super disorganized, there might be a few things missing, but at the very least it’ll be a big pain in the ass to relink everything to get going on this again aannnyyyway I always feel bad for posting literally zero videos but numerous dog pics and I was like Screw it, its not perfect, but here ya go. this is not the best file, its the one I had in icloud, there could be a better render, etc etc, and its getting murdered by youtube compression, but my first reaction watching it after not messing with it for a few months was…. …Hey~! Its not too bad! ☺️ not bad for a first film i made all by myself! imagine if I had a crew, a budget… 🙄 so, if youd like to see, pls check it out, and if you have any helpful feedback that involves changing/adding things, that’s great, but I do NOT have access to the actors/locations any more and there is almost no chance of me shooting additional footage, so as long as suggestions don’t involve me spending any more money on this project, I’m all in 😂 at best, I think this is a cool example of what one person can do with a 5d3 in 2019 with no budget, crew, or resources whatsoever... as indie as it gets lolol
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    Shot externally with an Atomos in HLG 10bit mode (higher bitrate than internal) Looks pretty good to me, and a hint of what the internal codec upgrade will look like. I also feel for a promo film it's above average, a very simple story but effective. A bit sentimental of course, and not perfect attention to detail in some shots, but it works. I hope one day when I hear a piece of music it will remind me of the Panasonic S1, when I was young enough to shoot stuff and not too old and crippled to use a camera
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    DPReview BANS links to EOSHD!!

    I enjoy Chris and Jordan's videos. I think overall they do a good job reviewing cameras, are honest in their reviews, and I've found that when using cameras they've reviewed I come to a lot (but not all) of the same conclusions. I don't really go to DPReview's main site and skip their other YouTube content, but I enjoy Chris and Jordan. There are also, I think, substantially more users there. Which is why Andrew is frustrated; his links being censored there harms his traffic and, frankly, deprives readers access to more knowledge.
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    I have my eye on their E2 F6 (the full frame 6K variant) so I've been following developments in their facebook group. Took some time to grade new footage from their original m43 E2 and I gotta say, it's pretty good. I had to denoise some shots and they didn't clean up as well as my EVA1 does -- probably because my EVA1's noise is finer and tight, not "clumpy". but still, based on one of their engineers saying that the F6 will be their best performing (in terms of noise) I've got my fingers firmly crossed that it will be the "vistavision" cinema camera I've been longing for... and only $5,000. Here's that E2 footage I took a stab at grading. The last shot of the girl with the camera is my fav. Skin tones and highlight roll-off work for me.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I need too much time to find topic about BMMCC, so sorry for posting here, but maybe it could be useful as another example of what BM cameras and especially BMMCC are capable for, or as comparison with Pocket 4k.
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    Sharp's new 8K M43 camera

    New video! Lowlight test. Uploading the raw files!
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    I love this sort of stuff.
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    From the p4k FB group Blackmagic going live at NAB soon
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    I hope in the future as the VFX tools we have at hand get better and as crew awareness increases then we'll be able to happily have booms in shot much more often for the sake of improved sound. This is already common place on many shoots such as "House of Cards", and advancing VFX technology will lead to an expansion of situations booms can be put into shot. https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/adobe-releases-content-aware-fill-tool/ https://www.jldiaz.com.ar/lectura-en.php?name=houseOfCards
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    GO Taiwan

    Really excited to see what everyone thinks of our new video! We shot this mainly with an A7iii an A7sii and a GH5. Mavic pro 2 of course. Let me know!
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    I bought one used. it's about 1.5 stops better in the shadows than the c300 ii and same in the highlights (3.5 stops over key) - https://cinematography.net/CineRant/2018/07/30/personal-comments-on-the-2018-cml-camera-evaluations/ which makes it almost as good as any camera - well better than the alexa in shadows but, still alexa is the king in highlights. it shoots pro res. it does everything you wish the c300 ii would do. well not raw light - i don't know why it doesn't do that - maybe I should ask them. here's some stills with a zeiss 28mm standard speed - doesn't quite have full frame coverage. i'll post a video soon to show more tests with it.
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    The expectations for the A7Siii are so high and very unrealistic.
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    Knowing Adobe, it will fry your CPU using this, but leave your GPU unused
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    How To Have Quality Video on a Cheap Camera

    u kno what you need to be a great filmmaker? a fookin pencil ✏️ draw some storyboards, get to work
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    The 4K full frame S1 is on my desk at EOSHD HQ and for the first time it's the final released camera that is shipping to stores, with firmware version 1.0. I couldn't offer any original files from my shoot in Barcelona as the firmware back then was version 0.7. So now's your chance, if you're wondering how good the initial 10bit codec is at just 72Mbit or how well it grades, to download my files and have a look for yourself... Read the full article
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    With the announcement of bankruptcy we thought this was all over? But no! Fran is the camera which keeps on giving!
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    I have access to all three cameras! I'll see if I can get it done.
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    The 3-hour 1-minute Film Challenge

