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    End of the forum

    Hi Andrew, I don't talk much here, mostly lurking. Been noticing a rising level of frustration and anger in your messages lately. The youtubers, then the social networks, then the chitchaters from the forum, you name it. I totally understand where you're coming from, social medias are a cancer, moderating a forum is a tedious and can be a pain, especially after 8 years and some people just have too much time on their hands and like to troll. But you seriously need to chill a bit. Recruit a few moderators and let off the leash. Doing so, you could totally concentrate more on you own art and leave the forum on the side for a little while. I believe the forum as a format has its merits and should be kept online and alive. Some people love coming here, some more love reading what's written even though they're not participating. I am a professional, not a videast, not a youtuber, but a film maker, I get paid to direct stuff that are aired on TV (even on your national BBC... Well, the fourth though), I do that for a living and I like it here ! I am not a teen in a basement, trolling you ! I bet I am not the only real professionnal amongst your audience. We like this place. It's both silly and cosy at the same time. It's not Youtube, it's not as superficial, it's not as crowded. But it's nice. I understand how it can be frustrating to feel that you're losing the war against the silliness of modernity but certain spaces need to remain secret and undercrowded to be appreciated. It's not a popularity contest. If you want to be popular, be Kai, or whoever is fashionable these days, but you won't ever be as popular as a forum tenant or as a blogger. But I do not believe you're engaged in a popularity contest, are you ? You can keep your forum alive and do your shit IRL. I mean, Roger Deakins has a forum, right ? Does it keep him away from his work ? I don't believe so. Get off the keyboard a bit. Do the things you want to do, and come back with a vengeance. You don't need to sacrifice all this knowledge and this community because you feel frustrated these days, that's not going to make things better. You have a good tool in your hands, let it be. And if you feel like talking to someone who has seen both heaven and hell in this business, I'd be glad to help you in this difficult period I can sense in your latests messages.
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    Stills from some past F3 projects, all with Leica R's and the 5" Video Assist. Such a remarkable camera: lovely to use, easy to grade, solid in low light, lots of dynamic range...for the money I paid, it's earned its keep 50 times over.
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    Man, yeah. Lots of complex emotion on this for me over the last week. I’m a white Minnesotan, working 6 days a week even during COVID-19... I thought about photographing/video documenting, and I agree it is incredibly important work and that things must be seen. But my heart is broken. Just straight ripped apart. I just got home from two days In Minneapolis/St. Paul, and I’m glad I didn’t bring a camera, and I left my phone in my bag. There’s a LOT of I guess I’d call it “social justice tourism” going on, and that just sits uneasy with me. Like, people were posing with their friends and signs for selfies, and then leaving the sit-in at the capitol before it was done... even more selfies with the George Floyd mural at Cup Foods. Don’t get me wrong, it is good that those people are at least engaging on some level, but social media is already drowning in this stuff at the moment, that isn’t necessarily an efficient vehicle for change. I don’t need pictures to communicate what I’ve seen with my own eyes. I saw the entire capitol lawn filled to bursting with beautiful peaceful people all afternoon, championing full institutional overhaul of the oppressive system... which by the way was organized and led by FREAKING HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS, who were all more articulate than yours truly. I worked alongside hundreds of my fellow Minnesotans ALL DAY yesterday as we packed food and household supplies for our neighbors in need. We were tired. We were drenched in sweat. It was beautiful. Emotions, events, words and actions are in the highest contrast in this moment. Sometimes you’ve gotta leave the camera behind and commit your full self to being present. And I must say this: while the news has been reporting both the peaceful protests and the unrest, the time devoted to each is woefully disproportionate to the time Minnesotans have been devoting to each. Yes there has been some destruction and some violence. But there is an immeasurably larger effort of peaceful demand for justice. Heres the only picture from today, snapped by a construction worker on an adjacent building and texted to one of the church food drive organizers. All of those bags of groceries were gone within half an hour. The need is real, but Minnesotans are rising to the occasion, government or no government.
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    Andrew Reid

    End of the forum

    Slept on the decision and I must admit it made me sad to think about an empty void in place of the forum. It is a community which has taken some of us 8 years to get to this point in size. I don't think there's many forums like it. So for now I am going to reconsider and keep the forum open. But rethink things - like the concept of it, how it can be improved. There are some good points made by people in this thread about what can be done without resorting to closing it. There are also some examples of behaviour in this thread which justify my original decision, people for instance not saying a single word of thanks but instead promoting their own alternative forum on Discord, or people coming up with money making schemes and subscription fees. Stop and think about whether you're in this for yourself, or whether we're in it together.
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    Some Galileo action going on

    Matching different cylinders glass from different anamorphic scope is equivalent of a cylindrical Galilean telescope running backwards, finding a match with different systems that meet the afocal condition. Here are few prototypes I put together and some sample shots. I hope you like, thanks! .
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    A few more for the road. Damn does the F3 grade well.
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    I think your argument is based around the idea that lenses are an investment, but they're not, they're a consumable. I understand why you might think that, because it's a myth that seems to be on endless repeat in photography circles. To understand why I don't believe that lenses are an investment, have a look at the Camera-Wiki Lens Mounts page, or the Wikipedia Flange focal distance page, and see how many of the mounts are still in-use on a current model camera. There are things like PL, and EF (although its days are numbered), but the vast vast majority of them are essentially dead. Even if you take very good care of them (the best way by never using them!) they will still age and the rubber and lubricants will dry out, with plastics becoming brittle, and coatings changing over time (yellowing, for example). A second hand market does exist for some of the exotic lenses of yester-year, but unless you're talking about the pinnacle of the range, then they're worth very little. MFT is a dead mount in the same way that EF is a dead mount - it is supported by current flagship cameras with specs that remain desirable, but is likely to decline in the future. I would hesitate to call PL mount a dead mount, but anything else probably has the writing on the wall, it's just a matter of time. I invested in MFT glass considering it a purchase that I would use for a period of time, get value out of, and then at some point it would be worth nothing to me and likely to other people as well. Just like the shiny new camera bodies that everyone loves to salivate over. I have some of the most desirable MFT lenses around, but the total cost was still in the same league as buying a single camera body. In terms of the GH5 having been left behind, do a count of how many current model cameras can match the 4K60, or the 400Mbps All-I 4K 10-bit internal, or the 5K 10-bit open gate h.265. Odds are whatever it is you're using can't do that. There are some cameras that can, but odds are that I can't get them into a museum or historical monument without security asking me if I'm a professional, which wouldn't matter because my arm would probably fall off having to carry it around all day. All technology goes down in value over time. Relying on the resale value of any piece of equipment to justify its ROI is a recipe for losing your money. I don't understand why people think of equipment in terms of resale value - it's purpose is to be used, not traded.
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    Metabones recently announced the long-awaited Canon EF mount Speed Booster Ultra for Fuji X, which will be one of the must-have accessories for X-T4 owners. This will have support for phase-detect AF and incorporates Caldwell Optics advanced 5-element ultra-high index tantalum optics. The Caldwell Optics focal reducer remains the best you can get. In this New blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/the-big-eoshd-interview-metabones-lens-adapters/
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    This is a very strange one to me. I've seen online tests as well as examples from shoots I've been on of the Pocket 6k having really great dynamic range. Yet Blackmagic claims it has less dynamic range than the Ursa Mini and the same dynamic range as the Pocket 4k. Cinema 5d measured it at 11.9 stops while measuring the Ursa at 12.6. I tested the Pocket 6k against the URSA, both at 800 iso and the Pocket had more highlight and shadow information, by a good amount. If the Ursa has 12.6 stops of dynamic range the Pocket 6k has got to have over 13 maybe 13.5. I'll probably post the tests if anyone is interested.
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    Alt Shoo

    JVC GYLS300 In 2019

    I’m very grateful to be connected with JVC! They posted an interview they did with me on their IG profile talking about my film Marcy Made and how it was filmed with the JVC-GYLS300!
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    End of the forum