    Filmed this yesterday: Some thoughts: It's both a camera test but also a real video - if you're going to go through the whole process then why not get a nice memento out of it I've realised that I'm comfortable with the point-my-camera-at-things style of film-making, but my videos are about my family so should also include me, so this is a test to try and get better at that This was shot with my positively geriatric GoPro Hero3 and was kind of a test at using it as a selfie camera It's shaky as hell, and if you apply strong stabilisation in post it becomes wobble-vision.. I plan to replace it with the Sony action camera which has OIS It was convenient, small, and easy to get a variety of shots with, so I think the form-factor is good 2.7k mode isn't great, the Sony in 4K would be much improved
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    This was yesterday evening in our recreational area 'Het Twiske'. Colour of the sun was extremely due to sand out of the sahara. My favourite setup Fuji X-T3 + Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 + Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x + Rectilux HCDNA. Variable ND filter Mentter HD. F-Log, Eterna in post.
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    DPReview BANS links to EOSHD!!

    Now being interested, I visited dpreview site with great curiosity and without prejudice, and made three main personal, of course ingenious, conclusions: 1) out of web-business matter (about which I have zero competency) you really have full right to stay with smile high above and to be proud on superior look and feel of EOSHD - dpreview is so cluttered with all-over-the-place advertising messages that so obviously eat space for exchanging information and free communication: in comparison to EOSHD, visitor there inevitably has to have feeling of being squeezed in auxiliary rooms (contrary, here, not at least as side-curative effect, members have so clean, reverberating space for intoxicated listening of themselves when easily calling similar enthusiasts as clowns, idiots etc.) Simply, it is hard to stay at Dpreview too long and not to be either bored or afraid of too well-known supermarket claustrophobia 2) being so intrusively obliged to sponsors and so-so trying to find impossible balance between two contradictory, mutually exclusive tasks (serving as unbiased discussion portal under the permanent rafal of persuading ads and enumeration voting) - psychologically it is very hard to owner(s) of dpreview not to hear some inner voices of restless bad-conscience against character of purity of EOSHD, especially if once upon a time you knew each other or started from similar idealistic roots... so 3) I'd say owner(s) of dpreview simply envy you (At least, I'd surely envy if I'm in his/their place, and if I'm not so notorious, hopelessly ignorant clown :)
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    Race to the bottom

    I do think the mid range has been slowly shrinking. There's tons of work at the bottom, probably more than ever. And there's still work at the top. I've learned a few things, finally. Only took almost 9 years! I think a big mistake I made was fretting over and trying to turn cheap people into rich people. Clients who have no money are never gonna pay, no matter how much you convince them of your worth. It's always better to just ignore them and go where the money is. With the bigger clients, I find they almost need a big dog and pony show to make them feel like they're getting a high end production. Big crews, cameras, lights that they probably don't need, but makes them feel secure. There's still really good money in the high end wedding market, if you can stomach it. Just saw a guy in town charging minimum $4500 for a highlight + some multicam ceremony. And he's got hundreds of 5 star reviews. A few days work for $4500! I suspect location matters tremendously. I've been fortunate to live to two big markets. Vancouver, and now DC. DC in particular seems to have lots of rich people. No way I'd be getting anywhere close to the rates I get here in the town I grew up in. That said, cost of living there was substantially less as well. Being a specialist is probably the ticket to big money if you're really fucking good, but have general skills can help at least keep the lights on during slow times. I've played DOP, camera op, editor, motion graphics guy, even photographer at times. My biggest worry by far is AI and robots. Our industry is going to be absolutely gutted at some point, I think people have no idea. People talk about the DSLR revolution changing things....that's absolutely compared to what's gonna happen, IMO.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    took the xt3 outside yesterday
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    Will the SL2 updated SL3 have IBIS?

    There are at least 3 persons in this forum that can convince you that a) noone needs it b) it is a feature/advantage!
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    They should announce the Pocket 4K Pro with the exact same specs except that it ships on time and with adequate supply.
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    I think the delay in the A7Siii is obvious: the expectations/market has moved in a direction that outpaced Sony's tech and they're playing catch up. Last year was a huge year. Panasonic was still riding that GH5 wave for most of the year, until they announced their full frame camera. The full frame mirrorless announcements from Nikon and Canon. Nikon and Fuji made HUGE steps in their video capabilities. At the beginning of the year the A7III looked like a real impressive camera (and it still is despite its flaws) but by the end of 2018, not so much. Heck, the GH5s, and all of the new full frame mirrorless cameras even made their low light performance look less impressive: maybe not as good, but definitely in the ballpark. In a sense, they're probably not lying by saying that it's simple to add 4K/60p but to DO 4k/60p with their current mirrorless tech probably isn't so simple without overheating. The longer they wait though the bigger the expectations are going to be. It's not an enviable position to be in. At this point they're going to need to release something ground breaking because they've got a lot of companies gunning for them, and they're all very capable foes.
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    The Bolex-Anamorphot 16/32/1.5x thread

    TVC for Mc Donalds with the Bolex on the Terra 4K.
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    Seems to know his way around a camera. But does he have enough experience reading spec sheets on forums to back it up?
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