    Could you not just let the forum live its own life? As a lot of us will miss eoshd. I think this forum has the best layout of all the camera forums, and I enjoy reading new topics, where on other forums its a bit a needle in a haystack.
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    Your arguments all appear to be circular, or simply saying that things that are MFT or are old are somehow inferior by default. I guess the Alexa is screwed then, it's really old, the image is soft as hell and it's not FF either! The S1H might well make a nicer image than the GH5, I didn't say that no camera produced a nicer image. In fact the S1H sure better make a nicer image - is it twice or three times the current cost of a GH5? I haven't kept tabs. It's also large and heavy in comparison. You can't say that the GH5 is irrelevant because there's a camera with a nicer image that costs way more and is larger and heavier. If so, the S1H is irrelevant because the Sony Venice exists. You may not like it, but the 10-bit is still 10-bit. I know because I shoot in available light high DR situations and grade heavily, and even after attempts to break the image, it has held up. Someone even made a comment on these forums in the last month or so lamenting the lack of 4k60 in the current lineup of camera bodies. You can't really argue that its 60p isn't 60p. Of course there are cameras that make a nicer image. It sounds like you're living in the internet / vlog / YT / camera reviewer / forums / photographer-as-videographer bubble and don't really know what is happening in the industry. The reality of working DOPs is that most of them aren't online talking about their equipment, they're out in the world shooting and their images are only available on Netflix / Amazon / Hulu / etc, or non-camera YT channels. You have absolutely no idea what most of the content you watch in a given day is shot on. If a camera produces a good enough image then when it's on TV you'll have no idea you're watching that camera. The GH5 is out there being used by working pros and it's completely invisible to us. The entire industry is in upheaval with far less money to go around in some areas, in such times people who are interested in feeding their families will put off upgrades and just keep working. I'm not saying that the GH5 is the best camera in the world, but you're acting like it's no longer being used by anyone making content, which simply isn't true.
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    Self financed $700k sci-fi movie

    I recently watched this film, and thought it was fantastic. Story really is everything. It's the writer/director's debut, he saved up $700k from doing commercial work to self-fund it. Filmed in just 4 weeks with only 5 characters. The cinematography is excellent and I've never seen some of the techniques before. I'm usually a 'show don't tell' kind of guy, but with this, I was so happy it's more like a story in realtime. The characters are interesting and engaging and it takes you far beyond the 1950s small town backdrop. Interview with DOP: https://variety.com/2020/artisans/news/vast-of-night-amazon-prime-tracking-shot-1234620232/
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    End of the forum

    Respectfully Andrew, I’ve been think of writing this post for a while now but I thought it would only get me banned… I tried to open a debate about gears a few months ago but the thread was locked right away No hard feelings thought, this is your forum. To be honest, I regret this decision to close this forum, the unique place where I was coming online to talk to over filmmakers and bring support to strangers. Unlike other forums and FB groups, EOSHD is a special place, a small community of enthusiasts and pros willing to talk in a civilized manner. Of course this changed a lot recently, we lost several familiar faces and I must admit that you’ve been also pushing this place in a new direction. While I used to enjoy your previous David versus Goliath rants, this almost turns into a daily basis thing where you find a new person/website/youtube/brand channel to attack or denounce. I must admit that you do so with a lot of valid points most of the time but it just display a lot of negativity. Therefore, I can understand why this whole thing makes you angry and drains your energy. And I must not be the only only considering lack the of reactions that these rant posts generate. So yes, on some aspects the world is getting crazier and dumber but not worse than it was 50 or 100 years ago (actually there is much less war, violence, famine, and conflict in general). Yes, I hate all this narcissistic thing, the dumbing down experience of social networks but there isn’t much we can do at this point… I personally write for several online publications and I always tried to maintain some ethic: no sponsored post, real unbiased product review, and full disclosure of my few links with manufacturers. Anybody can see my posts online. But the truth is that the media industry is dying in general, the photo-video is even in worse shape. So some people do what they can to make a living and cross the line regularly because they must pay their rent. I don’t think that the vast majority of tech writers do very well. Then, there are the few Youtuber stars who are just worth ignoring. So what can we do now? 1. Continue to call out people, youtubers, and brands but obviously (and unfortunately) you can’t win this fight. 2. Channel all this energy toward greater good. I really like the idea of doing guest posts. I would be happy to contribute in some area with honest reviews and in depth articles rather than giving it away for free to well know online publications. For what it’s worth, when I write good entry, people are genuinely interested. Collaboration is key, don't go down in a muddy dogfight with the crooks but rise above them. All the best with your endeavors. This forum was a good place. Cheers.
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    Andrew Reid

    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    Logged on and what do I see Yes another topic waylaid by Super8 causing arguments If you keep it up, I will have to do what's best for the forum as an informative tool for filmmakers. And you know what that means.
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    ade towell

    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    You really are a clown, or are you trolling... hard to tell with the amount of crap you constantly come out with
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    1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6

    Canon should counter-troll Sony and push the announcement date after Sony, who moved theirs to after Canon. Imagine an infinite cycle.
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    Thanks, and yes I love the files as well.
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    Working on a long documentary in Resolve and previously did a 25 minute doc in Resolve. Really all about organizing the footage and tagging as you shoot in the media page. I've gone all in on resolve at this point for projects. Just got the editor keyboard and it is awesome.
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    lol no offense taken. I understand. I’ve texted this myself and statistically I get higher click through rate when my face is on the thumbnail as well as when there is a more intense expression. It doesnt translate well here because the image is so large... but on a youtube home feed it can help make your video stand out. Correct it works. I’m sorry you hate it. YouTube is filled with a bunch of adhd tweens who just click on the first shiny thing they see. Ya it really is. It gives you a lot of extra flexibility for a marginal difference in price.
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    And here I am, in my early twenties - so I'm technically a millennial / Generation Y - with my my strong preference towards written word. I deeply hate the fact that people nowadays tend to turn their blogs into vlogs, etc. For me, having to go to YouTube for a piece of information that could be put clearly in two or three sentences is one of the plagues of 21st century. I understand that our hobby - cameras and stuff related to them - is a visual hobby and words can't always be used to show what we mean or to share what we managed to create using our babies. Nonetheless, I think that over 30% of YouTube content could easily be transcribed and deprived of audio-visual stimuli and we, as viewers, would only gain from it. It's just terribly tiring, how much shit, unneeded clutter there is to almost everything. You could say that you save your time, because there are no ads per se, but the amount of in-video marketing and advertising, etc. is terrifying. But still, not every channel is like this and, surely, there are some that are really worth being subscribed to. The amount of knowledge that can be found on YT (if you know what you're looking for) is invaluable and often can't be put into words that easily. It's a tough nut to crack.
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    Geoff CB

    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    Tamron 45mm with Formatt Supermist Black 1/8 Filter on Sony F3.
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    My review of the film: https://www.eoshd.com/news/review-of-the-sigma-fp-4k-raw-film-sin-sin/
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    "Crop factor" usage of cameras with obvious issue from DP's perspective... that found their way to different Cannes 2019 selection sections: MAIN COMPETITION (Palme d’Or Contenders) - “Sorry We Missed You” Dir: Ken Loach, DoP: Robbie Ryan Format: Arri 16mm Camera: Arri416 16mm DIRECTORS’ FORTNIGHT - “The Halt” Dir: Lav Diaz, DoP: Daniel Uy Format: 4k Camera: GH5S Panasonic Camera Lens: 18mm-50mm zoom lens Panasonic, 70mm-100mm zoom lens Panasonic - “Lillian” Dir/DoP: Andreas Horwath Format: Digital, 2K, Lossless CinemaDNG RAW — and 4K for the drone footage Camera: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Lens: Voigtländer Nokton Series - “The Orphanage” Dir: Shahrbanoo Sadat, DoP: Virginie Surdej Format: Alexa Mini-S16 HD mode/ prores Camera: Alexa mini S16 HD mode UN CERTAIN REGARD - “A Brother’s Love” Dir: Monia Chokri, DoP: Josée Deshayes Format: Super 16mm, 7219 Kodak Camera: Arri 416 - “Liberte” Dir: Albert Serra, DoP: Artur Tort Format: 2K Camera: Canon C300 Mark ii (crop mode) Lens: Canon 11-138 (S16) OUT OF COMPETITION - “Let It Be Law” Dir/DoP: Juan Solanas Format: UHD 3840×2160 Camera: Panasonic GH5 Lens: Leica 12-60mm 2.8/4
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    Enjoying the Panasonic S1 again

    Quick Screen grabs from Lens testing Today. Superb Kipon Mamiya 645 Speedbooster with the Mamiya 55mm F2,8. All handheld wide open. LUIX S1/Iso 1000, 4K 10 bit. VLOG
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    I'm following along quite nicely, thank you for your screaming condescension, it is really helping this conversation along! (Although it's not doing much to make me think that you're a serious working professional who can be trusted to make balanced judgments about an entire industry, but you know, you do you.) I agree that when no-one makes MFT cameras any more then the format will be dead. The issue here is that people still are making MFT cameras. The P4K is an MFT camera that pushed what was possible at a given price point when it was released. The Z CAM E2-M4 was only announced a few months ago (?) and is a MFT cine camera. The GH5 is still a current model and although it is overdue for a refresh, it's not that much overdue, and there hasn't been any confirmation from Panasonic (that I know of anyway) that their FF line replaces the GH line. Ok, so assuming you're telling the truth, your experience might be in the part of the industry that is too high-end. Anyone who has worked on a Marvel production or on the Netflix approved sets that you reference probably hasn't worked in a low budget indy or web production since before the GH5 was released (or the GH4 for that matter!). Everyone has blind spots in their experience. One of my blind spots is the entire non-english-speaking world for example. I'm a knowledgable guy, but not about much of what's going on in Turkmenistan. Blind spots are inevitable, I fear that you're confusing your (probably large amount of) knowledge with the idea that you have a good overview of the entire camera-buying market. Thanks - I was beginning to think I knew everything and was becoming omnipotent, but your timely reminder has staved off a bout of madness. I am familiar with the RED forums, I'm registered there. I'm also familiar with CML, and have registered there too. I haven't sought out EVA owners, but there's a few on here. I have sought out GH5 users though, and I didn't find any significant concentrations of them, except here. Which might be why so many people are disagreeing with you and down voting your posts. But back to you telling me I don't know anything.... They're both done with cameras right? It's great that we've finally gotten to the point in the conversation where you ask about my background. I'm a guy who makes home videos. I shoot, edit, colour grade, and then publish my own work. You might then conclude that I wouldn't have the faintest idea about anything, but this would be untrue, because you see, I have been teaching myself to do everything, including colour grade, which leads me to why I might think I know something about this. You see, I hang out on the colour grading forums with professional colourists. So while you might be off making things and only being exposed to one tier of the industry, colourists (who aren't in the upper echelons of feature films) are seeing a wide spectrum of professional work done. and when I got my GH5 and started speaking to them about how to colour grade it, I learned they regularly see footage from cameras like the GH5 on the low-budget productions that can only just afford a colourist. You reference American Pickers, but that's precisely the kind of production that might use a GH5. That and documentaries where owning the camera would be an advantage instead of having to rent an Alexa or C300 on and off over months, maybe with short notice if events unfold and they need to get to location ASAP. I guess this is where we start to question what your definition of a professional DP is, and if it includes professional indy film-makers or you tubers or vloggers, but it actually doesn't matter. We're not talking about if the GH5 is currently a major force in blockbuster Hollywood productions. We're not even talking about if MFT has ever put an image on Netflix. We're talking about if MFT is dead, and to talk about that we only have to talk about who is buying it. This means that we're talking about customers. Which means that it does include all the professional indy film-makers and you tubers and vloggers and even little old me shooting little Suzy blowing out the candles on her 3rd birthday cake. MFT was never sold as a high-end cine system. Even when it came out it was for the size of production that couldn't afford to rent equipment or didn't suit the type of shooting schedule involved. This is where you've gotten me wrong. I do see the signs. MFT is a terrible investment. So is EF. If someone was asking on here if they should buy into the MFT system I would tell them to carefully evaluate their options. My take on the industry is that: Photography always had a FF superiority complex and smaller sensors are basically being eaten by smartphones, and now a Medium Format fetish is starting to emerge Cinematography had standardised on S35 but has recently started shifting to larger sensors The industry is in decline due to smartphones and less players means there will be attrition (which this thread is about) and considering the above going S35 or FF might be the 'safer' option MFT might be a good recommendation if the person asking had a specific requirement, such as a size/weight limitation, a cost limitation, or some combination of things (the way I do) I would also suggest that cameras and lenses are an investment, but you pay for them in $$$ and you get a return in images, not resale value. This seems to me like a relatively balanced and nuanced view. Indicative of pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and context playing an important part in any decision. On the other hand, there's you saying things like "MFT is dead because companies will stop making the bodies and sensors." Not particularly nuanced.
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    So to follow up on that whooping 35 minute short film from Sigma, I just found that they'd released a Behind-the-Scenes video highlighting the crew's experience using the FP for the project and what their thoughts on it were! Gotta say, if Sigma continue to listen to the feedback they're getting on this camera and keep that in mind moving forward, I cannot wait to see what Sigma's followup camera to the FP will be like. They've got a monster of a camera on their hands, just iron out some quirks here and there and the next model will be insane.
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    truth about Pocket 6k dynamic range

    Welcome to the "I discovered that something that 'everyone knows' is completely wrong by simply trying it out myself" club. If this was a real club then my rank would be 'Grand General Lord - Class 15 - Special' because the number of times I've spent 30 minutes doing a test and found out everyone online is talking out of their asses about something is beyond counting at this point. We should make t-shirts.
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    Hey guys, I wanted to share a film with you that I just finished and released. It is also a project I've been very passionate about, as it is the retelling of a true story. A short excerpt out of the life of a good friend of mine. A while ago a severe fire destroyed many houses inside the neighborhood of San Andres, Manila. Everything was raised to the ground. My friend took literally his destiny in his own hands and they were able to rebuild the houses just by them and the community. Everything was shot handheld on the OG Pocket, with the old MFT-Speedbooster and a vintage Nikol 35mm f2 and a very old Nikol 50mm f1.4. No artificial light, was really like run and gun. I shot all formats, CinemaDNG, ProRes - even LT - depending on how much space was left on the SD card. This little thing was really a workhorse! The archival footage is from different mobile phones. I hope you like the film! Enjoy
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    I actually helped develop this mic over a year ago when I had a meeting with Andrew from Deity. I was sharing how I really hated how muffled audio sounded when talking behind camera for vlogs. I wanted a solution and they delivered. Not only does the mic have two mics on it... but you get an input that allows for a lav or other audio source to feed into your camera or recorder. The Rode Wireless GO is perfect for it and can clip right onto the Rycote mount. Just wanted to share these vids with you guys. Jeven and I are the only people who have posted hands on reviews so far... IDK if we are the only ones who got them or what... but this $89 mic is well worth the $$ in my opinion.
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    1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6

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    First article is on cine cameras/lenses. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2020/06/the-great-flange-to-sensor-distance-article-part-1-cine-cameras/
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    Geoff CB

    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    Couple more with the Nikon 24-70 2.8G and Sony F3 Combo
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    Don't want to sound like a dick but what's with the picture covers on youtube? Everybody does the same thing. Funny face and the product smashed in front of it. Is there an agreement on this or just an established trend?
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    1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6

    On tracking/panning fast object at 1/50 24fps you will not see rolling shutter because the motion blur will hide the RS issue. I track mtb at (200-400 +1.4) 560mm and I have zero problem with RS. Is really unstable platform or back and forth movements that shows up. I have more problem on a horse show jumping parkour as you move back and forth and the obstacles as they are vertical they tend to be bended.... Btw I did cover the 24h of Nürburgring for teams multiple years so I'm familiar with motorsport.
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    They knew it existed... but they also knew that their crazed fan base would buy whatever they release. Red are kind of like Jeep. They beat everyone else with their original products - one of the first of it's kind - then cashed in on their reputation and started selling overpriced, unreliable products, but with very focused marketing.
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    RED and the Art of Rancid Fabulism

    If someone wanted something smaller than an Alexa, cheap enough to crash and better image quality than a gopro then they could have just bought a BMPCC or BMMCC. Sounds like they set out to build a camera for a specific task without first phoning up the camera store to see if one existed already.
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    Going beyond full frame with Fuji GFX cameras has many perks. However one of the drawbacks of medium format used to be the amount of money you would have to spend on the lenses - and the size of them, and the slow apertures. With the development of mirrorless medium format cameras with a mechanical focal plane shutter that's all changed. I had no money left for lenses anyway, after I bought my Fuji GFX 100! So I set myself a challenge. What is the CHEAPEST lens I could use for great images on medium format? Here I used my Fuji GFX 50R to shoot the photos you see below, but the same look applies to the GFX 100 in 4K as well. https://www.eoshd.com/lens/best-50mm-lens-for-fuji-gfx-100/
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    Frontline riot photographer...what is that ? Wedding photographer, I know... but Frontline riot photographer. "...I'm risking my life to cover this story (gunshots, rocks, fire, tear gas, etc.)" I think it's the etc. that pose a problem here. Anyone with a camera "feel the need to document" the riot. So cool, you don't have to travel to war zone like Syria or Yemen to be in the boots of a photojournalist, just go downtown, to get a shot of adrenaline. The smell of tear gas is so exciting my dear ! Do you think I should take a ND filter, because yesterday I couldn't focus well with the flash grenade. No joke, last time I saw on the news, a lady with a gimbal running with the protesters. Next is what ? slow mo with a Phantom ? 360 VR ? The same people are taking pictures of homeless, you know...to document poverty. All of that, to feed social media and get followers. Pathetic. When you introduce yourself saying: Frontline riot photographer. "...I'm risking my life to cover this story (gunshots, rocks, fire, tear gas, etc.)" it's an insult to photojournalist who died, doing their job.
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    End of the forum

    I would break my heart, @Andrew Reid I feel alienated to even have a look at your site without the forum. I just shot a short film with my S1 until yesterday. I was exited to give you and your and my forum friends some kewl infos and stories and some fake snow in the summer and some h265 goodness and some Varicam like screenshots. And, and, and.. Now just emptiness on the web to me. We never got to meet in person, even though we were planning on doing so one and a half years ago. I will miss you, Andew, I will miss all of you. This is very bad and sad news. Good bye.
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    Maybe then you should stop posting on this forum, telling bullshit about stuff you now even admit you don't know. And you're in no position of shouting.
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    Then how come... they are unable to do something as simple as selecting close to the right lens for a shot, as you said so yourself earlier: If a DoP doesn't have a basic grasp on sensor size, then they shouldn't really be a professional DoP
  44. 4 points
    Solution: Abolish Facebook.
  45. 4 points
    Geoff CB

    Nikon 2.8G Series Zooms

    Nikon 16-35 F4, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8G (First Version) These lenses offer a great range and color with a matched look. For used prices they are a great way to cover a huge zoom range with full frame coverage. Do NOT go for the 17-35 2.8, overpriced with ugly distortion and bokeh. Nikon 24-70 2.8G on Sony F3
  46. 4 points

    Documentary Film Editing - Rough Cut Service

    Leaving camera gak on the side for a moment... Anyone who is working on long hall doc projects certainly understands the lack of resources available to them. https://roughcutservice.com/ is a lighthouse in what is easily one of the highest art forms within cinema: documentary film editing. Within the site, editing resources (talks/ links to articles etc) here: https://roughcutservice.com/?fbclid=IwAR0hFmAJP60ehpHfpVIzUE8ZHEokWZArfftRAxE1R9STvH0_z51m8YBz5WI#editing-resources Iikka Vehkalahti has loads of great insight. "The importance of imagination, create a multilayered narrative. Give a lot of space for the audience so in the end it is the audience that is actually creating the film in the heads. There are lots of docs that are so well made that in the end they are boring and forgettable. The ones that stay with us are the 'imperfect' ones. So the question is: how to achieve 'imperfection?' He answers by saying: 'By creating curiosity and not confusion. And giving space to the audience.'
  47. 4 points

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

    Tom posted a follow-up to the above, with the results, and also the under/over exposure tests. I did it blind and picked the P6K first, with the UMP second. Interestingly, I chose based upon the colours, and the strange green tint from the Alexa and the awful strange everything colours of the RED made them get third and last places, respectively. The more I grade, the more I care about good colour and the associated art department choices (which obviously aren't a factor here) and less about the resolution or whatever else of the camera. The sharpness of the P6K doesn't phase me as I know I could soften it in post, or on set with lenses and filters. Considering that the Alexa has been used by other people to get good colours once or twice before we know it's possible and the camera isn't fundamentally flawed... yes, I'm kidding of course. I don't even think he botched the WB. It's very odd how the colours were rendered, and strange that the RED also shared some of the bad colours from the Alexa. Regardless, seems the image from the P6K holds up pretty well, and the over exposure highlight rolloff didn't look too much worse than the Alexa, of course with the under-exposure shadows being much superior due to lower noise levels.
  48. 4 points
    All I want is the perfect camera. All I want is the perfect cameraaaah!
  49. 4 points
    I've been shooting the E2 with anamorphics for over a year now, it's an amazing package for the price. I mostly shoot in 48fps Zlog2 Pro Res for the best of both worlds. A lot of what I do is sports. Here's the latest thing I did with mostly 2x anamorphics, the waterhousing stuff is 1.33x GH5. Just scrub through and you can find some shots. Very happy with the camera.
  50. 4 points
    https://www.metabones.com/article/of/Speed_Booster_for_Fujifilm_X FINALLY!
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